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April Group is an international company with a presence in 37 countries around the world. They have been in the travel insurance market for a quarter of a century and promise modern products with a fresh take on insurance.

April International Summary

Although the company has been around since 1988 and has been a major insurer in Europe and Latin America, April International travel insurance has only recently entered the American market. The company is founded on the concept of making insurance easier to understand and to provide innovative products that change the market as a whole. April was founded in France but has offices across the globe to serve their various markets.

April’s travel insurance policies include single-trip and annual package plans that put together the common travel insurance coverage you would expect with budget friendly choices such as a simple cancellation plan, as well as full coverage expanded policies.

Plans can be purchased online or through agents across the country. Quoting and agent information are available on the April website, which has comprehensive information on their plans. Part of April’s difference is their “Stress Less Benefits, wherein insurable losses are paid right away without a claims process. American Modern Home Insurance underwrites travel insurance policies for April.

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Single-Trip Plans

April has three single-trip plan options, one is a trip cancellation only plan, one is a basic package, and one is more comprehensive. They are designed for trips of 60 days or less and include a variety of coverage options. All plans include Stress Less Benefits, Concierge Service, Travel Assistance, and 24-hour support.

Trip Cancellation

This basic plan is designed to protect you only from the costs of having to cancel a trip. 100% Trip Cancellation coverage for a variety of reasons is provided by this simple plan. You can also choose to upgrade to the Cancel For Any Reason Plan, which will cover 75% of costs when you cancel for any reason not listed under the main plan.

Economy Plan

This plan is the most basic and affordable single-trip plan from April. It covers both trip costs and medical, making it a simple choice for budget travelers. Coverage includes:

  • Trip Cancellation at 100% and Interruption at 150% of trip cost
  • $50,000 of emergency medical expenses
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered if purchased within 14 days of trip deposit
  • $250,000 for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation coverage
  • $1000 in baggage and personal effects coverage, with $300 of baggage delay at $100/day
  • $750 for Trip Delay at $100/day
  • $25,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage

You can also add $50,000 of Rental Car Coverage for a flat rate of $30/day. Cancel For Any Reason is not an option with the Economy Plan.

VIP Plan

Upgraded coverage with higher limits make the VIP Plan a good choice for travelers who want more peace of mind or are planning a more expensive trip. Coverage includes:

  • Trip Cancellation at 100% and Interruption at 150% of trip cost
  • $250,000 of Medical Expenses coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions covered when purchased within 14 days of trip deposit
  • Family Plan Pricing includes all children covered under insured parent for free
  • $500,000 of Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation coverage
  • $2500 of baggage and personal effects coverage, with $500 for baggage delay at $200/day
  • Trip Delay of $1500 at $200/day
  • $200,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage

Upgrades for the VIP plan include the addition of Cancel For Any Reason coverage at a flat rate of $60, and Rental Car Damage coverage of $50,000 for a flat rate of $30.

Multi-Trip Plans

April has two choices for annual plans that will cover you for multiple trips during the year without having to purchase a new plan every time. Both plans include Stress Less Benefits, Concierge Service, Travel Assistance, and 24-hour support.

Universal Plan

This is the more affordable of the annual plans, best suited to individuals who need basic coverage when traveling more than a few times a year. Benefits for this policy include:

  • Trip Interruption up to $5000
  • $50,000 for Emergency Medical Expenses
  • $100,000 for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • $1000 for Baggage and Personal Effects, $100/day Baggage Delay up to $300
  • Trip Delay of $100/day up to $750
  • $25,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage

There are two upgrade packages for this plan:

  1. Baggage, Pets, Golf, and Ski Package ($38), which covers skiing and gold equipment as well as other extra baggage and personal property, pet medical expenses, and lost ski or golf days
  2. Travel Package ($90), which covers things like event tickets, overbooked hotels, Rental Car and Rental Property, and Change of Mind/Plans

Elite Plan

This plan offers a higher level of coverage for multiple trips over one year, and is a good choice for individuals and for families who need extensive coverage. Benefits include:

  • $500 Trip Interruption
  • $100,000 in Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Family Plan Pricing that allows all children to be covered under a parent’s plan
  • $250,000 of Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • $2500 for Baggage and Personal Effects, $200/day for Baggage Delay up to $500
  • $1500 of Trip Delay with a $200/day limit
  • $200,000 in Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Both of the packages available as options on the Universal Plan can also be added to the Elite plan for the same flat rates.

Plan Pricing

The quoting system on the April website is a bit awkward in that it requires you to run a quote for each plan individually. The quotes here are based on a person between 18-34 years old, living in California and traveling to Mexico, with a 2-week trip costing $5001-$5500.

  • Trip Cancellation – $133, or $226 with Cancel for Any Reason
  • Economy Plan – $195
  • VIP Plan – $265 or $325 with Cancel for Any Reason

The Multi-Trip Plans were quoted with no options added and came out to:

  • Universal Plan – $193
  • Elite Plan – $395

It’s easy to see that if you plan to travel more than once in a year, the annual plan options are the best value. Overall, the plans are a little higher than similar plans, especially for the very basic Trip Cancellation only plan; the Economy Plan seems to be a better value when the prices are compared.

Claims and Stress Less Benefits

April offers what they call Stress Less Benefits – which are advertised as claims-free benefits. This system pays claims in real-time, covering you when and where you need it without a claims process. The website states that this service is available for most covered benefits.

In the event that you do need to file a claim, April offers clams filing options either via email or over the phone. The email address is service@apriltravelprotection.com, and the number for claims is 855-APRIL-US. Claims are handled as quickly as possible through this system if they do not meet the Stress Less Benefits qualification or you chose to wait to file a claim.

Consumer Research and Complaints

April Travel Protection has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, although they are not accredited. There are a total of 5 complaints against them in the past three years, with only one in the past year. This is not surprising, since the BBB file only goes back to 2012, and April has only been operating in the US for a few years.

Overall, reviews of April are very positive, with several people citing the speed of benefits, likely due to the Stress Less system. As with any insurer, there are some negative reviews as well, but April seems to take the time to respond to these, which lessens their impact considerably. Since this company has only been operating in America for a few years, however, more time is needed for a comprehensive picture of their services to emerge.

Bottom Line

April offers basic travel insurance packages with a few optional add-ons, and has both single and multi-trip options. They have a plan for just about any traveler, and generally the rates are reasonable, although their more basic policies seem a bit overpriced compared to the upgrades. There are a lot of positive reviews of their service, especially their unique Stress Less Benefits that allow fast resolution of claims. Overall, April is a solid bet for travelers of all types.

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  1. June says

    April Insurance was great. I bought a 7 month basic + dental world wide travel insurance in 2015-2016. I needed to get a chest X-ray and medication due to an extreme case of the cold (prolonged coughing, rib pain etc). I called April Insurance before going to a doctor and they told me they will open up a claim number for me and for me to go to the doctors. They gave me clear instructions and my bill ended up being almost $500. I returned home about a month after and sent all my forms in. About 2 weeks later they sent me a cheque for the full amount!

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