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Allstate Insurance is now offering several useful mobile apps. AllstateSM Mobile is the choice for policy holders, but its usefulness can be extended with Digital Locker© to create a home inventory, Drivewise© Mobile to check how safely you are driving and to monitor teen driving, GoodRide© for planning trips and keeping track of maintenance and repairs, plus a dedicated Allstate Motor Club app to request roadside assistance quickly.

Allstate Mobile Claims UploadDevice Availability

Allstate mobile apps are available as free downloads at Google Play and iTunes.

Allstate Mobile—iPhone, iPod Touch, Android.

Digital Locker—iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Web.

Drivewise Mobile—iPhone and Android.

GoodRide—iPhone and Android.

Motor Club—iPhone only.

App Features

Allstate Mobile is a valuable app for policy holders. You can view your policy and agent information; even email it from within the app. Unlike some apps, Allstate allows a variety of policy types including info on mobile home, boat, and even specialty auto policies. It offers a checklist of steps if you are involved in an accident, including the ability to record driver and witness information, capture photos on the scene, and begin a claim using Quick Foto ClaimSM.

You can also request emergency roadside service if that is included in your policy (not Motor Club). Those enrolled in Drivewise can also check their performance. One useful feature is a parking locator to find your parked car. And of course, you can always pay your bill.

Digital Locker—this app allows you to store photos and information on personal property—such as purchase date and price—in a cloud so that it is accessible from both your mobile device and the web.

Drivewise Mobile—this app is designed to compete with Progressive’s innovative SnapShot program to lower your rate with safe driving. To use it, you must be an Allstate customer enrolled in the Drivewise or Star Driver (teens) program.

GoodRide—Designed for motorcyclists, this app allows you to plan a ride, log your route, time, and miles plus add comments and photos, share your ride on Facebook and Twitter, and keep a log of repairs and routine maintenance, and for customers, Roadside Assistance service.

Google Play / iTunes / Amazon Reviews

Allstate Mobile—3.5 stars for current version on iTunes; 4.2 rating at Google Play. Main complaints include crashes and lost data. The newest version will not work on older Android versions.

Digital Locker—2.5 stars on iTunes; 3.7 rating at Google Play. Android users report frequent crashing with latest update. Even with a good phone, the picture quality can be an issue.

Drivewise—2.5 stars on iTunes; 3.1 rating at Google Play. Android and iPhone users complain that either the app doesn’t capture data or is always on and the GPS use drains the battery.

GoodRide—3.5 stars at iTunes; 3.8 rating at Google Play. Most reviews complain the new update does not sync from start of the ride to the end, so data is often lost, including maintenance records.

Pros and Cons


  • Record witness and driver information after an accident
  • Store Photos of personal property with Digital Locker
  • Report/ submit a claim


  • Complaints of App draining device batteries
  • No digital ID card

Bottom Line

Allstate Mobile—if you are an Allstate policy holder, there is no reason not to have this app on your phone. Although it can be buggy, it will do a reasonable job of helping you with a potential accident claim, and that is reason enough to have it.

Digital Locker—although policy holders may find this app advantageous, most users will find an app such as Encircle will have great support and better features.

Drivewise—although the app seems to have some problems with data capture and battery use, Allstate does offer a potential 10% discount for using it. On the other hand, if you sign up and the app doesn’t work well, the chance of a discount diminishes.

GoodRide—the idea behind GoodRide is excellent, but the actual execution has been less than sterling. Via Michelin may be a better option. As always, though, Allstate’s developers seem to be making an effort to improve the stability of this app.

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