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American Strategic Insurance (ASI)
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Moving towards the goal of covering all 50 states, American Strategic Insurance is a group of companies with a focus on property & casualty products for personal as well as commercial risks. This focus allows them to offer a good selection of products in this market.

American Strategic Insurance (ASI) Summary

Incorporated in 1997, American Strategic Insurance is a group of companies based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. They have grown quickly in the years since incorporation and now offer services in numerous states and became one of the largest privately owned companies in the area. In 2014, Progressive Insurance acquired a controlling interest in the company with the purchase of increased shares in ASI’s parent company, ARX Holding Corp.

ASI writes both personal and commercial products for property and liability insurance. They have an expanded range of products including seasonal homes, renter’s insurance, and they also write flood insurance. They sell products through independent agents, and products available vary by state.

The ASI Group of Companies various underlying companies are as follows, with not all companies writing policies in all states:

  • American Strategic Insurance Corp.
  • ASI Lloyds
  • ASI Assurance Corp.
  • ASI Preferred Insurance Corp.
  • ASI Select Insurance Corp.
  • American Capital Assurance Corp.
  • ACA Home Insurance Corp.

Insurance Products

Home Insurance

ASI writes policies for many different types of homes. Their standard homeowner’s insurance policy includes replacement cost coverage as well as liability and personal property in a package policy. Policy options include increased personal property coverage and high value item riders. In addition to standard home insurance, ASI can cover other types of home, including:

  • Condominiums
  • Seasonal/vacation homes
  • Investment properties under non-package dwelling fire policies
  • Renters Insurance for tenants

These policies are sold across the largest number of states, and ASI is looking to expand to cover all 50 states in the near future.

Commercial Insurance

ASI currently writes commercial insurance policies in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina. Commercial policies cover structures, property, and liability for a particular range of commercial risks. Products are available to cover the needs of multi-unit dwellings such as:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condo and townhome associations
  • Assisted living complexes such as seniors apartments
  • Homeowner’s associations

In addition there is coverage available for business risks such as office complexes and commercial condo associations. These policies are designed to cover the specific risks of such buildings. ASI does not write other types of commercial policies at this time.

Umbrella Products

Currently, ASI writes only personal lines umbrella policies for those who hold underlying policies with the highest available liability limits. These are available with either $1 million or $2 million limits and available to people in Florida and Texas.

Additional Products

ASI also writes flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance program, with excess flood coverage available in some states. They also write Builder’s Risk policies to cover structures that are under construction, but this type of policy is only available in Florida at this time.

American Strategic Insurance (ASI) Rates

Currently, ASI does not offer online quoting on their website. Quotes are only available through agents. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation offers an online rate comparison tool that can provide a general idea of insurance company rates by county, including ASI, to allow comparison to other companies quickly online.

In their top 25 Florida-based insurance companies by in-force policies, ASI Preferred is ranked number 16 as of September 30, 2014, and ASI Assurance is ranked at number 21. This may indicate that other companies are offering more competitive rates, but other factors are likely involved. As the company grows and expands, premiums may become more competitive.


ASI offers an online claims reporting form that can quickly alert the company to a loss and allow them to respond. Claims can also be reported through a toll-free number or directly to an agent.

The claims process starts by assigning a representative and a claim number to the loss, contacting the insured for more information, and then investigating both the loss and the benefits under the policy to determine what is covered.

While the time frame can be difficult to determine, ASI estimates that most claims will be resolved within 10-30 days. ASI has a network of approved vendors that can quickly respond to a claim and work directly with the company for fast resolution and repairs.

For catastrophic events, ASI has mobile claims units prepared to arrive at the scene and help to process claims and provide assistance in a quick and smooth manner. This is an important factor in an area such as Florida where hurricanes are a common occurrence.

Consumer Research and Complaints

ASI is a BBB accredited insurance company since 2004 and currently holds an A+ rating. The accreditation covers all of the ASI group of companies. There are 112 complaints in the past 3 years, with 46 closed in the past three months. The majority of complaints were related to products or services. There are no records of government actions against ASI.

The Florida Department of Financial Services records for complaints show that ASI had 14 complaints in the 3rd quarter of 2014, the latest available data, with a ratio of 1:4405 complaints to number of policies in force. This data is only for policies written in Florida, where the company is based. This complaint level is somewhat high compared to similar insurance companies writing policies in the area.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

ASI is a relatively new company in the insurance industry but has shown fast growth; they expect to cover all states in coming years. Their rankings indicate that they may not have the best available rates for all homeowners and have had some troubles with customer complaints in recent years. Customers may find better rates by shopping for homeowner’s insurance with the company currently insuring their cars to take advantage of multi-policy discounts, although there is some hope that such discounts may be available to ASI policyholders in the future through the company’s connection with Progressive.

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  1. Laurie says

    5 days short of 3 months of waiting for a final response/breakdown of allowance after the Great Flood of 2016. Having to wait and wait, past the point of fustration. Can’t even start on repairs without funds. I understand the magnitude of the claims, but 3 months of waiting while others are 100% completed with repairs and back in their home!

  2. says

    Worst company ever! Increased rate 33 percent in three years. We had never filed a claim of any kind. When we decided to cancel on our policy anniversary date we were charged a $54 cancellation fee. Does not state this in our policy and when we called the customer service lady said they usually charge $80 so consider ourselves lucky! Do not do business with this company because of the low intro rate, they will get you in the end!

  3. robert says

    I also had a leak in my roof that went through attic all the way to bathroom ceiling that was caving in, contractor says $2977 to repair rotted wood, underlay, flashing , shingles,replace drywall, paint and clean up. ASI Agent never even bothered to go into the attic to see rotted roof wood. He only went on top of roof and in bathroom. Then came back with only a $500 worth of damage. I filed a complaint with the Department of insurance and securities I also filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau . Everyone should do this if they have issues. I also plan getting a lawyer and see about a Class Action Lawsuit as it sounds like this is a normal business practice and they should pay Millions of dolllars to victims of their shady business practice of trying to not have to pay for insurance claims.

  4. Mike G says

    ASI is by far the worst when it comes to Customer support. I submitted a claim for mold from a leak under my sink. The claim was denied and they asked for photos of the work. I sent in photos and explained that no repairs were made. They continued to ask for more detailed photos and after the 5th time i sent it back I was informed that my status is now non-renewal. I cannot get a hold of anyone to help me with this. Do not send your business to this company unless you want the red tape runaround!

  5. Kevin McDonald says

    They lied in a job interview. Put me through many over 5 hours of interviews. I am very qualified for the job with many years experience and very very good standing with my previous employer. more recommendations in my position from insured and adjusters ( which is same as the asi job ) than anyone else in my previous company. The lie came when they told me the position has changed and no longer available. They asked me if they could hold on to resume in case something else came up. I said of course. 3 months later they put another job posting for the EXACT job. I wrote and called and said they are no longer interested. I asked what changed so I could better my position in future job interviews. To absolutely no response. I don’t mind being told I am not a good fit. However to lie have me wait is just wrong. If they do that to applicants what do they do to their insureds??

  6. oluwakemi ogunleye says

    i didn’t know such company like ASi will still be existing in this developed world. my house was flooded by water, the remediation company ASI awarded my housefor removing of mold they refused to pay them. the company now want to put lien on my house for this. i can never recommend ASI for anybody. i’m planning to take legal action on ASI for exposing me to embarrassment from the remediation company. the worst part of it is that the agent in charge [Redacted] is the worst customer service agent i have ever deal with, not friendly and not willing to help. the company sent several email to him he refused to reply

    • richard a kuehn says

      You are right.
      We had water damage from a rain storm which damaged our ceiling and kitchen floor. We told that the leaking roof was due to our neglect. The roof was replaced 6 years before this problem. I even took the inspector up in the attic and showed him where the water was coming from and was not coming in from our electrical service. However I was told that I was wrong even with pictures showing water dripping through. I never seen water leaking up! The final dollar amount was just peanuts and wouldn’t cover the repair. We had to eat the bullet.

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