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Great American Life Insurance Company Review & Complaints: Life Insurance

Great American Life Insurance Company, formerly United Teachers Associates, offers term, whole, and universal life insurance and UTA LTC 20 premiums. Great American Life Insurance costs are as low as $13.38/mo for term policies and the BBB has an A+ Great American Life Insurance Company rating.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 11, 2020

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Great American Company/United Teacher Associates Overview
Key InfoCompany Specifics
Year Founded1872
Current ExecutivesCo-CEO – Carl H. Lindner III
Co-CEO – S. Craig Lindner
Number of Employees4,318
Total Sales / Total Assets$530,000,000 / $63,456,000,000
HQ Address301 E. Fourth St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Phone Number1-800-854-3649
Premiums Written – Individual Life$6,800,000,000
Financial Standing+ 4.2%
Best ForAnnuities
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As of the time of this United Teacher Associates insurance company review, we can find no evidence that United Teacher Associates is operating as an independent company. If you’ve stumbled across this article, there’s a good chance you’re interested in or are currently pursuing a policy with the UTA LTC 20 premiums. However, there’s some news that could be considered positive or negative depending on your position.

United Teacher Associates, as it was formerly known, has been acquired by the more popular Great American Financial Resources Inc. If you’re pursuing a new policy, this is good news because Great American life insurance (review below) has the experience and assets as one of the best insurance companies around.

In this review, we’ll look at Great American Life Insurance Company’s ratings, policies, and the life insurance company’s reviews to show that both past and future customers of UTA LTC 20 have nothing to fear from their life insurance policy.

Ready to see what you could pay for a Great American insurance company policy and learn more about UTA LTC 20 premiums? Before diving into our United Teacher Associates insurance company review, use our FREE quote tool to get an idea of what your life insurance rates might be.

Shopping for Great American Life Insurance Quotes

If you’re curious about how much the average Great American long term care policy costs, rest assured that if you’re young and healthy, your policy will be very affordable. However, the typical Great American life insurance rates will increase the older you get.

Outside of the obvious health benefits, taking better care of your body and eating right will help you get the best rates that you can.

Average Great American Life Insurance Rates by Age

Curious about the typical Great American rates by age? You’ll automatically save much more the sooner that you apply for your policy. Great American’s rates for non-smokers are unavailable online, as it is mainly a group insurer.

Average Annual Term Life Insurance Rates for Non-Smokers by Age
($100,000/10-Year Policy)
Average Annual Rates for a MaleAverage Annual Rates for a Female
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As you can see, the average yearly life insurance cost is very affordable — even as a senior — as long as you can lay off the tobacco and nicotine products.

Don’t believe us? See the following table for what you could expect to pay for the same policy if you were classified as a smoker.

Average Annual Term Life Insurance Rates for Smokers by Age
($100,000/10-Year Policy)
Smoker's AgeAverage Annual Rates for a MaleAverage Annual Rates for a Female
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As you can see, you can expect to pay twice as much as someone in the same age group who doesn’t smoke.

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Great American’s Life Insurance Policies

Deciding what type of policy to get relies heavily on what kind of life you have and what is most important to you and your family. For instance, if you’re trying to help your parents, you may look for life insurance policies for parents or for seniors.

Likewise, if you want protection for the absolute worst, you can get additional coverage that adds your children to the policy at an increased cost.

Great American sells life insurance to individuals as well as property insurance to businesses to ensure that those companies don’t have to handle the whole loss of their property.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is based on the idea that you’ll only need insurance for a portion of your life. For instance, those just starting out with a young family may want to take out a 20- or 30-year term life policy to cover any expenses their family may need, at least until they have grown into stable adults.

For the life of the policy, you’ll pay equal premiums, and if you die during the term, you’ll know exactly how much your beneficiaries will receive from the death benefit.

Because of this hassle-free schedule, this is often referred to as the easiest way to get coverage without having to understand a lot about finances.

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of term life insurance.
Term Life Insurance Advantages and DisadvantagesIs term life insurance right for you? Keep reading to learn about other options before you decide.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is exactly what it sounds like: insurance for your entire life. As long as you pay your premiums, you’ll be insured from the day you sign your policy until the day you die. Compare the similarities and differences between term and whole life insurance.

Four Differences Between Term vs Whole Life Insurance
Like term life, these types of policies also offer riders that can help provide a portion of the death benefit upfront so that you don’t have to take the brunt of long-term care or medical expenses. This policy will also offer equal premiums for the life of the policy. However, it’s more expensive. That’s because this policy comes with a savings type account called cash value.

This cash value is sometimes invested and can be loaned against later in life to help cover any expenses you’d like. In some cases, the cash value will be invested at an increasing percentage to give you a maximum return.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is like a whole life policy in that it accrues cash value. This cash value is placed in an investment product that will allow you to accrue extra wealth.

Universal Life: How It Grows and What It Costs to Operate

Premiums are flexible with this type of policy, but the more you pay, the higher your investment and the bigger the death benefit you’ll receive when you pass away. In contrast, paying the minimum will leave only enough for the bare essentials and little to no addition to your investment. Nonetheless, this flexibility will help should you face any unexpected problems.

Burial & Final Expense Insurance

This insurance is also exactly how it sounds. For a much more affordable price, you can get just enough of a death benefit to pay for your final expenses. Since you won’t be receiving a larger death benefit, your premiums will be much more affordable.

This is also a good policy for those who aren’t worried about their family’s finances but don’t want a huge impact when they pass.

Other Life Insurance Products

Variable life insurance is a policy that allows you to invest a part of your monthly premiums into a variety of sub-accounts. There are two main options when investing in a variable life insurance policy. These include:

  • Traditional
  • Indexed

A traditional universal life policy invests the policyholders’ cash value in an internal account that has a guaranteed positive increase. This is a much safer option compared to something independent of the insurer.

However, with an indexed policy, the cash value will be invested in the stock market where it may not always have an increase, but you may also get more than was possible with the traditional policy.

An annuity is a life insurance product that will have the insurance company pay out a stream of payments to you. This can be funded by a single premium or by a series of premiums for the annuity to pay out later.

Life Insurance Riders

A life insurance rider or endorsement is an add-on to a policy that will give you extra coverage for an additional cost. For example, if you got a rider that covered your child, you would receive a predetermined amount if the worst were to happen.

Another option is to get a rider that will cover you should you become terminally ill during the policy. If you received such a diagnosis from your doctor, you could be given a portion of the death benefit upfront.

How to Get a Quote Online with Great American

With the current digital age and the social isolation that has come with it lately, more people than ever are wondering how to get life insurance quotes online. And Great American Insurance’s online presence is strong.

All you have to do is locate the “Submit-A-Quote” form on the Great American website and fill it out in your browser or by hand. The form includes a few voluntary questions about risk in your life. Once you have filled out the form, print if necessary, and mail the form to:

301 E. 4th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

After that, you can expect an agent to get back to you as soon as they evaluate your answers.

Canceling Your Life Insurance Policy

You can cancel your policy at any time you wish. All it usually requires is a few phone calls and the right paperwork. There is an abundance of reasons to want to cancel your policy. Whether you don’t want to pay the premiums, you found a better deal, or you’re leaving a company and are unable to take the policy with you, canceling your policy only takes a few short steps.

How to Cancel

To cancel your policy with Great American, you just need to reach out via mail or phone with the appropriate information about your policy. In fact, if you cancel within 30 days of your initial start date. As a policyholder, you’ll have access to a customer portal where you can find the forms needed to cancel your policy.

If you’d rather discuss your cancellation options over the phone, you can contact Great American customer service at 1 (800) 545-4269. They can give you further information about canceling your policy.

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Great American Insurance Claims

The best way to make a life insurance claim with Great American is to go to their website, download their claim form, and fill it out with the information about your loved one who has passed away. Then you’ll mail the completed form to:

Great American Insurance Group
Attn: Claims Department – 10N
P.O. Box 5420
Cincinnati, OH 45201-5420

Once you have filled out the form, an agent will get back to you as soon as they have verified the death of the insured. If you have any questions or just want to talk to someone about your options, you can call the Great American Life Insurance company phone number at 1-800-854-3649.

How long do you have to make a life insurance claim? Well, typically there are no limits on the time that passes before you make your claim, but you should reach out to your specific provider to find out if they have any limitations.

Great American’s Customer Experience

Reviews across the web from places like the National of Insurance Commissioners speak volumes of the best and the worst of Great American. Some of the best customer experience reviews speak positively about customer service, but the worst customer experience reviews state that they have lost money from their investments in Great American annuity products.

Great American’s Programs

Great American has committed itself to do the utmost to ensure that its customers are both happy and healthy for many days to come. They also have special programs dedicated to informing potential insurance agents about what it takes to perform well in the industry, and more importantly, with Great American.

Design of Website/App

Great American’s website is easy to navigate, with sections at the top of their homepage for different types of users such as individuals and employers, and an area for you to learn how to file a claim. Each section has unique tools and forms that can help you find the answers you need.

Great American doesn’t have any apps, so all online interactions will have to be done through the client portal on their website.

About Great American Life Insurance

Great American Life Insurance started out as United Teacher Associates. United Teacher Associates’ history reached its end after it operated out of its Texas headquarters for nearly 60 years. In 2015, the company was acquired by diversified holding company HC2 Holdings, along with another insurance company called Continental General Insurance, or CGI.

Since the time of our last review, the company no longer operates a website, and search results bring very little in the way of information regarding its fate. After some digging, we were able to discover that United Teacher Associates was merged into Continental General in 2017. Then they would sell a portion of all of their United Teacher Associates insurance company to Cigna.

Also confusing is the fact that the Continental General insurance company also no longer operates its own website, and search results are again limited. Neither company appears on the HC2 Holdings website, which indicates that the company sold them off. Instead, you can find the CGI Cigna premium policy with Cigna.

United Teacher Associates was bought by the Great American Life Insurance company in 1999.

It does appear that United Teacher Associates no longer writes new business under their previous company name. Great American’s headquarters is currently located at 301 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Great American’s Ratings

An insurer without oversight would not be accountable for their financial decisions as they may make decisions that are unhelpful to their policyholders. Thanks to these rating companies, clients can be fully informed about an insurer’s responsibility to their clients.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one of the more popular business rating sites. As opposed to the finance-based A.M Best, the BBB focuses on customer experiences and how a business treats the people they do business with. There are sections for formal and informal complaints that give a better view of the problems customers face.

Great American has an A+ rating with the BBB, which is the best rating available. This shows that Great American places a lot of stock in taking care of their customers.

Moody’s rates an insurer on their credit history and the likelihood that they will have troubles in the near future. They look at both short- and long-term credit history. Great American has an A1 rating with Moody’s and a stable credit outlook. The A1 rating is fairly positive and is indicative of very few financial problems over the company’s history.

The Standard & Poor’s (S&P) rating definitions are separated into general-purpose and special-purpose ratings. Like the other rating services, they use a letter scale to indicate an insurer’s financial reliability. Great American’s financial strength ratings with S&P are an A+, which is on the better side of average.

Overall, Great American has a pretty good rating with most companies, excluding the highest rating with the BBB. While this may not look ideal to most, you’re most likely not going to have many financial problems with this insurer as they have plenty of assets to keep themselves afloat.

Great American’s Market Share

A company’s market share is the number of consumers they have within their industry. The higher the percentage, the more policies they have and the more money coming in.

Great American is one of the leading life insurers in the country, with a market share of 0.88 percent in 2018, according to the Insurance Information Institute. While that may not seem like much, they are still one of the leading insurers in America.

Hard to believe? See the chart below for a breakdown of the top 10 insurers by market share in 2018 plus Great American.

Great American Life Insurance Market Share vs. Top 10 Life Insurance Companies
CompaniesMarket Share
New York Life5.7%
Lincoln National5.4%
John Hancock2.8%
State Farm2.8%
Minnesota Mutual2.7%
Great American0.9%
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When you look at Great American’s market share compared to the competition, it’s clear that while they may not be in the top 10, they may find themselves as a top contender in the coming years.

Great American’s Online Presence

In this digital age, staying connected to your audience is imperative to keeping their attention. To this end, insurance companies are using social media to connect on a more personal level to their clients. The insurance company’s strategy is to use social media posts to place itself in your mind as you scroll through your feed.

You can find Great American on Twitter, @GAIGroup, posting inspirational messages and information about their accomplishments and new features they offer. You can also find them sharing similar messages on their company page on Facebook.

You can also find Great America on LinkedIn, posting about new career opportunities and advice for prospective insurance agents.

Great American’s Commercials

Insurance companies’ TV commercials are usually sad, boring, or both. However, Great American is giving you the numbers in a no-nonsense approach to show that they are among the best insurers around.

As a company that has stayed strong for over a century, Great American isn’t afraid to make sure that everyone knows they are committed to their clients and to beating the competition.

Great American also has a strong recruitment presence on YouTube, both showcasing the benefits of working in the insurance agency and encouraging future job seekers to consider working for the Great American family. See the video below to find out why Great American thinks insurance is a great field to work in.

Those currently working in the insurance industry encourage their peers to keep an open mind and be ready for whatever may happen, as you shouldn’t expect a boring day on the job.

For those who are considering a position with Great American, they encourage prospective applicants to apply to this unique opportunity with their “Be Here Be Great” campaign, as seen below.

In this video playlist, you’ll find that many of the employees of Great American find their jobs to be both challenging and fun, and encourage anyone who is curious to apply and try it out for themselves.

Great American in the Community

Great American takes pride in being a business that helps the community. They’ve focused their efforts to help provide for several causes such as performing arts, religious services, and youth engagement programs, among many others.

Whether it’s running a charity marathon or donating blood at a Red Cross drive, Great American’s employees have proven they are dedicated to helping their communities prosper.

Companies that do good for their communities, such as providing for those who need it most, will stick out in their consumers’ minds long after the hard times have passed.

Great American’s Employees

Great American’s employee reviews are mostly positive. Many employees praise the work-life balance and the benefits, as well as the ability for upward mobility.

Great American takes pride in informing the public about their health, and through their employees’ volunteer efforts and donations, they’ve been able to help people live healthier lives.

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Pros & Cons of Great American Life Insurance

The pros and cons of a life insurance company depend on what kind of policies they offer and their interactions with their customers. The pros and cons of life insurance policies depend on the features and riders that that individual insurer offers. Here is an overview of the best and worse that Great American brings to the table:

Pros & Cons of Great American Life Insurance
Leader in life and health insurance marketDecline in annuities recently
Strong financial ratingsNot enough communication about the types of coverage offered
Good customer serviceFew programs for clients
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Most of the reviews regard Great American’s customer service as some of the best they’ve encountered, a necessity for life insurance.

Great American Life Insurance: The Bottom Line

If you found this article looking for United Teacher Associates’ life insurance, you may be disappointed to find that they were purchased by another company called Great American. However, Great American, as a leader in the life and property insurance business, may have the coverage you need.

Great American has a strong history of securing the financial well-being of their clients.

If you work at one of Great American’s partnered employers, you can discuss with your employer about your property protection options.

Ready to see your rates with top companies? Now that you’ve finished this Great American Life Insurance review, use our free quote tool to find your life insurance rates now.

About the Former United Teachers Associates

United Teacher Associates (UTA) operated out of its Texas headquarters for nearly 60 years. In 2016, the company was acquired by diversified holding company HC2 Holdings, Inc. as follows:

  • Continental LTC., Inc. (CLT), a subsidiary of Continental insurance Group, Ltd. (CIG), acquired UTA and Continental General Insurance Company (CGIC) in 2016.
  • UTA was merged with, and into, CGIC effective December 31, 2016.
  • CGIC became the insurance subsidiary of CLI at this same time.
  • CIG is the insurance unit of HC2 Holdings.

UTA no longer operates a website, nor does it write any new business.

CIG currently provides long-term care, life, annuity, and other accident and health coverage to approximately 132,000 individuals through CGI. It does not appear to be writing any new business.

As of its 2019 annual report, HC2 Holdings has seven major operating segments: construction, marine services, energy, telecommunications, insurance, life sciences, and broadcasting. Insurance is its third-most profitable segment, after construction and telecommunications, respectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Great American Life Insurance

After pouring over this article you may still have some questions. So here are some insurance company FAQs to hopefully answer any questions you have.

#1 – Who owns Great American Insurance?

Great American is owned by the very similarly named Great American Insurance Group.

#2 – What does Great American Insurance do?

Great American is an insurer that helps people protect their money with annuities and protects businesses against property loss. Great American annuity rates will fluctuate over time.

#3 – Does Great American Insurance cover trucks?

Yes. Not only do they cover transportation, but they will also insure your cargo so that you don’t have to worry about losing out if there are any accidents on the road.

Great American also covers a variety of other industries, such as aviation, farming, and equestrian properties, among others.

Review Date
United Teacher Associates Insurance Company

About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. I received a ck. From UTAI co. àfter my husband’s passing in 2014.

    I still have not been able to cash it. Left to the Estate of.

    What in the heck can one do after this length of time?

    I sure could use the money.

  2. Sally, can you please update us on where you are with Cigna?

    I’m about to start the process of dealing with them on my mom’s behalf and I’d like to know what to expect.

    Thank you.

  3. To all who wrote the above reviews:

    I was just reviewing my UTAIC policy and realized that the company had changed over to “C.G.”. My premiums are still being paid by bank draft. I do you not remember receiving any information from UTAIC nor C.G. (Continental General) regarding a change of ownership for my insurance policy. I got very nervous when I looked up UTAIC on the Internet and read all of your reviews. Plus, I called you UTAIC and as you said, a recording saying unavailable.

    So, in looking at my bank statement I called my bank to find out where my money is going and to ask for phone number/address as to where I could reach them. I was told the draft goes to CIGNA. The phone number for CIGNA was given to me (1-800-997-1654.) After calling them, the agent gave me an additional number directly to the department for CGI- Cigna. 866-459–4272. To make a long story short, I got thru with no problem the first time I called. They confirmed I still have my policy as it was written initially and they are going to send me a letter updating me on the name change and phone number with a copy of my policy as it is today. I was counting on that return of premium amount which was coming up in three years. After reading your reviews I panicked! I was very concerned that I would never see that money. I do hope that all of you out there who have policies with UTAIC get to read this. I trust that CIGNA is a reputable Co.

    I hope it is not CIGNA that has been giving you the runaround. If so, I’m in trouble too! If I don’t receive her letter in a week I will follow up with another call and eventually drop my automatic bank draft. Give them a call and do not drop your policy before talking to them to verify everything !!! I hope your problem and mine is just that we weren’t talking to the right people.

    • Sally, did the company follow up with you?

      Thank you SO MUCH for providing these phone numbers!

      I will be calling them tomorrow!!

  4. I guess I need to ask permission before I need my long-term care after my open heart in a few weeks !

  5. Was told ten years ago that If I had no claims and kept my policy current for all 10 years then I would be reimbursed for the premiums payed 100%. That is not the case. I guess policies change without informing the clients and so I am now only entitled to 5 years of my premium payments. Ill take my business elsewhere. Total Scam.

    • Hi my name is Sally Ogden. I read your comments about your insurance policy. I too have one with UTAIC. After reading your comments and others, I panicked! Checking on my own policy, I called UTAIC and got no answer. Then I called my bank and learned that CIG-CIGNA has taked their company. The bank gave me a phone number, I called it, talked with someone who was very nice and she gave me an additional phone number directly to the department that handles UTAIC policies.
      After talking to them, I felt good. She had all the information on my policy and reviewed my benefits without me telling her what they were.
      She’s going to send me a copy of my policy and she says that all of the benefits that I have are still there. Please let me know if it was CIGNA or UTAIC that you talked with. I hope they were on the up and up or I may soon end up dropping my bank draft!

  6. This company is a mess. My dad had a cancer policy through this company. He passed away last July from dementia (NOT cancer) We notified the agent and he assured us twice he would make sure the coverage would be canceled. The company continued to withdraw the premiums each month. The agent stopped responding to us at all so we called the company directly. We were assured the payments would be stopped and the policy cancelled. The payments continued to be taken from the bank account. Called the company again and was assured the policy was cancelled and the payments would be terminated. The computer records showed they had been notified in November and had a copy of the death certificate on hand so they said they would mail us a refund of the payments that had been withdrawn. They asked if mom wanted to added to the coverage. We told them no we are done with their company. Today, April 22, 8 months after dad’s passing, my mom received a bill from this disgrace of a company saying they had started a new policy for her and wanting payment. We are blocking their access to the bank account and seriously considering contacting a lawyer. Do not get involved with this rip off of an insurance company!

  7. I have been with this company since 1999 and have paid my premiums faithfully. I recently lost my husband to cancer which is covered with UTA. However, I am presently getting the run around. Whenever I call I am transferred 2 to 3 times with up to over an hour in wait time. I have submitted the required paperwork with the death certificate and doctor’s information and signature twice; once by fax, which they said they did not receive, and by
    certified mail. It has been 2 months since I submitted the first required paperwork. Today I received a request for more reports from our doctor. All are stalling tactics that are time consuming, inconsiderate, and unprofessional which leaves me to believe that UTA does not want to honor the policy I purchased. The bills are piling up. That is why we purchased it in the first place; to protect ourselves from out of pocket expenses. I will make sure I tell all young teachers and families to do their homework before buying payroll protection insurance with this company or any company. Frustrated!!!!?

  8. I have been waiting on a since June 5th,2016. Part of this delay was on my doctor, but for at least two weeks, I have been told check in the mail. In this two weeks I received a smaller check that was mailed after the missing check and also received a policy premium bill, both of these had no problem getting to my home. When I call for [Redacted], I get out to lunch and gone for the day, all just more delays and she refused to write a new check, saying it is in the mail and just slow to get to me. She does not have a supervisor, I’m told that only she can handle this claim. I would like to hear from your management on why this can’t be paid. I have had this policy for over 30 years and have never been late on a payment, it is time for your company to step up and pay.


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