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MedJet provides a very specific type of travel insurance, helping travelers who have become injured or ill to get back home quickly and safely. More than a policy, MedJet offers a membership that follows you wherever you go, providing international medical evacuation and transport among other added services.

Medjet Assist Summary

MedJet was founded in 1991, and was the first company to offer membership-style coverage for medical transport. Their company headquarters is in Birmingham, Alabama, and they serve customers across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico for travel around the world as well as domestic travel.

Their products are a unique approach to travel insurance, focused mainly on the need for medical transport when injury or illness occurs away from home. The company has access to over 250 air ambulances that can be dispatched from a list of more than 50 different locations across the globe to assist when a member requires transportation. These ambulances are state-of-the art, fully staffed by medical professionals, and in some cases can transport two critical patients at the same time.

They also provide medical consulting, translation services, monitoring of the member’s condition, and communication between members and family, employers, and local medical professionals, along with a list of other services.

MedJet’s memberships are sold through their website or over the phone, as well as through travel agents. They are available for businesses, individuals, families, and groups, with various levels of coverage and special options for students and seniors. Memberships can be short or long-term, from 30 days up to 5 years at a time.

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Medjet Membership Options

MedJet’s membership options are varied and designed to suit the particular needs of their customers. Here is a look at each category of membership and the various options within the categories. All of these policies include these basics, while some may include additional coverage:

  • Medical transport to the hospital of your choice when an illness or injury occurs more than 150 miles from home, with no limit on cost
  • Medical consultation and monitoring by MedJet experts
  • Translation services
  • Legal referrals
  • Assistance with passports, visas, and immunization requirements
  • Pre-travel medical consultations
  • Transportation of mortal remains

Personal Membership

MedJet’s Personal Membership options are designed for individuals and families and available in several levels and with different travel periods and requirements for membership.

  • Regular Membership is the MedJet standard membership, available at the individual and family level. Available to residents of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico up to age 74, coverage includes medical transport anywhere in the world for all covered members, along with all of the basic coverage included in a MedJet policy.
  • Expatriate Membership provides coverage for citizens of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico who are travelling to another country for an extended period of time. There are three levels of coverage depending on the length of the trip, up to one year.
  • Diamond Membership is especially designed for seniors aged 75-85 who are in good enough health to travel and do not qualify for the regular membership. This membership limits service to one transport per year.
  • Short-Term Protection plans are available for 8, 15, 21, or 30-day time periods for those who do not need the coverage of an annual plan. These plans do not require any kind of medical information from the applicant.
  • Domestic Membership covers members only in the 48 contiguous states for travel more than 150 miles away from home. International travel is not covered by this membership.
  • Motorcycle Membership is designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts and provides both medical transport anywhere in the world as well as coverage for the return of the motorcycle to the dealership or repair shop of the member’s choice.

Elite Membership

MedJet’s Elite membership is an upgrade that can be added on to the regular MedJet membership to access additional features and services. Elite members will receive the following services in addition to the basic package features:

  • Personal Concierge, which provides 24/7 access to travel and personal assistance from anywhere in the world.
  • Medical Concierge, which includes house calls for travel vaccines and education about needed vaccines.
  • Extra medical benefits including cash advances and specialty hospital transfers.
  • A complimentary international cell phone rental as well as special rates on satellite phone and smartphone rentals.
  • Special travel planning and information benefits.

Collegiate Membership

These special memberships are available at a reduced rate for students and faculty abroad. Collegiate memberships are available for stays from under 20 weeks up to a full year outside the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Domestic U.S. and North America memberships are also available in this category.

Corporate and Group Membership

Corporate membership is available for companies with as few as three members up to many more, and offers special business rates to companies, covering members under these memberships for both business and personal travel. Similar plan rates are available to non-corporate groups of three or more people.

Medjet Coverage

In addition to the benefits of membership already described, there are a few specifics to know about a MedJet membership. Members receive:

  • Two transports covered per year, except with Diamond Membership which allows only one
  • One transport per year in which an entire family covered by the policy is involved in the same accident
  • Transportation to the hospital of their choice whenever they choose as long as they are medically cleared for travel
  • Family memberships coverage for the member, a domestic partner or spouse, and up to 5 dependents who are under the age of 19, or 23 if they are full-time students
  • Transport on request regardless of medical necessity
  • Transportation without limit on the cost and without any additional fees
  • Medical repatriation assistance

Most of these services are not offered by standard travel insurance policies, or if they are there is a limit on coverage. MedJet’s no-limit approach to covering medical evacuation is what makes them stand apart from other travel insurance plans. In the event of a serious medical situation where an injured or ill person requires transportation from a remote country, the difference in out of pocket costs is likely to be in the tens of thousands. This is where MedJet really stands apart.

Medjet Assist Plan Prices

Pricing for MedJet plans depend on the type and coverage. A regular membership is available for one year at an individual rate of $270 and a family rate of $395. Rates are available for up to 5 years of coverage. The Elite membership upgrade is available for an additional $139 per year, offering all of the additional features at a flat rate.

Short-term membership costs $99 for 8 days of coverage for individuals and $195 for families, with prices rising based on the number of days of coverage. A 30-day policy runs at $240 for an individual and $385 for a family, bringing the rates so close to an annual membership that it becomes quickly obvious which is the better value.

Domestic membership is only available annually at a rate of $185 per year for individuals or $315 for family coverage. This is considerably cheaper than the international plan for good reason – coverage is only in the contiguous 48 states and therefore less costly to the company when medical transport is needed.

Further rates are available on the company’s website for some plans, while others such as group and corporate can only be obtained by contacting the company directly.

MedJet does offer a discount of 18% for AARP members, as well as a variety of discounts and promotions that run occasionally throughout the year.


Because of the nature of the MedJet membership, claims are handled a little differently than with some other travel insurance policies. There is no out-of-pocket cost for members when assistance is needed. They need only call the toll-free number on their membership card from anywhere in the world, and the MedJet team will verify that the situation meets the qualifications for coverage, handle arrangements and put things in motion.

As a result, there is rarely a situation where a member would need to file a claim or request reimbursement for any expenses, as MedJet promises no out-of-pocket costs as long as it is a covered claim and membership fees are up to date.

Medjet Consumer Reviews

MedJet has an A+ rating from the BBB and there is very little on their record – only one complaint has been filed in the past three years and none in the past 12 months. There are no government actions or other issues recorded by the BBB against the company. While this is good news, it may well be a reflection of the size of the business as well as the frequency of claims, leading to fewer opportunities to experience their services.

Reviews are not as frequent online as for other insurance companies that have a wider range of products, which isn’t surprising. The reviews that are available are generally positive, citing good customer service experiences both when purchasing membership and during a trip, but reviews of claims service are harder to find. This is likely because most people who purchase the membership never need to use it. There are some positive accounts of using the service, however, such as this blog post.

Overall, there is very little of a negative nature out there about MedJet, which is uncommon in the insurance industry. In most cases, reviews mainly appear when customers have a reason to be displeased, which makes it more impressive when you encounter a company that impressed customers enough for them to leave positive reviews.

Bottom Line

MedJet’s membership program is an interesting approach to medical evacuation coverage that provides a much higher level of service and protection than you would normally get from a travel insurance policy.

MedJet is likely to be a good choice for anyone who travels frequently, especially to remote locations or places where medical services are limited or less-than modern. It will also be a coverage of choice for those who want only medical evacuation coverage and don’t require any other form of travel insurance, or who want to pick and choose only the coverage they want rather than selecting a package policy. Since MedJet only sells one type of coverage, however, it is less convenient for those wishing to put together an individualized selection of coverage.

MedJet’s membership plans are one of those things that are very much worth the expense if and when you really need to use them. Overall, they have a good reputation, and for those who feel the premium is worth it, the service can be expected to be top-notch.
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