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One of many recent entrants into the Florida homeowner’s insurance market, American Integrity tries to differentiate itself by promising to live up to its name. Voted the best place in Tampa Bay to work, the company aims to take care of customers as well as it does its employees.

American Integrity Summary

Founded in 2006, American Integrity is one of the many new, local insurance companies in Florida that have moved into the market following strain on the insurance industry that resulted from multiple hurricanes. The company is headquartered in Tampa Bay, and currently serves only the state of Florida.

American Integrity is focused on the home insurance market, writing a small selection of standard home, condo, and manufactured home products. They sell their policies through independent agents and do not currently provide online quoting. American Integrity is one of many insurance companies who are involved in the Citizens Takeout program, which is reducing the policy load on Florida’s last-resort property insurer by offering policyholders a transfer to a new insurance company.

Insurance Products

American Integrity Insurance writes several types of coverage for homeowners in Florida, from higher value homes to manufactured homes.

Home Insurance

American Integrity’s standard homeowner’s insurance covers replacement cost for the home, personal property coverage, and personal liability for protection from negligence suits.

They also offer their Gold Reserve Endorsement, which increases the standard package policy to include:

  • Identity theft protection
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Increased property coverage
  • Increased liability coverage

Identity theft is also available as an endorsement on its own, which can be added to any of American Integrity’s home insurance policies.

American Integrity also writes high value home policies under their Premier plan to cover houses valued between $750,000 and $1.5 million. These policies include higher-value personal property coverage for items such as jewelry, fine art, and more. The Gold Reserve Endorsement can also be added to a Premier policy.

Dwelling Fire

American Integrity offers two levels of Dwelling Fire coverage, a more limited form of home coverage that is often known as landlord’s insurance since it covers the structure but less in the way of personal property.

  • DP-1 policies are the most minimal version offered by American Integrity and offer actual cash value coverage for the home. DP-1 is named perils only, which means that it does not cover as many risks. American Integrity will write this type of policy for vacant homes as well.
  • DP-3 policies are a more comprehensive version of dwelling fire coverage that covers more perils and includes more options.

Manufactured Home

American Integrity covers manufactured homes for structure, personal property, and liability, much like a homeowner’s insurance policy, but designed for the specific needs of manufactured homes. Policy options are offered depending on the type and location of the home.

Condo Insurance

Condo policies are designed specifically for the needs of condos, covering everything about the structure that isn’t covered by the condo association policy, as well as personal property and liability. American Integrity also offers its Gold Reserve Endorsement for condos.

Flood Insurance

American Integrity offers flood insurance policies to protect Florida homeowners through the National Flood Insurance Program.

American Integrity Insurance Rates

American Integrity Insurance is a relatively small insurance company serving only Florida, a market that has faced high home insurance rates due to major hurricanes in past years. Small insurance companies like American Integrity have moved into a market that some larger insurance companies pulled out of, offering rates that are more affordable. However, small insurance companies unable to offer multi-line discounts can still find it difficult to offer competitive rates.

American Integrity does not offer online quoting, although a form is available to request a quote from an agent. As with most home insurance companies, rates vary greatly depending on the location and value of the home, among other factors.


American Integrity offers multiple methods of reporting a claim. There is a 24-hour claims line through which policyholders can contact the claims department directly to report and discuss claims. An online claims form is also available which allows policyholders to report the claim and provide information through the website, after which a claims representative will respond and contact the homeowner for more information.

The Home Claims FAQ page on the company website offers a basic overview of common questions and procedures in the company’s claims system. This includes what can be done when a policyholder does not agree with the company’s decision in a claim. A team of local adjusters, prepared to deal with common Florida occurrences including hurricanes, handle claims.

Consumer Research and Complaints

American Integrity Insurance has a BBB rating of A+ based on the multi-factor rating system that includes complaints, company longevity, and financial stability. There have been 18 complaints against American Integrity to the BBB in the past 3 years, with 10 of those complaints closed in the past 12 months. There are no government actions against the company.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation tracks complaints against insurance companies, and shows a total of 198 complaints for American Integrity in 2013, the most recent full-year data available. That is a complaint ratio of 1:908, or one complaint for every 908 policies American Integrity has in force. Compared to Security First Insurance Company which has about as many policies in force as American Integrity at 408 complaints and a 1:422 ratio, this looks like a good number, but by the ratio it’s still a little on the higher side for a company this size.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best N/A N/A
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

American Integrity is a recent entrant into the property and casualty market in Florida, helping to fill a void left my national insurers who pulled out after multiple hurricanes. While they are likely to be competitive for Florida homeowners who have had trouble with high rates or difficulty obtaining insurance in the past, lower risks may do better with a larger company, especially one that offers other lines of business for increased discounts. American Integrity’s reputation as a good employer lends strength to the reputation they are looking to build with Florida homeowners.

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  1. Joanne Cappolla says

    Hey American integrity
    How does it feel to have an abundance of complaints against you. Once more another one of my neighbors is having a new roof put on their house. Their house is the same age as mine and was damaged in the same storm. The difference is, they do not have American integrity. Their insurance company is honest and has integrity. Can’t say that about you. You people are a joke along with just plain dishonest and thief’s. All of us that have complaints will eventually destroy your company. You claim to care about your customers but you lie.

  2. Rita says

    In late Nov. 2016 I bought homeowner policy from American Integrity. Paid premium in full. Thought everything was OK. Today (Jan. 7, 2017) received a check from them for the total amount of the premium. Obviously they canceled the policy; and with absolutely NO ADVANCE NOTICE. Now I have a coverage gap which is greatly limiting the companies willing to insure my home. Thanks for nothing American Integrity!!!

  3. Possible Class Action? says

    Did anyone go forward with a Class Action Lawsuit? We’re in the same boat. I see time after time the same egregious treatment of their policyholders. They are repeatedly acting in BAD FAITH!

    • Tony Gibbs says

      I too am going through it with this American INTEGRITY! They seem to be finding ways not to honor my claim. Matthew came through our area (we live in Florida) and they still won’t do the repair. Unbelievable. What are the options? I feel someone should put these people in check!!! Any lawyers out there willing?

      • Dumbledore says

        We’re consulting with an attorney today. They’ve put us through HE##. Class action will be included in our conversation. I’ll keep you posted. Are you on FB that we can establish a discussion?

  4. theresa says

    I was told by my claims adjuster that the claim was approved and that we would receive a check for the 50% of the cost to replace my roof and then upon proof of repairs they would send the remaining 50%, then a week later she called saying that management wanted to review the claim in their Q & A meeting and that they were sending out an engineering company to see if the roof could be repaired, I know why they are looking for a reason to deny the claim but can they deny the claim, after I was told it was covered????/

    • Carol says

      We also were told our roof was going to be replaced BUT then the engineer came out and we were denied. We ended up hiring a public adjuster and our settlement was about 5x what we could have gotten on our own, we’ll worth the money.

        • Carol Vonhoff says

          Theresa – we used Keys Claims out of Naples ([Redacted] was our adjuster). She was able to get us 4x the insurance company offer and she did all the negotiating. Well worth the cost as she found and claimed damages we never saw. Good Luck.

  5. wendell says

    To go along with other reviewers this company does everything they can to deny claims. It took 2 months to receive our rejection letter and that was because we called and emailed twice a week. We had hail damage to our roof and their roof engineer blamed everything but hail for the damage. The worst part was when we wanted to see the report from the engineer I was informed it was “privileged” information and I couldn’t see the info on my own house.
    I do not recommend this company .

  6. Georgina wong says

    I filed a claim with American integrity last week for roof damage the tenant reported from A hail wind storm that recently happened . Well today it was denied 6/22/16. The insurance inspected [Redacted] says the roof was too old 20 yrs and refuse to cover any damages . I bought the house as is and insured it and its suppose to cover roof damage. Rip off don’t use American integrity. They only take your money

  7. Greg Moody says

    I agree with Luis Torres and Jessica as I have had the same rotten service from AI. After having tornado damage in February of this year and making a claim, they sent out an inspector and his recommendation was to replace the entire roof and replace or repair most of the privacy fence destroyed. Well, they obviously didn’t like the suggestion of the first inspector so they sent our an “engineer” from Haas and of course his recommendation was to only repair sections of the roof, although 4 other inspectors, one I requested and two more they, AI, sent all suggested the rood was at least 80% compromised and should be completely replaced. Also, after I got a separate quote on the siding replacement, they obviously didn’t like that either and sent out another inspector who was very fair and also included that the roof should be replaced. AI is just repair shopping trying to get by with spending little on the repairs in my opinion. Originally, they were going to pay a fair price for the repairs to the fence but offered an insulting and ridiculous amount of $1,900.00 for the siding, gutters, screen porch repair, personal incidentals from the back yard and the roof. I have a granddaughter who is medically complex and since the tornado there has been some mold growing in her mother’s room, yet we are still trying to get this settled.

  8. Carol says

    Again in February of 2016 I have to reiterate the other comments. I wish I had read these before purchasing our policy. After recent tornado we had extensive water damage to our home and went with clean up company they sent out – one month later we have extensive mold problem due to improper clean up. At first our roof was covered, now like others it is due to foot traffic – yeah how about the 7 people they have sent out to inspect before getting the result they wanted. I call our in-house adjuster constantly and she is always waiting and will get back to me in an hour – haven’t heard back from her yet. At this point considering attorney or private adjuster but not sure it would pay for itself in the end. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF USING THIS COMPANY – the deal you think you might be getting will not be when you have to make a claim.

  9. Luis Torres says

    They do not Deliver what is promised.

    American Integrity is refusing to pay my roof to be replace after a hail storm that was reported in Eustis on 6/19/2015. I submitted a claim to this insurance before June 23 but conveniently they did not have records of it. So called back on July 7, 2015 and they stated they did not have anything on file and they will report it at this time (her name was [Redacted]). After waiting and waiting and calling my insurance agent, they finally sent an “engineer” to the house to see the damages. After waiting several weeks and calling them constantly I sent a text message to my adjuster [Redacted], threatening to file a claim with NICA and BBB, immediately he called and stated he will take care of the estimate. I have a $1,000 deductible and they claimed I have 7% damage despite having two pool screens completely gone after the storm. The claimed the estimate to be 7% of the roof. Of note all surrounding neighbors (around 10 or more) already have their roof replaced or have gotten a check already. I talked to my neighbor who has American Integrity and was quoted to have 10 % damage, his deductible is $500 and the estimate quote was $349. As you can see the disparities with this insurance. I feel they are fraudulent. They need to be investigated.

    I am selling my house in a week, so I could just sit back and do anything about it but I cannot tolerate injustice. This company has had multiple complaints on BBB and I urge you to do something to continue this company to scam their customers.

    • Linda Sturgeon says

      My husband and I submitted a claim for damage to our home in Eustis on 8/22/15. We had bad storms in the area just weeks before our roof began to leak. After several phone calls and having to leave voicemails only to not receive any call back, in the end of October I finally reached someone who didn’t seem to know what happened to my claim. They scheduled an adjuster to come out and look at the roof. He stating it had hail damage which was causing the leak. I had a friend meet the adjuster since my husband and I were working we were never told one of us had to be there until oddly we received a letter in the mail several days AFTER the ajuster came stating the homeowner had to be present yet they never mentioned that at the time they called to give us the appointment. American Integrity hired a structural engineer to fly all the way from Texas to assess our roof and of course being on American Integrity’s payroll he stated it was not hail damage but rather wear. Our home is small, and it probably cost more to fly the guy here than to just fix the roof! American integrity insured our home after a four point inspection at the time we purchased the home, which was less than a year before our claim. I told the girl I needed a copy of his findings. She said she could not send me a copy but would send a synopsis of what his report said. Here we are Jan 2016 still no report. The employee I spoke with on the phone was rude and unwilling to help. We have been completely ignored. We always paid our premiums on time so we did our part. The only thing they did was take our money and keep it! They should be investigated and closed down!! DO NOT USE AMERICAN INTEGRITY! THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEGRITY!!!

  10. Jessica says

    Horrible company. I have submitted a clairm over two months ago with no resolution. They never call with an update, you are constantly having to call them only to speak to voicemails. No one can ever help or answer questions. I cannot wait for my year to be up so I can cancel and go with literally ANYONE else because they have to be better. Zero customer service skills.

    • Linda Sturgeon says


      If you haven’t already done so, you need to read the other complaints against this awful company. You will never get a call from them. They will ignore you just as they have everybody. Horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it. Good luck to you.

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