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Kaiser Permanente Insurance Review & Complaints: Health Insurance

Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company offers a wide selection of health-related products for individuals, families, and businesses including individual health insurance, family health insurance, and Kaiser Permanente Medicare plans. Our Kaiser Permanente insurance review could not get estimates for Kaiser Permanente insurance rates, but we did find a AA Kaiser Permanente insurance rating from Fitch and S&P.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 21, 2020

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Kaiser Permanente
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Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit healthcare organization that operates across nine States and Washington, D.C. They currently have footprints in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Ohio.

The Kaiser Permanente organization currently employs over 200,000 people and services over 11 million healthcare members. They were founded in 1945 by Henry Kaiser and Sidney Garfield, and are headquartered in Oakland, California.

Kaiser Permanente Products

Although  Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit organization, they do offer a wide selection of health related products for individuals, families, and businesses. Their most popular items include:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Medicare Plans
  • Employer-sponsored Health Insurance

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Kaiser Permanente Consumer Complaints

Kaiser Permanente is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and currently has an F rating. This is very odd because there are only 44 complaints on file over the last 3 years as some of their major competitors have more complaints, yet receive better ratings.

The BBB site does state the the reason for the poor rating is due to the company’s failure to respond to seven complaints and five complaints that were filed that were unresolved. While the F rating still seems a bit harsh, the BBB is known to be quite strict with regards to unresolved complaints.

There are a number of other profiles with better ratings on the BBB for different locations of Kaiser, however in our example above, we used the company’s headquarters.

Kaiser Permanente Consumer Research Reports

Kaiser Permanente scored the highest ratings possible in customer satisfaction during the 2017 Health Insurance Plan Study put on by JD Power and Associates. Kaiser ranked the highest in six regions, Maryland, South Atlantic, California, Virginia, Northwest and Colorado.

Financial Ratings

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
Fitch AA Stable
S&P AA Stable


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Bottom Line

Kaiser Permanente scored the highest on the J.D. Power study regarding customer satisfaction. They have very few complaints on the Better Business Bureau and other consumer forums compared to their competitors. Additionally, they are not-for-profit, which some people may find as an added benefit. Kaiser Permanente is an all-in-one health care provider that covers patients on both ends. This can become an issue because they are the insurance company as well as the care provider. This seems to be a conflict of interest because they control both the treatment and the money. For example, if a particular treatment is very expensive, the concern would be that they could deny the procedure because ultimately they would have to foot the bill.

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About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. Kaiser dose not have a F rating anymore by the BBB. Please fix this information as it is a false statement.

  2. I had Kaiser Permanente in my early 20s terrible service. I was on a drug called Cymbalta and I asked for help coming off the drug and they refused to help me which resulted in the death of my unborn child. I was hospitalized 2 times with brain zaps which are considered small seizures and they just wrote it off as anxiety. They want to prescribe drugs but to don’t want to take responsibility when it injures someone. I was later diagnosed with Cushings and PCOS but was never treated.

  3. Kaiser on [Redacted] in San Francisco is known as “killer Kaiser.” They are good for flu shots and some minor things. All mistakes are blamed on patients. It’s all about money, not medicine. And profit, not patients. Doctors routinely get things totally wrong. Patient services serve only the interest of Kaiser. Input is twisted 180 degrees. Totally false ‘diagnoses’ are input into patient history to serve their purpose, such as a long history of psychological disorders – though never having gone to that department or seeing a doctor for mental health. Concerning results, when determined, are not shared with the patient – plaque around the heart.

    Recent complaints having to do with questioning a colonoscopy reminder e-mailed from an unknown source (no sender or reply e-mail), when questioned, ended up being input in test reminders as refused. Plus they just added a note about refusing home tests sent or mailed, but there have been none. I asked, sought them out by name. Couldn’t get them. All they want to do is the standard colonoscopy, which some patients cannot tolerate due to other medical conditions like severe hip and knee arthritis, back problems, no family in the area, incontinence, etc. Those concerns were shared. Was told alternative not as good, and risky – could damage kidneys, might need dialysis the rest of my life, etc. There was never any refusal, as a matter of fact, a regular colonoscopy had been scheduled all along. But nobody checks the facts or defend the patients. It’s always all about Kaiser winning every time, and it’s all with a total lack of integrity or oversight.

    Trips to the emergency room are totally wasted, patients are kept 4-5 hours, then told to go back to their own doctor, and/or get lab tests done the next day – instead of doing them while the patient is at the hospital. It’s freezing in there, and the gurneys are hard and uncomfortable, plus one’s feet stick over the bottom. There are constant underlying negative comments, looks, and body language. Everything in the department that does hysterectomies is negative – body size, you caused your own cancer, insults, demeaning, calls not returned. Patients have no idea what to expect following the surgery. Orderlies routinely insult patients, insult, etc. It is a total nightmare.

    Samples are routinely spilled or lost. They don’t want to do basic tests. They tell you to cut down or go off medications without monitoring. There is no patient concern. They all protect each other. Bottom line – Kaiser is NOT about medicine – especially if you are a senior, or someone with serious medical conditions. They miss cancer and diabetes, won’t test, but again – always blame the patient. It is Kaiser who is refusing, not patients. And after several complaints, they immediately cut longtime patients off and again, turn everything a total 180 against the complainer. It is so blatant it has to be deliberate. It’s also totally unprofessional. If you care about your health and sanity, don’t sign up for or go to Kaiser. All they’ll do is take your money and falsely label you.

  4. I received my paperwork for COBRA coverage the beginning of March 2018. I decided to sign up for it since I needed medical for 2 months before my new job’s insurance. Bad mistake. Not only did they deposit it, but I wasn’t covered for the month of March. The first time I called after mailing the payment, the rep said should only take a few days to kick in. Less than a week later, check was mailed locally to her. I still had no coverage and the check had not cleared. I called again and this time was told I had to speak to my work regarding COBRA even after I told her that I already spoke to them and was told they don’t handle because a Kaiser prefers to handle it directly. I called my work again and was told to contact Kaiser. I called and spoke to the same rep who again said I had to talk to my work. Meantime my check cleared my account and I was showing no coverage.

    The third call, I call spoke to same the rep again. After insisting she speak to a supervisor she finally admitted she was wrong and it takes 30-45 days to process COBRA to which I said, “Cancel my coverage because at the end of 45 days I would almost be on my new employers.” I also mentioned my check cleared. I got an answer to my complaint and request for a refund. They refused even though they admitted I had no coverage for the month of March. Even if I had written the required termination letter it wouldn’t take effect until the next month. But they were more than happy to take a retro letter pushing it back to April instead of May. I am extremely angry and upset with Kaiser. There was no way to terminate March in February and not only that they admitted that I paid for no coverage in March and too bad they were keeping my money despite providing me no coverage.

    They are crooks who take your money and if you are entitled to a refund too bad. Also sorry if you had no coverage for the month you paid. Kaiser will be more than happy to go after someone if you had an accident, but when it comes to money they owe you they will lie and cheat you to keep it. For a non-profit that is not supposed to be making money off of their customers, they are crooks. I love their doctors but their accounting dept is crooked and they need to be investigated for their behavior.

    So Kaiser told me I had to appeal to Managed Health Care after my denial by them. They told MHC I was covered the whole month of March, grant it was retroactively and that I asked them to terminate April 1st. Not only that they denied refund again. The things they will do to keep the money. Fact #1, I was not covered until March 19th. I called practically almost every day to find out my coverage status. I was told to pay out of my pocket until then and then they would reimburse. After all, I have thousands of dollars for that right. Emergency room for asthma attack, medicine, and counseling appointment. Definitely did not have, plus knowing Kaiser they would take months to reimburse and then skyrocket their prices so I would get less back.

    Fact #2 their own contact who talked to me initially about the complaint denial admitted the grievance team did not have all the facts, like their reps giving wrong info and that Medi-Cal covered my emergency room visit earlier that month. Also, I had to cancel a counseling appointment due to no coverage. But, oh sorry they only review once and that is it. But if MHC finds in my favor they will refund. Not, they are fighting to keep the money and lying to do it. Also, their solution. They will talk to their reps. By the way to this day still, give wrong info. That April 1st effective date, was their doing. They initially told me to not pay April and it would terminate on its own. Another lie by one of their reps. The day I got their denial in mid-April, they told me I needed to write a letter to cancel and they were going to make it retroactive to April 1st out of courtesy.

    The whole reason for their denial, I didn’t cancel the month prior. Which is impossible with COBRA, because paperwork does not get sent until month coverage ended by an employer which would be March. Not only that because I had an emergency visit at the beginning of March, which I used Medi-Cal because I had no coverage with Kaiser at the time. If they don’t refund my money. I don’t know what to do next.

    Managed Healthcare just denied me, basically backing up Kaiser once again. So much for protecting consumer rights. They protected Kaisers. An appeal is pointless with Kaiser because no one will take your side even when Kaiser is wrong. Both admitted I wasn’t covered until March 19th and if I had been told the correct information, they also admitted that they I would have probably not enrolled in COBRA. Yet I am here, out $558.96 for a month I was not fully covered despite them saying I was. Who has thousands of dollars for emergency costs up front, let alone time for Kaiser to pay them back whenever they choose. Kaiser knows they were wrong, but Managed Healthcare is letting them get away again as usual. This is plain and simple crooked. No policy or procedure can make up for their reps having lack of knowledge of policies or how long it takes to process COBRA, let alone the fact they still will tell you to go to your work.

    Good luck in fighting anything against Kaiser and good luck in appealing to Managed Healthcare, because neither one of them will look out for consumer interests. It is all about money and they won’t give it up ever, right or wrong. The whole appeal process is a joke and you can’t even sue them, per membership terms everything has to go thru arbitration which in itself is a joke. Like I said nothing will ever go your way.

  5. Never go to Kaiser. First and foremost, their mental health services. I’ve had sleep issues my whole life and was assigned a therapist as a teen who not only incorrectly diagnosed me with major depression but also called me “a stubborn patient” when I tried to explain that exercise has never helped my depression symptoms. That incorrect diagnosis has permeated all of my dealings with Kaiser. I go in for anything and I always get the same response of “you need to work on your depression, other than that, there is nothing we can do”. I haven’t gone in for anything depression related in over 5 years. I pay out of pocket for my current therapist and she within 2 visits knew I had PTSD that was a factor in my rare sleep disorder. I have great doctor-patient relationships with all the professionals I see outside of Kaiser.
    Overall, every doctor I’ve met with except for just a few individuals through them has either given me an incorrect diagnosis or treatments that either don’t work or are directly harmful to my health as a whole. I end up going through cycles where every year I cave and go in expecting that maybe they’ll actually listen to me as a patient instead of talking over me and telling me depression is my issue. And then they do exactly that and I’m left [redacted] off and unwilling to see a doctor at all until I get desperate enough and cave again the following year. I even bring 1-2 advocates to each appointment to help make sure my needs are met and they are ignored and walked over too.
    I’ve been repeatedly chastised for going off meds that were harming me even when I told them they weren’t working (Effexor left me vomiting profusely, Adderall is still preventing me from eating, I have so many more stories). Medication talk has always led to them acting like I’m stubborn when I’m really just mindful of my body. Any attempts to have a real, honest conversation about my health has been met with steamrolling and an inability to think outside their prevention model. They either act like you aren’t trying hard enough or that you’re not smart enough to understand your own health. Or alternatively that only they have the knowledge to correctly diagnose an issue, which has been proven time and time again to be false.
    When I do anything for my health without their say-so, I’m criticized. They offer up only the most basic of at-home treatments that are easily researched online (ie sleep hygiene, chronotherapy, changing eating habits, etc.) and get even more upset when I am honest about what has and hasn’t worked. At this point, I’m treating myself with cannabis, intense therapy, a solid support network, and my absolute hardest effort.
    My first sleep specialist told me to find someone else after Modafinil and chronotherapy didn’t work, the only 2 treatments he offered for narcolepsy. Mind you I had been attempting chronotherapy on my own for years prior and I’m not narcoleptic.
    My most recent appointment (last week) was a 2-hour wait after my appointment time for 10 minutes of being lectured about depression and shoulder shrugging when I went in for anorexia that put me in the ER back in 2016 and has continued to progress despite my best efforts. That ER visit was an absolute waste of $100 and 6 hours of my night. They refused to listen to my advocates about what was going on despite me clearly being too out of it to properly communicate. They never listened past “low-blood pressure” which I was only mentioning as a “hey I have a history of this”, not that it was the issue I needed addressed. I got 5 different doctors throughout that experience and only one seemed worried about the anorexia. He stated clearly to us that he would make sure I wouldn’t leave the building without an appetite booster and then I never saw him again. His replacement said I didn’t need the booster and removed it from my file and my anorexia has progressed to the point I’m only managing one snack per day, tops. All that was done that whole visit was a blood test they never sent me the results on and an IV.
    Prior to the ER visit, I tried to see a GI and she was so adamant that it was acid reflux despite me saying repeatedly that it was anorexia. Got prescribed essentially Pepto-Bismol. Never even bothered to pick it up. She never looked at me the whole appointment and just responded with uhhuh in a condescending tone to anything I said.
    I’ve had similar issues in other departments as well, including orthopedics and physical therapy.
    I have done more for my health on my own than this company ever will. The only thing I can trust them to do is fix a cleft lip. They can’t see past depression and they assume that its the cause of all your symptoms instead of a side effect of the actual disorders causing a significant drop in quality of life. I don’t even see the point in trying to treat my disorders with professional help anymore because of the extreme frustration they’ve caused.

  6. Kaiser is an efficient business model and has decent rates but outside of that, they are difficult to work with. Everyone I have seen and spoken to has been very nice but the problem is you see and talk to everyone. I am currently in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and have yet to see the same OBGYN more than once. I am now scheduled for my 4th visit with yet another new doctor which is a little disconcerting.

    Furthermore, there is no ability to directly contact the doctor’s office – everything is done through their appointment center hotline which requires going through their automated messaging system first. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world, it does get frustrating. For example, there is no easy way to contact the office if you’re running late to an appointment, have a quick question, or say left something at the office (which I’ve done and it was a hassle trying to get it back). There is also no way to call a nurse and get quick questions answered -you can eventually get feedback, but the appointment center takes your info and has the nurse call you back at a later time.

    Overall, if budget is the main factor and you don’t mind jumping through some hurdles, Kaiser isn’t terrible, but I would recommend it hesitantly.

  7. KAISER is awful. The doctors are for the most part, substandard. I had a shoulder surgery in June. There has been zero improvements, in fact, it is worse. The operating room people were in such a hurry to leave that the bandage they had put on fell off the night of the surgery. Lately, I have tried to get a refill of my prescription for back pain and I am treated like a drug abuser. I take 2 pills a day and as I have told them I do not smoke or drink or take any other drugs. I will definitely change plans when the option is available, I would not recommend Kaiser to anyone.

  8. Kaiser Permanente provided the worst services which I ever met in the 1,5 year in the USA at least in our case. It looks like they specialize in ripping people off. We have got our family plan coverage through Maryland Health connection in October 2017, only yesterday December 6, 2017, after very long discussion I got my real coverage , but today appeared that they lost my partner from our common health care plan. Make me pay for November and December without any services at all, more over without any membership. My partner still not get coverage, we hope it will be in January -2018(!). Their representatives constant lies to us, that they received an incomplete files (few times) from Maryland Health Connection, which is simply does not correspond to reality, it seems like a deception without apology.

    • Totally agree with you, Michael. I experienced them lying to me telling me they do not have any doctor to call in a prescription for me, it is definitely deception and a money making business there at Kaiser now. All they want is for you to come into the ER area. I went there last Friday and the Dr. did not prescribe me any drops for my eye pain. After being examined and Saturday morning, I called back trying to get someone to call something to ease eye pain and to date, no one has called in the prescription that I know works to ease my eye pain from a migraine headache. Terrible place. All they keep doing is expanding and the service expands along with their large facilities and the service goes down.

    • I experienced something similar. I paid for one month of COBRA coverage, March 2018 and had no coverage. It took 3 phone calls before a member services rep told me that it takes 30-45 days for them to process COBRA so I asked for my money back. I received a denial letter saying I need to send a letter to terminate coverage and not only that termination does not take effect until the 1st of the following month. So basically, they have a right to keep my money for absolutely providing no coverage. Not only that they told me, I could pay out of pocket for services and then ask for reimbursement. Who has that kind of money? They just don’t like giving people their money back and state anything not to give it back. So I am out $558.96 for a month of no coverage. That is crooked.

  9. Base on my experience do not waste your time and money coming to Kaiser Permanante Hospital, You’ll be wait in examination room for more than 2 hours, if it is health assesment you ll be setting Naked for hours but you ll not seen any doctor to come and assess. it is not an examination room it’s jail.

    They ll provide you prescription which will have medicine over the counter that charge you extra, they are just doing business not providing health service. you ll have have many papers when you r leaving the hospital but you ll not have a single tablet for your cure…

  10. How can Kaiser be both the provider of care and the insurance company? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Wouldn’t it be in Kaiser’s best interest to deny services so that they can meet their expenses?

    • Hi Im,

      For years this was one of my biggest concerns about HMO-type care providers. It always felt like a huge conflict of interest to me.

      After having Kaiser and Group Health (now Kaiser) for many years, my fears are pretty much gone. The approach I have experienced, since they are on both sides of the coin, is a lot heavier on preventative care and lifestyle medicine. What I mean by that is there is a big push to catch things before they become bigger things.

      It should be noted that neither me nor my family have experienced any major health issues, but our experience has been very positive with these types of organizations.

      Eric Stauffer

  11. Hi Eric:
    I read both consumer’s report on Kaiser and United Health Care but I can’t decide which one I should choose. I have Medicare and my wife remains under 65

    • Hi Quoc,

      While a bit of a small sample size, I have had very good experiences with Kaiser. I have had them in two different states, and was very pleased with the coverage and the care.

      My experience with their services has been their HMO’s, which requires a primary care physician and using their network. If you want more flexibility, UHC might be worth considering.

      Eric Stauffer

  12. The worst insurance I’ve ever had. I’m type I diabetic and KPs coverage is horrible! Beware.

    • Kaiser is the worst of the worst. They specialize in ripping people off. That seems to be their main goal.

  13. I have documented multiple, horrid experiences that we have had with KP. Most recently, I took my brother-in-law who has paraplegia, dementia, and mental health issues in to the ER for suicide watch and they placed him in a board and care in the slums of Sacramento. When I went to check on him the next day, he was near death. They didn’t treat him, the dropped him in a hell hole to die. I took him back last night and they finally admitted him. When we were in the ER, the security guys were outside of his door and kept saying out loud, “Crazy,” while laughing. Then after that when the doctor said she was going to give him meds to calm him down, they laughed and said, “You are gonna sleep tonight.” Like they were making fun of him. When I called this morning to see where they placed him, the ER Admittance said, “He is at Freemont.” When I asked if that was the city or the name of the place, she told me to, “Google it,” and hung up on me. He has dementia, yet they refuse to treat him for it, they act like it doesn’t exist. He is gravely disabled, yet they continue to put him in a non-assisted living environment where people steal from him, stalk him, scream at him, where there is no supervision, no help, no food, and puts him in an extremely dire and dangerous situation. I have countless of other documented, recent horrible, encounters of their lack of quality care and in fact, abuse of patients. I have tried everything I could think of but am tired and growing weary. I can’t fight the giant that is Kaiser.

  14. Fraud billing. Charging anything. For 15 minus dressing they billed $1200. No explanation
    For normal delivery 15 minute doctor visit they charged $8000. Called them to know why they are charging high. No explanation. They are not ready to tell why they charged high. It is totally Fraud insurance.

  15. This is why I HATE Kaiser Permanente. I left them under ACA, but had to return this year. Have a Lupus Rx I have to refill monthly. Started trying weeks ago. Now basically out. They finally fit me into my former primary care today. Actually had a great, encouraging visit. Even though they were an hour late seeing me. Then another 30 minutes by which point the Dr had left since it was after 5pm. Pharmacy finally has the Rx, but at retail, which is like $300. Saying they wouldn’t pay for it. Mind you, my records indicate that I have filled EXACTLY the pre-reqs they require. Which is why, under the EXACT same health record # in 2015 & earlier it was covered. But their billing dept isn’t looking at that, or the scanned documentation that originally facilitated the approval. Even after the pharmacist’s third call where she told them she can see it. KP billing just parrots off that I will have to wait through an appeal process. The poor pharmacist was caught in the middle, and the Dr can’t be reached. I AM TIRED, FURIOUS AND DEFINITELY NOT “THRIVING” UNDER KP. Don’t get me started about my multi-year battle with them over Sjogren’s being medical not dental.

  16. I’m really getting sick of Kaiser I’ve been a member for around 40 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever managed to actually be seen by them where they actually provide a solution to a problem. If you don’t stay on top of the doctors, there is no follow up. I even wound up in an argument with one of the doctors when I found him “GOOGLING” the symptoms. Why I’m I paying these idiots when I can google it myself.
    Oh yeah I forgot they passed a stinking law that locks us into some program where they have no incentive to actually find a cure. If I seem a little pissed well yeah, I am. I’m tired of getting huge bills from them, when they don’t actually do anything.
    My general doctor asked me during the last visit – “You don’t come in that often”, to which I responded “yeah you never actually fix anything”! That visit didn’t go well, and she referred me to another Doctor who didn’t do anything either.
    Yeah I wish I had another alternative, but thanks to the self serving jerks in Congress we are stuck with doctors who don’t really care.

    • I agree! I have been seen ten times to find out I have a stress fracture in my tibia. They head of ortho said the only course of action is put a rod in my leg but since I don’t play basketball the best thing to do is nothing. No brace nothing! But he did add that I needed to be careful not to break it because the bone is already week from the stress fracture. Real this is the head of ortho!! Kaiser is a joke. This is the tenth visit you would not believe how all the other visits went. Don’t pick Kaiser unless you only need a flu shot. They can handle those ok.

    • I find most of the doctors to be substandard and with a serious illness that leaves you messed up when you cant get a referral to expert. They keep sending you to other Keiser substandard doctors and you still have no answers.

  17. I purchased Kaiser Perm ins thru the program. Was accepted for a policy for $167/mo. Six months later, my premium shot up to $1414/mo. with no warning, no explanation, no letters, nothing, just a bill. I could barely afford the $167 so now am forced to cancel my insurance. I would also like to add that they milked me for almost $1500 for unnecessary tests AND put me thru hell for almost 2 months, wondering if I had cancer…which I didn’t. All this just before they jacked my rates thru the roof. WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from Kaiser!!

  18. I have been a Kaiser member for 26 years and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (1986), Lumbar Degenerative Discs (2005), Osteoarthritis (1995), Chronic Pain (1999 or 2000),Gastrointestinal issue since birth(2 surgeries to remove parts of my intestine 1990 and 2003), Migraines since. Pre-teen. I continued to work til 2002 while taking pain, muscle relaxer and nerve blocking meds for the last 24, at this time I could no longer. sit or stand for long periods of time and the coordination and stiffness in my hands made it difficult to type. I jumped through all of Kaiser’s hoops pain management, physical therapy, spine clinic and any other suggestions, however these issues dont get better with time. I had a discussion with my doctor who stated I could no longer do my job (2002-2005) these discussions are not reflected in my medical records. Kaiser also has the dates of the initial diagnosis wrong. I filed a grievance with Kaiser to fix these issues and was denied. Because of their laziness (complete records are not electronic yet) and some of my doctors are no longer with Kaiser nothing will be fixed thus causing me to possibly never getting approved for Social Security Benefits (original file date was 2006 after being diagnosed with Lumbar Degenerative Discs), I have spoken with several Disability attorneys and the second I tell them I have Kaiser I’m told that’s the problem with my disability claim.

    I had a frank discussion with a Kaiser doctor that stated “it’s Kaiser’s policy that they cannot put in a patient’s medical record that I can no longer work only that my condition is getting worse and they are not allowed to complete any evaluation papers regarding a patient’s mobility or lack thereof.

    I have filed a complaint with the California Department of H M O regulators.

    I use to praise Kaiser for their services and doctors, however the last ten years or so it feels more like they are herding cattle. Doctors dont really listen, they have to see X amount of patients per day, they don’t have time to connect with their patients, their histories, other diseases, and new symptoms. I have since been diagnosed with Lipid Metobolism disorder, Thyroid disease and several other issues, which I believe that if my doctor had some time she could look into the big picture, according to my research on the Thyroid and Lipid disease they might be connected. I have had to remind my doctor about blood work that needed to be done.

    When my husband retires we will be looking for a new health care provider, no longer willing to be part of the herd. I agree with your post that because Kaiser Permanente is the provider of services and the insurer it is a huge conflict.

  19. After being on Kaiser from the age of six months to now at 58 and never having a problem, all that has changed. In the last few years the rates have gone up and up and service has gotten worse. It’s all about the money. I have a chronic, painful condition- arthritis in my neck (diagnosed by a Kaiser Dr.) and TMJ. I have had an RX for a pain med and muscle relaxer for years, which was used only as needed and sparingly. I was sent a notice recently that they had assigned me a new Dr. after years of seeing the old one who never gave me a problem with refills. I recently sent in a refill request for my meds and the request was denied saying I had to come in for “lab tests” and an evaluation to determine “if I actually had the condition and or if it still existed” WTF??? NO! I’m not stupid and know Arthritis and TMJ do not resolve. They are permanant conditions and “lab tests etc. are NOT necessary for these conditions. They only want me to come in and pay the MUCH higher than before co-pays to run tests that are not necessary and are worthless as far as my conditions. They kept me going through tons of red tape and hearings I didn’t request only to keep denying me my meds. NO more Kaiser for us. We are leaving and going to a new health plan. Kaiser is no longer the good company it once was. Now it’s corporate greed.

    • I was told that I no longer had pulmonary hypertension because the pressure in my heart was normal. This is an incurable illness and I take a lot of expensive medication and on a strict diet to keep the pressure normal. There own test results say my heart is damaged so how can I be cured. I have the illness its just under control. I will say it a million times that the doctors are substandard. I had one good ENT and I got her after I refused to see the fist one again. Even with this new ENT I still can’t hear out of my left ear.

  20. Eric,

    We have had Kaiser coverage for 30+ years here in California.
    However, we may retire to a state not covered by Kaiser.

    So I can compare apples to apples, for example in Nevada, can you point me towards organizations that compete with Kaiser, having similar end to end plans?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Ken,

      I did some digging for Nevada specifically, and unfortunately it looks like most of the companies rate below the national average in terms of customer satisfaction and overall scores. One specific report I looked at was Consumer Reports, but it is behind a pay wall so I cannot put the link here.

      Despite being below the national average, the top-rated in Nevada is Saint Mary’s Health First for private HMO. I would start my search with them.

      Best of luck. It may be difficult to replicate what you have now with Kaiser, but I wish you the best.

      Eric Stauffer


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