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American National (ANICO) Insurance
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American National was founded by the Moody family in Galveston, Texas in 1905. It has a major focus on financial products including life insurance, health, disability, annuities, and more. The company also writes personal property & casualty insurance including auto and home. There are also commercial insurance products available.

American National is a group of companies writing insurance products in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia, although the type of policy available varies by state. New York is the one state where only affiliated companies and subsidiaries are licensed to do business.

American National products are mainly sold through agents, although some life insurance products are available for purchase online. Agents can be found through the website for all states and some U.S. territories where the company is licensed.

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Insurance Products

American National doesn’t provide detailed product descriptions online; rather, they point customers to agents for more information regarding policies. The types of products that are available include both personal and commercial lines insurance, and they also administer pension plans for small businesses.

Life Insurance

American National writes a variety of life insurance products including whole, term, and universal. They also offer annuities, both fixed and variable. Life insurance is the only product that is sold directly and not only through agents, via a separate website.

Personal Lines Property & Casualty

The property & casualty products from American National cover the basics of personal insurance, including:

Although there is no information on these products on the website, a look at customer reviews reveals that they may offer a Cash Back incentive program that provides money back on auto and possibly home insurance policies for loyal customers. Customers who have mentioned the program seem to be pleased with it. There’s no information on how cash back checks are received or what the requirements are.

Additional Products

Credit Insurance
These products are designed to make payments on debts in the event that the policyholder becomes unable to do so. Policy types include credit life, credit disability, credit involuntary unemployment, and property policies.

Commercial Insurance
Commercial Insurance policies are available for small businesses. American National also writes agribusiness coverage.

Health Insurance
Plans from American National include major medical, Medicare supplemental, and disability insurance.

American National Rates

Online quoting is not available for most of the products from American National. Only their term and whole life insurance products can be bought online, through the American National Direct website. Online quoting requires providing contact information that allows the company to contact you by phone in order to follow up on the quote and complete the application – which may put off some insurance shoppers who simply want to get numbers without being contacted.

American National is very focused on their life insurance products, and likely has competitive rates. For other products, it is difficult to say what sort of rates they might offer. It’s unlikely that, as an agent-driven company, their auto rates will be as competitive as major direct-buy insurance companies.


American National provides very little information on their website with regards to claims. They do have claims forms available to download for some of their products, including life and health insurance, but there is no information with regards to property & casualty claims. This is likely a function of the company’s focus on life insurance and other similar products; however, the lack of information is still a major oversight.

There is information available to contact customer support, and a customer access point where policyholders can log into the company’s system to manage accounts. The website doesn’t say whether there is any claims access through this portal.

It seems likely that American National directs claims through the customer support line or accepts them through the agents that sell their products, but without any real information on the website it’s difficult to say with any certainty.

Consumer Research and Complaints

American National Insurance is not BBB accredited. They have been given an A+ rating based on the BBB’s multi-factor rating system that includes the number of complaints. There are a total of 28 complaints against the company in the past three years, with only six of those closed in the past 12 months. Those are low numbers for such a large company.

Reviews of American National are mixed, but there are a good number of positive reviews, which is always encouraging. There are more positive reviews for the company’s life insurance subsidiary than for the property & casualty company, but overall there are still enough good reviews to easily balance out the negative ones. Most complaints center on claims issues.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

The lack of information regarding the details of the company’s product offerings makes it difficult to come to a clear picture of what they offer and whether they are a good value for consumers. American National has a fairly good reputation, with more positive reviews than are commonly seen for a property & casualty company.

It may be worth a look for those who prefer to use an agent. They are a big player in the life insurance market and look to be worth considering. That said, it’s difficult to provide a real recommendation for this company due to the overall lack of information on products and claims processes.

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  1. Natasha says

    This company is horrible. Someone hit my “parked” car and ran. Thankfully the police found the person. This happened last month (December 19). I couldnt get a rental for 2 weeks. Finally last week i get one. The agent call me yesterday talking about you need to return the car. Im like well, how am i going to get back and forth to work. Shes like its not my problem. Im like wow. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor calls me back this morning talking about “o well u cant keep the rental forever “. Ummm i dont but i do want to go to work. This company has given me nothing but problems from the beginning and they dont care. I was on the phone for 15mins and nothing got resolved. I felt like i was communicating with my kinder students…really annoyed

  2. Mike says

    In agreement with what several people have to say about this company They are horrible to deal with! over the past 2.5 years our family has surrendered a total of 6 policies (working on the 7th), due to lack of communication, misinformation, rude and disrespectful agents, poor follow through and just a complete lack of ability to get the job done! I have had greater success working with a secretary in a local office than I have had working with agents, customer service, and a district manager. They have a bad habit of loosing vital information, an inability to communicate, and “oversights”. Avoid conducting any business with them if you are at all able.

  3. Susan says

    I would never do business with American National Life Insurance Company. My parents took out a meager whole life insurance policy with them when I was a baby (58 years ago). I decided to do a cash surrender on the policy. Well, nearly 3 months and still no check in the mail. I have been told something different every time I call. I have sent in the same forms several times to only be told they didn’t receive it or another type form was to be filled out. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. All in all, there is no continuity in customer service. Never knew such a simple thing could turn into such a fiasco.

  4. Jessica Smith says

    This company is pure [Redacted] to deal with. After being executor of my grandparents estate I have dealt with a large amount of life insurance companies.Thankfully this company was not one of them! My siblings and I have policies with this company and our children have policies with multiple other life insurance companies and the treatment is complete night and day. Not only are they way behind on the times based on the amount of things you can do on their website but if you hit a point during a hard time and are forced to take out a loan they make that process as brutal as they can. I have called them everyday for the past 3 weeks and have only reached two employees that actually acted sensitive to the situation and treated me with respect. If the process wasn’t so difficult I would move my policies elsewhere. I have had these policies since I was an infant but now that I have dealt with them first hand I do not feel comfortable that my children will not have all kinds of issues when I pass away. As adults we do everything we can to prepare for our last day it’s unfortunate that a company like this can take all of that away by being rude, disrespectful, new lies every time that I call, and by being so unprofessional. If your looking for life insurance try american income, great western,etc they treat you with respect and are not just out for money like American National.

  5. Julei Oconnor says

    I have two $25,000.00 on my children since early 90’s both of which are whole life which is a waste of money. I should have gotten term life but I was young and didn’t know much about insurance at the time.
    I want to cash them out so I submitted all the paperwork . Then they wanted my children to fill out paperwork stating they were the owner when in fact I was the owner. They told me no paperwork existed at the company showing I was the owner and since both children are now adults they are the owners. So my children signed the paperwork and I sent it in. Then they said I need to send of copy of my children’s driver license so they can check the signature which I did and I also sent in my original contract showing that I’m indeed the owner of these two policies.
    Its been over a month and I still have not receive my cash out check. They are stalling from paying me.

    • T Hop Bro says

      I feel your pain. My mother and I are currently experiencing the exact same thing with this company. We’ve had policies for 20 years and they keep giving us the run around about cashing the policies out giving us bogus excuses like submitting a name change form, also claiming my mother wasn’t the policy owner when she had copies of an original form that indicated her name as the policy owner, saying the addresses didn’t match, saying we signed in the wrong place, and lastly provide proof of a marriage/divorces from 20 years. The problem is this should have been communicated from the beginning instead of having us fill out paperwork and fax info to them about 5 times each. We have been dealing with this for 2 months. This back and forth miscommunication is bad business for the company. Now the agent has me on hold for 30 minutes while they investigate the issue.

  6. Robert says

    I recently had concerns about my homeowners and auto insurance premiums going up every statement after being with this company for over 20 years and the response from my agent is always the same, drop more of your protection, pay higher deductibles, and most recently change your coverage reimbursement on your roof based on the age of the roof for wind and hail damage. I already had high deductibles, and when I saw the schedule for replacement coverage I realized I now had insurance through this company that I was SELF-INSURING my home’s roof!! I had received a check last year for not making any claims and was told by the agent to just save that refund for my “self Insurance” , can you imagine that!

    After analyzing the risk and rewards, (refunds on premiums is NOT FREE money), I decided to go back to paying a few hundred more for the homeowners policy for the better roof protection and was told that I could not go back to that policy!! I was never told that by the agent when he suggested I do the roof insurance that way! Very deceptive!

    I’ll be looking for a new company to pay my premiums to and telling this experience to many other contacts also!

  7. Cynthia Wollenburg says

    So Why is American National Insurance so much cheaper than all the other insurance company’s ? We have got are quotes for home and Autos, and boat. Just not sure if these is a good price or not.

  8. Robert Bradford says

    Biggest scammers!! I paid life insurance for 30 years then they raised my rates and cancelled me even though the policy has no clause for raising rates. They ripped me off for over $20k

    Now that I’m over 60 it will be more expensive and harder to replace this policy but I won’t buy from them!!!!!

    • Harold L Greenberg says

      I bet he had a 30-year level term policy, which turns massively expensive in the 31st year and thereafter. If he didn’t do regular reviews with an agent, it would have been easy to miss this, and if he did nothing during the 30-day grace period then his policy would lapse for nonpayment.

  9. Martha barlow says

    Do not use these scammers for your insurance!! They have straight up stolen over $400 out of my bank account and they have refused to resolve it by blowing me off. The agent I went through told me he would call me about it when he got to the office at 5 pm on 2 different occasions. Well he never called and when I would try calling he would just sent my calls. To top it all off a week after they took a double payment out of my account they just canceled my insurance without telling me. I got a letter from my bank informing me. I will never use this scamming company again and I will let all of my friends and family know to never use them.

  10. linda glover says

    Do not use this company! !! They will steal your money! They misrepresented themselves as from my employer benefits. To sell me life insurance that I already had from my company. .when I found out they weren’t who they said they were i sent a written cancellation in as well a verbal..i tough the matter was closed. Well low and behold I get a letter from them explaining all my “great benefits”! What? I called and demanded a refund from money taken from my paycheck without my authorization. .i was told I had to go thru my payroll to stop then would get refund.. . I did that.. then was told I had to send via fax another cancellation letter..i called again and was told they never received the fax but would “take my info to accounting”..then I get a letter stating they received my fax and policy would be canceled. .uh what about the refund?..more phone calls and told mu policy had no cash value. …more phone calls and was told something different by anyone I talked to..well today ( don’t laugh) I get a bill for 647.00 for lapsed payment! Where is ashton Kutcher? ? Because I must be getting punked!

  11. kelly crawford says

    I have ANPAC and after 15 years of coverage, I filed a home owners claim for hail damage to my roof. My building ordinanc of law coverage does not kicko in until 50 % of my coverage A is reached or ABOUT 100K. bUT i have to carry it at an annual cost of $200.00 in order to get replacement cost on my home. long story short ANPAC is paying for 1/2 of a totally damage roof and is mixing the old shingles with the new and the home will not pass an inspection. Now they are nonrenewing the policy and I will be unable to get insurance. Great company

  12. Kenneth says

    I have a $250000 life insurance policy. I pay $250 a month. I have the accelerated death benefit. I am in the first two years of the policy. My agent told me if I have a condition they would pay me up to 90% of policy. I went into renal failure and on dialysis 3 times a week. I have recently been put on the transplant list. I am not able to work and they have been dragging their feet for 6months. They gave me an offer that was considerably less than expected. I asked them how did they come up with this figure. I believe I need an attorney. What say you?

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Kenneth,

      Yes, I believe you need to speak with an attorney. Unfortunately, what a sales agent says and what a policy actually states can be two different things. If I were you, I would have an attorney that specializes in insurance contracts review your policy and advise you on the next course of action.

      Eric Stauffer

  13. Ryan says

    Had $250k life insurance policy for 3 years. Policy needed to be in force for 2 years before it would pay out if I passed away. Never missed a payment, somehow the payment we showed in our checkbook mysteriously wasnt received. Now policy needs to be reinstated with another 2 year maturity period. Sound shady to anyone else? Anyone else have this happen? I am meeting with family attorney next week to have this looked into.

    • Jeanne says

      This happened to me as well. I am NEVER able to my premium online (website is terrible) as it never recognizes my username and password and when I try to access with my policy number (on THEIR forms) it states it’s not a valid policy number. Calling them is terrible and I can never hold for as long as it always takes. So I was into my grace period I am ashamed to say. Mailed a check with 11 days to go. Check must have traveled by Pony Express because it wasn’t cashed until 4 days after the end of the grace period and I received a letter stating that they would need to decide whether or not to reinstate the insurance I have had (and paid for) for 8 years. Sent off all their forms and called them (held for 47 minutes). Asked how long the reinstatement takes and whether I am covered in the meantime since they have my money. It takes a month to make a reinstatement decision and no – I am NOT covered until reinstated (hopefully). I guess, god forbid something happens to me, my children and husband MIGHT get my premium payment back for final expenses!!!! Thanks American National for NOTHING.

  14. danialle harvey says

    I would like to know , why is it EVERY month, a premium ” vanishes ” into thin air? EVERY month I have problems with premiums getting posted to the respective account because they didn’t ” receive” it. Well. WHY didn’t they? If mine or my husbands gets lost, then, wouldn’t many others be lost, too? My husbands is “missing” again this month ( not that this surprises me). Do these workers not empty the packages these premiums arrive in? Do the checks fall on the floor and get kicked under a desk? Are they being eaten for lunch? I don’t feel I should have to worry about whether or not a premium will be posted for any given month. Is it MY fault that people can’t do the job they’re getting paid to do? Is it right that I should have to post a $38.00 stop payment fee so that I can send another payment to keep the policy from lapsing? This company is THE worst I have ever dealt with, and I would never, EVER, refer anyone to them, Garden State is the same way, because it is one and the same company. What a disgrace they are to the insurance business!!

  15. Nick Sanders says

    Anico was contracted to provide a GAP insurance policy for my auto loan. Upon suffering a total loss of the covered vehicle, Anico paid approximately $600 against a $6000 balance. They claimed that the $5400 delta was because I had taken advantage of a handful of “skip a payment” features offered by the lender, and that this offset the amortization schedule, resulting in the reduction in coverage. They, of course, blamed the dealer who sold me the policy for not explaining the coverage limits. However, the policy clearly states that it will pay up to 150% of the NADA retail value of the vehicle, while not covering late payments and associated fees. In short, STEER CLEAR OF ANICO.

    • danialle harvey says

      I’m having issues of my own with this company, and I hope EVERYONE reading these complaints will heed your advice! I may have to cancel 4 of my policies also, if things don’t straighten up PDQ!

  16. Clara Baker says

    I am 71 and my husband was 72. When we were 22 and 23 we took out small insurance policies with ANICO. We have paid all these years. We have more than likely paid in more than the policies are even worth. My husband died recently and with the first phone call it was, ok, we will talk to the funeral home and get your check right out. Each time I call it is a new rule and new must dos. I have received many forms that must be notarized. I was warned that they are difficult to fill out. I cannot find an agent close by. this is a night mare!

  17. Diana westhoff says

    We had a life policy with them for 30 . Never missed a payment always on time. They SAY they sent us a letter to say our payment would be goin up. Well it had been going up as the years went by but we stilled paid each July. We DID NOT Recieve the letter that they said they sent . We still cannot figure out why they just did not add it on to the bill each year. They instead chose to start taking from our policy until they drained it dry and sent us a notice of cancellation. They never assigned us another agent after ours left the company so we had no one to watch out for our policy. Thus my husband and I who is I might add a disabled veteran have had fifty two thousand dollars of the only life insurance we had robbed from us. Hope as you took out of of policy each year the money was spent to help other people not for someone to go on vacation or a large expensive meal. I think the company is crooked and are getting away with it. shame on anyone who knows this goes on and continues to work for them.

  18. NITA says

    ANICO SUCKS!!!! they take money from your account before issuing a policy or letting you know you are approved they must be very desperate for money . I no longer want to do business with them or any company like that no phone call email or nothing just take the money to let their business grow . I do not even have so much as a policy # I cannot wait until they open today . I am calling the highest person up!!!1

    • Rod says

      Nita, the reason they took your money is because they are able to cover you during the underwriting process time. That means if something happens to you during the time the policy is being processed, the company will pay the death claim to your beneficiary. This is standard with most all financially strong life insurance companies. Don’t fool yourself, ANICO is not hard up for your money. What they did is standard practice in the insurance industry when applying for life insurance. If your policy does not clear underwriting, meaning if you are turned down, they will send your money back. I’ve been in the insurance business for over 30 years (not with ANICO), and I’ve have seen when a person had an auto accident during the underwriting process of issuing their life policy. Most companies receipt or accepting of premiums bind them automatically for $50,000 during this process. So, don’t loose any sleep, rest and tell your beneficiary all is well.

      • Sunny says

        So what happened to disclosure about this “procedure”? I have dealt with many insurance companies and I have never had this happen without disclosure before it occurred. They just did this to us without any prior warning or authorization. That simply is not good business.

        • Rod says

          Sunny, as far as “disclosure” is concerned, the agent who took your application is supposed to leave you a copy of the disclosure agreement at the time you sign the application. The application should only be signed after your reading the disclosure agreement. Some companies do online applications for certain life insurance products in particular States. If doing an online application, you are to read the “disclosure agreement” prior to clicking the submit button. Either way, all insurance company have legal right to withdraw the required premium from your account as “premium consideration” which should have been collected at the time of the application. The only exception to this rule is if the application was written as a “trial app”. This type application would then be processed as “C.O.D. meaning the premium (check/cash) is to be collected by the agent when insurance policy is delivered, or when received and accepted by the insured when mailed in cases of online applications.

      • Andrews says

        Rod so not true with them. They do not underwrite until a claim is filed. They practice post claim underwriting as a rule. They insured my husband in 2013 and denied a claim so they say based upon something from his medical records in 2008. He died in 2015 and they declined the claim. They made me wait for medical records…in fact I paid for the records and had them sent. They should have had in 2013 when the policy was issued or denied as the application states!!!!! Explain this honest practice????????

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