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Aetna, Inc. is a publically traded (NYSE: AET) health care company headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. They operate all over the United States, and currently employ over 30,000 people.

While their roots date back over 200 years with the beginning of what was then called Aetna Fire Insurance Company, the company as we see today was officially founded in the 1853.

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Aetna Products

Aetna provides a wide range of products for individuals, families and businesses. Some of their most popular offerings include:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Care
  • Disability Insurance
  • Pharmacy Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Medical Insurance
  • Business Dental Insurance
  • Business Vision Insurance

Aetna Consumer Complaints

Aetna is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and currently maintains an A rating. In the past three years, there have been 447 complaints filed against the company, with the largest complaint category being “Problems with Product or Service.” A close second is “Billing and Collection Issues.” There are currently 11 complaints filed that the BBB reports Aetna failed to resolve.

There are two primary complaints from customers that appear on major consumer reporting forums. The first one is problems with billing and/or premiums. Many people have stated they have had issues with payments not going through or not being credited.

The second major complaint is not receiving coverage they believe is due. This can happen for multiple reasons including customers not understanding the coverage provided in the plan, providers changing coverage and not properly notifying customers, and even providers claiming a particular service was not medically necessary.

Aetna Consumer Research Reports

J.D. Power and Associates –According to JD Power, Aetna scores below average when averaging the three largest population centers in the US. The overall rating was 2 out of 5 in California and Texas, while New York scored better getting a 4 out of 5. Where Aetna consistently scored low was in the Customer Service category, scoring a 2, 2 and 3 respectively.

Consumer Reports –The average quality score from Consumer Reports is 80.6 out of 100. This puts them right about average. Similar to the JD Power results, New York scored the best with an 84, with the Preventative and Treatment categories coming in above average. California and Texas scored at or below average in all categories.

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Aetna Financial Ratings

A.M. Best Rating – A

Fitch Rating – A

S & P Rating – A-

*These grades have been standardized for comparison. For more information, click here.

Aetna Overall Rating


Aetna operates all over the country and has a lengthy list of health care related products they can offer. Additionally, they offer many different health care solutions for businesses of all sizes.


In major consumer reporting agency studies, they rank below average in two of the three largest States (by population) and have unresolved complaints on their Better Business Bureau report. Additionally, there appears to be a lot of complaints about coverage not being provided for particular services that customers feel should be covered.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It is my opinion: Years ago, I purchased a long-term and a short term disability policy from Aetna through my employer. Over 2 years ago, I became disabled because age and numerous other health issues, verified by 3 doctors and other insurance companies. Aetna harassed my spouse and I, threatened me with job termination, discontinued my employer pay and benefits, conveniently lost or never received documents my doctors and I sent to them several times, misquoted and distorted facts in medical documents I submitted, forced me to retire because of no pay or benefits, committed fraud, made numerous mistakes always in Aetna’s favor, told me verbal lies in phone conversations, made outrageous demands under the threat of being fired “if you don’t go to the doctor today and submit these forms you will be terminated from your job”, Etc, Etc., Etc. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini’s compensation was valued at $17.3 million last year. He got it by screwing people like you and I. Don’t get Aetna insurance for any coverage of any kind. Aetna will not pay claims and will do anything to avoid paying. If you do have Aetna coverage, get rid of them ASAP. If you do have problems with Aetna, keep a log, FAX or send all documents 3 times and file a complaints with your state department of insurance.

  2. Joshua says

    No one at Aetna can seem to give us a straight answer in regards to my wife’s doctor and her visits. We have been fighting with them for months now to cover my wife’s Well Woman Exam which has been legally covered by Executive Order since 2013 and they are refusing to pay. At first it was an “experimental” procedure and they would not cover it; they also stated that my wife’s doctor was out of network but when we looked it up the website said she was in network. After a month of phone calls and no consistent answers from anyone, we were able to get the actual exam paid for but they still refused to pay for the doctor visit. Another month of phone calls later, we finally got to someone that “fixed” our problem, an email saying they resolved the issue and that all along [Redacted] was in our network. We thought our problem was fixed but unfortunately my wife is in need of a procedure for her endometriosis and we are now being told once again there was a mistake and [Redacted] is out of network and she needs to find a new doctor. Nevermind the written document we have saying that she is in our network and apologizing for the mistake in the first place. Instead “you must be mis-informed” is what we were told with no offer of help to fix this ongoing problem.

    What great customer service!!!

    At this moment, we are counting the days until open enrollment begins again and we wont make this mistake again.

    • Christine Ferguson says

      My 84-year-old mother started with Aetna health insurance Jan. 1 2016. It is now Feb. 2, 2016, and we, too, are counting the days until open enrollment begins and we can ditch Aetna. In only one month’s time, there have been numerous issues concerning coverage, mail order pharmacy, and copays, with conflicting and contradicting information, depending on who you talk to. My mom doesn’t need this kind of stress.

  3. Scott Pollock says

    I have been working with Carefree Dental Plans, a division of Aetna Dental Access. The Company has a A- rating and has a positive rating per the Better Business Bureau. Carefree Dental and Reassurance Dental and Divisions of Aetna Dental Access that is a Divisions of Aetna Insurance. Although it is not Dental Insurance, once I understood how it works, and how it can work with Dental Insurance, I have been very satisfied with their services, costs and coverage. Work with over 132,000 Dental Providers (70% of all Dental Providers) in the United States. After you make sure you understand how these Dental Discount Savings Plans work, they can save you substantial cost on Dental Care. Carefree also offer Vision Savings Plans and Prescription Savings Plans for $14.95 per month. The Carefree Guarantee is great; if you save less than the amount you saving in a year, CAREFREE DENTAL WILL SEND YOU A CHECK FOR THE DIFFERENCE, so their limited financial lose with Carefree Dental Plans. If you understand how the Plans work, it can be a great addition to Dental Insurance and/or a lower cost replacement. Carefree Dental, DOES NOT HAVE WAITING PERIODS, DEDUCTIBLES YOU MUST MEET BEFORE THE COVERAGE STARTS AND DOES NOT HAVE A CAP ON THE SAVINGS (which is a huge benefit over Dental Insurance alone. (I also like the no cost additional vision and prescription coverage.

  4. thom shafer says

    I also have a HUGE problem w/ this ins co. first off, their provider page is woefully wrong. they list several doctors at different addresses, however they all have the same phone number!!!
    so i called the numbers listed on the website to make a GI dr appt. guess what??? even the doctors listed on Aetna’s website don’t take this insurance!!! why would a company put the name and numbers of physicians on their website, and yet, they doctors listed dont’ take the insurance!!!!

    • DC Chase says

      Thank you Thom, for your comments. Since my last post, I have been force to into LTD. Mr. [Redacted], my case manager, stated that I have been denied because they found evidence of a doctor appointment during my “probation period.” Here-in lies the problem; When I filed all the paperwork with Aetna, I specifically gave them authorization for records from the date of my surgery to the present. This was ignored, and they submitted a document to my provider requesting medical records from my initial date of hire and a separate document with my signed authorization minus the dates I allowed for information to be released. Now because I am not a lawyer, I am pretty sure that this action violated my Privacy Act rights to release information. After several heated phone calls to Aetna, I was told that because I signed a medical information release, this gives them a right to request ANY information they need to pursue an investigation regarding my claim. Granted, I am currently in a Legal Proceeding against the original Employer and its Insurance company, but this information is “off-limits” to Aetna as it is still in litigation. Now that I have no income and Aetna has no regrets for violating my signed authorization, I am trying to find a way that will penalize Aetna for this breach of contract.

      If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I’m sure there are a slue of legal terms for this violation, but I need to find a legal advocate with knowledge of Aetna’s practices to assist me in this battle.

  5. DC Chase says

    Prior to my back surgery in August 2014, I notified and filed all the necessary paperwork to take my leave of absence 1 month prior to my surgery date.. My employer uses Aetna Insurance for their STD & LTD claims, along with BCBS of Illinois for medical coverage.

    Now I have gotten close to the end of my STD benefits and will be switching over to my LTD claim… due to the fact my doctor still has not released me to return to work.

    In the beginning, Aetna faxed a request to my doctor for paperwork to substantiate my Short Term Disability. Several weeks later, I received a bill from my doctor for the paperwork they requested. After a heated dispute with Aetna, they agreed to pay the bill for the paperwork they requested and received. I also notified them that I had no written or verbal agreement with them to cover the cost of any forms, X-rays, or updated prognosis they request from my provider. I was boldly told that “Aetna does not pay for paperwork they need to process any claim.” It is now coming to a point where Aetna is now trying to deny my claim because my provider will not release any more documents to them without payment for their services.

    I honestly hate this Insurance company, first of all…. for inflicting undue aggravation on me for payment on records and paperwork they request from my provider. Secondly…. due to the fact that Aetna is now requesting personal, financial, educational, medical, and employment history from me for (?) nothing that pertains to my recovery. Sadly to say, short of the doctor’s information, I will and have only given them the papers pertaining to my “current” disability claim. The LTD paperwork they sent to me, in my opinion, is a phishing expedition to disallow or find reason to deny my claim. This information is private and is in no way related to my current medical state.

    I personally find Aetna, in this case, is and will try anything to deny a viable claim. The biggest, and most pathetic, reason is non-payment for medical records. They claim, “If WE don’t get the forms necessary from the doctor, your claim may be denied. Because, WE don’t pay for paperwork that we request and need to justify your claim!”

    This is TERRIBLY one of the WORST insurance companies I have ever had the joy of dealing with. Needless to say, my employer isn’t much help on the matter either. Passing the BUCK is one of their stronger ethic traits, and I don’t mean handing out money.

    If you have a choice, find a different insurance company, or send in a request to your employer to get a referral Insurance carrier for your own well-being.

  6. roger says

    Hi Jesse,
    My name is Roger. I’m have the same problem you had with Aetna .They have done alot to keep me from getting my short term disability money from my work. I had back surgery in July and will be out for 6 months. They are the WORST INS. Co. i have ever had to deal with, and their doctor has rejected my doctor’s paper work. I haven’t gotten my disability money for over 1 and a half months. I’m a single parent and have a son, we are praying that we won’t loose evrything we own. If you can help me with these &%$!?* people. I would be thankful. Roger

  7. William says

    I was told that I may be having a stroke and was admitted to the hospital, after a day of testing, stroke was ruled out and I was released. Aetna says that since I wasn’t having a stroke, I should not have been in the hospital and they denied the claim as not being medically necessary. I seek medical care based on symptoms, but Aetna pays based on the results of tests done for those symptoms. My opinion, they suck, my employer really went cheap when they dropped Blue Cross for Aetna.

    • says

      To so many of these entries. Aetna engages in Economic [Redacted] on a daily basis. They denied 2 brain surgeries to remove 2 huge blood clots in my daughter. Why, because these brain clots were not an emergency and were not pre-approved. The MRI on Saturday afternoon, with emergency room admittance on Sunday for surgery on Monday morning, is not considered an emergency. Aetna is a criminal entity headed by criminals in my humble opinion. They are in court constantly for class action suits for just this type of planned and executed corporate philosophy.
      And the media can’t understand why AMERICA is PISSED!!! Every thing requires a lawyer!!! I am sooo pissed at both industries, enabled by the DC [Redacted].

  8. Paula LeVance says

    AETNA is denying medications paid for by prior AARP insurance medicare plan and denying the MDINR devise that allows me to self check blood levels at home that AARP paid for. I have history of blood clots, stroke, and AFIB. I went with AETNA only because they had docs that are excellent on their lists. I really regret AETNA and the good docs. with probably not stay with them. I spent two hours on the phone with AETNA to get a necessary med. coverage. Docs office spent another hour on phone with them. Finally got approval for six months. Drug requires a needle to inject each day and AETNA will not pay for the needles.

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