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Serving residents of Tennessee since 1947, Farm Bureau Health Plans is a locally targeted company focusing on personal attention and service. They offer a selection of individual health plans, long-term care coverage, and financial plans as well as Medicare plans.

About Farm Bureau Health Plans

While the health plans section of Farm Bureau was started in 1947, Farm Bureau itself dates back to 1921. The organization was founded to help make a better life for farmers in rural Tennessee. Within 25 years, the company grew to become the largest Farm Bureau in the nation.

The Bureau created Tennessee Rural Health in 1947 to provide families with an affordable and accessible health care plan. This name remained until 2015, when the name Farm Bureau Health Plans was taken on by the company. Today, they stand as the largest private healthcare provider in the state.

Like the other health plans provided, Farm Bureau Medicare plans are only available to residents of the state of Tennessee. With local centers available in every county across the state, Farm Bureau promises easy access to care and customer service from local representatives who understand the needs of Tennesseans. Farm Bureau Health Plans are based out of Columbia, Tennessee.

Farm Bureau Medicare Plans

Farm Bureau currently offers three types of plans for those who qualify for Medicare. All of the plans are designed to be supplemental, and there is no Medicare Advantage plan on the list. The plans available are Medicare Supplement, Part D, and a Dental and Vision plan called Dental/Vision +65.

Medicare Supplement

Farm Bureau offers a good selection of Medicare Supplement plans for those already enrolled in Original Medicare to choose from. A, B, C, D, F, G, M, and N plans are all available – and each offers an increasing level of coverage. The plans start with the most basic, A, which covers hospitalization and medical expenses coinsurance as well as three pints of blood and Part A hospice coinsurance.

The plans add additional coverage at each level, allowing the insured to choose the right plan for their needs without paying for coverage they may not require, such as foreign travel emergency coverage.

All of Farm Bureau’s supplement plans are no-network plans, which means that they will cover all of the same providers the insured was previously seeing. That means there is no need to figure out which doctors or hospitals are covered under the plan.

Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Farm Bureau offers two Part D plans to cover prescription drugs, with or without a deductible.

The Farm Bureau Select Rx Plan is a zero-deductible plan that covers 5 Tiers of drugs at increasing rates. Preferred generics are as low as $1 for a 30-day supply, and other generics at just $4. The highest out of pocket amount is a 35% coinsurance for non-preferred generic or brand drugs.

Farm Bureau Essential Rx comes with a lower premium, but a $400 deductible. The co pay for preferred generics still starts at $1, but the rest of the co pays are a little higher. Generic drugs are as low as $5 and the highest cost is a 40% co-insurance for non-preferred generic and brand drugs.

Dental/Vision +65

Farm Bureau’s last supplemental offering is a dental and vision plan that fills in the Medicare gaps in these two areas.

This plan covers 50-80% on a variety of dental care needs, depending on the procedure. There is an annual maximum of $1500 and a $100 deductible. Dental coverage is provided by the Delta Dental network.

The vision coverage includes a $15 co pay for annual vision exams, as well as a $35 co pay for prescription eyeglasses. There are coverage limits placed on frames of $100 or $125 for certain preferred brands, with a 20% coverage on any amount above this limit. The plan also includes $100 for contacts annually, and a variety of other covered services. Coverage is provided by the VSP network.

Farm Bureau Rates

Farm Bureau only offers coverage within Tennessee, which means we are unable to compare them to our national sample.

While the website does not provide rates for the various Medicare Supplement plans, we were able to pull flat rates for the other two types of coverage.

The Dental/Vision +65 plan has a rate of $39.75 per month and the Select Rx plan will run $76.10 per month. The Essential Rx is a little cheaper at $57.80 per month, but this is due to the deductible and slightly higher co pays. When it comes to deciding between these two plans, the difference will come down to whether or not you expect to meet and surpass the deductible, and whether you would rather simply pay a little more out of pocket each month than pay a deductible before receiving coverage benefits.

Ratings and Reviews of Farm Bureau Health Plans

Due to the fact that they are a smaller company serving only one state, Farm Bureau Health Plans does not appear on national insurance company review and complaint sites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has only one complaint filed against Farm Bureau Health Plans in the past three years, and not a single complaint recorded in the past 12 months. They hold a top rating of A+.

There are a few reviews and complaints out there for other Farm Bureau products, but not anything directly pertaining to health insurance or to Medicare products.

Bottom Line

Farm Bureau is a small, local insurer with strong roots within the Tennessee community. For those seeking coverage to fill the various gaps in Medicare, they are a good choice; rates appear reasonable and the company has an excellent reputation with next to no complaints. If you are looking for personal service and prefer to work with a very local company, this may a good option for any Tennessee resident.

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