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State Farm Drive Safe & Save Review & Complaints | Pay-per-mile

This State Farm Drive Safe & Save review covers everything you need to know about saving money with State Farm Drive Safe & Save discounts. Read more and find out where to download the This State Farm Drive Safe & Save app and sign up for the service. You can get a five percent discount just by enrolling in the program.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 21, 2020

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 State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program is a usage-based discount program that works like many other such systems – it records information about your driving habits and sends that information back to State Farm for analysis.

State Farm advertises that the program can provide a discount of up to 50 percent on insurance premiums – a huge number that outstrips the competition by a long shot.

The program offers two methods for data collection, but unlike most others, neither plan requires that you plug a device into your car. Drive Safe & Save uses either the vehicles active OnStar system or a mobile app to gather data and calculate your new premium.

About Drive Safe & Save

State Farm hopped on board the telematics bandwagon right about the time that Progressive was marketing their similar program, Snapshot, heavily. Like Snapshot, the InDrive program initially used a plug-in telematics device to record information through the car’s OnBoard Diagnostics port (OBD-II).

Eventually, State Farm dropped the plug-in device and turned to using either OnStar or the mobile app in order to gather information (they have also discontinued their SYNC program with Ford vehicles). They are not the only company to use OnStar; National General was the first to do so, and in fact, they were the first to offer a usage-based program back in 2004.

As National General is connected with General Motors, it made sense that they would use the GM-branded OnStar system. OnStar is a GM product that was originally created as a sort of help system for drivers; for example, it could contact emergency assistance if the vehicle was involved in an accident and the driver was unable to do so. The advent of telematics for car insurance was an obvious new use for OnStar.

The problem with this setup is that it limits the availability of the program to vehicles that have OnStar; that is where the mobile app comes in. Furthermore, information gathered through OnStar is limited to the vehicle mileage. Most usage-based insurance programs today offer the option of using an app, and State Farm is no different.

State Farm’s mobile app program works generally the same way as many other similar programs. Customers use one of the two methods to allow information about driving habits to be recorded including when and how frequently they drive, braking and accelerating, and speed. All of this information is used to give the driver a discount on their insurance premiums at renewal.

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How Drive Safe & Save Works

As mentioned, there are two ways to use the program. If you have an OnStar system in your vehicle, State Farm can access odometer information through that system. In order for that to work, you must not only have OnStar in the car but also have an active subscription to the service.

The vehicle must then be enrolled in OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which can be done by either pressing the OnStar button in the car and following the prompts or by calling OnStar to have customer service activate the system. Once this is done, State Farm can request information from the OnStar system in order to calculate the discount.

For those who do not have OnStar, the mobile app is the only way to enroll in Drive Safe & Save. The app can be downloaded to your mobile phone, but it will not work unless you have the Bluetooth mobile beacon in your car – this device is sent to you by State Farm when you enroll in the program.

The device does not need to be plugged in, but simply paced in the car; it will send information to the mobile app on your phone in order to collect the data on your habits.

Drive Safe & Save differs from other such programs in the fact that it is an ongoing process. While most usage-based systems collect information for a predetermined period of time and then end collection, State Farm’s system collects information on an ongoing basis.

That means that on every renewal a new discount will be calculated and applied based on your driving habits in the previous policy term. Drivers are asked to provide odometer readings on every renewal to calculate mileage-based portions of the discount.

Similar to other programs, however, Drive Safe & Save is vehicle specific. It will only record information for the vehicle that is enrolled in the program, and the discount will only apply to that vehicle. If you want to earn a discount on each vehicle you own, you will need to enroll them individually and collect data on each.

In California, there is an option known as Self Report, which allows customers to get a discount without any recording of data. This discount is for mileage only and requires verifiable odometer readings sent in by the driver.

What Drive Safe & Save Records

The goal of the program is to record both safe and risky driving habits and calculate a discount based on the overall driving behavior of the vehicle. To do that, the Drive Safe & Save mobile app records the following:

  • Acceleration: the system records have quickly you accelerate and flags sharp increases in speed
  • Braking: instances of hard braking are recorded
  • Turns: the system records instances of sharp, hard turns in either direction
  • Mileage: the number of miles the vehicle is driven each year
  • Speed: the system records speed and also time spent driving at speeds over 80 mph
  • Time of Day: when you drive your vehicle is recorded
  • Location: vehicle location is recorded when Bluetooth and location services are enabled

This list of recorded information is a little longer and more detailed than other similar systems; sharpness of turns, in particular, is an uncommon factor.

The OnStar system differs from the mobile app; it records only odometer information and not your driving habits.

How Information Is Used

Of all of the data recorded by the mobile app system, only vehicle location data is exempt from the calculation of your discount. All of the other items on the list are taken into consideration when determining the renewal rate. The website does state that real-time speed is not recorded nor compared to posted speed limits, and it does not affect the discount – a lot of high-speed driving, however, may affect your rate.

Drive Safe & Save gives each driver a grade for each of the first three: acceleration, braking, and turning. These grades are based on safe versus risky behavior. The website states that a few instances of hard braking will not affect the overall discount, acknowledging that braking suddenly may sometimes be required to avoid an accident.

Information is used only to calculate a discount, and there is no risk of a rate increase based on your driving behavior with one notable exception. If you have previously reported driving less than 7500 miles a year and were receiving a discount based on that mileage, you may lose that discount if your recorded mileage turns out to be in excess of that number.

Data is also used for the program’s driver comparison tool, which allows enrolled drivers to see how they stack up with other similar drivers. No personal information is included in this shared data tool.

If you’re an OnStar user, your discount will be calculated based on the annual mileage alone.

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State Farm Drive Safe & Save Discounts

The State Farm website advertises that drivers could save up to 50 percent on their auto insurance premiums by signing up for the Drive Safe & Save Program. That is a really big number, but like most usage-based programs is not going to be easily attainable – if it’s attainable at all.

The program starts with an initial enrollment discount, which is described on the State Farm site as “about 5 percent” – that is pretty vague, and no explanation is given for why or how this discount might vary.

Once enrolled, the data collection begins and a new discount amount will be calculated upon renewal. The program continues for as long as the driver chooses to keep it, and a new discount based on the gathered information is calculated at every renewal, which is usually every 6 months.

According to customer experience with the program, the actual discount for most people turns out to be in the range of 10-15 percent. That is in line with the average discount from other usage-based programs, but a far cry from the high-end 50 percent discount amount State Farm advertises. If the average discount falls in the 10-15 percent range, it’s difficult to believe that any driver can achieve 50 percent off.

That is the same result we have seen from other programs; they promise a top end discount but we have yet to encounter anyone that has managed to achieve that top end. Most other programs, however, cap out at 30 percent, which means their average discounts are about halfway to that cap. For State Farm, the average discount falls very far below the cap.

There does not seem to be any real risk to using the program, however; unlike Progressive’s Snapshot program, drivers will not be dinged for risky driving behaviors. As noted, the only potential for a rate increase comes from having a higher actual mileage than the driver reported when signing up for coverage.

Eligibility for Drive Safe & Save

In order to sign up for Drive Safe & Save with OnStar, the car must have an OnStar system. Most OnStar-equipped vehicles that are 2004 model year and newer are eligible for the program. The vehicle must have an active OnStar subscription plan, and Vehicle Diagnostics must be activated.

The State Farm site states that there are no model year restrictions on the use of the mobile app for “eligible vehicles”, but it does not state what makes a vehicle eligible.

The mobile app is restricted those with compatible smartphones; older phone models may not be able to run the app.

In California, the Self Report system can be used for which all vehicles are eligible except antique cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

State Farm does not restrict the Drive Safe & Save program to new policies, unlike many other systems. Existing customers can sign up for the program at any time by contacting their agent or downloading the mobile app and following the prompts.


Unlike plug-in devices, State Farm’s program has little to no setup required. The GPS beacon that connects with the mobile app must be kept in the car, but it does not have to be plugged into a port. It can be kept anywhere as long as the signal reaches the mobile phone. The beacon stays in the car for as long as you remain in the program.

The mobile app can be easily downloaded for either Apple or Android phones and is installed by following the prompts on the phone.

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How Drive Safe & Save Stacks Up

The Drive Safe & Save program has a lot in common with other usage-based insurance programs, with the exception of the OnStar connection.

Using OnStar to collect odometer data is a simple method of getting a discount for those that have the system already on the vehicle, and already have an OnStar plan. If you do not have a plan, you’ll need to consider whether the cost of the plan is worth it compared the savings provided. For those already decided that paying for OnStar’s other services isn’t worth the money, the chance of a discount is unlikely to change that opinion. The amount most drivers will see in premium reductions will not cover the cost of the subscription in most cases.

What that means is that the OnStar based program is probably worthwhile if you do already pay for a plan; it only records odometer readings, and if you drive a lot less than most people you are likely to see a rate reduction with little risk.

As for the mobile app, it does not come at a cost or with any other requirements as long as your phone already supports it, but it does record a lot more personal information. Still, it may be worth a try for those with good driving habits.

While it seems customers do not see anywhere near that very appealing 50 percent discount, 10-15 percent is still a pretty decent discount for not a lot of effort. It is about on par with other similar programs.

The fact that State Farm no longer offers a plug-in device may put a few people off from the program. Plug-ins do not require that an app on your phone be running at all times when you drive, and for some people can feel less invasive.

It also will not run down the battery on your phone; although the website claims that there’s little battery drain, any app running in the background will still use up power. Plug-in devices are something of a plug-and-forget setup that may appeal to those that prefer not to have to worry about keeping an app up and running.

That said, mobile apps are everywhere these days, and the usage-based ones do not come with much more difficulty or risk than any other. The system of using a GPS beacon helps to avoid those pitfalls of other mobile apps, such as recording even when you are in someone else’s car.

Finally, worth noting is that this program continually calculates new discounts on renewal, which means you can continue working towards earning a bigger discount. That is different from other programs and can be a motivator to safer driving habits.

The Bottom Line

The Drive Safe & Save program has very little risk, and it can provide a reasonably good discount. For those that qualify, it is likely worth giving the program a shot. As with all such programs, drivers should keep their expectations realistic – you are not going to save 50 percent on your car insurance, and you will be disappointed if that’s what you expect.

For those that are just looking to trim the bills as much as possible, Drive Safe & Save is a pretty safe bet.

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Review Information

About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. This does not work!!

    I’ve never had a speeding ticket and been driving for 40 years…

    I used cruise control on way to work which is only 3 miles from home…

    I only received $5 discount for 6 months…..less than$1 a month….it’s not worth it.

    I was so conscious at all times whether braking, turning, speed, etc….perfect driving, I’m telling you and that’s all I got…

    I did this for several months….it’s a big lie that they say you can save 30 percent… Not gonna happen!!

  2. My wife & I drive both vehicles, and both phones are linked to the drive safe and save device, so when the passenger uses the phone…

    yeah, you got it, it shows you used the phone while driving.

  3. When I view trips in the app, it either records half the trip or doesn’t record my trip at all.

    I don’t see how this is accurate at all. Turning it back after my 6 months is up.

    Call the 1800 number and waited 40 mins and gave up and hung up.

    • Maureen.

      If you are new to the DSS program, it won’t really show accurate trips until you come up for renewal’s after that then it will show your trips.

      The person that explained all of that should have included that in when they were explaining it to you.

      Just keep it, hun, your discount will apply to each 6 month’s renewal. It’s not hurting anything.

      Eventually, your discount will cap out at a 50% savings that’s a saving you didn’t have before.

      When I was working for State Farm I used to stress this to all of our clients.

      99% of the time I don’t even bother looking at my trips unless I wanted to see my mileage and I used to drive 56 miles a day and my discount was still awesome.

      I have gone from 600.00 every 6 months to 433.00. Give it time hun.

      I wish you the best of luck and remember to stay safe.

      Oh, PS loads of times I found myself speeding and my discount didn’t drop.

      Remember that it will go down.

      • Thanks so much, Kelly and yes I’m new only about 2 months in.

        It is calculating better now so what you said makes sense.

        I’m ranging 95-98% so I should be good. Thanks again for your help

      • Kelly….not one word you said is actually true. Nothing.

  4. I usually get 4-5 stars when driving my wife’s SUV, but got 1 star (!) on a 20 mile stop & go trip during rush hour.

    Have no idea what I could have done differently to score higher. (???)

    I also have a sports car that effortlessly accelerates and brakes, and it goes around corners faster (and more securely) than most cars.

    And I sometimes get only 2 stars on trips.

    I’m already paying a hefty premium on it, and I’m a very safe driver with zero accidents in the past 20+ years, but apparently, that means nothing.

    I guess State Farm thinks we should all stay in the slow lane and neither accelerate nor brake too quickly–

    and definitely NOT drive in stop & go traffic, which is, fortunately, something I rarely have to do.

    I almost forgot this:

    When I needed some help with setup error messages (not self-inflicted), I tried calling the 800-helpline twice in two days, and both times got a recorded message saying they were receiving an “unusually high” number of calls.

    All that said, a 5 percent discount is nice, and I hope we see closer to 15 percent after the first period.

    I think 50% is “pie in the sky” unless your car has poor acceleration, braking, and handling.

    • Hi. I check my grades each trip.

      I was in stop and go traffic on my way home on the interstate.

      Never went above 50 mph…got a 4 star instead of 5…why???

      • You did well then! I only got one star in that situation.

        I think the app sees bumper to bumper driving as an accident waiting to happen, no matter our acceleration or braking.

        So it’s not us getting fewer stars, it’s the environment.

        • My agent said 30% is the max discount.

          We are averaging around 78%, so should save around 23% on my next bill.

          Guess we’ll see. Good thing my wife drives more miles than me!

          • I drive like a grandma to get 100% on my driving.

            It knocked 1 point today for going 6 over to get past an idiot.

            You are allowed 10 over legally to pass someone.

            Thankfully I dont usually have to drive in traffic, as they really knock your score as Michael was saying.

          • My agent had me do extensive training and your agent is wrong.

    • Michael,

      Didn’t your CSR explain also that your wife’s car has a higher vehicle safety rating that’s going to be a higher star rating (discounts)?

      A sports car is not a safety vehicle therefore low star rating.

      At the office I worked at the CSR has been in the ins.

      Business for over 25 yrs and she is always explaining that to the agents clients.

      Technically it’s the fewer miles put on a vehicle that the most money is saved.

      But, we all have to commute and I used to drive 56 miles a day in the rush hour traffic.

      Those grades are a complete BS if you ask me since we have no control on having to brake and accelerating, making turns and so on.

      I personally have been using the DSS since 2017 and still no A grades in my turns which again is BS.

      I don’t really look at any of that crap I look at my renewals every 6 months and see my premium’s coming down.

      I hope this helps you out if not Call your CSR and have her explain the Vehicle safety ratings compared to your vehicle and your wife’s you will get it then.

      (didn’t mean to make that sound rude at all)

  5. Since using my drive safe beacon and app, I have been more aware of my accelerating, breaking , speeding and yes phone use while driving.

    With the iPhone I had, I was able to view my A,B, C grades, and they weren’t the best though I was at 45 dollar savings.

    I have since changed to the Samsung S10 as of about 2 weeks, and the app now shows it tracks phone use while driving!

    When I noticed that on my “trip” I had phone use and a hard stop, meaning I was on my phone not paying attention, that made me rethink my habits (as I shouldn’t be on my phone at all while driving) and really just completely stopped using my phone while driving.

    In those 2 weeks, my grade went from a 100% to 92, then since not using my phone while driving and being more conscious of my speed accelerating and breaking, I’m back up to 99%.

    The discount is reviewed every 6 months, correct me if I’m wrong; so I am hoping that I see an increase in my savings as I am now driving better and safer then ever before!

    (Just want to be honest… people who drive behind me hate me! Since I started driving “safe” [speed limit] I am constantly honked at, flipped off, people are constantly trying to pass me, and people just generally don’t drive speed limit I have learned.)

    Either way, I just remind myself, if I was to get into an accident, I can show I am a safe driver and hopefully, this will show in my upcoming discount!

    Overall I’m happy that I’m more aware of how crappy I was driving prior to, and am proud to be at 99% :)

  6. One this that concerns me, is that if I were to have a wreck, could my insurance company say that they won’t cover my wreck due to the grades I received on my drive safe and save report?

    In other words, can they use the info that it collects to say that they won’t cover me.

  7. Wow, not sure how I feel about it after reading all the comments, but I will report my experience. I set up my beacon. I have a 2017 Toyota corolla iM. I was told (when I called for customer service on it) the ‘grades’ come out after a month, around the 20th. I have not experienced any adverse effects related to anything. I did have problems initially but found out it was my error (well directions weren’t all inclusive either) and as I said, customer service solved my problems. I too am concerned about my ‘data’ getting out, but honestly, if there was an accident maybe it would HELP my case. Conversely of course I would not want to be ‘discovered’ to be at fault but if this was the truth then so be it.

    • I’ve been using S&S for 2 years now and am very happy with the results.

      I have 3 vehicles, 2 of which have very low annual mileage (e.g. one is <1000 miles and one about 3000 miles).

      I was previously unhappy because the lowest mileage category State Farm allowed was <7500 miles.

      Therefore I was probably overpaying for the two low mileage vehicles.

      Based on my 6 month premium immediately before S&S being 100% (and growing around 10% annually), my subsequent 6 month bills have been 86%, 89%, 77% and 75%.

      I don't know what I would be paying had I not started S&S but my guess is that the base rate is inflating around 10% per year making my savings even greater (e.g. the latest 75% bill would be more like 62% of a 10% annually inflated base rate.

      I had quibbles with S&S's previous grading system but the very recently updated app gives you an overall grade (100% being perfect) based on evaluation (over the last 2 weeks) for acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and phone use (new factor).

      My very first grade was 95% but rapidly dropped to 85% until I started paying attention to it.

      I'm an aggressive driver with a bad habit of some cell phone use.

      Now I pay more attention to the evaluation factors and especially cell phone use which I have all but eliminated (IMHO a very good thing based on a couple of close calls).

      Regarding the big brother aspect of S&S, I believe we better get used to it or else be prepared for a big increase in insurance costs.

      I'm very happy I no longer have to pay for folks with bad driving habits!

  8. I LOVEEE drive safe and save. It’s super easy to use and after six months. I saved $250 dollars off my 6month premium. It ended up being 36% off my originally $684 dollars. I am a low mileage driver, and really make sure that I drive well so that I the best discount possible. You get what you put into it. You really have to make sure you are watching your acceleration and braking because when I’m in the car with people who “think they are great drivers” I can tell they are breaking too hard or Speeding up too fast and if that were in my car, I would get dinged for that. So if you’re getting [redacted] grades and discounts. It’s prob because your not making a conscious effort to watch your braking, acceleration, and turns. Moral of the story, I highly recommend if you are willing to really watch your driving to reap the benefits of awesome discounts!

    • IKR??? I save like $74 a month off my bill :-O, I am currently at 91% w/a $542 discount heading towards my next renewal.

      I will warn everyone since they updated, you really have to watch your speed, 5 over will start costing you points, your trips are being very closely tracked by GPS.

      To get 5 stars on a trip, you must drive 90-95% perfect, you will still get good discounts as they do grade on a curve.

      Bottom line, if you are a decent or above driver and you want to save a really good chunk of change, sign up for this.

  9. Does the drive safe and save track your locations?

    • Yes

  10. I’m surprised by all of the negative reviews here. You literally setup the app, put the beacon anywhere in your car, and you’re set. The grades started to populate for us in the app after about 2 months. I have received on average $30 off per billing cycle. My grades are all B and C. Annual mileage over 20,000. The wife has a current discount of $150 and is “trending” towards another $150. Her annual mileage is under 10,000, and grades are in the B range.
    It’s not a scam. Give it a try, and be patient.

    • Right on.

  11. Don’t waste your time! After 13 Months of tracking it still says it can’t show me the results – That’s because there were no savings even though my driving habits changed due to being disabled. I now drive LESS than 1500 [ Fifteen Hundred ] miles a YEAR. That is barely over 100 miles a month. I didn’t save a single penny. Run away from this scam.

    • It does work quite well, my discount for the next 6 months is $542,1A+s,3 A-s and 2 B+s, it is not a scam, and is very simple to use.

  12. When does a grade show itself?

    • When you come up for renewal. Then it will start showing.

  13. I signed up in hopes of getting a discount since I drive less than 12,000 miles per year and rarely speed. After several months, it gave me a B for speed but gave me Cs for right turns and left turns. I don’t make dangerous turns but how would this Bluetooth device detect that anyway? I almost feel as if it gives lower scores as a way to not have to give a safe driving discount.

    • Hi Kay, the grades are just for you. Because the Bluetooth is synced to the beacon it just lets you know how your turns and speed is. The discount is based solely on the mileage. As you come up for renewals your discount will be greater. Eventually, you will cap out at a 13% discount off your 6 months premium. Don’t you agree that a discount of any amount is better than nothing? Yes, I do work for a State Farm agent. But, I am also a drive safe and save user and in my office, I am the go-to person when explaining this discount program. We care about you and your savings. Even us employees have to utilize all the discounts that we offer to our clients. So trust me when I promise that the grades are just for your benefit only. I drive 56 miles a day and my current discount after 2 renewals was 45.00. I hope this helps you out. Have a great day tomorrow. Kelly

  14. I am considering the UBI offered through Liberty Mutual and I just read the response about some devices harming the electrical systems of some vehicles. Has anyone heard of Liberty Mutual being a problem?

  15. I’m at a crossroad whether I want to use the ‘drive safe’ discount. It concerns me about people having trouble with their cars after installing the beacon. Would someone please let me hear some more info on this?

    • The Drive safe and save beacon is not plugged into any part of your vehicle. So there is nothing to fry a motor. Where I place mine is in my glove box and forget about it. All it does is monitor your mileage. For instance, when I set up mine in June 2017 I received a 5.95 discount off a 6 month’s premium, then I renewed and my discount and received an 11.00 discount. I just renewed again this past March and my discount was 45.95 off my 6 month’s premium. Eventually, the discount caps out at a 13% savings. That is far better than nothing. It may seem like it is nothing but like I said better than nothing. And When State Farm order’s you this beacon it will never cost you anything and they give you the 5% discount up front. It is up to you to set it up. They are really good at helping you out.
      Your premiums will never go up you will see them going down.
      For those that think well I don’t want State Farm tracking me. They aren’t they have far better things to do. Tracking you is the Governments or your wives/husbands job, not State Farm.

      • Kelly, thank you for sharing your product knowledge, usage experience, and making transparent your affiliation with State Farm. I’d like to address a couple things you’ve written.

        “Eventually, the discount caps out at a 13% savings. That is far better than nothing.” Clarification: It’s exactly 13% better than nothing, and (while interpretations are subjective) many people would not describe 13 out of 100 as a “very” significant amount.

        “well I don’t want State Farm tracking me. They aren’t they have far better things to do. Tracking you is the Governments or your wives/husbands job” Do you not think this information is subpoenable in the course of an accident, alleged criminal investigation, or a civil suit… including divorce proceedings and family court matters? Have high profile cases involving Facebook and Apple taught us the government is willing to coerce and even strongarm corporations to release end user data in the investigation of allegations?

        Have you considered to what extent telemetric data can be used to assign end-user fault as opposed to exonerate? Have you read the State Farm app’s EULA (End User Licensing Agreement), specifically the part where it says “State Farm may share this data with third-party service providers”. Have you considered that a service provider entails any entity (person, business, agency) that sells/gives anything to anybody?

        If a car is insured annually for $500 in premiums, a maximum 13% savings (if recouped at all) yields $65 per year. As an end user, are you willing to disclose all of your personal travel habits and all destinations to any business, law enforcement agency, court, or hacker with malicious intent for (at most, if at all) a paltry $65?

        To recap: The government mandates all car registrants must purchase insurance, who in turn set the premiums via non-transparent formulas and annual price hikes of 10% or more, and then offer discounts for devices that track and share your activity… using with the sales pitch “a possible 13% savings is better than nothing”. Semantic differences between Orwellian and Phillip K Dick dystopias aside, it’s not difficult to imagine the extent of surveillance and intrusion into our personal activities — as well as increased personal liability — if enough people become convinced $5/month ($65/yr) is significant.

        • Mr. “Dallas” has correctly assessed the situation. Data is the new gold and selling yours for a potential $5/month is probably not a very good deal considering all the questionable ways in which it could be used – although it’s still a better deal than all the social media companies that pay nothing.

          • I disagree Ned Ludd – Mr. “Dallas” has not correctly addressed the situation.

            Mr. Dallas gave his long-winded “opinion”, like most strong-minded people that decide to make public posts……..

            Why is he (or you) concerned about your privacy being invaded, if your privacy isn’t being invaded?

            The program only collects information on people who agree to have their information being collected.

            Here’s my “opinion”, if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all.

            I guarantee this program is not the stepping stone to the computer chip that you fear is going to forcefully be implanted in your brain, so lighten up.

      • I had the beacon since October and my insurance went up $55. Wth was that? It doesn’t show my grade or mileage too. I’m about to cancel this thing if I can’t even get a discount. I drive and send my kids to school only.

        • Hi Ma – “I had the beacon since October and my insurance went up $55″….. that’s sooo funny.

          Sorry for laughing at your expense but it sounded like a scenario that would happen to wife because of her driving habits.

          Maybe the problem is with your Ins. provider because according to everyone at State Farm, this program will never increase your premiums (unless you lie about your expected driving mileage.)

          It’s been 4 months since your post so hopefully, you’ve had better results ~ Best of luck!

          • This program is a scam. They are getting very expensive information from you for cheap.

            I installed the beacon and 2 months later when my policy renewed my rate went up $18 a month. Scam.

            I don’t care what anyone says and the guy who said computer chip in the brain is a jacka@#!!!

            When I asked my agent why my rate went up with no new accidents on my record or driving infractions she said the parts for my 2010 Prius went up. BS!!!!!

  16. This isn’t entirely accurate. The device is just a beacon that “hangs out” in your car, you don’t plug it into any port, it’s all connected via Bluetooth.

    Alternately, the discount works differently, dependent upon how you register for the program. OnStar and Sync use the discount purely based on miles driven, the mobile app is the only one that will track additional driving habits.

  17. Why did State Farm end the Drive Safe and Save program that you describe?

    • Robert Kirk: State Farm did not end the Drive Safe and Save discount program, as you state above. It is offered through OnStar, SYNC or Drive Safe and Save Mobile, as covered in this article. A previous version of Drive Safe and Save with In-Drive was offered through a third-party vendor (Verizon Telematics; they charged about $75 a year for that). The In-Drive / Verizon program was put out to pasture in November 2017. The Bluetooth technology with the Drive Safe and Save Mobile smart phone app replaced that, and it’s free of charge for people who sign up for the discount program with their State Farm Agent.

  18. Just installed mine thru the app on my phone. When I put my car in drive and pressed the accelerator my car started making noise. Got worse when you turned corners. Plus, my EPS light was flashing. Went to my insurance agent with the device and uninstalled that app on my phone. My car is fine now, will not put that device back in my car.

    • The beacon has absolutely nothing to do with the way your cars runs. It affects nothing, and controls nothing, nor does your phone. What you say is the same as saying that you installed a dash cam and it made your car run like doo-doo SMH.

  19. Like Gail I began having problems with my 97 Ford Ranger, it would not start called a cab to get to work and a tow truck to get my truck to the shop. this happened two times and the shop said they had to pull the module out of the diagnostics port to run the codes ad no codes were found.
    After I picked the truck up the second time I drove about 12 miles to pay a bill and the truck would not start again, I waited about half an hour and it would still not start, I pulled the module out ad the truck started right up.
    The next week I received an E-mail stating that my drive safe would be canceled. I called the 877 number and asked if they would send a different module as this one was messed up, he said I would get a new one in a week or so then transferred me to customer service where I asked about getting reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses due to this module, the lady set a report on up to corporate ad they called me the next day.
    This lady informed me there is only a 30 day warrantee on the module and they would not ship out a replacement because I had reported a defect in their equipment and if they sent another one the truck might stop in traffic and cause an accident and they did not want to be responsible.. She also demanded that I send the module back to them and I told her my lawyer would bring it to court along with copies of my expenses caused by the POS module. At that time she got really rude and I hung up on her.

  20. I’m going to send mine back. I drive this vehicle less than 2k a year so i wanted a discount. They wanted me to use the in drive when i use to be able to tell my agent how much i drive a vehicle and they honored my word. I will have had the system 6 months come June. I look at my report card and i have 4 b’s and 2 a’s. If your get an a for your speed, how do you get a b in your turns? An estimate so far concludes i should receive a discount of $10. I have read just about all the reviews i could find and people are not happy. I have nothing to hide so the gps part doesn’t bother me. I don’t think i will save enough to pay for the basic service of $60 a year. Does anyone else feel they been misled? I will wait until June because i told my agent i would, then their getting their little hi-tech gizmo back! Unless i save enough to pay for it and get a $50-60 dollar discount but from what i read that seems very unlikely.

    • I was never informed by the agent that there was such an app during the phone call setting me up as a new State Farm customer. I then received the Beacon in the mail. The app is not compatible with my little android phone and a letter from State Farm Indiana Operations Center says that if I do no install the app, I will lose any discounts I may have been given.
      This is totally unfair since my phone is not compatible with the app… and really bad business since I was never informed of the program during the initial telephone call with a local agent. The letter from the Indiana Ops Center indicates that “consent” had been given, which it was not, since it was never even mentioned during my new set up with the company.

      • I just signed up with State Farm as well & no one ever mentioned anything about this Drive Safe & Save gadget/program, & then like you, I just received it in the mail. I went ahead & downloaded the app & put the device in my car, but honestly, I do not like the idea of anyone “tracking” my moves….it just seems an invasion of privacy. I’m not sure I will keep it, we’ll see. But if I suspect anything funny or weird, I will change insurance companies!!

  21. It won’t even fit in new cars with an “alternate panel.” This is crap all the way around. I will not alter my brand new car because your crap doesn’t work.

  22. It’s fishy all the way around. No way am I going to sign up for this service!

  23. Don’t use this device! Within 2 weeks of plugging it in, I started having problems with my 2010 Toyota Corolla. First it wouldn’t start then the battery had to be replaced and now the latest diagnostic says my alternator is bad! It’s not worth the itty bitty discount! Check out the civil lawsuit being brought against Progressive for damages done by their similar plug in!

    • I have posted a comment that I was not informed of this Drive Safe App when my new policy was set up with State Farm. It was never even mentioned, I was thinking about looking into Class Action lawsuits so thank you for mentioning the Progressive civil lawsuit. I think one should be started related to this app and the fact that State Farm indicates that I had given consent, which I did not since it was never even brought up during my initial new policy set up.


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