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Church Mutual Insurance Summary

Church Mutual Insurance Company is a leading provider of insurance for religious organizations and their affiliates. In addition to worship centers including churches, synagogues, and temples, the company provides property/casualty and workers’ compensation products to schools and colleges, day care, camps and conference centers, denominational offices, and senior living communities. It also provides cyber crime protection for organizations and international travel insurance for missionaries and ministries.

The company also provides assistance with risk management for denominational organizations through programs such as payroll audit, inventory survey, background screening, child and youth safety programs, building and grounds safety programs, general safety programs, and activity safety training.

Founded in 1897, Church Mutual now insures more churches and religious institutions than any other national insurer. As a mutual company, it helps maintain low prices by having policyholders become the investors in the company, allowing it to operate with lower profit margins than most insurers.

Insurance Products

Church Mutual can provide comprehensive, specialized coverage, including:

Products are marketed by captive agents and invited agencies who are trained in providing the specialized coverages required by denominational organizations.

Church Mutual Insurance Rates

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Because Church Mutual does not offer private insurance or boilerplate commercial policies, a comparison of policy rates is not practical. Organizations that are interested in learning more about Church Mutual’s rates should contact a licensed agent in their area.

The process can start online, but, as with any organizational insurance quote, be prepared to confer with the agent to cover the overall condition of a facility, its equipment, vehicles and other elements that need insurance coverage.


Church Mutual provides a variety of filing options for claims.

Emergency claims can be reported at any time, but non-emergency claims should be reported between 7 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, at 800-554-2642, Option 2.

Online claims can be filed for property loss, accident reports, auto accidents, and workers’ compensation. Claims can also be faxed to 715-539-4651, or mailed. Claim forms are available online as well.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Church Mutual Insurance Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB gives it a rating of A+. Just three complaints have been filed with BBB in the last three years; one was closed in the last 12 months. Two complaints were product/service issues; one was for a billing/collection issue.

Financial Strength

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Bottom Line

Church Mutual provides specialty products for a very unique niche. They are setup as a mutual, so the policyholders share in the profits (as well as losses) of the company. This can help to keep the firm focused on what is best for their policyholders. They also have good customer review ratings, with very few complaints. However, as a specialty insurer, their product offers are limited and many businesses will not be able to use them.

Any organization with a religious affiliation should check into Church Mutual when researching insurance companies. They offer specific coverage plans for places of worship, and can even provide special coverage for workers engaged with children and the elderly.

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