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As the very definition of a homegrown American company, Heartland National was created by an insurance agent out of his own guest room. With a focus on life and health insurance products for seniors, the company has grown to serve a large region, all while remaining true to its name and mission.

About Heartland National

As a relatively young company, Heartland was founded in 1994 in the spare bedroom of insurance agent Chris McDaniel’s home in Independence, MO. After a successful career selling policies, McDaniel set out to create his own company, Heartland Financial Group. The company moved into its first offices two years later. The 2006 acquisition of Dixie National Life Insurance launched Heartland onto the multi-state stage, significantly growing the company.

In 2008, Heartland Holding Company was formed as a parent company for Heartland Financial Group, Heartland Properties of Missouri, and Heartland Life Insurance Company. That same year, the company signed an agreement with Utah-based Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance Company to administer and provide re-insurance services for Heartland policies.

Today Heartland Life Insurance Company offers Cancer Care, Hospital Coverage, and Medicare Supplement insurance – the most recent addition – across its entire coverage area. That area currently encompasses 21 states. The website indicates that they plan to expand into further supplemental policies in the near future.

Medicare Supplement Products

Currently, Heartland offers only Medicare Supplement insurance and not Advantage – which is not surprising as they are not primarily a health insurance company – nor Part D Prescription Drug coverage.

The company’s website has a very easy and simple format, offering a basic outline of what Medicare covers, what it doesn’t, and how each of the offered Supplement plans fill in the gaps.

The plans offered are A, D, F, G, M, and N. This is a fairly good selection of plans for a company this size. A is the most basic of all Medicare Supplement Plans, covering co-insurance for medical and hospital, as well as hospice care, and the first three pints of blood each year.

Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. The variety of other options allow the choice of which coverage is most needed in order to strike a balance between coverage and premiums. The information on the website is basic, and contacting the company directly is the only way to get more details.

Medicare Supplement Rates

As a smaller company, Heartland doesn’t offer online quoting, nor is there any sort of rate sampling available for their Supplement plans. The company doesn’t sell their products in our sample area, so even with quotes it would be difficult to provide a comparison.

Ratings and Reviews

As with many smaller companies, there is little in the way of reviews for Heartland. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows an A+ rating for the company, and there is not a single complaint in the past three years. That is most certainly a positive sign, as the company is not so small that we would typically expect to see at least a few complaints.

It’s worth noting that Equitable Life, which administers National Heartland policies, also has an A+ rating with no complaints in the past three years.

We weren’t able to locate any direct reviews of Heartland or its Medicare Supplement policies. When it comes to insurance companies, a lack of reviews often means a lack of complaints, which is in the company’s favor.

The Bottom Line

Heartland offers a good selection of Medicare Supplement products in 21 states. They are worth considering for anyone who prefers a smaller company or wants to support a homegrown business, and doesn’t mind that they lack many of the convenient online services of the larger health insurance companies. Without rates it’s difficult to say how competitive they are, but they certainly appear to have a clean reputation, which goes a long way towards the balance between great service, great coverage, and a great rate.

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