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10 Best States for COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program Assistance [+Insurance Advice]

Key Takeaways: The average Paycheck Protection Program award amount per state is $10.3 billion The average unemployment rate for all states as of June 2020 is 10 percent The median salary for all states adjusted by cost of living is $35,137 With the economy in danger of collapsing due to the novel coronavirus, Congress stepped…

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Commercial Insurance & Riot Damage [+Best Providers]

Key Takeaways: Commercial insurance almost always covers riot damage The COVID-19 pandemic will complicate business interruption claims Five insurance companies control 29 percent of the market On May 25, George Floyd was killed. He was detained initially on charges of filing a fake check. When an officer killed him by placing his full weight on…

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11 Worst States for Coronavirus Fraud [+Money Lost]

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 34,000 Coronavirus fraud reports filed to the Federal Trade Commission. Maryland and New York are the worst state for Coronavirus Fraud schemes, including identity theft and do-not-call scams.

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5 Industries Hit Hardest by Coronavirus (2020 Stats + Insurance Advice)

The Highlights: A record 20.5 million workers lost their jobs in April as a result of the coronavirus pandemic Employment declines in leisure and hospitality surpass every industry, with more losses than health care and retail combined Dentist offices experienced the highest job loss in health care, with more than half a million positions cut…

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Traffic Changes on U.S. Roads During COVID-19 [Mobility Reports]

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a 50 percent drop in mobility, from transit stations to retail stores, with US National Parks seeing the greatest increase in mobility. Our mobility report tracks traffic changes on US roads during COVID-19 and discusses how auto insurance and health insurance have been affected by the pandemic.

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