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Homes come in all shapes and sizes, as do insurance companies. When trying to find coverage for what could be your biggest asset, it can seem daunting sifting through the many companies competing for your business.

We at Expert Insurance Reviews have researched over 200 insurance companies, so you don’t have to.

Below you will find our 10 favorite home insurance companies, with a brief description about why we recommend them. For new home insurance shoppers, it is important to know that pricing can fluctuate wildly based on many different factors. So it is important to compare multiple quotes from a few different companies to ensure you are getting a good price.

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Top 10 Picks for Home Insurance

Liberty Mutual
Best for Overall
Why: Liberty Mutual is one of the largest personal insurers in the country, and they continue to rank well every time we review them. As a top 5 home insurer in the US, their premiums are below average and they rank highly with 3rd party rating agencies.
Best for Military Members
Why: USAA is one of the top home insurers by nearly every metric available. Their name is on just about any reputable rating list. Military members and family should add them to their research list when looking for insurance.
Best for Budget Shoppers
Why: Esurance is a leading direct-to-consumer insurance company, which means they cut out a lot of the costs by dealing directly with their customers. If low cost is important, Esurance should be high on the list.
State Farm
Best for Agent Driven
Why: State Farm is the largest personal insurance company in the US, and that is fueled primarily by their agents. If working face-to-face on home insurance is important, State Farm is a good place to start.
Best for High Net Worth
Why: Chubb is not the cheapest insurance company on the block, but their service and claims handling is unmatched. If you believe in “you get what you pay for,” Chubb should be a strong candidate for your home insurance business.
Amica Mutual
Best for Multi-Policy
Why: Amica Mutual is another insurance company that consistently ranks high in nearly every 3rd party rating system. Individuals and families with multiple things to insure (like home and auto) will find a good home with Amica Mutual.
Best for Complicated Estates
Why: Despite the name, Auto-Owners specializes in a number of different insurance types. Home insurance is a specialty of theirs, along with just about every other type of personal coverage.
Best for Agent Driven
Why: Allstate operates under a very similar model as State Farm. Individuals and families looking to work face-to-face with an agent, rather than online or over the phone, will want to add Allstate to their list of companies to consider.
Pure Insurance
Best for High Net Worth
Why: Pure Insurance is the new kid on the block when it comes to high net worth insurance coverage. Their white glove claims service is similar in nature to Chubb, and they should be on the short list for anyone in this category.
American Modern
Best for Specialty Home Insurance
Why: A leader in manufactured home insurance, American Modern can also provide coverage for other non-standard dwelling situations. If needs fall outside of a typical insurer’s coverage, American Modern is a good place to start.