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As the name implies, Church Mutual provides insurance policies specifically designed for places of worship and related religious organizations. Focused on Christian organizations, their products meet the needs of a niche market, from camps to traveling ministries.

Church Mutual Summary

Church Mutual was founded in 1897 by two Lutheran pastors as a mutual company serving the needs of religious organizations. Originally founded as the Wisconsin Church Mutual Fire Insurance Association in Merrill, Wisconsin, the company grew over more than 100 years to write policies in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

Church Mutual writes coverage for places of worship, religious schools and colleges, camps, religious offices, senior living communities, and more. As a mutual company, Church Mutual’s policyholders are also the owners of the company, which is the largest provider of insurance to religious organizations and associations in the nation.

Although the company was founded by Lutheran pastors, Church Mutual is not, as a company, associated with any particular denomination today.

Policies are sold through agents and brokers across the nation, although quoting can be started on the website.

Insurance Products

Church Mutual writes commercial insurance policies to cover a wide range of religious organizations. They do not write any sort of personal insurance.

Policies include all of the basics of commercial coverage, as well as specialty coverage designed to meet the specific needs of houses of worship, religious associations, and other related businesses and associations including:

Products are marketed by captive agents and invited agencies who are trained in providing the specialized coverages required by denominational organizations.

Commercial Package Policies

Places of worship are a major part of Church Mutual’s business, and they write comprehensive commercial insurance to cover their needs.

These policies are also available for:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Denominational Offices
  • Camps and Conference Centers
  • Senior Living Facilities

Church Mutual’s Multi-Peril policy contains comprehensive coverage including:

  • Property coverage
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Crime
  • Inland Marine
  • Hired and Nonowned auto liability

Commercial Auto

Church Mutual writes commercial auto insurance policies to cover vehicles used in the course of business by any of their customers. These policies include all of the basic coverage in addition to specialized options specific to the industry.

Additional Products

Worker’s Compensation

Completing the requirements for any business, Church Mutual also provides Worker’s Compensation. This coverage provides medical and other benefits for work-related accidents and injuries.

Cyber Crime Protection

Church Mutual writes two levels of cyber crime protection coverage.

The Core Cyber program provides:

  • Data risk liability
  • Data breach response
  • Identity protection for full-time employees
  • Risk management services

The SB Core Protector is an upgraded, more comprehensive plan that adds Business Identity Protection among other enhanced features.

International Travel

Church Mutual writes international travel insurance that covers employees and volunteers traveling on ministry work for religious organizations.

Coverage includes:

  • Accident and Sickness coverage
  • Foreign Commercial General Liability
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance

Church Mutual Rates

Since Church Mutual doesn’t write personal insurance, we are not able to offer price comparisons on the common products we normally quote.

The company writes very specific commercial products, also making it difficult to compare to other companies, and prices are likely to differ from customer to customer. Thanks to Church Mutual’s very specific niche market, rates may not factor much into purchasing decisions; that said, they have obviously risen to be a leading provider in the market and likely offer competitive rates to have done so.

Church Mutual offers an initial online quoting form, but this will refer the potential customer to an agent who can complete the quote. This is common for commercial insurance since it involves more information and detail, as well as different underwriting needs, which require a more involved application process.


Church Mutual offers multiple options for filing a claim, and outlines them more clearly than most commercial insurance companies.

Claims can be filed the following ways:

  • (800) 554-2642 – 7am – 5:45pm CST Monday – Friday
  • (715) 539-4651 – 24/7 fax line
  • Mail directly to: Church Mutual Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 342
    Merrill, WI 54452-0342
  • Online
  • Email directly to:

Claim forms can be downloaded online for easy access, printed, and then returned to the company when completed.

Church Mutual states that they handle claims with a specific approach, promising to seek facts that favor the insured as carefully as facts that favor the company, and to give the insured the benefit of the doubt.

Adjusters investigate claims thoroughly and then determine benefits and a settlement. As there are many types of possible claims in commercial policies, the length of time required to complete this process can vary greatly from claim to claim.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Church Mutual is not BBB accredited, but has an A+ rating with only one complaint recorded in the past three years. No complaints are on file in the past 12 months.

The lack of complaints is certainly a good sign, but it’s also not unusual for a company that specializes in commercial insurance. Businesses who have a problem with an insurance agency tend to use other avenues to handle complaints rather than the BBB or other online review services.

That said, there are a few reviews of Church Mutual on other internet sites, some of them negative. Most negative reviews pertain to claims problems. There are several reviews from churches that felt that they had been treated unfairly in the claims process.

The reviews are not numerous but they do seem to repeat similar complaints about damages being undervalued and not paid out at an appropriate rate.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

Church Mutual writes very specific policy types to provide coverage for their niche market, which includes churches, offices of religious associations, and other related businesses. As the largest such provider in the nation, they are likely to be on the list for any business in that market.

Their policies are designed specifically for this market niche, they are financial stable, and they have been in business for over 100 years, all of which help in recommending the company. There are some questions in terms of claims handling based on the reviews of the company, but they don’t appear in large numbers and the BBB rating is good. As a result, Church Mutual is well worth considering for anyone who fits this particular market.

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  1. Albert Johnson says

    we went through the same problem, we have been paying our premium almost 20 years and the denied our claim. but they fail to relized that i’m not stopping there. we got insurance for the (IF) and the (WHEN). we are filing against them and I will publicize to all the churches that;s insursured with them. what they do they undermind the small churches. we need to stick together and complain as much as we can.

  2. Brian says

    this is very interesting after speaking with a associate at church mutual I was treated like a complete idiot and moron didn’t want anything to do with filing a claim and immediately assumed that our water damage would not be covered even though they send out an adjuster to check the damage as a responsible church we have paid our premiums on time every month and never missed a payment until now now apparently because we have to be paid for something they don’t want anything to do with us

  3. Diane Robinson says

    We have been paying premiums of $1800.00 a year, with no claims in over 13 years with the exception of a fall. It is renewal time and they send an associate out to inspect, our property, they find the roof is in need of repair instead of allowing us to replace the roof, we received a certified letter for non renewal. Thank you God, for making my crookied path straight!!!

      • Edna Carr says

        I am a contractor working with two churches insured by Church Mutual Insurance Company. Both churches experience water damages. One church in particular experienced an extensive mold problem. These claims have been pending since April of this year, and the churches have not been able to conduct their normal church functions since the water damages. Church Mutual called in a Hygenist for testing that was performed and very much in line with my report of the danages. But, Church Mutual has not paid on either claim and continues to request more information. I wrote a letter to the Church Mutual representative explaining the hazardous environment and compromised situation they have left both churches in. It’s now November and still no resolution and the churches remain in a hazardous environment and unable to have normal church services and programs. Church Mutual has totally disrespected and disregarded the churches to the fullest extent. These churches are small community churches with predominately senior citizen membership who pay their church tithes from monthly social security and disability income that has kept them insured with Church Mutual for years with no missed payments. These churches try to plan little fund raisers to help raise money to pay utility bills and serve food on occasion. I’m writing to you because as a contractor and an individual I cannot believe how Church Mutual has treated these poor churches. I have never ever seen anything like this. The Pastors have called Church Mutual, I have called and I have been working with an adjuster for Church Mutal who has simply tied everything up. Because of this very appalling behavior by Church Mutual I felt compelled to speak out on the wrong they have done to their customers. This is truly unacceptable and should be reviewed by a responsible executives at Church Mutual. Thank you for providing a venue to voice my concerns.



        • Angela says

          My church is experiencing the same thing but I will let everyone know of the poor service they have provided. We are still waiting on that call back also. But word of mouth and Facebook will help spread the word.

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