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Auto-Owners Insurance Summary

Auto-Owners Insurance is Michigan’s largest insurance company, holding over 6,000 agencies and bringing in profits of nearly $5 billion annually.

The company is headquartered in Delta Township, near Lansing. It was founded in 1916 in Mount Pleasant before being moved several times in the ensuing years. Until 1935, it sold policies exclusively in Michigan; today, it offers products in 26 states and has 93 branch offices located around the country.

It expanded from a strict auto insurer to general casualty products in 1940, with life insurance being added in 1966. It currently sells products for private and commercial auto, home and property, life and health insurance, and annuities. These products are sold through each of six subsidiaries, including Owners Insurance and Southern-Owners Insurance Company, and brokered through independent agencies.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

As its name implies, Auto-Owners Insurance offers a variety of options for personal and commercial auto policies. Aside from standard automobiles, Auto-Owners provides coverage for a number of specialty vehicles including ATVs, classic cars, mopeds, motorcycles, RVs and utility trailers.

Exact coverage options vary between states, but in general Auto-Owners offers both liability and full-coverage policies. Basic full-coverage auto insurance includes liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist and medical payments coverage. Additional coverages for pet medical insurance, lease-gap, full glass, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement can be added to the policy as well.


Discounts are available to seniors, students and safe drivers. A green discount applies to customers who utilize paperless billing and electronic bill payment. Standard discounts are also available for vehicle safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft devices. Additionally, Auto-Owners Insurance provides discounts for certain groups and franchises; inquire with them to see whether you might qualify.

Home Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance provides property coverage for many types of homes, including condominiums, mobile homes and farms. Renter’s insurance for apartments and rental homes is also available.

Different coverages can be added to a policy to suit the needs of the insured. Basic policies cover the home’s structure and contents from a handful of named perils, like fire and vandalism. Supplemental coverages include protection against floods, sewer backup and earthquakes. Additional protection for valuable personal property, including jewelry, personal computers and sporting equipment, can also be added.


Discounts are offered for newly renovated homes, homes including protection devices and seasonal homes. Mature home owners receive discounts over younger customers. Insureds can also save money on their policies by paying their premiums in full at the beginning of the term and by carrying multiple policies with Auto-Owners Insurance.

Life Insurance

Auto-Owners sells life, disability and long-term care insurance in addition to annuities for retirement planning. Their life coverage includes both permanent and term insurance products.

Permanent life insurance lasts as long as premiums are paid. It’s usually the more expensive insurance option, but it includes an investment component and has cash value.

  • Universal Life – Immediate cash value and flexible premiums.
  • Whole Life – Level premiums and a guaranteed cash value.
  • Simplified Whole Life – Guaranteed premiums and benefits to insureds between the ages of 50 and 80.
  • Children’s Advantage Plan – A form of permanent life insurance for children under the age of 18. After turning 18, the child’s death benefit will double in value without a rise in premiums.

Term Life is more affordable, but it has no cash value. Policies are sold in terms of 10, 20 and 30 years, with level death benefits offered to the insured at any point in that policy.

Regardless of the policy type, certain optional benefits can be added:

  • A disability waiver, allowing the insured’s premiums to be waived if he or she becomes disabled for longer than six months.
  • Additional benefits to insureds who die as a result of an accident.
  • Mortgage payment disability benefits, which help to pay off existing debts if the insured becomes disabled.

Aside from life insurance products, Auto-Owners also sells long term care and disability insurance. The former pays for nursing homes or other long-term care facilities the insured may need as he ages; the latter provides supplemental income to insureds who become disabled by an accident or illness.

Business Insurance

Auto-Owners offers insurance policies for businesses of all sizes. Among the coverage plans offered are commercial building and auto, business liability and farm insurance. Specialty policies for garages and dealerships are sold as well.

Additionally, Auto-Owners sells business life insurance policies, professional liability and optional coverage for earthquake and flood protection for structures.

Auto Owners Insurance Price (Rates)

Quote Test Results
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Auto Owners works through agents and agencies, which tends to raise premium prices a bit compared to direct insurers like GEICO and Progressive. Despite offering coverage in over 20 states, online quotes are only available to residents of Wisconsin.


Auto-Owners offers trademarked “No Problem” claims service, meaning that all claims are handled by the insured’s agent rather than a central claims department. After-hours emergency claims can be filed at 1-888-252-4626.

After an accident or loss occurs, you contact your local agent to begin the filing process. The agent then will transfer the information to a local claims office. Currently Auto-Owners has 80 claims offices spread out over 26 states. An adjuster from this local office will be assigned to the claim and will be in contact to obtain any additional information and establish an inspection, if needed.

Consumer Research and Complaints

In a 2011 Insurance Shopping Study completed by J.D. Power and Associates, Auto-Owners ranked second, coming in just behind American Family as the company customers were most pleased with. It received a five-star rating, earning 860 out of a possible 900 points.

It topped the charts of the J.D. Power 2012 claims satisfaction study, scoring five stars and 887 out of 900 points. It was the only company in the study to earn five stars.

A 2013 JD Power survey ranked them a bit lower. Auto-Owners earned just three out of five stars in every category but “Local Agent,” in which they earned four stars.

Auto-Owners Insurance is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it is listed on the BBB website with an A+ rating. In the past three years, 75 complaints were made against the company. Of these, 32 have been closed within the previous 12 months. The majority of the complaints are issues with the product or service, with billing and collection issues trailing as a distant second.

Financial Strength

Rating CompanyGradeFinancial Outlook
AM BestA++Stable

Bottom Line

Auto-Owners Insurance ranks well with consumer reporting agencies, and they carry a very high mark from AM Best in terms of financial strength. The typical customer can get just about all their insurance needs under one roof with Auto-Owners, and their business insurance offerings are quite numerous.

Information about their premium prices is difficult to come by, but they are worth a look for anyone in their coverage area. The best bet is to get multiple quotes from other insurance companies in order to get a good picture of how their pricing stacks up.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Srini says

    This is the worst insurance company in claims process. They will go with third party adjustors and the price they pay for each repair you can’t get any one to fix the repairs. They denied the roof replacement and other repair estimates you can’t even fix 20% of the repairs with their money. Worst Worst Worst Insurance company. Don’t go with them.

  2. steve says

    Auto Owners is the worst in a bad industry. I had a break in at a vacant house I owned. I filed a report right away with my agent. I got a call back from an adjuster and the first thing he asked me was, is the house occupied. We discussed this and I left him with no doubt that the house had been vacant for some time. I learned along the way that disqualified my claim. Okay, so be it. But the slob wasted hours of my time, including showing up nearly an hour late at the property (no apology, natch), taking all sorts of pictures and demanding ever more information. I took time out of being with my mother, who was in intensive care at the time, to get everything the [Redacted] demanded. Then, nothing. When I called back a month later, the guy was insulting. That’s when I learned that the policy disallowed claims on vacant homes. Why not tell the customer right away that the claim would be denied? Their stupidity cost me tenants since the house was a mess and I waited to hear back from Auto Owners. My real estate agent was on the phone every day wanting to know when I would fix the house since potential tenants were walking right past the place. I complained to A-O’s home office. They absolutely did not care in the least about an unhappy, previously claim-free long term customer. When I said I wanted to talk to their complaints department the woman laughed! Well, yeah, the joke was indeed on me for dealing with such a lousy organization. I’d go without insurance before I’d waste another cent on these [Redacted]. If you have A-O insurance, get out NOW! read the other comments here to get even more of an idea what to expect if you don’t.

    • Lynn says

      You should have them as your business insurance. The absolute WORST insurance to have. They will cover nothing and make every excuse and lie to keep from covering your business. Run and no matter how much your agent says they are cheaper, the policy is worth less than a roll of toilet paper. Do not buy their policy for any reason. It is absolutely worthless!!!!!!

  3. Ken says

    I had roof damage and mold, turn down my claim by some your guy.
    I had to go into foreclosure, because I could not afford the repairs or refinance.
    I now live in a 2 bedroom dwelling and on social security.
    I had life and auto insurance with them, I had to start all over again.
    What away to treat a Vietnam Veteran, but this what the USA is coming to !!!

    Think twice before buying Auto-Owners insurance

  4. Charles says

    Auto owners insurance are a bunch of crooks.I was the passenger in a vehicle involved in a collision. I sustained injuries to my spine,neck,and shoulder.I loo my job,had to have physical therapy for 6 months,and am now $20,000 in debt for medical bills.My attorney recently withdrew from my case due to”liability issues.” Regardless of who was at fault I was merely a passenger and feel that I should be compensated.

  5. joanne says

    Rental cabin burned down in April, total lost…still waiting for return call or some decision about the claim after 3months. They don’t return calls and say they haven’t received info from me even though I have sent them everything twice now. A friends trailer burned down and she had a new home is less that 30days. Looking into who she had! Auto Owners has no problem taking your money, but all kinds of issues if you need them to follow through on their promises.

  6. Rich says

    Auto Owners Insurance sucks. I live in a condo association and the association has them as covering the buildings. When the Assoc. filed a claim after never filing a claim in 10 years, the local office does not return phone calls on if they are going to provide coverage from the damaging weather we had. It’ going on three months and we still have not heard anything back either way. Don’t go with this company.

  7. Don says

    This is the worst insurance company around. I had them as my insurer in 2007 when I was in an accident. I had over $500K in hospital bills and they offered me $1. We sued and they lost for bad faith and breach of contract. They are still fighting by trying to get a new trial. Why do you think their rates are so cheap? They REFUSE to pay claims.

  8. Roberta says

    Auto owners ins. Insures some sleazy companys like Nilles Blds. Inc. They installed a roof incorrectly on my home and causing seepage between the walls. Nilles was so sleazythat they tried to deny they had ever done work at my home until i produced the permit they pulled. Then their ins. Auto owners denied the claim. I am diabled and i have no other way to do repairs. Auto ownwers and Nilles should have done the right thing and repair the damage.

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