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Amerisure Insurance got its start as a worker’s compensation provider in 1912, when the Michigan Manufacturer’s Association formed the group. At the time, Michigan was a major industrial hub of the country, and conditions were not always safe. Worker’s compensation was still a fairly new concept, and a provider who cared for those workers specifically was much-needed.

Today, Amerisure has expanded its focus significantly, although it continues to offer similar coverages. The company only sells business insurance, offering a combination of liability, worker’s compensation and certain specialty products for manufacturers and contractors.

The company is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, with satellite offices in the 10 states where coverage is available. Amerisure sells its products through independent agencies and has partnered with several organizations, including the Indiana Manufacturing Association. Members of its partner groups receive some special perks and benefits.

Insurance Products

Workers Compensation

Amerisure has been providing worker’s compensation coverage for more than 100 years, and this is still one of the company’s primary products. Worker’s compensation insurance is purchased by employers to help cover the medical expenses and lost income of employees who are injured on the job. Since most states require employers to provide worker’s compensation, this is a necessary coverage for businesses.

An important note about Amerisure is that it attempts to keep claim costs down by partnering with medical professionals. These partners offer a few valuable services:

  • Care Management: Nurses picked by Amerisure triage the case and provide management of treatment, acting as a go-between for the employee, agent, doctor and employer.
  • Pharmacy Benefits: Injured employees receive a special prescription card to cover the cost of drugs as needed to treat the work injury. The purpose of this card is to provide affordable medication while stopping the patient from buying any unrelated medications with claim money.
  • Medical Bill Review: Amerisure reviews medical bills and challenges unnecessary or extraneous charges to keep costs down.

All of these services help to lower the cost of claims, saving the employer money.

Bundled Policies

Aside from worker’s compensation coverage, Amerisure also sells bundled insurance packages for different types of industries. These packages include a combination of coverages designed with particular types of businesses in mind. These include:

  • Contractors Advantage Program: Designed for contractors, this bundle includes commercial auto and property coverage as well as specialized liability for things like design services, employee benefits, pollution, and repairs. General and umbrella liability coverage are also included. These policies come with built-in worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Manufacturer’s Advantage Program: This bundle is similar to the contractor’s package, but the specialized liability products are focused more on the needs of manufacturing companies. These include product recall liability and manufacturer specification expense coverage. The other coverages, like worker’s comp and commercial auto, are the same as the Contractor’s Advantage Program.
  • Command Coverage: This bundle is meant for commercial manufacturers and other large-scale enterprises. It differs from the other policies in that it comes with enhancements for higher limits and broader property coverage. It pays for things like mechanical breakdown, computer failure, utility services and inland marine coverage.

If none of the packaged deals work for your business, Amerisure does sell products individually so that you can mix and match to get the right policy.

Additional Products

In addition to providing insurance, Amerisure also offers some risk management services and classes for businesses to help reduce injuries on the job and provide a safer work environment.

Aside from encouraging safety in the workplace, this risk management program also helps to cut down costs for both the employer and the insurance company.

A variety of loss control programs are offered:

  • On-site training
  • Behavioral safety assessments
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Accountability programs for management
  • Supervisor training

If an accident does occur at the workplace, Amerisure can provide an investigation and analysis of that situation and work with the company to prevent future occurrences.

Amerisure Insurance Rates

As with most business-to-business companies, Amerisure does not sell its policies directly through its website; instead, you must purchase insurance through a licensed agent. This is because businesses tend to have unique needs, and an agent can help you identify these and create a policy with the right combination of coverages.

This also means that there is no online quote request form. You can, however, find an agent in your area by clicking “Find an Agent” on the top right-hand side of the Amerisure homepage. Choose your location from the map to bring up a list of nearby agents.


Claims information for Amerisure can be found under the “Our Services” tab. Claims can be reported online, over the phone, through email or by fax. Various claim kits are available for different states, with each kit including the necessary paperwork to complete the claim.

Amerisure uses a program called Advocate Claims Service to process their claims. This is a fancy term basically meaning that agents and adjusters work together to resolve claims, a process that’s meant to boost communication and make things go smoothly.

Amerisure also makes a point of showing from their site that they are vigilant about fraud and questionable claims, all as part of the company’s thorough attempts to keep costs low for the end-user and itself.

Aside from fraud investigation, Amerisure keeps the cost of worker’s compensation claims low by working with its medical partners. The general goal is to provide necessary care with a focus on getting the employee back to work quickly, utilizing plans like its “early return to work” program. This gives employees the chance to go back to work doing light duty, or whatever tasks are within their abilities during recovery.

The general guiding principle behind Amerisure’s worker’s compensation claims management is that if an employee is able to work, he won’t be drawing worker’s compensation payments, thus keeping costs low for the employer and insurer alike.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Like many other B2B companies, Amerisure maintains a minimal web presence since there is not as much need to communicate directly with customers. The company has no official Better Business Bureau listing for its headquarters, although there are some pages for various agencies and satellite offices. There is also no Facebook page, although the company does have an active LinkedIn account with more than 2,500 followers.

There are few consumer reviews of the company from businesses, which is consistent with most commercial insurance companies. However, there are some complaints from workers whose employers use the company, as well as a handful of lawsuits in the past decade between Amerisure and companies whose claims were denied.

Here’s one example of the type of complaint that seems fairly common.

Financial Strength

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Bottom Line

From a business-owner’s standpoint, Amerisure seems like a pretty solid company. They work with their customers to help lower overall costs through on-site audits as well as health wellness programs. Overall, they are a solid company if you are in the manufacturing or construction industries.

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  1. David Bonner says

    I was hit on 12/7/2016 by a Commercial Vehicle insured by Amerisure. The other driver of the commercial vehicle was ticketed for failure to yield and charged with the accident. It is 12/28/16 and my car still sits in my garage damager and they have denied liability and told me to have my insurance fix my car and they were investigating. I was told by a Mr. [Redacted] of this company that I legally had to mitigate my claim. I spent 43 years in the insurance industry so I know filing a claim with them was mitigating my claim. This company is showing bad faith in that their insured caused me damage and harm and are failing to take action. This company does not care to keep their promise.

  2. Kaitlyn M says

    Highly unprofessional organization. Predatory practices are frequently deployed by its staff to avoid fully reimbursing claimants for damages.

  3. David zingg says

    I recently paid my semiannual premium 2 days late after 10 years of being on time. Amerisure cancelled my auto insurance on 10/30. The letter of cancellation arrived on 11/4. I was told they were moving out of Michigan and they no longer wanted my business. Put me in a bad position and my homeowners on my two homes will be switched soon.

  4. Stephen Hill says

    I was recently involved in an vehicular accident where the party that was at fault had Amerisure Insurance. I have been waiting for over a month for the payout even though 5 days into the claim Amerisure admitted their client was at fault and they were responsible for the claim. The local office has dragged their feet repeatedly. Eventually I had to move money from my own personal financial vehicle to cover the loss and buy another car. The treatment of my claim reminds me of the horror stories that I hear from people who have workers comp claims that cannot be resolved through the insurance carrier. If the resolution of my claim is any indication of the remaining part of Amerisure Insurance, I would not have anything to do with this company. Hopefully I will get the claim paid soon and never have to deal with them again.

    • Kenneth Kish says

      I have been waiting for an adjuster to settle a claim for over six months. It is a common practice in the insurance industry to delay and hope the claimant just goes away.

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