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In spite of what the name implies, Auto-Owners Insurance covers more than just cars. Founded as a group of companies almost 100 years ago, Auto-Owners actually offers a full range of personal lines insurance policies as well as business insurance. As a regional insurer, they’re the biggest insurance company in their home state of Michigan, but their service area extends far beyond the state borders.

Auto-Owners Overview

Auto-Owners Insurance Group was founded in 1916 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Within a year in business, founder V.V. Moulton moved the fledgling company to Lansing, MI, and again in 1975 to Delta Township. The company expanded from Michigan to Indiana and Ohio in 1935, continually adding new states over the next number of decades. The most recent expansion was in 2009, when Pennsylvania became the 16th state on the roster.

In the 1940s the company expanded its lines of business as well, going beyond auto insurance and into the general casualty market. Below is the full list of companies that comprise Auto-Owners Insurance Group:

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company
  • Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company
  • Owners Insurance Company
  • Home-Owners Insurance Company
  • Property-Owners Insurance Company
  • Southern-Owners Insurance Company

Auto-Owners is a mutual insurance company where all products are sold by independent agents, across the states in which the company does business. As of November 2014, Auto-Owners was the 17th largest auto insurer in the country, according to, with just under 1% of the market share.

The product lineup currently includes the original – auto insurance – as well as home insurance, life insurance, umbrella, business, some disability, and long-term care products. The auto insurance line includes a subsection of vehicles that qualify for coverage, including RVS and off-road vehicles. The company covers most of the bases with personal lines for a fairly convenient one-stop shopping option.

The company website is fairly basic, but does include a customer portal where current customers can log in to view policy information. However, little detail is given to specifically outline what information is accessed through the portal. The site provides insurance information by state for all of the states in which products are sold.

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Auto-Owners Insurance Products

Auto insurance remains one of the company’s biggest products, keeping them in the top 20 car insurance providers in the nation. Through all of the group of companies that comprise Auto-Owners Insurance Group, they also write a good selection of products to meet the needs of most people for individual insurance, and policies for small to large businesses as well.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is available across all 26 states in which Auto-Owners does business. Their policies are comprehensive, providing all of the basic coverage as well as a long list of options and add-ons.

One particular package add-on that is fairly feature-packed is the Personal Auto Plus Package. This package takes the standard policy to the next level, adding a long list of coverage that isn’t available on the average car insurance policy.

The Personal Auto Plus Package includes:

  • Trip Interruption coverage
  • Cell phone and other mobile device coverage – to pay for lost phones, GPS devices, and other similar devices
  • Increased Transportation Cost coverage – to help get you to your destination if your car breaks down
  • Non-Owned Trailer coverage for physical damage
  • Supplementary Payments coverage – provides $500 per occurrence for bail bonds as the result of a traffic violation and $250 per day for other expenses
  • Identity Theft Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Automobile Audio, Video, and Stereo coverage
  • Rental Automobile Gap Coverage
  • Loss of Use by Theft coverage
  • Re-Key coverage
  • Deductible Amendatory – benefit waives the deductible if you are involved in a collision with another Auto-Owners customer, and charges only the highest deductible of the two if both your vehicle and trailer are involved in a collision

This package comes with an extra premium, but adds a great deal of coverage over similar add-on packages from other insurance companies.

Additional coverage with Auto-Owners’ policies include:

  • Loan/Lease Gap coverage
  • Full Glass
  • Pet Medical
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Road Trouble Service

Many of these are part of a full coverage policy at no extra charge, making the policy a pretty good value compared to some stripped-down basic policies.

Additionally, Auto-Owners also goes above and beyond when it comes to the offered discounts.

Available discounts include:

  • Safe Driver
  • Mature Driver
  • Multi-policy discounts including auto/home, auto/life and even
  • Auto/umbrella
  • Safety features
  • Green vehicle
  • Student discounts
  • Paid in Full

Discounts available vary by state.

Insurance for Other Vehicles
In addition to car insurance, Auto-Owners writes a variety of policies for other types of vehicles and towables, making Auto-Owners a pretty good one-stop shop for most consumers. Coverage is available for the following types of vehicles and trailers:

  • Antique & Classic Vehicles
  • Converted/Modified Vehicles
  • RVs and Travel Trailers
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles and Mopeds
  • Low-Speed Vehicles
  • Utility Trailers

Unlike many other large insurance companies, Auto-Owners appears to underwrite all of these policies directly. It’s very common for some of the bigger insurance companies to sell products underwritten by smaller, lesser known companies, but there is no indication that this is the case here, which is a plus for those who want to stick with a name they trust.

Notably absent from the product line-up is any sort of boat or watercraft coverage, although boat coverage for some types of damage is an option on their home insurance policies, which we’ll look at next.

Home Insurance

Coverage is available for a variety of home types, including standard single-family homes and the following variations:

  • Condos
  • Farms
  • Rental Units
  • Mobile Homes

Additionally, Renters insurance is available to cover personal property for those living in a rental unit where structure coverage is not required.

Coverage on home insurance policies includes 100% replacement cost for the home, personal property, personal liability, as well as additional options.

Additional options for home insurance policies include:

  • Sewer/sump pump backup coverage
  • Boat coverage
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Food spoilage as a result of a power outage
  • High-value items such as furs, jewelry, art, instruments, and computers
  • Sports equipment coverage
  • Identity Theft
  • Snowmobiles

The company offers a variety of discounts on their home insurance policies, including the many options for multi-policy discount, mature homeowners discounts, new home, and more.

Life Insurance

A variety of life insurance options are available, covering the three major types: universal, whole, and term. This policy lineup can meet just about any life insurance need.

There are four different permanent life insurance plans to choose from:

  • Universal Life – the flexible option with a guaranteed death benefit and tax-deferred savings
  • Whole Life – the stable, guaranteed death benefit policy with level premiums
  • Simplified Issue Whole Life – includes minimal underwriting requirements and is intended for people aged 50-80
  • Simplified Issue Children’s Advantage Plan Plus – specifically for children through age 17 with increasing death benefits over time and the option to add an annuity rider in most states

Term life insurance policies are available in 10, 20, and 30-year Level Term plans as well as a Simplified Issue 5-year Level Term that is easy to obtain with few underwriting requirements.

Auto-Owners offers a number of different riders that can be added to their life insurance products, including:

  • Disability Waiver of Premium
  • Accidental Death
  • Family Plan
  • Mortgage Payment Disability Benefit
  • Payor Death and Disability
  • Guaranteed Purchase Option

Retirement & Additional Products

Auto-Owners provides a few basic products to help people prepare for the future, both in terms of retirement savings and in the event of health issues that can be a financial burden.

These products include:

  • Annuities
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Business Insurance
Auto-Owners writes business insurance policies for companies of various sizes. They offer package policies as well as a variety of flexible coverage options to meet the needs of different types of business.

The following business coverage policies are available:

  • Commercial building coverage
  • Business liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Garage and dealership coverage
  • Excess liability
  • Employee liability
  • Bonds
  • Professional liability, including errors & omissions
  • Contractor’s equipment coverage
  • Inland Marine
  • Business Life Insurance
  • Optional Earthquake and Flood insurance

Auto-Owners offers a relatively uncommon multi-policy discount for those who have both personal lines and business insurance with the company. This is another example of the many combinations for which the company offers a discount.

Premiums & Discounts

Auto-Owners policies are sold exclusively through independent agents, and there is no online quoting system available. A quick search on the website can help you to find an agent, but you will have to contact the agent directly in order to obtain a quote.

Without an online quoting system, it is difficult to compare their premiums with those from other companies. As a general rule, insurance policies sold through agents tend to be a bit more expensive due to agent commissions. These added costs are eliminated with a direct-buy insurance company, such as GEICO.

One of the ways companies like Auto-Owners can combat this, and remain competitive, is by offering a good range of discounts. Where this company really shines is the incredible list of multi-policy discounts. Most insurance companies offer auto/home discounts, and many offer auto/life, but it’s pretty unusual to see the range of bundling options that Auto-Owners provides.

For just about any two Auto-Owners policies you can have, there is some sort of multi-policy discount. This means that rates are likely to become more reasonable the more business you have with the company. This is a great option for those who prefer to keep all of their insurance in one place, but won’t do much for those who need only auto insurance or have very minimal needs.


When it comes to an insurance company’s reputation, one of the most important characteristics is how claims are handled. After all, this is why we pay for insurance, to be protected in the event that we have a claim.

Auto-Owners, in keeping with its tagline, promises “No Problem” claims service. The website offers information on what to do in the event of a claim. There are several processes, which differ from state to state, so it can be a bit tricky to navigate the information.

The company has more than 90 claims centers across the 26 states where they do business. The Auto-Owner’s promise includes personalized claims service rather than a central claims office far away from where the accident occurred.

Auto-Owners does not have a full-time toll-free claims line, which is very unusual. Instead, during business hours claims are to be reported directly to the agent who sold and services the policy.

There is an After-Hours claims line 1-888-Claim-AO. This line is open from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Eastern time on weekdays and 24/7 on Saturdays and Sundays.

The website also lists a local phone number, 517-323-1200, as a contact line during business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., but doesn’t make it clear when this line would be used since the site recommends contacting your agent to report a claim during business hours.

While this might be a cost-saving measure to prevent the need for a fully staffed call center, it may lead to customers reaching agency voicemails and having to wait for a call back.

There is a 24/7 roadside assistance line at 1-888-TOW AOIC for any non-collision needs.

The good news is that this system seems to work fairly well. In a 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey from J.D. Power, Auto-Owners earned a 4 out of 5, or above average, rating for overall customer satisfaction. That gives them a better rating than huge insurers such as GEICO and Farmers, and on par with the number one auto insurer, State Farm. The only area where satisfaction was rated at less than 4 out of 5 is in the repair process, and service interaction received a full 5 out of 5.

Overall, this is a very strong showing for the Auto-Owners claims process and seems to back up the “No Problem” promise.

There is not a lot of information available on how Auto-Owners handles the claims process, although it is likely similar to most other insurance companies. Agents report claims, a local claims center takes over, adjusters inspect the damage and examine the facts of the incident, and then they make a determination in terms of coverage and benefits.

Same-day glass-only claims service is available through association with major glass repair providers such as Safelite, although the provider varies from state to state.

There is a customer portal that allows customers to log in, but little information is available as to what services are provided – the website is not clear as to whether claims status is viewable through this portal.

Consumer Feedback & Reviews

When it comes to the front-end service – the policy purchasing experience, Auto-Owners doesn’t fare quite as well as it does in the claims department. The 2015 J.D. Power survey of the auto insurance purchase experience rates the company at 3 out of 5 – or about average according to the survey. The only specific area of the survey where the company saw a better rating is in the local agent category, which is important for any company depending entirely on agents to sell and service policies.

The BBB gives Auto-Owners a top A+ rating. There are a total of 70 complaints in the past three years, with only 17 closed in the past 12 months. Those numbers are low for a company of this size and seem to back up the satisfaction survey results, especially in the area of claims. There are no government actions reported against this insurance company through the BBB – overall this record is very good.

As far as customer complaints go, there are not a lot of them out there. That’s a really good sign, as people tend to take to the Internet to complain whenever they are unhappy with a company, particularly an insurance company. The difficulty in finding reviews about Auto-Owners points to a generally good customer experience, since few people bother to review a company when they’re satisfied.

Of the reviews that are available, complaints tend to be of the common variety with insurance companies – billing issues, some claims issues that appear to be a result of customer confusion with coverage, and complaints about agents. When it comes to a company that sells policies through agents, it can be difficult to differentiate between an issue with the agent in particular and an issue that is directly related to the company’s handling of policies and claims.

Some reviews are available for individual Auto-Owners locations throughout the country, but these reviews again present the difficulty of differentiating between a localized issue and a problem with the company as a whole.

Generally, there is little concern with the reviews and complaints available about Auto-Owners, which is very encouraging.

Bottom Line

Auto-Owners is a strong insurance company with a fairly comprehensive list of policy offerings. They have a great discount program, which is likely to help offset the higher cost of agent-driven insurance. Their claims department, while a bit unusual in its design, holds up well to customer surveys, and overall the company has a good reputation.

Since Auto-Owners policies are not available in all states, they aren’t quite competitive with national insurers, but for the state in which they do provide coverage, the company is well worth a closer look. They are a good choice for anyone who needs several types of insurance and is looking to bundle, as well as for those who really want the personal attention of an agent in all aspects of the insurance buying – and servicing – process.

It would be nice to see a little more use of what the Internet today can provide, particularly in the area of online quoting and claims reporting. These things are becoming standard expectations of insurance companies and are areas where growing companies like Auto-Owners could really bring themselves into the modern insurance era, even while keeping the agency approach. A few changes like this could really put this insurance company over the top.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Nancy says

    I would give Auto Owners an F for their poor service and unethical ways of doing business . We had a house fire Christmas night 2015 and we still haven’t gotten fair compensation . Now they are saying to get more money we will have to rebuild.

  2. tom mcdonald says

    As an Auto-Owners home insurance customer, all I can say is that I wish I had read these reviews before buying their insurance. My home burned from an electrical fire due to lightning and it has been 10 weeks now and still no settlement. They have made me feel totally unappreciated as a customer ( like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed a bunch of b/s ) , no one answers when you call or hardly ever returns your calls. Having never been in this position before ,I had some really urgent questions needing answered. They act like they are doing you a big favor by even talking to you when you do get them on the phone. I would never recommend this company to anyone!!! Now that they have offered a settlement , I find it is way below what they have been charging me for. I feel like all I have gotten is a big run around and cheated on my settlement !

  3. Ronald Bonheim says

    I have been with Auto Owners for 15 years with two cars, a boat and a home. In the last three years my wife had two auto claims and they are terminating our insurance. What is an insurance company’s responsibility? To collect premiums and then if you make a claim they throw you out? I am very disappointed in their policies.
    Looking for a new insurance company.

  4. Doyle Crilow says

    I filed a claim over 60 days ago for vandalism in a rental home, and am still waiting for a settlement. The house had severe damage, but adjuster is very slow to act.

  5. Michael Wood says

    You are right! This company is a joke and I would caution anyone searching for insurance to look elsewhere. I had a pipe in the attic burst during some unseasonable cold weather in 2014. It did extensive damage to three rooms and the garage. After filing a claim and securing a company to do the work, I thought the job would be done. Unfortunately, when they reconnected the water line to the dishwasher, the construction company and their plumbing subcontractor failed to secure the line resulting in another water soaked and ruined floor. Auto Owners, instead of making the construction company stand by their construction contract, obfuscated their responsibility be creation of another claim and telling me they were not responsible for reconnection of the dishwasher. They also dropped me as a client. They were fraudulent in their representation to me. I suggest you look elsewhere for home owner coverage.

  6. Ken Marshall says

    Don’t trust Auto owners home insurence, My house was take away because home owners wouldn’t pay a claim, now I’m renting on social security

  7. John harris says

    This company is a joke, we have had them for our home and auto for 15 years. A few months ago we had a bad hail storm. All of my neighbors are getting their roofs done because they didn’t have the magic bubble that I got when I purchased auto owners. Needless to say auto owners claims my roof has no damage. But they do want to replace my gutters and vents. Grrrr

  8. Jim Campbell says

    I had a small bump up in LA on June 16th 2015. I am from NC. I did not know anyone in Baton Rouge area, I was visiting the area. I left the vehicle with Owens Car Care from a suggestion by the local Toyota Dealership. That was a mistake too. Between Auto Owners Insurance and Owens Car Care I did not get my vehicle out of the garage until Sept 11, 2015 After the 1st Supplement from AOI, AOI stopped paying on the repair and suggested that I move the vehicle somewhere else, even though it was still undrivable. After I paid $3000 out of pocket, the Insurance company stopped returning my calls I left 4 messages on my Claims agents voice mail ” [Redacted]” (9/11/15, 9/15/15, 9/25/15, and 9/28/15) and I have not had a return call yet. I feel like thay have abandoned me. I don’t think they were looking out for their customers.

    • Jim Campbell says

      As a follow up to this issue. I got my vehicle away from Owens Care Care in Baton Rouge and to a Certified Toyota Dealer. They corrected all remaining issues on this car. I informed Auto Owners what the Toyota Dealer did and what it took to get the vehicle out of Owens. After providing receipts to AOI they reimbursed me for all of the expenses I had to pay out of pocket to repair my vehicle. Thank you Auto Owners

  9. Stephanie says

    Tried to file a claim and it took two weeks to get any response and three months to get a check. Pay the least amount possible of the claim.
    NEVER will suggest or refer Auto Owners

    • Crysti says

      I agree with Stephanie 100%!! We are in the process of finding other insurance for our cars and home. I will never, ever use these people again. Unprofessional, rude and not helpful when you need them the most. They refuse to listen and call the insurance holder a liar.

  10. Srini says

    This is the worst insurance company in claims process. They will go with third party adjustors and the price they pay for each repair you can’t get any one to fix the repairs. They denied the roof replacement and other repair estimates you can’t even fix 20% of the repairs with their money. Worst Worst Worst Insurance company. Don’t go with them.

  11. steve says

    Auto Owners is the worst in a bad industry. I had a break in at a vacant house I owned. I filed a report right away with my agent. I got a call back from an adjuster and the first thing he asked me was, is the house occupied. We discussed this and I left him with no doubt that the house had been vacant for some time. I learned along the way that disqualified my claim. Okay, so be it. But the slob wasted hours of my time, including showing up nearly an hour late at the property (no apology, natch), taking all sorts of pictures and demanding ever more information. I took time out of being with my mother, who was in intensive care at the time, to get everything the [Redacted] demanded. Then, nothing. When I called back a month later, the guy was insulting. That’s when I learned that the policy disallowed claims on vacant homes. Why not tell the customer right away that the claim would be denied? Their stupidity cost me tenants since the house was a mess and I waited to hear back from Auto Owners. My real estate agent was on the phone every day wanting to know when I would fix the house since potential tenants were walking right past the place. I complained to A-O’s home office. They absolutely did not care in the least about an unhappy, previously claim-free long term customer. When I said I wanted to talk to their complaints department the woman laughed! Well, yeah, the joke was indeed on me for dealing with such a lousy organization. I’d go without insurance before I’d waste another cent on these [Redacted]. If you have A-O insurance, get out NOW! read the other comments here to get even more of an idea what to expect if you don’t.

    • Lynn says

      You should have them as your business insurance. The absolute WORST insurance to have. They will cover nothing and make every excuse and lie to keep from covering your business. Run and no matter how much your agent says they are cheaper, the policy is worth less than a roll of toilet paper. Do not buy their policy for any reason. It is absolutely worthless!!!!!!

  12. Ken says

    I had roof damage and mold, turn down my claim by some your guy.
    I had to go into foreclosure, because I could not afford the repairs or refinance.
    I now live in a 2 bedroom dwelling and on social security.
    I had life and auto insurance with them, I had to start all over again.
    What away to treat a Vietnam Veteran, but this what the USA is coming to !!!

    Think twice before buying Auto-Owners insurance

  13. Charles says

    Auto owners insurance are a bunch of crooks.I was the passenger in a vehicle involved in a collision. I sustained injuries to my spine,neck,and shoulder.I loo my job,had to have physical therapy for 6 months,and am now $20,000 in debt for medical bills.My attorney recently withdrew from my case due to”liability issues.” Regardless of who was at fault I was merely a passenger and feel that I should be compensated.

  14. joanne says

    Rental cabin burned down in April, total lost…still waiting for return call or some decision about the claim after 3months. They don’t return calls and say they haven’t received info from me even though I have sent them everything twice now. A friends trailer burned down and she had a new home is less that 30days. Looking into who she had! Auto Owners has no problem taking your money, but all kinds of issues if you need them to follow through on their promises.

  15. Rich says

    Auto Owners Insurance sucks. I live in a condo association and the association has them as covering the buildings. When the Assoc. filed a claim after never filing a claim in 10 years, the local office does not return phone calls on if they are going to provide coverage from the damaging weather we had. It’ going on three months and we still have not heard anything back either way. Don’t go with this company.

  16. Don says

    This is the worst insurance company around. I had them as my insurer in 2007 when I was in an accident. I had over $500K in hospital bills and they offered me $1. We sued and they lost for bad faith and breach of contract. They are still fighting by trying to get a new trial. Why do you think their rates are so cheap? They REFUSE to pay claims.

  17. Roberta says

    Auto owners ins. Insures some sleazy companys like Nilles Blds. Inc. They installed a roof incorrectly on my home and causing seepage between the walls. Nilles was so sleazythat they tried to deny they had ever done work at my home until i produced the permit they pulled. Then their ins. Auto owners denied the claim. I am diabled and i have no other way to do repairs. Auto ownwers and Nilles should have done the right thing and repair the damage.

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