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The Hartford Insurance Summary

The Hartford Financial Services Group was founded in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut, where its headquarters still resides. As a financial company, it splits its business between insurance and investments, operating primarily in group benefits, individual insurance and mutual funds. The Hartford began as a fire insurance company for Connecticut merchants. By 1913, it started to offer accident and indemnity coverage, and added life insurance to its list by 1959. Today, The Hartford offers a variety of products for individuals and businesses.

Although The Hartford originally offered a wide array of wealth management products, they have since sold many of their product lines, including some life insurance and retirement planning, in order to focus on auto and property insurance. The company is affiliated with AARP, and AARP members receive special discounts and perks when they obtain insurance through The Hartford; this makes it a particularly popular provider among older drivers.

The company employs over 15,000 people, including a staff of agents across the country. The Hartford is publicly traded and has earned a positive reputation for its corporate policies and charitable activities. It’s been recognized several times by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

The Hartford offers insurance coverage for private automobiles, recreational vehicles and business autos. Specialized policies are also available for antique and collector cars, taking the particular needs of these vehicles into account.

Both full coverage and liability-only policies are eligible for a number of discounts, including The Hartford’s TrueLane program. TrueLane is a type of pay-as-you-go insurance that requires the driver to monitor his habits via a plugin that tracks mileage, speed, braking and more.

Red our Full Review of The Hartford TrueLane Program Here

Aside from TrueLane, The Hartford offers a few unique product options through its Advantage and Advantage Plus packages:

  • No Drop Promise – Ensures that your policy will not be dropped even if you have an accident or traffic conviction.
  • Rate Protection (Six Months) – Prevents premiums from rising during that period.
  • RecoverCare – A $2,500 stipend offered in addition to medical payments coverage. This coverage helps to pay for household services that an insured may be unable to complete due to an accident-related injury.
  • New Car Replacement – Options for new vehicles that are totaled before they reach 15,000 miles. Qualifying vehicles are replaced without depreciation deductions.
  • Advantage Plus – Encompasses all of the above while including rate protection, accident forgiveness, deductible waiver and a disappearing deductible for safe driving. However, this policy does cost more than basic auto insurance.

Home Insurance

Although The Hartford is better known for its auto products, it does offer property insurance for homeowners, condo dwellers and renters of houses and apartments. Customers who carry both home and auto policies through the company have access to greater discounts when they bundle their policies.

The Hartford offers a few special products and programs:

  • Home Replacement Cost – Up to 125% of the policy limits in the event of a total loss. Personal property can also be replaced with new items, without depreciation, in certain situations.
  • Deductible Forgiveness – For large losses of $25,000 or more.
  • Special Protection for Valuables – Exceeding the standard $5,000 limit on personal property.

Homeowners can also purchase umbrella insurance to accompany their property coverage. Umbrella policies provide additional liability protection when an underlying auto or home policy is exhausted.

Business Insurance

In addition to individual policies for homes and vehicles, The Hartford also sells group policies for employers to offer as benefits to their workers. Among these offerings are life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance and accidental death insurance. Policies can be purchased individually or grouped together for a single plan depending on the needs of the employer.

Individuals who carry group life plans through The Hartford have access to a few unique perks, including beneficiary counseling services for bereaved survivors of policyholders. The Hartford also offers some funeral planning and will preparation services to group policyholders.

These policies and perks are available only to group policyholders for businesses and organizations. Individual life and extended medical coverage plans are not offered by The Hartford.

The Hartford Insurance Price (Rates)

Quote Test Results
Rate Test Details

*At the time of this review, The Hartford quote system was down for the state of California, so the numbers below are from the last time we updated this page.

According to our quote test, The Harford was 4.2% above the average.


The Hartford offers online claims reporting for its auto and homeowners policies. Employees can also file online for short and long term disability group policies, but life and accidental death claims must be filed over the phone. Claims can be filed online by selecting the Claims option from the tab of the appropriate insurance type.

Alternatively, policyholders can file claims over the phone:

  • 1-877-805-9918 – AARP Members
  • 1-800-243-5860 – Auto and Home Policyholders
  • 1-888-563-1124 – Life Insurance Claims

The specific claims process will depend upon the policy type and details of the claim. In general, you will need to provide an explanation of what happened and provide contact information for any other parties involved.

Once the claim has been filed, it will be assigned to an adjuster who will walk you through the rest of the process and arrange to complete an inspection or additional investigation if necessary. The Hartford is partnered with auto and home vendors who can handle your repairs if desired; if not, you can arrange to have your claim settled by check.

Consumer Research and Complaints

In J.D. Power & Associates’ 2013 Insurance Shopping Study, The Hartford fared well in all categories for consumer satisfaction. Overall, it ranked four out of five stars, with the same rating in the categories of policy offerings, price and call center representatives. Local agents did not rank as well, receiving just two out of five stars. The same rating was given for website design and usability.

The Hartford is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it does have a B+ rating on the website. The BBB site lists 322 complaints lodged against The Hartford in the last three years, with 91 having been closed during the previous 12 months. Of these, the majority are listed as issues with the product or service. Many of the more recent complaints seem to revolve around communications failures with customer service.

Financial Strength

Rating CompanyGradeFinancial Outlook
AM BestAStable

Bottom Line

The Hartford offers a lot of optional features for their auto policies, while at the same time not inflating their prices too much. Their claims process is pretty standard, but their financial strength ratings are lower than many of their competitors.

According to a JD Power survey (mentioned above) they score above average in a number of categories, but they are one of the few insurance companies that have a Better Business Bureau rating below A. They market heavily towards the older generation, and anyone who is a member of AARP can get an additional discount on their policies.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Mark says

    The Hartford for business insurance is the WORST. I cancelled my policy before the due date, and I was lucky to receive a new bill for $17. This was because they didn’t explain how to fill out the audit form for Worker’s Compensation and I end up making a mistake, that they said they won’t fix. They told me I have to send in a copy of my Schedule-C and a written letter to complain etc. Meanwhile, the way I found out about the bill was an email that I was going to collections. You see they sent the bill to the wrong address. Funny thing is every year I had the policy, the same thing happened. Sent to the wrong address, I call them up and change the address to the correct one. I have done this 10 times, and still they send it to the old address. I was told all their systems are not linked in anyway, so I guess I got to 10 of their systems, but not the 11th. Their website for accounts really sucks. Difficult to use and understand. They are outdated and just incompetent. Please save your money and find another company.

  2. Theodore Swanson says

    I have just installed my truelane box in the car (2 Weeks ago) 1st day showed excessive braking.
    Had my defensive driving trainer go with me for a trip, then looked at the events listed.
    “a driver when by the event log and its report to adjust his/her driving habits there would be a dramatic increase in minor accidents, a modest increase in accidents with injuries and occasional accidents involving death”. This from only one three hundred mile trip over a three day period.
    SO MUCH FOR GOOD REPORTING… Will be looking for a new company when it come time to renew. One that looks at the long time driving record not some box that has no idea of the circumstance surrounding the events reported.

    • Judith Stall says

      I’m so glad you mentioned your issue with excessive braking, because the same thing happened to me. I was dumbfounded to find excessive braking was listed several times when I know I am not that type of driver. I always allow plenty of stopping room in front of me because I don’t want any cars behind me to crash into me, which is something that happened to me 40 years ago when I was stopped at a red light. There are times, however, when an alert driver like myself has to stop quickly to avoid an accident when a careless driver cuts in front of, turns left in front of, or suddenly stops in front of me. I can assure you, I’ve avoided several accidents by stopping quickly in those cases. By the way, I’ve been driving without an accident for the last 40 years. I agree with you that one’s driving record should care more weight than some ignorant driving device.

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