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Progressive Snapshot Review & Complaints| Pay-per-mile

Progressive Snapshot is a usage-based program that could save you up to 30 percent off your premium rates. So what is a B+ on Snapshot? How does the program work? In this Progressive Snapshot Review, you’ll learn how monitoring your driving habits allows Progressive to reward you for safer driving. If you’re ready to compare usage-based insurance policies, enter your ZIP code to find great auto insurance rates from top car insurance companies.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 15, 2020

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Progressive Snapshot Review Summary
Progressive Snapshot FactsProgram DetailsFrom the Experts...
Usage-based insurance Programs to track driving habits have been around for a decade in the United StatesNational Association of Insurance Commissioners
Insurance premiumsAn accident or incident could raise rates as much as $1,000 annually Quadrant Data
Snapshot programGrades drivers based on tracked driving behaviors to discount or increase rates annually Progressive
Snapshot discountUp to 30% promised - actual discount ranges from 10%-15% Quadrant Data
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Interested in lowering your car insurance rates? Wondering “what is b+ on snapshot?” Progressive Snapshot is a usage-based insurance program that could save you some money. With Progressive’s Snapshot, policyholders have a chance to earn up to a 30 percent discount off their car insurance premium with an A grade or a 1-15 percent discount with a grade of B. Our Progressive Snapshot review will tell you everything you need to know.

Snapshot was one of the first usage-based insurance programs, which have since become a popular trend. Although it wasn’t the first of these programs, Progressive’s heavy marketing of Snapshot raised a considerable amount of public awareness.

Progressive also owns the patents to the technology used for usage-based programs, which they license to other companies. 

If you’re interested in Progressive Snapshot car insurance, we’ll help you understand all of the details of this program to decide if it’s right for you.

To learn more about Progressive and Progressive Snapshot car insurance quotes, read our Progressive insurance review. Looking for affordable Progressive Snapshot car insurance? To search for lower rates, you can begin with our FREE tool above to browse different insurance plans.

About Snapshot

Since its inception in 2011, the Snapshot program has changed and gained some competition from other companies jumping on the bandwagon. Today, Snapshot offers two different options for joining the program.

What is the Progressive Snapshot device? Drivers can choose a device that uses telematics science technology to remotely monitor and collect data. The device plugs into the car and records driving habits. Progressive also offers the option of a mobile app that tracks driving information. Either way, the system works much like other usage-based programs.

Information regarding your driving habits is gathered and sent to Progressive. Progressive reviews the data, and insurance rates are adjusted accordingly. This discount could be up to 30 percent according to the program’s marketing.

What about Progressive Snapshot car insurance rates? Can Progressive Snapshot increase rates? Unlike several other programs, Snapshot can increase your rates.

Some usage-based programs promise you cannot lose by signing up, but Progressive will increase your rates if the information gathered indicates unsafe driving habits in most states.

According to the company’s website, two out of ten drivers see an increase. That means 20 percent of those who use Snapshot will end up with higher rates. Progressive does offer an initial discount for signing up, and it promises up to 30 percent off after the 6-month review period is over, when your policy renews.

Snapshot is offered in most states. Drivers considering switching to Progressive can get a 30-day free trial of the Snapshot program, after which Progressive will give them a quote that includes the anticipated discount from the program, should they decide to switch and use Snapshot. The free trial is not available to current customers.

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How Snapshot Works

So, what does Snapshot do? There are a few types of telematics devices that can track your driving. As discussed, Snapshot uses either a plug-in device or a mobile app to record driving habits.

In addition to recording information, the device will beep three times whenever it senses hard braking. This is meant to be a reminder to the driver to be more aware of their braking behavior.

How long do you use Progressive Snapshot? You’ll drive with Snapshot for a full policy period, which may be either six or 12 months. You can check your policy summary for details of your plan.

The mobile app is downloaded and installed on your phone. All that’s required is that you take your phone with you every time you drive. In addition to sending information to Progressive, the app will also allow you to view and track all of the recorded trip information right on your phone.

Progressive uses the tracked information to award drivers a grade based on their performance. In the app, you’ll see a letter grade that lets you know what kind of discount you’re on track to earn. The better your driving, the better the grade. Take a look at the chart below for the Progressive Snapshot grades.

Progressive Snapshot Car Insurance Discount Levels
Progressive Snapshot Rating LevelsPotential Discount Percentages
A16% - 30% savings
B1% - 15% savings
C0% savings
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Your Progressive Snapshot login can be used to check in on your discount and driving habits.

Many drivers ask how to get an A on Progressive Snapshot. Almost all drivers will start with an A rating, but as you drive you will almost certainly fall to a B. To maintain an A rating a driver would need to be almost flawless all the time.

To get accurate information, your charged phone must be with you when you drive. Progressive also recommends that you do not use the app version if you frequently drive another vehicle, such as a business vehicle, as it will skew the results.

Monitoring can be paused in the app for up to two weeks. Pausing the app too frequently, however, will result in Progressive prolonging your data collection period or switching you to the plug-in device instead.

The minimum required collection period is 75 consecutive days.

Drivers can choose to switch to the plug-in device at any time during the evaluation period if the app isn’t working well for them. Drivers can also categorize trips on the app to indicate times when they were not the driver behind the wheel, since the app collects data every time it is in a moving car.

If you have more than one vehicle, each vehicle and each driver will require a separate data collection process.

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What Snapshot Records

Through the plug-in device and the app, Snapshot records several data items. This data is transmitted back to Progressive and used to determine discounts or increases on your rates.

To learn more about how this device works, check out this brief video.

The telematics device that Progressive uses for the Snapshot program collects the following data:

  • Braking: The system looks for instances of hard-braking (braking/stopping suddenly or quickly).
  • Acceleration: The device records instances of quick acceleration.
  • Time of day: The device records when you drive, specifically the time of day that you’re on the road.
  • Mileage: The device records the length of each trip to accurately determine how many miles you regularly drive.
  • Trip frequency: How often you drive your car will also be recorded.
  • Location: The device includes a GPS to locate your vehicle.

In addition to these basics, the mobile app records even more information, including a map of your trips. On that map, the locations where things like hard-braking occurred are highlighted, as well as when and where you used your phone.

How Information Is Used

Of the information gathered, only hard-braking, acceleration, time of day, trip frequency, and mileage are used to calculate your final insurance rates.

Location information regarding where you drive your car is recorded, but it’s used only for internal research purposes. This information has no bearing on your rates.

How information is used, and what information is used, can vary from state to state. Again, it’s vital to read the fine print for your state before you sign up for this program. As mentioned above, Progressive can use the information in most states to discount or increase your rates.

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Snapshot Discounts and Increases

Progressive gives those who sign up for Snapshot an initial discount for the first policy term, which according to the website is an average savings of $25. This discount applies to the first six months, after which the actual information gathered is used to determine your renewal rate.

The Progressive website promises discounts of up to 30 percent, which is a hefty amount and a level that most drivers probably will not attain. Like many other companies’ programs, most drivers are seeing a 10-15 percent discount at the end of their evaluation period.

The graph below demonstrates the average potential savings a driver can expect with Progressive Snapshot.

Progressive Average Six-month Car Insurance With and Without Snapshot
Progressive Snapshot UsageProgressive Average 6-Month Rates
With Snapshot$752
Without Snapshot$809
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One thing that Progressive’s site does not mention is the potential percentage increase, nor does the site indicate whether there is a cap on how much they can increase your rates based on the collected information.

Discounts only apply to certain coverages on the policy, and not to the overall rates. The same rule applies to the increases in premiums.

Another point to note is that if you opt out of the program more than 45 days after it has begun, Progressive may ding you with a surcharge on your policy.

Wherever you live, your state will have minimum required liability coverage. While the minimum requirements might be the cheapest option, it isn’t going to provide full protection.

Full protection from any insurer could be a significant cost. Programs like Snapshot can help save you money. Looking for car insurance discounts through your insurer will help offset your premiums.

Progressive Snapshot Rules

If you enroll in Snapshot when you buy your policy, you’ll save immediately with the participation discount. The participation discount does not apply when Snapshot is added to a vehicle on an existing policy, however.

To save the most you’ll need to enroll in the program as soon as you buy a policy.

Progressive does allow you to have a 30-day trial of the program, after which you can decide to go ahead with the policy or take your business elsewhere. Again, we saw no indication that this option is available to current policyholders.

Only vehicles that are from 1996 or newer are eligible for Snapshot, either with the device or with the mobile app. Only fully licensed drivers can use Snapshot, and not those with a learner’s permit.

Progressive Snapshot Install

For most cars, installation is very easy. To utilize the plug-in device, your car will need to be a model year 1996 or newer. 

If you choose to use the mobile app, all you have to do is download it and install it on your phone. From there, the app will continue to run in the background as long as the phone is turned on, and you won’t have to do anything more unless you need to pause or restart it.

The plug-in device is attached directly to your car’s Onboard Diagnostic port (OBD-II), which is generally located somewhere under the dashboard. Progressive offers guidance to help you find out where the port is on your car and how to plug it in.

Once it’s plugged in, you leave it in place for the duration of the information-gathering period, and then remove it at the end to send back to Progressive.

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Is Progressive Snapshot worth it?

Progressive Snapshot car insurance company does not have the oldest usage-based program around, but it did revolutionize and popularize the patented technology that is also used by other companies today. The company has several years on most of its competition in terms of experience with usage-based systems.

Unlike the competitors’ programs, Progressive’s does come with the risk of higher rates. This means that it’s not a risk-free program, and anyone considering it will need to be aware of this before moving forward.

Progressive Snapshot Reddit reviews show that consumers have mixed feelings about this program.

The Progressive Snapshot forum shows that customers rarely receive the 30 percent discount. Customer experiences with the program indicate that few drivers see an overall A rating. As discussed, that is not unusual, as most companies with a usage-based program wind up with similar results.

That 30 percent discount represents a gold standard of driving that is next to impossible to achieve.

What we did see in a review of customer experiences is that while many people did see a discount, on average, it was between 10-15 percent.

Some customers have been looking around online for Progressive Snapshot hacks. Since this is a legal agreement that you have entered into, any hacks will void the contract. This could lead to loss of coverage and possible legal action. This is not recommended.

Overall, the Progressive Snapshot seems on par with other similar systems and does offer both the mobile and device options.

What is usage-based insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says that Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) first came to be about a decade ago through mileage-based discount programs meant to reward good drivers. These programs involve telematics devices, which are plugged into cars and record driving information.

US News and World Report says that at the inception of telematics devices and UBI, there were over a million cars in the United States recording driving habits. In 2018, the Insurance Information Institute estimated that there were 10-11 million telematics enabled insurance programs in place in the United States.

That number has increased even more today as many consumers are looking for ways to save on insurance premiums.

With car accidents costing over $230 billion annually, insurance companies are looking for ways to make America’s roads safer. Of course, drivers are looking for ways to improve safety as well. Programs like Snapshot work great for everyone.

Tale a look at the following table which outlines how much an incident on your driving record can impact your insurance rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record
CompaniesAverage Rates with Clean RecordAverage Rates with One Speeding ViolationAverage Rates with One AccidentAverage Rates with One DUI
USAA$1,933.68 $2,193.25 $2,516.24 $3,506.03
Geico$2,145.96 $2,645.43 $3,192.77 $4,875.87
American Family$2,693.61 $3,025.74 $3,722.75 $4,330.24
Nationwide$2,746.18 $3,113.68 $3,396.95 $4,543.20
State Farm$2,821.18 $3,186.01 $3,396.01 $3,636.80
Progressive$3,393.09 $4,002.28 $4,777.04 $3,969.65
Travelers$3,447.69 $4,260.80 $4,289.74 $5,741.40
Farmers$3,460.60 $4,079.01 $4,518.73 $4,718.75
Allstate$3,819.90 $4,483.51 $4,987.68 $6,260.73
Liberty Mutual$4,774.30 $5,701.26 $6,204.78 $7,613.48
Average Annual Rates$3,123.62 $3,669.10 $4,100.27 $4,919.62
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Having just one accident could cost you over $1,000 annually. Safe driving is in your best financial interest and a great reason to give Snapshot a try.

Gathering data about driving habits and using it to inform premium rates, Progressive’s program operates similarly to those of other companies. This car insurance trend has grown in popularity over the past few years, with most major insurance companies offering some form of discount for allowing them to monitor driving habits.

It’s an optional program aimed at giving good drivers a discount while also allowing drivers to track their habits and see what they can do to improve.

Take a look at the video below to understand how this trend has shaped insurance plans and drivers.

The Insurance Information Institute states that insurers are capturing data from millions of vehicles to create information profiles on driving behaviors to support UBI programs. These programs are saving drivers money all across America.

Progressive Snapshot: The Bottom Line

Enrolling in Progressive Snapshot has the potential to save you an average of about 10-15 percent on your car insurance rates. At the very least, it will get you an initial discount on your first policy term.

Anyone thinking of trying out the program, however, should be aware that it is not risk-free, and 20 percent of the time the result is a rate increase. It’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they feel confident enough in their driving skills and habits to avoid that risk.

If you’re looking for a cheaper insurance option, check out our free tool below to compare rates and plans, and visit our page of best online insurance by company page.

Looking to buy Progressive Snapshot car insurance or other usage-based policies? Now that you’ve finished this Progressive Snapshot review, feel free to use our FREE tool below to get quotes near you.



About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. I hit the elusive 30% discount several years ago.

    Six month driving period with only two hard brakes.

    Granted, I wasn’t driving very much in those days, I lived within walking distance of work and only needed to drive 2 or 3 days a week.

    But it certainly is (or was) feasible to attain the full discount with safe driving.

    Currently in a new State and going through Snapshot again, about four months in, zero hard brakes/fast accelerations, driving 5 days a week now, for work, so my time and mileage is a LOT higher than before.

    I was at an A+ rating for the first few months but somewhere along the way got downgraded to an A, where I remain.

    It will be interesting to see what sort of discount this earns me.

    Side note, they do track multiple metrics but the one they care the most about is hard braking.

    I’ve listened to numerous people complain that the hard brake detection is unfair.

    If you maintain proper following distance and situational awareness it’s not terribly difficult to go through a six month period and keep the hard brakes in the single digits or even zero, even living in a major city with traffic issues/bad driving (New Orleans).

  2. 29% discount first month

    It’s quite predictable.

    Just anticipate situations and you’ll be fine.

    Ohh and avoid highways lol

  3. Worst decision I ever made was trying Snapshot.

    I drive within 5 miles of the speed limit; leave several car lengths between me and the car in front of me, start slowing 1,000 feet when approaching a red light, do not stop close to cars at stop signs or in “bumper to bumper traffic, and make complete stops at stop signs -making sure the car rest back..

    Snapshot constantly beeps; it makes me crazy, I am actually driving worse with it.

    I roll through stop signs now and run yellow lights which have led through a few red lights, which I have never done, just to avoid it beeping.

    I get cut off at least three times every morning traveling to work and three more on the way home does not matter how fast or slow I am going or how much space I have between me and the car in front of me.

    I can understand the device beeping when I slam on my brakes to avoid hitting someone as it cannot know why I am braking hard, but this thing has beeped while I was sitting still at a stop sign.

    It has beeped when I removed my foot from the gas and set it on the brake applying no pressure at all.

    It beeped as I approached and made a right turn at a green light and I never touched my brakes because I had just pulled out from a red light that was only 50 feet away so I was not going very fast.

    I have only had the device about a month but I am pretty sure with the frequency of the beeps I will have an increased rate at the end of it all and probably regret switching my insurance to Progressive.

    I am so conscious of the device and focused on my approaches, slow downs and stops that is dangerous, but I still get constant beeps.

    If approaching a green light at 45 MPH (speed limit) and the light turns yellow at a point too far away to make it through before the light turns red, it is impossible to slow down soon enough or stop easy enough for snapshot.

    The progressive agent told me while explaining it that the idea is to make sure you are not following too close and that you have stopping distance.

    About 90% of the beeps I received there was not even a car in front of me, they are all approaching stop signs or red lights with no one in front of me and were not hard stops.

    If I slow down any more or brake any sooner, I will be causing accidents; you have to drive like the “stereotypical” 90-year-old person ( not saying all people that are 90 drive badly) to avoid Snapshot beeping at you.

    Big time scam and I would not recommend taking on snapshot even with the discount for doing so.

    I definitely regret not reading the reviews prior to agreeing to snapshot.

    I was so anxious to switch from Farmers who gives you a great rate to get you then continually increases it until it is outrageous, that I was quick to do whatever I could to get a reduced rate.

  4. Let’s face it, no company wants you to pay less for their product or service (how could they grow & increase their revenue if they did) so Snapshot is a way for insurance companies to increase your rates.

    After using it, I am convinced that there is some kind of data quota built into the device.

    There are times when I brake at the same rate of speed and sometimes the device goes off and sometimes it doesn’t.

    It’s very inconsistent. I am convinced Snapshot is a device that insurance companies use to inform us that while our driving habits are not the worst, they could definitely use improvement.

    Therefore, we get a discount for trying Snapshot and then the insurance companies use the data to increase our rates regardless of our driving habits because their goal is to increase their profits.

    I received about a $200 discount for trying Snapshot and I fully expected a rate increase after my trial regardless of the data so i think it’s worth it to try it, but let’s be realistic, it is just another way for insurance companies to charge us more.

  5. Let’s face it, no company wants you to pay less for their product or service (how could they grow & increase their revenue if they did) so Snapshot is a way for insurance companies to increase your rates.

    After using it, I am convinced that there is some kind of data quota built into the device.

    There are times when I brake at the same rate of speed and sometimes the device goes off and sometimes it doesn’t.

    It’s very inconsistent. I am convinced Snapshot is a device that insurance companies use to inform us that while our driving habits are not the worst, they could definitely use improvement.

    Therefore, we get a discount for trying Snapshot and then the insurance companies use the data to increase our rates regardless of our driving habits because their goal is to increase their profits.

    I received about a $200 discount for trying Snapshot and I fully expected a rate increase after my trial regardless of the data so I think it’s worth it to try it, but let’s be realistic, it is just another way for insurance companies to charge us more.

  6. I lived in downtown Seattle, and I just parked my car in P2 garage parking.

    I cannot get any signal for my phone, let alone the snapshot.

    I am just curious what the snapshot can do.

    • It should save the data and upload it later when it has a signal.

      I’ve unplugged my Snapshot device before (when dropping the car off for repairs) and when plugged back in seen it belatedly upload the trip that occurred right before being plugged in.

  7. Thank you all, who published the reviews above!

    I put the snapshot 2 weeks ago on 2 of our family’s 3 vehicles.

    This device is definitely not engineered well.

    I’m driving both cars on the same road. Same speeds, same driving habits.

    Where my big heavy minivan passes (and breaks) nicely – the second super light sedan (Toyota Yaris) beeps and having “hard break” registration.

    Again – same driving, different cars. And that’s not occasional:

    1 “hard break” for the minivan, while 7 “hard break”s on yaris.

    This device is a scam. I can appreciate an idea, of keeping better drivers on lower premiums.

    But technically that device doesn’t make a fair job.

    And I agree – trying to keep it happy makes one’s driving more dangerous.

    I’m going to send back the yaris’s device, and curious to keep the minivan’s one till the end of the term, to see the results.

    And that feature was the only thing that brought me to Progressive. I might consider shopping for insurance again.

  8. Wow, having this in my car has given me ANXIETY through the roof! After 1 week with this torture device and its beeps from [redacted] I said no more!

    You have 45 days to opt-out without penalty after getting it. I almost ran a red light just to avoid this device from beeping. It is dangerous!

    • I’ve had Snapshot for 10 days. 3 logged hard breaks, 12 beeps.

      For some reason, it only logs 1/3 of the beeps. I’ve blown through yellow/red lights 24 times, afraid that stopping would have set it off. I NEVER blow through yellow lights. We have red light cameras here…..

      I drive 80 miles a day, and I’m driving so slow that impatient drivers are speeding around me making unsafe lane changes.

      I’ve been tailgated and beeped at. I’m a wreck, dreading the next beep. It’s impossible to stop before a red light without tripping a beep, even when driving under the speed limit.

      It’s impossible to decelerate slow enough in our left turn lanes without tripping a beep.

      Snapshot is unsafe – it promotes unsafe driving. Driving slower than the traffic around you is unsafe, as it blowing through yellow/red lights.

      Having read these reviews, I’m unlikely to save money using this device. I’m unplugging it.

  9. After going through lots of frustration while using the snapshot I ended up with having “B+” Grade. Sounds Nice BUT still I am not happy and very much frustrated.

    The first reason is the Grade. In last month my grade was lowered from A to B+ and as per my understanding I drove much better in my last month without a single event and when I asked for the reason they told “you have change in number of trips in weekdays”, its [redacted]. On weekdays I use my Car for office transit and I can bet on this that there are no changes in the number of trips as I always used my car only for office transit and have not taken a single leave during that time when my grade lowered. Please check below my weekly average for the B+ grade:

    High risk driving time (hr:min:sec) 00:00:00
    Miles driven 85.54
    Number of hard brakes 1.03
    Number of fast accelerations 0

    When my hard breaks were 1.44 the grade was “A” and when it reduced to 1.03 my grade was lowered in last month to “B+”. Now by seeing the above reading do you really think the B+ is worth?

    Now the BIG Question is how much I have saved after all this?? You won’t believe when I will tell you the answer for this.

    The answer is they have increased my premium from $940 to $955 (When paid in full otherwise it’s $1227) and gave me the reason that insurance charges have increased in my area. That also I do not believe as I know my neighbor who got the renewal notice with a lower rate just 2 days prior to me and he was not enrolled with the Snapshot program. When I told this to the Customer Care service they clearly told they cannot compare my policy with any other…

    I compared the premium for all the coverage before and after and all are increased. Where I was expecting a 30% discount on my previous premium after all this having Snapshot’s frustration, I received this from Progressive.. Totally [redacted]..

    I know it’s really hard to believe a Rate increase after this awesome reading but I have all the proofs with me that I can provide anytime.


  10. After I had left my review on here over 6 months ago, I have continued to read the horror stories of progressive snapshot. I’d been with progressive for many years before trying snapshot. I became a victim of being in improperly recorded on breaking habits. I had the snapshot beeping when I was not breaking at all. I had to call to ask why it was doing this but nobody seemed to know. I was assured that it was not recording that I had been hard braking. By the end of my term. It had over 99 hard brakes which were a total lie! I’m a very good driver and I have had my vehicle for over 12 years. Do not follow close, I do not hard break, but I have had someone pull out in front of me and had to hard brake, got docked for it along with a couple of pedestrians darting out in front of my car. There are many things that you cannot control but even though I knew I had gotten docked for hard braking during a few of these of these incidences I do not know when all these other hard breaks were supposed to have occurred. Only thing I could think of is the beeping I was hearing as I was driving down the road was improperly docking me for hard breaking. I contacted the company about it but there’s nothing you can do. You can try to reason with them all you want but they will not listen.
    Progressive is losing a lot of customers like they lost myself. I have checked again with Progressive out of curiosity to see how high my rates were recently during one of my renews and they are still through the roof! I’ve had one ticket in my entire life, I’m 39yrs old and I only carry liability only on my vehicle & the rate is absolutely ridiculous! As a longtime customer of progressive, I think they should be ashamed of themselves. Unbelievable that they don’t realize how many customers they are losing over this stupid flawed procedure. I will not go back to Progressive just because of snapshot. Been with Progressive for over a decade until this happened. Now I am with State Farm and I highly recommend anybody that’s got screwed by the snapshot to take your business there. For myself, they were the cheapest of all the other insurance companies where Progressive used to be. Good luck to everyone that has had their driving record ruined by Progressive. And to those considering snapshot, run like [redacted]! Keep your higher rate with Progressive for not using the snapshot because believe me the rate will be much higher without constant screening and diligent work to maintain what Progressive thinks of as a good driver. That means taking your vehicle out the same time every day and not to stray from those times or you will get docked. We all know about the hard braking there is something else to get docked for in heavy traffic. Anytime you leave during an unusual time of day that you don’t drive you are docked. If you do not drive your car you are also docked. Want to leave around midnight or 1 in the morning take a real quick trip up to Tom Thumb you will get docked for that too because of the time of night you were driving. It is like taking a six-month-long test of constantly calling in and checking to make sure that everything is perfect. Because if you drive like normal you will fail I don’t care who you are. If you’re not constantly checking the app you will fail, if you don’t believe me just read these reviews.
    Save your money, friends don’t let friends snapshot and drive!

    • Not sure if you all have noticed or not but I am not seeing anymore Progressive [Scam] shot commercials on my TV here in the Dallas, Texas area anymore . . .

    • There’s nothing wrong with the Snapshot, I know, all of these people complain about the “scam” of Snapshot,

      it’s not a scam for you to get docked for a “hard brake”

      it says right in the book, it’s not detecting you pushing the brake pedal,

      its the change in speed, specifically more than 7mph within a second,

      yes, you can achieve this without ever touching the brake pedal, if you’re going uphill and let off the gas.

      As far as driving where pedestrians are darting out in front of you and you having to brake suddenly, again this is not a “scam”,

      from an insuring standpoint, you ARE a risky driver, its not necessarily that you’re a bad driver,

      its that you drive in areas where you are statistically more likely to have an accident, like in downtown traffic, in gridlocks on a very busy highway on your commute where people frequently cut you off.

      Again, it’s not necessarily an indictment on you being a “Bad driver”

      it’s just that STATISTICALLY as a matter of scientific probability, you drive your vehicle more often in situations that are more likely to result in car accidents.

      If you do, you’re right, the Snapshot is probably not appropriate for you.

      Just as an anecdote (which I know is not empirical data, but for an example), years ago when they came out, I had one in my sports car, not a super beast, but definitely good for a solid 14-second flat quarter mile which isn’t bad for a daily driver.

      I got the full 30 percent discount after 6 months, because I drive my vehicle, not every day, not after certain times at night, again when accidents are statistically more probable, and while I did rack up some interstate miles, its in an area that’s not densely populated like say the DC inner loop.

      I moved out of state, lost my Snapshot discount until recently, but I also didn’t care as much because at the time I was making pretty good money and I wasn’t needing to pinch pennies.

      But a month ago, I got a Snapshot again, now I drive a granny sedan, don’t have the sports coupe anymore, had a back injury, so I can only work part-time, so pennies matter now, so far so good, no beeps, ya know why?

      Cus I don’t drive my vehicle in areas that are more statistically risky to the insurance underwriter’s pocketbook and I don’t drive the car everyday.

      I’ve already got the initial 1 month 30 percent again.

      Again, it’s not necessarily you being a bad driver, it’s WHERE and WHEN you drive too.

      • I’m calling bs here.

        On their site, it says no one has ever received the 30 percent discount at most 20 percent.

        So yea, keep your job at progressive. LOL

        • It says on Progressive’s website “nobody has received a 30 percent discount”?

          Really? Where?

          And no, sorry, yeah, I don’t work for Progressive, never have.

          But, it’s your story, tell it how you like.

      • I use the iPhone snapshot app and got 2 hard breaking events logged riding my bike.

        The app can’t tell what vehicle you’re in.

        I suppose if I were a passenger in a car where the driver “hard braked”, I’d be penalized for that too.

        I can only guess how high my rate would go if I tripped and fell while walking.

        • Of course the app can’t tell what vehicle you’re in.

          What methodology would you expect it to use to tell what kind of vehicle your cell phone is in?

          Use the plugin version that goes in the OBD-2 port, duh.

        • Make yourself a passenger and the braking won’t count.

          My wife and I used it on two cars and I was frequently making one of us passengers so mileage and events didn’t get counted twice.

          We did get some reduction in the premium costs.

          It wasn’t as much as I had desired but it is still the cheapest policy I’ve found (and I constantly look).

          My renewal actually went down about $20 which was unexpected.

          The snapshot quit after 5 months so we no longer go through yellow lights to avoid hard braking events.

        • You should be able to go into the steering wheel icon and change your transit mode.

  11. I just opened my Progressive policy app (not the Snapshot mobile) and saw a new feature on the main page. It says that it is my Snapshot information. There is an option for me to see details on each of my vehicles. When I click on this option it shows me that it has been tracking all of our vehicle usages on all three of our vehicles. It shows every trip, the duration, the time and date, and if there were any issues… Like a hard break.

    My main concern is that we have been with Progressive for over a year and we did the plugin Snapshot as new members. We did not opt-in for the mobile snapshot, nor do any of us have the mobile snapshot app loaded on our phones. The only thing we each have is the main Progressive App, as it allows us to show our digital insurance card if we need it.

    How are they tracking us? Why are they tracking us? And should we not have been notified or given permission? The tracking records go back to November the 15th. Has anyone else encountered this?

  12. I agree with almost all of the comments that I have read. Progressive does not have enough choices to “correct” their assumptions. I have also had several “unusual findings” on the program. One was I went from a B+ to an A, next day back to a B+ the next day to an A, the next day to a B+ and the car never left the driveway. Also, on one trip it tracked me going to my destination, but nothing coming back until I got to the RR crossing near my property. Then it recorded me as going 4/10 of a mile on a bicycle. I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room on one occasion and it recorded me as using my telephone while driving. On each instance of recording my use of the phone while driving, I was in a parking lot and the car was stopped completely. I NEVER use my phone while driving. When I asked a representative about it, he said: “don’t worry about it, we don’t use that on determining your discount.” How could they not use it and if they don’t, why have it recorded in the first place? If you click on “passenger” when you are in someone else’s car, you are recorded as letting someone else drive your car unless you change it to public transportation. Although I got a “Platinum” rating at the end of my “test” period, it did not properly record my driving habits. I can see why people are complaining about it. The program needs to be upgraded to a more realistic “normal”. And I can understand why people are quitting the program and looking for another insurance. If people read all of the negative comments (and the majority are negative) I can understand why they would not want to get Progressive insurance. I have wondered if the positive comments are planted to offset the majority of negative ones.

    • Your experience is EXACTLY mine. It is a flawed program. When I got my next premium billing, the rate went up a bit and when I called to ask them where the reward was for the B+ driving, they said, “Oh, we gave that to you when you first signed up so the quote that you got prior to going on the program was for the 6 months that you would be on it, which is how long we require.” So, we go through 6 months of [redacted] with a machine that lies about our driving habits and pays us in advance for the trouble. They aren’t truthful with this program before signing people up. I know people who got so sick of it that they simply unplugged the thing in their autos. I guess we all seem desperate to get something along the lines of a discount because rates are so flipping high these days. Companies should take note of this.

  13. Snapshot is a scam, plain and simple. There’s no way to avoid what they call “hard breaks” – in fact, trying to avoid those hard breaks will endanger you and others on the road.

    • There are plenty of ways to avoid hard breaking. I’ve had Snapshot for 2 years and have never gotten dinged for that. Just learn how to drive better and be a cautious driver it’s not that hard.

      • Try driving in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and freeway system M-F to commute between your home and work for any distance beyond 1-5 miles. That will wake you up from the apparent Shangri-La area of the US that you live in . . .

        • Lol. I used to be tracked in my work van throughout Houston,TX and they tracked all the same metrics. Hard braking IS avoidable if you leave a cushion and actually pay attention to the road. Anyone who says it does not need to get into some driving courses and learn some fundamentals to teach their family and children as well.

          • Cushion smushion. I got hard breaks at three specific lights every once in a while. 55mph effective speed limits on busy stretches are not a good idea! I never got hard breaks anywhere else. I theorized that I just put it over the limit slightly every time. Then they extended a road through a local neighborhood with a lower speed limit and less traffic! Guess what, I haven’t had a hard break since! And guess what? I’ve never had an accident in 40 years of driving, never had a speeding ticket in 40 years of driving, close to a million miles total. Wouldn’t you think that’s all they’d care about? The hard brake test is flawed! Period!

      • You must not travel in heavy traffic. I leave way more space than needed but people cut me off still and break hard. It’s not right and sucks.

    • I feel it contributed to my last accident, I have stopped using it. I would love to see a study on how many accidents have occurred while using it.

      • I am curious too. Hope you are ok from your accident! I never hard brake unless I have to but I have got 2 in one week. Both at the same light. Stinks because when doing the speed limit, if the light turns yellow and you stop you get dinged or you run the light and get pulled over by police who are desperately waiting for you to do something – or worse cause an accident. This device stresses me out at every traffic light I come to…

        It is almost like they are encouraging people to run red lights.

  14. We’ve been using the Snapshot app on our phones for 3 months now. We have two cars and often ride together. When we ride together, one of us will later edit the phone app to show we were a passenger depending on what vehicle we are using. My wife has an A+ and I have an A so far. We get some hard brake registers and they do not involve hard braking. I even had a fast acceleration once and we don’t drive like that. Since the app runs on our phones and we are often in the same vehicle, one would expect the same data to be displayed. The mileage and route are the same but once in a while one phone will show a hard brake and the other doesn’t. The app does affect my driving but probably in a positive manner. I slow for intersections and lights well in advance now which is not the worst thing. We don’t drive many miles and prior to getting Snapshot, we’d use one car much more than the other. Now we’re balancing the car usage more which is probably another good thing. We have one car that probably was being driven 60-70 miles a month and the other 300-500 miles. Now they are closer and I think the reduced mileage got my score moved from a B+ back to an A. I’m interested to see what impact this will have on our rates. We were with Travelers but they bumped up the policy cost a couple hundred so we tried Progressive with Snapshot to keep it about where it was. For two cars we are paying about a grand every six months. The cost was nearly identical for both vehicles and for one of them, we were probably paying a buck a mile for insurance costs which is hard to believe but just do the math; around 500 miles in 6 months at a cost of $500. We’re retired in SW Florida and rarely have drives over 50 miles.

    • I used snapshot two years back and I got 25% on one car and 7% on another. I moved to Geico later as the price was not going down with Progressive after the discount. I came back to Progressive with Snapshot again.
      This time they don’t have the % wise discount and instead using ratings. Currently, both our cars are on B+ even though one on 270 miles/week and another on 160 miles/week with brakes of around 1.5/week after 15 weeks.

      I paid the insurance in one go, so I got an initial discount of 10%. I think that could be the reason that they are not moving the car on 160 miles/week to A- (if it exists) or A. I was told by the agents that as per the new program of ratings, B+ could fetch me 10% discount and maximum I could have is 20% discount.

    • In FL, the reason rates are so high are due to PIP. This isn’t required in many other states and adds a lot to a policy. I live in the Panhandle of FL so I speak from local experience.

      • PIP is just another way Chiropractor and Doctors can get paid and keep bringing you back in for more appointments. Hope Florida does away with it.

  15. I got a continuance B plus rating. Very few events until the last few weeks of the program which ended a month early. The system decided to ding me for everything even though my habits hadn’t changed. This program left me with PTSD. I wouldn’t advise doing it. It gave me no discount with a B plus rating and just left me with the stress of the past 6 months. It’s a joke. Anyone who says it’s not, works for the company or is paid to say it does.

    • I have a similar experience with Snapshot. I have been using this for about 3 months now. A couple of times, I had to lean towards the right lane not to have a hard brake as well as not to have an accident. It is impossible not to have a hard brake. I’m a physician. I called them to let them know that when I am on call I have to drive at night to go to the hospital and it counts as careless driving. I wish I would have never applied for this. Now I cannot quit I have to wait at the end of policy.. I became obsessed with this it made me obsessive I am sure they will increase my premium 25 percent and probably give me 5 percent discount for this s..t.. it makes driving dangerous. Don’t sign up for it.

    • My experience exactly . . .

      • My experience too! My rate went up almost $70 too! I’m very disappointed!

    • Me too how is it going to tell you if you hard brake try to anticipate when those events are going to occur and start breaking sooner!

      Like we are all psychic and can predict when a car is going to pull out in front of you, or run a stop sign.

      They raised my rate by 2 times because a noninsured driver blew through a stop sign and they were on my right

      they t boned me right on drivers door and rolled my convertible 2 seat sports car.

      I died they had to get the jaws of life to remove me from my car.

      Progressive told me a safe driver would have avoided the accident.

      I never had time to hit my breaks it’s a blind intersection that’s why there was a stop sign because other traffic can’t see.

      And they charged me 50.00 for not returning the device it was demolished. Flo can choke on it.

  16. My wife and I have not had any accidents in 20 years so we are not careless or inexperienced drivers. The progressive Snapshot program is a scam and it is also unsafe. They have set the safe braking deceleration at 7 miles per second squared (7 m/s2). That deceleration rate is set too high. In my part of the country, we have many four-lane roads with short (25 feet long) exit lanes or no exit lanes at all. The speed limit is usually 55 miles per hour. If I decelerate at 7 m/s2 as Progressive advises, I will be hit by tailgaters. I need to decelerate faster than 7 m/s to get out of the way of the cars behind me.

    The same applies to stoplights. I always leave a space of several car lengths between my car and the car in front of me. When a car in front of me stops at a red light, there is no way to decelerate at 7 m/s2 and not hit the car in front of me. I talked to a progressive technical representative and they don’t want to hear how unsafe the 7 m/s2 requirement is. It is just a scam to raise rates.

    • Gerry is absolutely right about Snapshot being scam, especially when it comes to there “hard brakes”. It is impossible to drive safely and not have hard brakes by their standards. Progressive is very friendly with you when you are thinking of becoming a customer but once you have their insurance they are just rude and not helpful.

      • If I was Progressive I would get rid of the SNAPSHOT program, because it is giving them a BAD name! 1 out of 100 reviews is good.

    • Absolutely agree with this. We live in the Denver metro area and if we braked at the level/speed required to not register an “incident,” we would end up with one, very large incident- a rear-ending. This might be great for people who only drive in rural areas, but for anyone who lives in a high traffic area it’s completely impractical, and a poor picture of whether or not one is driving safely.

      • Yep . . .

        • Or maybe y’all are just bad drivers. Ever thought of that? I’ve had the snapshot for 2 years with no issues, and have lowered my insurance tremendously.

          • You must be employed by Progressive!

          • You must work for Progressive or else you had extremly high rates before.

          • You are probably one of those people who drives so slow enough to be dangerous.

      • I agree I live in Denver as well. I keep a safe driving distance between me and the car in front of me, but there are things and incidents that cause you to have to break suddenly. I get dinged for hard brakes mainly during the morning rush hour but people merge without turn signals and also people in front of you hard brake as well. It’s a difficult thing to prevent especially if you need to prevent yourself from being in an accident. The other day a guy turned left from the middle lane on Broadway and the turning lane and my lane had to brake quickly or we would have hit that guy. I feel progressive should at least allow some explanation for incidents.

  17. I am currently doing the Snapshot program for the 2nd time. The first time I tried it was about 6 years ago & I was driving a lot more. I wasn’t used to braking as softly as needed to avoid the beeping for “hard braking”, however, it definitely trained me to start slowing down sooner. Even though I felt I didn’t score well, I still got a 10% discount. This time around, I was fully prepared for how I should be braking and in 3 months I’ve only had 3 hard brakes. Personally, I think that if it is beeping at you regularly for braking too hard then you are either following the person in front of you much too closely, or you are going over the speed limit when the light turns yellow. I don’t have to drive like a grandma to avoid the hard braking, I just keep at a safe distance from the car in front of me, I pay attention to the road & I don’t speed when I’m coming up to an intersection with a light. I also drive in bumper to bumper traffic every day to & from work so I’m not avoiding rush hour, I’m just avoiding riding someone’s bumper!

    • In the 5 months we had the device we had a total of 10 hard brakings and our rate still climbed by 48 dollars. So good luck if you save more than 10% let me know. Their rate increase will offset the gain. We ended with a B+ rating on both vehicles, dropped to a B+ in the last two weeks and was told it was because I drove more than my average miles per week by 50 miles.

    • When you are in a big city that has stoplights spaced evenly every mile with an effective speed limit of 55mph and very short yellow lights, many times you have to choose between running a red or getting knocked for a hard brake which is inadequately defined.

      • I live in the Dallas, Texas area and it seems like everyone drives like they are running 15 minutes late for work. The cut-offs alone caused me to “hard brake” at least once a week, even though I always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of me . . .

      • Or increase your space cushion. Some of you people really need to get into a driving program. Check out the “Smith Driving” principles. I used to work for a company that tracked all of these metrics in our work vehicles. I drove all over and around Houston, TX through all hours of the day, and RARELY got a harsh brake, like 1 every 2-3 months. The thing is, I know when I’ve braked too hard, so it’s not a fluke, and those few were usually my fault because of that one instance my attention wasn’t 100% where it needed to be. Pay attention 15 seconds down the road. Learn it. Teach yourself and stop making excuses.

        • Good for you Justin, your one in a thousand! If ninety percent of these post are negative, you are an exception.

        • Yes, Justin, you can post your contrarian view but I guarantee you 100% you did not use Progressive’s snapshot and have only 2 hard brakes driving around Houston at all hours for many hours. Progressive snapshot is set to make almost any brake a hard brake. Anytime you come to a complete stop without slowing down for 20 secs at 1 mile a sec you are going to get a hard brake. So go on and troll and tell us how great a driver you are but I know [redacted] well it was not recorded with Progressive’s snapshot which is set up to fail no matter what.

  18. SNAPSHOT is a rip. DON’T TRY IT. Just got through 5 months of the device in both cars. Wife and I never drive after 8 p.m., Never speed and only drive about 7000 miles per year on both vehicles. Hard braking is registered every time you just slightly have to stop fast for a red light or when some idiot pulls in front of you. We had very few hard brakings and thought we would save money. HA, after months rate went up $46. When I called Progressive they gave me some story about losing a signing online discount. I am looking for another company.

    • I regret agreeing to put SNAPSHOT in my car. It beeps when I stop “too” quickly at yellow lights. I am often tempted to blow through yellow lights to avoid the damn beep. I have had drivers ride up my bumper, and flip me off, for driving too slow since I installed this evil device. It encourages dangerous driving habits. I HATE THE THING. I will change insurance when it is time to renew if they raise my rates.

      • Yep, I had the same experience. My wife was soooooo glad when we finally got to send the stupid things back!!!!

    • Agreed. I am anxious all the time driving now. It encourages you to run yellow lights.

  19. I rented a car from Progressive. They had the snapshot without my knowledge or agreeing to it being there! Not to mention [Redacted], my car insurance is even higher and I didn’t even agree to this I feel completely violated. Please someone help need a good lawyer.

  20. I was looking at changing our insurance to Progressive, but after reading all these comments, NO FREAKING WAY!! And I was going to make the mistake of signing up for Snapshot. Not a chance! Just glad I read it all before jumping in. Thanks for taking the time to post about your experiences. Don’t like Scam A$$ Companies, and don’t want to give them any of our money. Whew, close call!

    • Cliff, for those that comment claiming to have saved with Snapshot, I really want to know what they supposedly did to accomplish that. I never got dinged for fast starts, only “hard brakes”. I think what threw my rating off right away was early on when I attended a wedding about 80 miles away where there were frequent construction zones where highway speeds quickly dropped and/or lanes curved or dropped. I ended up having 5 “hard brakes” on that trip alone which then skewed my “weekly average” for the duration of my device participation. From that point on I usually recorded about one “hard brake” per week but there were times that the device beeped when I was positive that I did not brake more than 7 mph/second that Progressive says will trigger it. In some cases, I was only going 20-30 mph when I came to a gradual stop and it beeped anyway. WHAT A JOKE. I have no way to prove it but I really think my device was giving false positives. In conclusion, I would NEVER recommend Progressive Snapshot unless maybe you have a vehicle that you only drive around your driveway once a week or month at 6 mph or less to keep your battery up . . .

      • As I stated before, I’ve had it in multiple cars 6 total. Worst I got was 26%, avg about 28%.
        I managed to get those percents being 23 years old. It’s not difficult I just hang back from cars to give myself time to stop and I don’t drive after midnight till 5am. Even working 3rd shift I still get those numbers.

        If you drive like my wife does you’ll never save money. ( I had to do it for her) You have to change your driving habits, the device doesn’t lie….

        • So if the light turns yellow and you can’t stop within 7mph run the light?

          • I usually never have issues stopping for yellows.
            Once in a while, I hit one and I’ll go through it even when the thing isn’t plugged in or I’m on my bike I’ll still go through them. I have been rear-ended before stopping for a yellow.
            Going the speed limit and paying attention to the surroundings isn’t hard. Even in congestion or bad weather if people get mad behind you F em.
            Some things you cant control it is what it is.

          • No, if the light turns yellow & you can’t stop without “hard braking” then you are driving too fast.

          • When they put the stop light cameras in, they shortened out yellow duration from seven seconds to 3 seconds.

            At 7miles/sec^2, It would take 5 seconds to brake from 14 mph. Is that a reasonable speed?

        • John, what dinged me was that I drove more than the average miles that was stated in small print that I couldn’t exceed. I drive 2 cities away for work 5 days a week plus a town away for my second job one day a week. I was also driving up to Vancouver to visit my sick niece almost every weekend and that was 2 hours away. Plus my daughter plays volleyball in tournaments a couple hours away on weekends. You would think with all those miles that I drive would save me money as I had hardly hard stops and fast starts. That shows I’m a good driver. NOPE! They raised my insurance and I even got in touch with the CEO. What a joke! I canceled and went to Geico!

          • They probably dinged you for the number of miles on the road which = increased risk for them . . .

            Just a guess.

          • Shannon, Thanks for emailing the CEO about sure bypass options that they already know about

            Why the ** world you do that Shannon?

            I’m sure glad they raised your rates you snitch 😁.

            Btw I saved 30 percent taking the thing apart and serial driving it with ecu info and occasional trips in the car.

            Must be karma I guess 😂

  21. I guess I was just looking for an honest and fair answer to insurance rates, having my rates doubled by the Hartford Co. for no reason other than a “rate increase” and by Mercury Ins. because I was hit by an unlicensed, and uninsured driver even though my car was not moving. Because of no-fault coverage, I was told I would have been better off if I had been at fault. Therefore three years on my accident record. Progressive seemed to be somewhat of an answer with their rates, and the potential discount for joining the Snap Shot program. I wish now that I had taken the time to read the comments before I jumped in. I do not know how it will totally affect my new rates at this time. What I do know is that you are penalized for trying to drive safely, i.e. stopping for yellow signal lights, not running through them: following at a safe distance, but being cut in front of by someone who wants that space. The device doesn’t give the reason for the braking. The gas mileage is not as good and the idling is not as smooth. I think that I should be prepared for what my premium will be, and any action that I will need to take at that time.

    • Well, I just finished my 5-month participation in Snapshot. I drive about 250 miles a week for work, etc. My wife does not work and only puts about 20-30 miles a week on hers. Sometimes she would go a whole week without driving. Up until last week, I had a grade of B+ and she had an A. Then inexplicably hers dropped to a B+ for the final week. I just got my renewal notice and my rate went from $412.00 up to $450.00. I decided to do a chat with one of the representatives online and explained to them that I had done research online looking at Snapshot reviews. Most of them were negative with most saying that any discount that they got was gobbled up by rate increases. As I just mentioned, that ended up being my experience too. The representative gave me the standard ‘this is a result of statewide increases in your state, [blah, blah, blah]’. So we endured five months of those annoying beeps from the device for NOTHING!!!

      • Same happened to us. Statewide increase so my GF saved 30 bucks but the state cost went up 80 bucks. They signed me up for another term of 6 months when I had a B+. I couldn’t figure out how the math made any sense, but we went from paying around 250 to 300. I have a few months left and we’ll see how it turns up. My guess is the “state rates” so they call them will increase again.

  22. Odd seeing all these people saying bad about the snapshot, tried it when it was almost first offered, closest I’ve had on my cars is 25%. Usually, I always get 29 to 30% off. When I first did it between my Scion and Acura it knocked off over $300 every 6 months between them, huge savings.
    I work 3 shifts overnights. I hardly ever hard break. The only thing that gets me is the driving time but it only knocks off a little.
    I’ve had it in Chevy, Ford’s, Acura, Nissan, and Scion. Never had any issues with it killing the battery even when it sits for a while. Or messing with anything. I’ve had it in over 6 different cars over 9 years.
    I do drive like a grandpa which helps a lot, then seeing how my wife drives like a teenager yeah I could see how the rates would go up for people.
    Even driving on snow and ice I still don’t get hard breaks. I got 30% with my 350z it’s not hard to do. People are just bad drivers and it shows it.
    I tell people if you drive like a teenager don’t do it.

    • If you really saved that much you must have been paying extremely high rates to begin with. Your comment about saving is 1 in a million.

      • Sorta yeah, sports car and brand new car when I was 23ish. Now I don’t pay hardly anything.
        I just think it’s funny seeing all the people complaining about their terrible driving habits.
        If it was such a terrible thing that caused issues to millions of people’s cars and whatever stuff they dream up it wouldn’t be around for the 7+ years that it has been now.

        • John,
          I haven’t had an accident, that was my fault, in 15 years. I haven’t been in an accident, that was someone else’s fault, in 8 years. I live in one of the worst City/State combos for accidents (Nashville, TN) and yet I am able to stay alert and do my best to avoid accidents. Usually, that requires me to hard brake often because morons will pull out in front of you, they will hard brake for no reason, they will randomly cut you off on the highway, etc.

          Some of the people in this thread are not the “bad drivers” you make them out to be. Congrats to you for being such an “amazing driver” and getting a great discount. However, a lot of these people’s concerns are legitimate concerns. It’s frustrating to actually try and focus on not braking hard, not driving at the wrong time, and then get told: “hey thanks, but we’re going to raise your rates anyways.” Especially when those rates come as a result of things that are out of your control.

          • Cortlin,

            I totally concur with what you said.

            I also consider myself to be a pretty good driver. I recently turned 49 and I have not been in an accident since I was 18. I have only had 2 tickets my whole life. One when I was 18 and the second one when I was 21 (that one did not go on my record because I had it removed by going to a defensive driving course).

            I was taught a long time ago to drive defensively. No matter how much space and time I give myself around other vehicles, as you succinctly stated it is the ‘moron’ drivers that cut us off without warning, people on their cell phones, etc. that force us to take evasive actions such as ‘hard braking’ or quickly turning away for our own self-preservation.

            I am really beginning to think that “John” is an unrealistic troll that is putting a fake narrative on this comment section just to see what kind of reaction he (or possibly she?) can get, knowing full well that the “Progressive Snapshot” is a bunch of bunk. And the argument that it has been around for 7 years must make it a real thing does not make it real. How long has the “Flat Earth Society” been around?!!!!!!?

    • It does drain the battery and it also seems to interfere with RF ( garage door remote ) signals.

  23. A brand new car with 80 miles on it. Snapdeath disabled my key fobs, caused the car to beep all the time for no reason. They lied and told me it would not interfere with any systems but when I called to complain no one was shocked! Do not use it, someone is going to have to die to make them tell the truth, don’t let it be you!

  24. Snapshot is a complete scam. My policy is high as hell, $330 a month, so I opted into the program just to see if I can save anything. After the six months I received an email saying due to my good driving I am eligible for a $207 dollar discount. This sounds great, but it was still telling me $328 was due the next month, so I called to clarify. For whatever reason my rates went up……making a $2 difference in my policy for using this stupid thing the past 6 months. A total scam.

    • Six months ago MetLife dropped out of Florida, Progressive, for a six month period matched their premium. Then they sent me Snapshot stating this will help with future discounts. Progressive just sent my renewal, 35% increase! My MetLife premium never increased that much in 10 years. Called Progressive, they said Snapshot revealed many quick stops. I told them I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida, US 1, is one of the most congested, and some say dangerous, roads to drive, people constantly cutting you off. They said sorry, that’s why, and I stated that because of my reflexes maybe I prevented an accident. They did not care and basically said the new premium stands and if you don’t like it switch! I did! Never, never used Snapshot, it is not a reliable indication, of a responsible, and safe driver, and frankly, I believe it is a way to justify major premium increases of 35%! Next communication, state insurance regulator!

    • I am beginning to agree with you. I have been riding with someone else in their car and it is still going “against” my snapshot record. Progressive assured me before I agreed to Snapshot that it would not “register” if I was in someone else’s car. BUT IT DOES register against your driving.

  25. Snapshot in my car is malfunctioning. Ever sincerely it started snowing and that Car is really cold. I start the car and I hear the 3 beeps then I start to drive, and before I can even move a inch a hear another beep followed by a few more. After I’m done driving I look at the app and it says I had 3 hard brakes. And I only travel from my house to my bank which is .5 miles away. Didn’t happen when I got it in November and it wasn’t cold. Just started happening once the snow started falling.

    • Snapshot doesn’t work with some of the newer car models:
      1. It interferes with OnStar system,
      2. It registers and collects “hard brakes” when you drive a car, equipped with Smart City Brake system, and somebody cuts in front of you – vehicle or pedestrian. I called the Snapshot customer service and told them about that – one of the devices was removed(from the car with OnStar), the other one stayed for about 5 months and I got increase of $150. This is not right. I’d better get shopping for a car insurance.

  26. I drive an 06 Saturn Relay which has been well maintained and has never given us serious problems. On December 12th 2017 I plugged in my Snapshot Device, the vehicle had no issues. On December 13th 2017 it was only driven in the morning, but was a slow start. December 14th 2017 the vehicle was not driven at all. On December 15th 2017 the vehicle would not start. The snapshot device had continued to run even when the vehicle was parked and off, killing the battery over the day and a half it was not driven. It would appear based on a simple search of the web that my vehicle was not the only one to react in such a fashion to the device being installed.

  27. A few weeks ago I called Progressive to ask when our Snapshot period was up, they said in 2-4 weeks, and then checked the account and said, “Hey! Looks like you’re getting a discount!” but couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell me how much.

    Well, I got the results. On vehicle got a small discount, the other got a small increase. The net result was a “savings” of $2/mo. Absolutely NOT worth the trouble, invasion of privacy, and skewing of our otherwise good driving habits.

    I’ve already found competing quotes for identical coverage at the same or less cost, but without the scam.

    My opinion of the Snapshot concept is that it is fatally flawed. It encourages you to avoid hard braking, which changes your braking decisions, not always for the better. I was “steering” out of hard braking situations when I should have been hard braking! It penalizes you both for driving too much, and not driving at all. One vehicle parked for weeks (like ours) hits your statistics because they assume you are driving a vehicle they don’t know about, like a rental, but will be responsible to insure.

    There’s no winning to this other than to just not play.

  28. Snapshot is a ridiculous scam. When you read about the way that they determine your “driving safety” it includes things that are not necessarily related to your own driving safety, and are based on arbitrary statistics. For example, they want you to limit your time on the road, because technically the longer you are driving the more likely you are to get in an accident, no matter whose fault it is. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what if you are a person like me who has to commute 30+ miles a day to get to work? Do they get penalized just for having a longer commute? Additionally, while I generally agree that one should not make hard braking a habit, sometimes it is absolutely NECESSARY in order to avoid collisions with crazy drivers. With the annoying beep feedback that I receive even when making necessary hard brakes, it makes me a less safe driver because I find myself breaking lightly when I SHOULD be breaking hard, in order to avoid getting beeped.

    Luckily I stumbled across a line in the policy that states that if you opt out of the snapshot program within 45 days of beginning it, then you will not be penalized. So you better believe I canceled it immediately. I’m looking forward to being able to drive my own way safely, without progressive breathing down my neck!

  29. Snapshot is a complete scam. I drove with the device for 6 months (June to November ’17) and in that time I averaged 149.39 miles and 1.67 hard brakes per week with 0 (ZERO) high-risk hours. My overall rating displayed on the app was an “A”. I was notified that I was to receive a $91discount but when I checked my renewal policy the actual number only decreased $13 from my past 6 premium.

    After talking to a customer service rep, they informed me that my policy premium had gone up due to factors that I can’t control (living in Florida) and this is what was offsetting my snapshot discount. So in other words, Progressive gives you a “discount” and then jacks up your rate to negate any savings. This is exactly what I had read was going to happen before I installed the snapshot device to begin with.

    Long story short, [Redacted] Progressive. Save your time and energy and don’t bother with this [redacted] of a device. It ain’t worth it.

  30. Snapshot is a ripoff. I got my Snapshot in March initially thinking it would be in for a month. Well no, it had to run to the end of the policy (July). Ok ……….well no, we need it for a whole policy cycle. That means another 6 months. Well after a few months I got sick of it. It’s just overly sensitive. I’m not driving like a maniac – nor Ms. Daisy – but it’d go off on pretty much every drive for one reason or another. When I moved state and was told I’d need to keep it for yet another 6 months, I told them to shove it. 9 months, B+, but no impact.

    • I have the same problem, the least little braking and it goes off. Where I live people walk out in front of you and cars constantly pull out in front of you or change lanes with no signal. If you don’t brake you will have an accident. I am very upset and nervous due to this Snapshot thing in my car. I feel as though I am being judged constantly. Actually I feel this could cause you to have an accident just like the cameras at the lights as well. Also I have had to get a new starter and had to have my car jumped due to low battery power a couple of times as well. Seems it is costing me money at this point. Not happy!

  31. I tried snapshot because I felt like I was a pretty safe and careful driver. I hardly drove at all. Matter of fact they told me I drove a little over 2,000 miles over 6 months which was good in one way but bad in another. Because I don’t have a usual routine I am in and out of the house several times one day and none another and I’m out at different times so Progressive feels like I don’t know what the traffic is like in my area because I don’t consistently drive at the same time so it puts me at a very high risk. You got to be kidding me! And on top of that, I counted maybe around 15 I’ll just say for [redacted] and giggles 25, 30 hard breaks, way well over the amount of times I ever heard that beep go off. I was told that I hard-braked 199 times! You have got to be joking me! There is no possible physical way that It beeped at me driving my car that many times there is absolutely no way ever! So needless to say Progressive does not feel that I am a very safe driver so my policy went up $103.00 dollars from my last six-month policy. I could have never imagined I could be so grossly wrong about my driving skills. Thanks progressive for showing me the light and making me pay more money for my car insurance.

    Please be smarter than me & don’t take the $30 deductible on your snapshot discount, walk away! That stupid $30 is going to cost you I promise more than double if not more. I wish I would have just listened to my friends but my pig head knew how safe and careful a driver I was so I knew better and I knew this program was for me. How could I ever have been so wrong!

  32. I installed snapshot on 5/2/17, at that time our monthly payment was 265.34 ( 1,590.00 for 6 months)…….fast forward to today I was notified it was time to turn the device back in and I could view my results online to see what discounts we got. I was pleased to see we were going to get a 256.00 per 6 months discount…so doing the math we would be paying 222.33 per month on our next renewal. So I was looking online and the website said our renewal payments were still going to be 264.00, so I started a chat session with [Redacted] @Progressive to confirm what I was seeing and she advised me that out renewal for 6 months was going to be 1,667.00 (277.00 per month) she stated that “yes we did get a 256.00 snapshot discount, but because of the recent hurricane their rates went up”…….. I had to advise [Redacted] that I am licensed 220 agent in Florida and I have been selling auto for 25 years…and she was full of it, NO insurance companies have raised their rates since 09/11/2017 because of hurricane Irma…makes me sick she used that as an excuse….so long story short snapshot is a scam and [Redacted] needs to be careful with the lies she tells!!!

    • Karen,
      You are 100% right. I have had the same conversation with the Progressive today! It is a complete scam!

      • Yup, as I stated above I am in the insurance business and I know rates go up I have to explain rate increases all the time …but to use the hurricane that happened just over a month ago as an excuse is horrible, again NO insurance company has raised their rates since hurricane, BECAUSE of hurricane Irma…period!!! Discusting!!!

    • I just sign up foe the snapshot. I think I am very safe driver, but to my surprise, I see 2 “hard break” in my first trip to work. The exist curb from the highway is very short and sharp, if you don’t slow down to the speed limit mark, you will probably slide off the road and end up in the ditch. From 55 mph to a 25 mph exit curb and there is a stop sign at the end of the curb. what do you do in this case? This device is wrong !!!

    • I installed Snapshot in our new car. After 5 months of data collection I was notified I received a $27 total discount for renewal. 0.45 hard brakes per week, 146 miles driven per week, 0 high risk driving time.

      However, the base rate went up $120, net after the $27 “discount.” The rate on my non-snapshot vehicle (too old – no OBD port) went up $50. What a total scam! I dont live in an area where there has been any hurricane or other natural disaster. I haven’t had any speeding tickets or accidents. There is no reason for such an increase.

      I was frustrated and got a quote for Esurance. The rate was almost identical to my new Progressive “discounted” premium. Save yourself the hassle and buy insurance somewhere else.

  33. If something is to good to be true than it probably is. I registered with the program in hopes of decreasing my rate but also to improve my driving habits. It did improve my habits but I ended up with and increase at my renewal. History – single car family on adult works the other attends college full time with 3 school age children. In 6 months I drove 8k miles, spent 298 hours, had 81 hard brakes and 16 fast accelerations, and no driving time during high risk time of midnight – 4 am. For that I had an increase of $104. Progressives reasoning for the increase is due to the amount of time and miles spent. For those who don’t know the snapshot charge or discount follows the customer through the time with the company. The only way to change the discount/fee is to attempt snapshot again. I was not made aware that high mileage or time spent would be a detriment to me or I would never would have signed up. The program penalizes customers for living.

  34. We have the same problems with our snapshot. If we have to slam on the brakes it doesn’t go off. I came to a 4 way stop, gradually stopped completely, put my foot off the gas, moved slowly off the 4 way stop and the snapshot beeped. I turn a corner with my foot of the break it beeps. I have to make a decision to run a yellow light or stop because it will beep if I know I have enough time to stop and I to apply the breaks a little harder since it turned where I was close to the yellow light and there are no cars in front of me. It is a total stressful rip off! My daughter has an anxiety disorder and this is stressing her out terribly!

  35. I have SnapShot and after 45 days they will penalize you for quitting the program. The app does not recognize when you’re a driver or passenger and their answer was for me to change it every time!!!! LOL!!! Yea right! Or they want me to install a plug in device, I don’t trust the reliability of their testing methods at all!!!! Now I’m getting a rate increase for hard braking!!! I live in Dallas Fort Worth, have you seen the traffic here?! Don’t waste your time, I’m currently arguing with Progressive to get out of the plan and to not get charged or I will find another insurance company!!!!

    • Good Luck with that. They told me that I put a lot of miles on my car and that I was penalized for that. My rate went up almost $100. I spoke with multiple people for 2 days and got nowhere! I finally got the email address for the CEO and send her an email along with a website I found that shows you how to cheat the system. Here is her email if you would like it. [redacted].

      • Why the ** world you do that Shannon? I’m sure glad they raised your rates you snitch 😁.

        Btw I saved 30 percent taking the thing apart and serial driving it with ecu info and occasional trips in the car.

        Must be karma I guess 😂

  36. After driving with the Progressive Snapshot device in two vehicles for about 30 days, I looked at my first review of the data, and was quite disappointed to find a few things wrong. First, more “hard breaks” were recorded than I actually performed! Second, my “grade” was lower than expected. So a rang up Progressive and asked a few questions.

    First a bit of background on what Snapshot records. It’s looking for “hard breaks” that cause a deceleration rate of greater than 7mph/sec. Second, it’s looking for acceleration rates of greater than 9mph/sec. And third, it’s looking at driving time and distance data, how far you drive, and when. But there are a few glitches.

    My first concern was that the Snapshot was recording more hard breaks than were really occurring. What I was told was, if you hard brake and decelerate at a rate higher than 7mph/sec, and continue that rate for several seconds (as you would if you were going 70mph and had to hard break to a stop) the device will interoperate that single event as several. I had one hard break record as 3.

    My second concern was my lower than expected “grade”. I’ve had very, very few hard breaks in either vehicle, so I didn’t understand why I was at a “B” level. We tend to only drive one car at a time, even though we are a two car/two driver family. That means one vehicle will be sitting on the driveway parked for days, even weeks. And that’s the problem! Progressive looks at your average length of trip and distance driven, an average taken based on the days you drive. If you don’t drive at all, those days are not counted in the average! That hurts the average significantly. So, the best way to play the game is to drive a little every day. Take a trip around the block with every car using Snapshot. Even better, do it at the same time every day so it looks like a routine trip. Then those long 400 mile trips we take (without a single hard break, by the way) will be averaged out by days with less than a mile of driving. This little trick was actually told to me by a Progressive support person.

    The next thing to watch very, very carefully is to not drive at all between midnight an 4am. Thats high risk time, and counts against you. Don’t take those around-the-clock trips then! In fact, don’t even leave one car on the street and then park it on the driveway after midnight!

    Now, none of this makes any sense. First, it’s clear that the goal of the program is to limit the exposure Progressive has to claims. If that’s true, then we should not be penalized for not driving at all! But, in their warped logic, since their insurance is transferrable to any car you drive for 30 days, just because a car is parked for a week doesn’t mean you’re not driving something, and exposing them to risk!

    So I asked about the smartphone app, and how that would work rather than the plug-in device. Turns out, not so well. The app doesn’t “know” what car you’re in, or even if you are a driver or passenger. The Progressive rep shared a story of a customer who drove very little, but took cabs a lot. He was dinged heavily for hard breaks while he was in a cab as a fare! How does the app know which car you’re in? It doesn’t, it depends on you to hit a slide switch to tell it. How does it know if you’re in a car at all? It doesn’t. You might be dinged for a hard break if you when horseback riding, or go-karting. So if you do, shut that app off!

    On final thought on the safety and motivation to drive more conservatively with Snapshot. Yes, I’m motivated to take it easy, but I’m also paranoid about hard breaking…ever. That means I’ve missed my exit, or missed my turn several times because I didn’t want to break hard. It also means I’ve found myself steering out of a potential collision rather than slam on the breaks, a choice not always advised, especially if you don’t have full 360 degree awareness of your surroundings at that very moment. So being reluctant to break, in that case, is actually more dangerous.

    The system is NOT perfect, but what are the rewards? Turns out, Progressive’s claims of “huge savings” was the subject of a class-action suit. Turns out, the absolute best savings you can get is 20% (not 30% as advertised). The average driver scores a grade C, and saves nothing. Even the worst drivers that jack-rabbit and hard break all the time only get hit with a 10% rate increase (beyond the usual rate increases). Hardly seems worth all the trouble and paranoia. But once you’re into the program you can’t just quit! That results in a rate penalty for sure.

    Yes, it’s a violation of privacy. Yes, it’s not analyzing data accurately, and Yes, it makes mistakes. I’ll keep with it for a while yet and see how my rates go, but I’m already pretty disgusted with the whole idea.

    • As a fairly long term Progressive customer and a known safe driver of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles, I was excited at the idea of proving my “discount worthiness” I have all those vehicle insured along w my home and a second home. I fared well enough with the Snapshot except two Jeep vehicles, 2001 Wrangled and 1997 Grand Cherokee. Both of these vehicles very frequently “alarmed” for no reason around my rural home area, and beeped constantly during an infrequent trip near Atlanta. Calls to Progressive were nonproductive, with the reps I spoke w just reciting to me the deceleration rates I had allegedly produced. Speed is tracked, BTW. Note that both Jeeps have mildly oversize tires (about 30″ on both) to better handle rural conditions. This effects true speed at the speedometer on both, slowing displayed speed about 8% lower at 55 mph. 51-52 mph displayed is actally 55 mph, compared to a couple of other non-Jeep vehicles with factory sized tires. So do oversize tires effectl OBD deceleration readings? I think probably so. I also think the device may be programmed with bias toward Jeep vehicles since they some of them have negative insurability histories. Having received multiple Snapshot devices at once, Progressive was very specific regarding which device went in which vehicle. Ultimately I got a token discount on the Cherokee for upcoming renewal. Sold the Wrangler prior so don’t know final outcome with it. So I still insure with Progressive but aggressively compare rates before each renewal.

      • I had the same experience with my 2002 Jeep Wrangler with 33″ inch tires. Nobody informed me that this system does not work with oversized tires. I started with two vehicles with this system. I rarely ever heard a beep in my chevy cavalier, but just about ever stop sign caused a beep in my Jeep Wrangler. I canceled my snapshot and paid the $7 difference. I also ended up selling the Cavalier.. so this was a huge waste of my time for me.

  37. This device is a complete ripoff I used it for six months and received a 30% saving time at renewal my rate went up 60.00 Im not glad to be a liberty mutual customer

    • **now glad

  38. It is a scam to get your rates higher. You cannot drive in moderately heavy traffic without getting “hard braking” warnings. And “hard braking” is not slamming on the brakes – it is braking hard enough to stop from hitting the car in front of you in heavy traffic. If you live in a city of less than 6,000 people you should be OK. More than that don’t try it.

  39. Progressive Snapshot is a scam to attract people from other companies. It doesn’t matter how careful you drive, you will end up paying more during your next renewal. Don’t trust progressive shot, remove, throw that back at them. I had snapshot on 2 of my cars. I am a careful driver, they did show some discount due to snapshot, BUT my premium was more than my previous bill. Customer care guys don’t have any explanation, they just say computer does the calculations. Why they lie when selling policy. DO NOT USE SNAPSHOT, DO NOT GET DISAPPOINTED.

    • Yes I had the same experience complete scam.

      • Yes, indeed. It is completely scam. They said you got a discount. But they would raise the premium first. As a result, you wound end up paying more at the renew.

  40. I installed snapshot on my pickup. Had a few hard brakes but not much. Actually saved me money on my policy. HOWEVER trying to return the device is a joke. I have now contacted them 4 times in the past 3 months. They say they are sending me return package but it never shows up. I have a PO Box so there is no way that I’m getting my mail stolen. I called again early in January. He said that he would make a note on my file. Still nothing. Called today and the lady said there was no note on my file. Verified my address. All is correct. They have charged my $50.00 for not returning the device. I have it right here in front of me. Just waiting forever for the package.

    • I never received my device at all. Now they are threatening to charge me $50 dollars for not returning it.

  41. I should have read the reviews 1st.

  42. Installed Snapshot on my vehicle and drove very cautiously, avoided hard braking, and eliminated trips. I work 45 miles from home and travel primarily late evening, early morning to work and return mid-afternoon. No rush hour and little of the risky 1am – 4am time frame. Noticed I was in status “B” up until my 45th day… suddenly I dropped to status “C” and have continued to drop to the point it now says expect a rate increase. My hard braking is .65 per week, risky driving total of 1 hr 6 minutes for the entire 50 days. My travel times are very consistent and I travel roughly 400 miles per week. I called Progressive to try to figure out why my App was showing “Expected rate increase” and was told bluntly “You drive too many miles”. I estimated my yearly mileage at 20K and that is pretty much what I will have. Guess I will have to pay for the little Snapshot device….. after being told I was going to see a rate increase simply because I choose to live outside a major metro area and commute, regardless of my spotless record and extremely clean Snapchap report, out the window it went….. Fool me once, I am a fool! Buyer beware!

  43. I think snapshot is a crock. I just finished looking at my report a it has hard breaks on it. I have a dog that chases my car to our property gate. I live in the country. He runs along the side and around my car. Sometimes I have to keep stopping to yell at him to go back to the house. I am not going to hit my dog just to satisfy progressives snapshot. I at Walmart almost for everything and I have a small car. If I’m parked between to trucks I can’t see over them so I have to ease back and my have to break when I see a car or pedestrian. Ever been in a traffic jam? Need I say more. Snapshot is a crock. Once my six months is up, I’m done with it. I’d like to see some of those people’s reports that put this thing in place.

    • That made me question why it beep’s at me at the same stop sign by my house. I come to the stop sign and a full stop. No beep. Due to some shrubs making it difficult to see I ease off terminal brake slightly to idle forward 2 feet to be able to see better then from half brake to terminal brake in those 2 feet, it beeps me! Pulling FW those 2 feet didn’t even get to 7 mph. So it seems, terminal braking from 1mph will get u a beep.

  44. I used the Snapshot. Like the other reviews, it seems to go off for hard brakes randomly. The major issue I have with the hard brake, the unit does not know why you may have hard braked, only that you did. So there is no differential between a hard brake because you are a bad driver, or a hard brake because you were avoiding an accident or someone that cut you off. It also counts the number of “trips” that you make. The more trips. the less of a discount. A trip is any time you start the car, drive and then stop the car. So if you drive to and from work everyday and stop for coffee, that’s three trips by itself. The more trips, the less of a discount. So I monitored my use and normally was around a 15-20% discount. That number stayed pretty steady. When my 6 months was up, I received notice that my policy would actually increase because of 48 hard stops in a 6 month period and the amount of trips I take (single dad with two kids who are active in sports and youth groups, so I drive a little more). I haven’t had a moving violation in over 15 years. I guess being out more makes me an unsafe driver to Progressive, and that deserves a rate increase.

  45. I signed up for Snapshot in Virginia. Each day I reviewed my progress with the program at my account website. Progressive provides daily statistics that include all collected information, as well as an indication of the future discount that will be applied at policy renewal.

    By carefully avoiding “hard stops” for a full six months, I was able to bring up my discount to a full 30%. Then it became time to turn back in the device. And my policy renewed. Unfortunately, Progressive decided that my discount would be only 16% without giving any reason why.

    I called an spoke to a Supervisor at length about my unhappiness with this. She said that there was nothing she could do – the problem involved the State of Virginia which she indicated was the only State in the country that screwed up Progressive’s program to the extent that it could not honor the discounts it had promised to its customers.

    After complaining to the Insurance Commission in Richmond, I also cancelled the policy which I had started in the year 2000, and changed to Allstate Insurance. I simply won’t do business with a dishonest wretch of a company like Progressive.

    • I agree what they are doing is just their way to rip of their customers. I suggest that we should start a civil lawsuit against them for illegal infringement.. I haven’t had an accident in over 15 years only 1 moving citation in 13 years, but im considered a bad driver because of some hard breaking. If my rates get raised i will sue..

  46. I installed the Snapshot device a few months ago and I think it’s a total scam. This thing beeps almost every time I stop. It seems like the more cautious I am the more it beeps. And when I do have to get on the brakes hard it doesn’t beep. It will beep as I’m pulling away from a stop light. And no I’m not spinning the tires. Sometimes it will beep twice as I’m stopping. Once right before I come to a complete stop and then again a couple seconds after I have come to a complete stop. I’ve has numerous passengers in my car that all agree that my braking is nowhere near hard braking and they still hear the thing beep. Another thing they all agree on is that this device is ridiculous. I had a truck pull out in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes and guess what… NO beep. This thing is a joke. I even called progressive and had it replaced because I thought for sure it was defective but the new one is exactly like the old one. The more gradual I slow down the more often it beeps. The more I wait til the last second and then get on the brakes hard the less it beeps. What a piece of junk!!! 2 days with the new device and I have unplugged it. And if they try to penalize me then I’ll just cancel my policy and go elsewhere.

    • How could this cheap little device plugged into your car know the reason you applied the brakes? Pedestrian, animal ran in front of you? Or did a car cut you off? This is a joke and my personal opinion is if you want to save money on insurance this is not the way to do it. Past driving records should have everything to do with it? Any tickets? DUI? Speeding and so on. this is how any insurance company should base your payment, not on how hard you hit the brakes…this is a joke

  47. I install the snapshot one day the next day my alarm in my car was not working anymore. Every time I would lock the doors it would not honk. It was fine prior to me installing the snapshot. I removed it and it still doesn’t work, Now I have no discount and no anti theft device… I thought it was the batteries in my remote but no because the lights from the car don’t turn on when I unlock or lock the car.. I’m totally disappointed and upset about this.

    • I had the same problem on my Ford Focus. After installing the device many warning lights came on the dash including ABS and also transmission service light. Be careful!

      • I installed it in my Toyota Tundra, and the fuel pump started running and the truck was not even on. I unplugged it and it stopped, I talked to my mechanic and he told me not to plug it back in. I sent it back to Progressive.

        • I read a comment on another article where a man had SnapShot on all three of his vehicles. One had overall computer problems that started after plugging the thing in. A mechanic figured out it was causing the problem. After the device was removed, the problems disappeared. SnapShot made the radio in the 2nd car behave erratically. Once it was removed, there was no problem. The 3rd vehicle had something similar happen, but I can’t remember the details. After having a good bit of maintenance work done on our car, it ran beautifully for a short time. It didn’t last. In fact, it got worse than before we had a misfiring cylinder repaired. We plugged that snooping apparatus in on April 10. I’m starting to wonder if it’s causing computer problems. I paid for 6 months in full. I might just have to find another company. Then, they can take the penalty for removing it (and/or the removal of the participation discount I received) out of the credit they’ll owe me for early termination of my policy. I’m really starting to think it wasn’t worth that initial discount. And I believe it’s causing me to have a bit of road rage because I hear an old-timey cash register sound (in my head) on the rare occasion that stupid thing beeps, and it makes me tense (to put it politely). In fact, I get tense whenever I put my foot on the break now. I’m 45 years old and have had just one speeding ticket in my life, back in 1993, and zero accidents or claims since I started driving 30 years ago. I think it’s time to give Amica a call. When I was an agent for Geico, Amica and USAA were considered the best of the best. Geico agents HATED giving quotes to their policyholders. They couldn’t be beat, and their service was top notch. At the end of August, USAA will be available to me (they have qualifications other companies donthem.If I haven’t switched to Amica by then, I’ll definitely be calling them. I don’t know why I ever called Progressive without reading all of these articles and comments!

      • My brand new battery died yesterday and when my friends went to jump my 2004 caddie esc. We almost got electrocuted. Plus the device has been causing all kinds of electronic issues. I’m removing. I just hope it’s not too late, robbin

  48. I signed up for progressive insurance for both my home and auto and received a snapshot device. I only drive 8 miles each way to work and am a retired police officer, thus I am aware of my driving habits. I installed the device and after the months with the device I was advised that I only qualified for a 2% discount due to my driving habits. I had been told that the device measured three sections of your driving, the total mileage, the hard braking and the miles driven after midnight. I had no miles after midnight, I drive about 200 miles a month and am careful about my braking. When I contacted snapshot they said there was 68 hard brakes thus my discount is only 2%, just beware it is a total con and waste of time, do not expect a discount its just to get you in the door….

    • Tom: I contacted Progressive, also. All they would say was that “…it was based on your driving habits,” – nothing else. I’m glad you posted what they base their decision on. It helps me know even more that they’re nothing but a rip-off company. I don’t drive at night, ever! I won’t even have dinner with my children if I THINK I might have to travel home after dark. So that’s a scam on their part. And mileage? I THINK I’d like to know how much mileage they charged me – but no! It would only make me angrier. I seldom go anywhere except to see my children. keep a doctor’s appointment or go to the grocery store, all close by. This junk they come up with is just a way to keep from giving would-be customers a break – and I refuse to be a customer for these scammers.

      • I have now talked with progressive and asked them about the beeping that kept coming from the device. They stated that it was because the braking was to hard. I asked what they considered hard braking. I was informed that it was considered hard braking if you were slowing more that one mile per hour in 7 feet. I asked if I had this right, that at 35 mph it would take me 240 feet to stop based on this. To put this in perspective a foot ball field is only 300 feet long. I further advised them that this device cut off my dash lights I had to take it out and put it back in to get my dash lights back on…

        • 7MPH/SEC is what it is set for.
          I have found that the device trains you to run the yellows.

          • that should be 7mph/sec^2

          • I know. I had visions of standing before a judge saying “But your honor I couldn’t stop, my snapshot would have dinged”.

          • Don,
            It is 7mph/s not 7mph/s^2. Mph/s really means Miles/hour/seconds (acceleration). 7 Miles/hour/second/second (7mph/sec^2) would be measuring Jerk which means you are decelerating at 7 miles per hour per second every second.

  49. Never had a wreck, never got a speeding ticket, never pulled over for wreckless driving; and I don’t drink. I don’t tailgate cars and don’t slam on brakes, unless some nuthead pulls in front of me suddenly and then decides to turn off. I’ve never hit anybody, though. Received a snapshot device from Progressive and plugged it in. Knowing it was there, I was even more careful. I noticed it would beep even if I stopped at a red light, and at least one time when I was stopping at a grocery store. At the end of the testing period I returned the device (received a notice that I’d be fined if I didn’t return it in a certain length of time). Got a notice from Progressive that I wouldn’t get a discount on my insurance because “you didn’t earn a discount based on your driving habits.” Cancelled the insurance and was charged $30 for the cancellation. Notified the company, received no response or apology.

    • It beeped on me while I was driving without my foot on the brake.

    • Your lucky you were only charged $30 I was charged $86.86 which they claimed was the discount I received for having Snap Shot in my car. Claimed they were waiving the $50 fee because it was less than 45 days.


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