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Infinity Auto Insurance Review & Complaints: Auto, Home & Life Insurance

Infinity auto insurance is best known for being an auto insurance company that will not turn people away because of tickets or accidents. Overall, Infinity auto insurance is a decent contender in the non-standard and high-risk insurance markets, but drivers with good records should look elsewhere.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 22, 2020

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Infinity Insurance
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For drivers with a few strikes against their record, Infinity is one of the top choices for auto insurance. With more than 50 years of experience, Infinity has risen to a place among the biggest insurance companies in the nation, providing coverage to people who have had trouble finding insurance elsewhere, as well as those looking for a budget car insurance option.

Infinity Overview

Founded in 1955 as Dixie Insurance Company in Anniston, Alabama, the company eventually known as the Infinity Group expanded quickly in the South. Infinity was purchased by American Premier Underwriters’ sister company Pennsylvania Company in 1991, and a few years later that company merged with American Financial Corporation to form American Financial Group (AFG). In 2002, Infinity became independent again when AFG sold off all stock to the new Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation.

Today Infinity has built a reputation as the go-to company for drivers with tickets or accidents, and is the second largest non-standard insurer in the nation, according to the company website. They not only write non-standard policies – they also write standard auto, home, life, specialty auto, and more.

As of November 2014, infinity was ranked as the 21st largest auto insurance company in the United States. ranks them near Amica and National General in terms of overall market share.

The current iteration of Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation has been in business since 2002 and is made up of several companies, including:

Additionally, Infinity partners with a list of non-affiliated companies to provide their customers with the products they don’t underwrite.

Infinity policies are written by a network of agents across the nation, with quoting and policy purchases available online and via a toll-free number. The company’s headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and there are claims service centers scattered across the nation to serve customers locally.

Infinity has built a reputation as a top insurer among Hispanic populations, particularly in California, and has continued to work towards increasing their presence in that market.

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Infinity is primarily an auto insurance company, although they write a wide range of other products personal lines category. They’re best known for being an auto insurance company that will not turn people away because of tickets or accidents, but they also try and appeal to customers looking for standard policies.

Unlike similar companies that specialize in higher- risk policies, Infinity can serve as a one-stop shop for personal lines insurance, covering all of the basics as well as plenty of specialty products.

It should be noted that many of their other product lines are not actually underwritten by Infinity. This is common practice for big auto insurance companies looking to expand their product lineup but means that customers must be prepared to deal with multiple insurance companies and separate claims departments.

Auto Insurance

Most consumers that have heard of Infinity automatically jump to car insurance. That is true of many large insurance companies, but some (like Infinity) are more strongly anchored by their auto products than others.

As previously mentioned, Infinity is one of the top non-standard auto insurance companies in the nation. That means that they cater to people who have trouble getting affordable insurance for a variety of reasons: tickets, accidents, DUI or other numerous violations.

Infinity’s website oddly offers next to nothing in terms of details about their coverage and discounts. Coverage choices are instead offered when you begin a quote, which means you will have to commit to the quoting process or make a phone call to get details about the various options they offer. That’s something that immediately jumps out when reading the website and something that does not live up to the expectations of a customer base that has grown used to having detailed information readily available online.

The website states that the company offers a variety of packages to meet every driver’s needs, from basic liability-only to full coverage, however, there is no list of available optional coverage. It’s also devoid of any of the common trends in auto insurance these days – no sign of accident forgiveness, usage-based insurance, or disappearing deductibles. This may be in part due to the non-standard market, since these options are generally only offered to those with the best driving records.

Infinity’s auto program includes what, on the surface, appears to be a great program – a free roadside assistance plan. A closer look raises some questions regarding the value of the service, however.

DriverClub is Infinity’s free roadside assistance program. Members can sign up and will have access to a network of roadside assistance providers who will help in any non-collision roadside emergency. All of the providers charge for their services, and members of the program pay for them. That means that this free program is really just help finding a provider – it doesn’t pay for any services at all. That’s contrary to most auto insurance roadside assistance programs, which actually pay for services to a certain limit.

Since there’s no actual list of coverage options, it is difficult to tell whether Infinity offers roadside assistance coverage as an option – but it seems likely that they do, which makes this service less of a free roadside assistance plan and more of a convenient access to the roadside assistance coverage you will have if you decide to add it to your policy.

That said, it could come in handy in a situation where a driver becomes stranded, especially away from home, and doesn’t know who to call for assistance. But the distinction between “free roadside assistance” and this club, which is free assistance with obtaining roadside assistance, is not a small one.

Home Insurance

Infinity writes a range of home insurance products, including:

  • Standard Homeowner’s Insurance package policies covering the home itself, personal property, and liability
  • Condo Insurance to cover the specific needs of condo owners, including coverage for fixtures and other portions of the condo that fall under the owner’s domain
  • Renter’s Insurance, which covers the personal property of tenants who don’t need any structure coverage
  • Mobile Home Insurance, designed for the specific needs of mobile homes as they differ from other home types

While the site states that the homeowner’s and renter’s policies are not underwritten by Infinity, but through non-affiliated companies, information as to which insurance companies actually do write the policies is not provided. That’s pretty unusual for a company offering policies through someone else. It is not directly mentioned that condo or mobile home insurance are underwritten elsewhere, but it does seem odd that the company would write that type of home insurance and not the others.

Life Insurance

Similar to the home and renter’s products, Infinity does not actually write life insurance, but instead helps customers obtain coverage through non-affiliated companies vetted by Infinity.

According to the website, Infinity only offers term life insurance, with terms ranging from 10 to 30 years. There is no mention of any sort of permanent life insurance options.

Specialty Vehicles

Infinity offers policies, most of which are written through non-affiliated companies, for a wide range of specialty vehicles. Among them are:

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Classic Car

Classic car insurance is the one policy type that is actually underwritten by an Infinity Company, Classic Collectors, a subsidiary that has its own website offering policy and coverage information.

Infinity does appear to offer their DriverClub roadside assistance on their specialty vehicle policies as well.

Commercial Auto

Infinity’s logo shows business insurance as an option, but the only commercial policies listed on the website is commercial auto, and commercial general liability. Like their personal auto, Infinity tends to cater to a more difficult market, offering coverage for:

  • Drivers with foreign licenses
  • Automatic coverage for new hires
  • Drivers with problems in their driving history, such as tickets or accidents

The commercial auto program serves small to medium-sized businesses with a variety of different vehicle types, from passenger to flatbed trucks. They cover businesses including farming operations, delivery companies, sales and more.

Commercial general liability covers your company if an employee files a lawsuit or claim against you. Coverage can include:

  • Legal Fee Coverage
  • Advertising/Personal Injury Coverage
  • Property/Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Other Products

Infinity also writes personal umbrella insurance and offers flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, rounding out their personal lines product offerings.

Prices and Premiums

Attempts to get a quote based on our usual test sample were quickly stopped by the quoting system, which did not actually list one of the vehicles we usually use for our test rates. Previous sample attempts have also been met with difficulties due to Infinity’s highest available limits being less than our standard test sample selections.

Numbers we have obtained in the past do indicate that Infinity offers rates that are below average – but again, those numbers were obtained at a lower than usual coverage level, which means it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

Given that Infinity is a non-standard insurer, low rates for drivers with clean records as in our test sample wouldn’t be a surprise. They also aren’t what the higher-risk drivers to whom the company caters should expect. Infinity does write standard auto insurance, in spite of the company’s reputation, but those drivers are likely to find better rates, better coverage, and more perks elsewhere.

High-risk drivers can expect to pay higher rates, especially from standard insurance companies. Those who have sought out a non-standard insurer are likely to find the rates a bit more competitive when compared to big standard insurers.

As far as how competitive Infinity is compared to other non-standard auto insurance companies, the fact that they are one of the best-known companies in that market certainly seems to speak for itself. This is the market where they are most likely to offer competitive rates.

The website offers very little in terms of information on discounts that can help bring rates down. Since Infinity writes homeowner’s insurance through non-affiliated companies, it’s unlikely that they offer any bundling discount, although multi-vehicle might be available, and they likely offer some of the other most common discounts.


Infinity has only one option for reporting a claim: their toll-free phone number at 1-800-334-1661.

There is no online claims reporting system at all, which puts Infinity behind the times in comparison to other major insurance companies. Online and even mobile claims reporting are quickly becoming expected options in an increasingly technology-dependent world.

Infinity does, however, allow the insured to follow up on the current status of a claim and view information on past claims by logging into the customer portal. An online claim filing option would really make this system more useful and bring Infinity up to date with what is quickly becoming an industry standard.

Policyholders are instructed to call the toll-free number in order to report a claim, where they will be connected with what Infinity calls their “One-on-One” personnel. The assigned person will then walk the insured through the process, taking down all of the pertinent information and providing instructions.

The claim is then assigned to an adjuster who will investigate the accident, review policy coverage, determine fault, and complete the settlement. The company doesn’t seem to offer any sort of timeline, even in terms of how fast a call from the adjuster can be expected.

Like most major insurers, Infinity has a preferred repair shop network. Their Repair Satisfaction Vehicle Program connects the insured with one of their preferred providers, who will then work directly with the insured to complete the repairs and handle the claims process. Policyholders are also welcome to select their own repair shop.

Infinity offers a very basic FAQ section that answers a few simple claims questions; although far from comprehensive, it’s more info than a lot of insurance companies offer.

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Consumer Feedback

Although Infinity is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the site gives the company an A rating. This is definitely an improvement as the last time we reviewed Infinity when their rating with the BBB was sitting at a D. Infinity has 454 complaints registered with the BBB, 116 of which were closed in the last 12 months.

As a comparison point, Travelers Insurance, which has just over double the market share that Infinity has for auto insurance, has a total of 330 complaints. That means that in spite of having more than 1 million more policies in force than Infinity, they still have fewer complaints in the same time period.

Beyond the BBB, complaints about Infinity are not difficult to find. Repeated reports of denied claims, extremely long claims processing times, poor customer service, and big rate increases are the repeated refrain in all of these complaints. Similar to many insurance companies that sell through agents, some of the complaints can be chalked up to individual agents who are problematic – but a read-through of the complaints against Infinity definitely prove that’s not the whole story or even the majority of the story.

Pissed Consumer registers 216 complaints about Infinity, many of them on the same topic – claims were denied even in clear-cut cases, customer service people did not return calls or were rude, and rates were increased or policies canceled without explanation. We also came across reports of having to make insurance department complaints in order to get any resolution from the company.

This YouTube video review of infinity, from someone who was involved in an accident with an Infinity policyholder, seems to really sum up the complaints that appear over and over on the various complaint websites. This particular review comes up in the first page of search results, which suggests it has drawn a lot of interest.

Research was able to come up with only a few positive reviews of the company, and none of these indicated that a claim had been processed on the policy. Positive reviews of insurance companies are unusual in general, but in this case, they seem even harder to come by and are greatly outnumbered by the negative ones.

Complaints about insurance companies are not uncommon, and every insurance company has them, but in this case, the number of complaints and the repeated reports of the same behavior from the insurance company is worthy of a lot of concern. It’s clear that there is a big hole in Infinity’s claims handling process and a problem when it comes to communication with both policyholders and those insured by other companies who have been involved in an accident with an Infinity policyholder.

Advertising and Media

Infinity is well known as a major insurer in the Hispanic market, so it’s no surprise that their advertisements appear in both English and Spanish.

Most of their advertising is pretty straightforward. There is a little humor, and the ads are generally lighthearted, but it’s certainly not on the level of companies like Geico or Progressive, whose advertisements are all about the laughs. Infinity frequently features their actual customers in their advertisements and generally sticks to the themes of making sure you have the right coverage and how much money you could save.

On the whole, Infinity’s advertisements are pretty forgettable, without a mascot or spokesperson to stick in the memory, nor a jingle or other memorable catch. Considering the fact that they appeal to a very specific market, aggressive advertising might not be much of a requirement for Infinity; niche markets tend to operate on a lot of word-of-mouth between customers.

Overall, Infinity’s media presence is understated, but that doesn’t seem to have hurt them in terms of customer numbers.

Bottom Line

Infinity targets a niche market – higher-risk drivers, as well as the Hispanic market, particularly in California. For those who have been turned down by or faced exceedingly high rates from standard insurance companies, they are likely to be one of the top choices to consider. Unfortunately, the non-standard auto insurance market does not offer nearly as many choices as the standard market, so those in need of this type of coverage have a limited selection. As a result, Infinity is likely to be near the top of the list of options.

As far as the company’s other product offerings, most are not underwritten by Infinity directly, which means there’s no benefit as far as bundling discounts, and you’re facing a whole new unknown when it comes to claims handling and customer service. So while Infinity does appear to offer the one-stop shopping option, you aren’t really dealing with just one company.

Overall, Infinity is a decent contender in the non-standard and high-risk insurance markets, but those with good driving records will probably find a better option elsewhere.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. It’s been 3 weeks since my car accident. I have had to be the one on top of the entire situation, from calling the shop to my “team” of adjustors. I have been pretty much working for Infinity for free since my accident happened. I still have no car to get to work, the adjustors, claims department and supervisors have been extremely rude over the phone and incompetent. They tell you that they will call you back and they literally NEVER do. It would take 4k to fix my car and they deemed it a total loss even though the shop and various mechanics say it isn’t. I am terrified to find out how much they will try to lowball me for the total cost of my car now. There was absolutely no point in having insurance given the outcome they have provided to me. An adjustor named [Redacted] has yelled, talked over me and been over the top rude towards me over the phone, making me feel that I am not taken care of at all. At this point they are trying to wash their hands off the whole thing and leaving me with no car and means to make money since they don’t even cover a rental. STAY AWAY FROM INFINITY, I’m definitely switching companies. Wondering how many lawsuits they’ve got against them now.

  2. I was recently rear-ended by an Infinity Insurance policyholder. This insurance company is terrible to work with! My claims adjuster would not return phone calls. I called their main line 3 different times. Each time I held for around 20-25 minutes only to have the system hang up on me. Also, this is one of the few companies that does not allow for direct billing for rental cars. Stay away from this HORRIBLE company!!!!!

    • Infinity Insurance Company is absolutely the worst customer service experience that I have ever had from an insurance company. My car has been totaled since the first week of Jan 2018. Tomorrow March 2018, will make it almost 3 months later and the claim is still not settled. The worst part is that every time I call either the Claims adjustor or Customer NOT service, it either takes forever to reach someone or they never return calls. Once I do finally speak to someone everyone has excuses and pawns me off to the next person who has more excuses. I have made two additional car payments on a car that has been totaled and about to make a 3rd to keep my credit intact, just because of a poor process. This is an abomination of customer service practices. If you are a customer of this insurance company I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you make a change. I will use every medium necessary to expose them until…[redacted]!

      • Is there any help for people who are being robbed by this company? I currently have a claim on a stolen BMW. It was found but needed to be safety checked and fix a window and door panel. It’s been 30 days and my claim is still under investigation. I have given them everything they need. Including police reports.

      • Did they end up fixing your car? I’m going through the same thing. I’m actually looking into getting a lawyer.

  3. I have been an Infinity client for 3 years now. Recently I had a small accident and they paid me $278 to fix my car. Now for that accident, my insurance payment went up 90 dollars monthly. What kind of thief insurance is this that if you get 278 dollars from them they raise your payment 90 bucks. I highly not recommend this insurance, they don’t care if you have a perfect record driving with them for 3 years, at your first hit even if is a small one, your payment goes all the way up.

  4. This is one of the worst companies I know. If you want auto insurance and you do not want your money stolen. Find another company this is the worst. One day you get up and see that your policy doubled without prior notice and to disaffiliate you must pay, this is medieval!
    Look for options before taking insurance, there are many options. Because while you look for options you have the power, after signing everything gets complicated.
    I found insurance in 20 minutes and discovered that I have been scammed for more than 5 years by infinity.
    Good luck

  5. I don’t recommend this insurer, they are very dishonest, very poor customer service, they take an amount in responding for the damages, and do not pay the correct amount, I rate them with minus three stars.

    • You are right, they are the WORSE insurance company I have ever seen and it has been 2 years and they have not paid for a 67 Shelby gt500 mustang we had insured with them for $119,500! They do not tell the truth, they do not pay on policy even though they sent an agent up to our town about 2 weeks after the car was stolen! He told me that Infinity was like the big insurance companies and they didn’t have much money and when I looked them up on the internet they have something like 1.4 BILLION in assets! I was also told by one of their agents that if the car had not been insured for so much then they would have paid, so what! What difference does it make it was stolen! Another agent told my son that if they couldn’t find it in 40 days that he would receive the money but it never happened, someone changed their mind!
      The bad thing is that I had 3 other mustangs on the policy a total of 4 mustangs and if something would have happened to my 3 Eleanors I would have been in deep trouble. I did not know that they were a crooked company but the more research I do I keep finding out they have really messed over a lot of people and our government should do something to stop them from cheating people. They have no problem taking your money every month as we paid them in full each year and they were making all kinds of money for 5 years from us but when we had a car to go missing with full coverage insurance they made sure they found a reason not to pay, they had to lie about the registration on car to give a reason not to pay, which we supplied the registration and copy of title but they use that as an excuse, they will use anything to use to not pay.
      Please do something good and never pay these people anything, go to Farm Bureau or some other company and don’t let these people cheat you.
      I thought I had peace of mind by having full coverage insurance on my cars but now I know it is worthless and the government lets them keep taking peoples money and not paying for damages!
      So if you would like to start your own insurance company and not pay your policyholders then America is a place you can do that.
      DON’T BUY INFINITY INSURANCE. call me I can tell you more. [redacted]

  6. I am also curious as to why they got even two stars. I would like to give a -5 stars this company was the worst I have dealt with

  7. Christiane
    I need a lawyer for the fight with this insurance I have this for 2 years. I have insurance and they no want to pay so if somebody knows a lawyer give the address. thank you

  8. I agree with Sara R says statement. I don’t understand how this insurance got 2 stars. My vehicle was flooded by Harvey Hurricane. This is the worst insurance I ever had. Even FEMA is going faster then this insurance Co. I am just getting the run around and no answer. I been without a car since 08/26/2017. My big mistake no rental I bet people that had rental are already taken care of since the Insurance Co. is waisting money on their rental and since I do not have any they just have me back and forth. They should have a loophole for this. They want you to understand the situation but who is going to understand ME. They also need training on how to handle CUSTOMERS.

  9. Canceled today. Just got it yesterday but decided to keep it although Allstate offered me $20+ cheaper with towing, collision, and comprehensive. Found out that the policy charges the second month 15 days after the first payment so tried to move it but agent told me Texas law requires the second charge for 6-mo plans to be 15 days after 1st but couldn’t provide law code, told me to look on Google while I of course had already done so as I was sitting on PC and only saw laws regarding 15 days when it concerned claims. Called TDI to verify and called Infinity back to see what was up. Unprofessional, for liability insurance w/o collision, towing, UIM, etc, nothing. It was literally for the policy of 30K/60K. Payed $192.87 for 1st payment and calculated how much should be refunded which is technically 31 days 9/21 but decided to be nice and consider a month 30 days which meant instead of $12.443 being taken it would be $12.858. Was told I’d be getting back $171.87 and questioned the difference where I was told they had a $15 processing fee and Texas $1 fee. That’s not even the true amount as she said I’d have to wait 24 hrs before finding out the final refund amount and that they’d have to mail it which could take about 3 weeks although they have my account information and took it from my checking account. -_- I hope no one else goes to them because my less than 24 hr experience with them was complete bull$#!+.

  10. I’m seriously curious as to why the author gave infinity insurance 2 stars here. I didn’t see one positive thing about this company on this site.
    I, too, had a bad experience with them after a driver insured with them ran out in front of me. My insurance company dealt with them for the accident, fortunately, but I still have to deal with them to get my rental reimbursed and they’re being sooo shady to get out of paying a few hundred bucks! Hey, here’s an idea: pay what you owe now and you won’t have to pay court costs in addition in a couple of months. It’s going to be a year since I had the rental, if that tells you anything.
    If there are any lawyers out there who would like to take this company to the cleaners, it would seem you’ll have sufficient ammunition to do so. At least then we’d see some justice done, hopefully. They should definitely be put out of business.

    Over 2 months ago, I was rear-ended by a driver who slammed into by a driver insured by Infinity. I have been waiting to get my car repaired. I just received a letter stating that my claim has been denied because they were unable to reach the insured. What a total crock of SH**.
    At the scene I had collected the driver’s name, address and account number, phone number of the other drive, and took photos of all three vehicles including license plates. I gave all of that to Infinity but apparently they CANNOT REACH THEIR INSURED EVEN THOUGH I GAVE THEM HIS STREET ADDRESS. (If I was not so intimidated by this lowlife in a [redacted] neighborhood, I would drive to his house myself.)
    My claims adjuster [Redacted] started out disinterested and vague, and promptly because straight out rude, condescending, hostile, and stopped returning any of my calls.
    ADVICE #1: Do not EVER get insurance with this company – it is worthless when you get into an accident and they probably care just as little about their clients as they do about victims filing claims so you will regret insuring your vehicle with them.
    ADVICE #2: In an accident, ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE AND FILE A POLICE REPORT. At least then you can consider suing the driver when Infinity denies your claim.

  12. I just bought my new car a year ago and decided to get full coverage with this insurance company and was wondering if full coverage will cover the cost if im at fault. I was exiting my apartment complex and scratched and dent my car. What can I expect? Will they deny it?

  13. I got into an accident with a girl early this month. I filed a report with CHP but it took a few days for me to get the insurance info of the other driver. I then proceeded to file a claim with the insurance company listed on the report, Infinity.

    3 days later my claim adjuster called me and said “We probably won’t cover your claim so you might want to use your insurance.” I told him I only have liability insurance and asked them why the accident wouldn’t be covered. It was 100% her fault. He told me he couldn’t discuss that with me yet (shady!) and that he’d call me the following Monday or Tuesday to let me know more and to get another formal statement.

    Monday and Tuesday went by with no call so I called [Redacted] again Tuesday night to get more info. Wednesday passed without a call as well. So Friday, I contacted his supervisor listed on his message. I’ve been paying $30 a day for my rental car so I’d like to get this taken care of. Or at least get a call back within a week.

    The supervisor called me back on Monday and stated that they weren’t going to cover it. Apparently the girl driving the truck wasn’t insured for that vehicle. Something they could have told me 2 weeks earlier and saved tons of money on my rental car. He had an unapologetic and condescending tone about the situation which I found highly unprofessional. He basically told me, “We’re not going to cover it. Have a nice day!” No sympathy or understanding. He could have at least pretended? Then I wouldn’t be so mad.

    Since then, I have talked to the body shop and he stated that the Inifinty claim adjuster came by his shop and approved the claim already. I guess they reneged? The work has already started on my car without my awareness and now all of a sudden they’re not going to pay for it? Shouldn’t they have all the facts before giving the body shop the green light? How were they to know if I could afford all the work (and not just the minimum) myself? Now I have to because they gave the green light? It doesn’t seem fair and again, very unprofessional.

    I called the supervisor again last night again to explain why they said they’d cover my damages but now wouldn’t. He, expectedly, has yet to call me back.

    I don’t know what is going on with this company, or maybe just these specific agents, but this is not ok! Even if I can’t recoup my own damages, I want to do everything I can to make sure this doesn’t happen to another driver. I will continue doing everything I can do to make this right. I definitely will never be an infinity client if this is how they treat people! I will also do my best to warn others against them.

    • Im in A situación With Infinity Insurance .I have full cover agencia but they Dont want to pay my damage. I pay $560 dollars per month and now that I need the Insurance to pay for my car dama gente they Dont want to check out dome other companies before you make Infinity your car Insurance.

  14. If I could give No star,I would! They have HORRIBLE customer service for those who are paying them for a service. I have never had such a horrible experience with any car insurance company. They have been working against me and makig me go through hell and loops just to get the service that I already pay them for!!! Would never recommend this company to anyone!

  15. Hi guys! I want to say that I have never had such worst insurance company. It took me three months to cancel my insurance. I decided to switch to different insurance because I didn’t need commercial insurance anymore. First, they told me that I need to send them picture with my signature and insurance card next to it in order to cancel it. I did it (July 9). Than after one month (August 12) I received a letter from them. Now, they were asking for declaration form from my current insurance in order to cancel my subscription. I did it too. Than September 30 I received another letter from them. Now they asking for proof of withdrawal from Motor Carrier Permit. It was weird because I thought I already done with them. I got it from DMV and sent it back to them in a week. After two days I received an email saying “We are sorry, but we cannot backed up cancellation because your withdrawal is three month late.So you need to pay additional $250. Really? You waited 2 month to tell me you need that withdrawal from MCP? Why you didn’t tell me about it when you sent me first letter…… I event tried to talk with supervisor and explained that it wasn’t my fault. He didn’t want to listen. So, it is up to you guys. You decide! Want trouble – get Infinity!!!!

  16. walk away from this company if i can get a few people to not get insured with them im happy, have become thieves, incresed remiums aroud 40% with the blessing of our crook florida politicians, all are the same just design to steal money from people.

  17. I recently removed one of my car (8/24) from the policy and I was told I still need to pay for the removed car on this months bill because the bill was already isued on 8/10. I told them it doenst make sense as the bill that issued on the 10th which is due end of August is for the following month coverage (prepayment). I asked when is a good date to cancel so that I dont end up paying twice while maintaining insurace for my removed car from one insruance carrier. They said before the billing period which is the 10th. So regardless, I dont get coverage for the 20 days remaining even if i were to cancel before the 10th of the following month. I am paying twice for the car that got removed for the 20 days. I claimed I should be covered for that 20 days as this months bill is for the following month, but the customer service kept saying your premium will deduct from next month billing. So I am screwed either way. I am ending up paying 20 days of insurance for the car that is no longer insured with Infinity. I am so upset. This is not right. I will copy past my review here and post wherever possible. The world needs to know!!!


    • I’ve been placing coverage with Infinity for 10 years. They are NO different than any other insurance carrier when it comes to customer service or paying claims.

      I’m like everyone else, when I have a fender bender or major accident I expect the insurance company to swoop to my rescue. Most often the relationship you have with your agent will make the difference in the response you receive. If your agent does his or her job, you WILL get good service and a good return on your investment in his of her agency.

      It has also been my experience that if you have purchased your automobile insurance over the internet, you might be more frustrated at claim time dealing with a faceless individual over the internet or an toll free number.

      Support your local Ind. Agent


  20. i had the same expierence…they used my debit card which what i first put my downpayment on..and they kept changing their price.. never in my life have i had this happen. THEN they used my card and charged 149.00 extra…blew out my bank account which i was pissed over. how dare they? then they have the nerve to say it was my fault and that i signed papers…the name was [Redacted]…who were the [Redacted] in this whole thing….NEVER USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY…..they are a RIP OFF….

  21. Please please please for anyone who has the slightest thought of getting insurance with this company , PLEASE do not. I never ever write reviews about a company no matter what the circumstances are. However. this company is so HORRIBLE that I had to write this review. I wish we all could compare names of the jokes that work and run this company. People, I urge you please stay away from infinity insurance. Even if they are cheaper than other companies, you will eventually get screwed and I guarantee you will regret it. I have dealt with bad companies in the past but infinity insurance is undoubtedly the WORST WORST EVERRRRR. Please STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

  22. This insurance company is horrible. Their client sits in jail with 2 counts of assault w/deadly weapon, her car & they want to argue over a rental car, even though they are fixing my daughters car. They will be hearing from our lawyer. She had no transportation to get medical attention. Agent is [REDACTED] via Infinity. Rude!!!!

    • they’re doing me the same way. Even though I just started the policy, I had a wreck. Now theyre denying me a rental car lying saying that i wasn’t covered. But an appraiser is going to the shop to look at my car…..smh.

  23. how can this company up my insurance and i havent even been with the company 2 weeks? they upped it by 56.00 and my plpd is 1,000 now when i asked for 500.00 i have contacted the insurance general about this crap! i refuse to pay this

  24. I had been w them for years, my first claim and they screw me out of 750.00 bucks, THe worst customer svc, the absolute worst experience, THis is the worst so called company i have ever dealt with. WIll never use them again.

  25. Just an update on our claim…we took the driver to small claims court and won the case. She (Infinity) was ordered to pay the balance of our claims in addition to our court costs. My advice, FIGHT THEM! They expect people to give up!

  26. Infinity Insurance is a complete scam, please stay away. I hope their is a civil case in which they have to pay back their customers for all the fraud they have done, if any one of us did what they do we would be in jail the same day. My mom had an accident and was assigned a claims guy named [Redacted], she needed a translator and he didn’t like that. My mom noticed that the translator was having a hard time translating certain things so my mom tried correcting her as best possible with her broken English; he then tells my mom that she is a liar and could speak English. A few days pass he refuses to get a translator and treats my mom pretty bad accusing her of lying and switching her story. On the last conversation we had my mom gave him permission to talk to me and he said that he didn’t understand what she said and that he wasn’t going to discuss anything with me because he was unsure if I was indeed her son. He later just said they weren’t going to cover because her statement didn’t match up, when my mom and I asked for the recordings and all the supposed information they had, he said that he couldn’t because of policy and that we would have to subpoena. We asked to talk to his supervisor and he said that he had the final decision on the case, that talking to a supervisor wouldn’t help.

    They will be hearing from our lawyers soon, their fraud is incredible.

  27. Infinity is the worst Insurance company EVER!!!!!!!! My vehicle was in an accident and they refused to cover the damages even though I have provided the requested information. I have filed a complaint with the State Department of Insurance and I hope this [Redacted] company pays for all the other scammed customers they’ve had. it’s scary to see all the other complaints when it comes to accident claims. They’re adjusters [Redacted] work hard, but not for you. Instead they do what ever they can to deny the claim even if they have all the proof in front of them. Everyone should know that this company will take your money but better believe that when it’s time to pay up they will make it your fault and wash their hands off the problem. NO ONE SHOULD USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Got my vehicle connected and insured on a relative’s policy. both vehicles are kept in the same household, but for school reasons my relative addressed all his mail to his brothers house because he’ll be always out for business and same as me and since, he’s his brother’s always home and won’t miss the mail man to receive the time sensitive mails. Now, the representative didn’t even take the time or consider to remind us or let us know about their “Garaging Policy” when 2 vehicles are placed on a different address and now my relatives policy is being cancelled for that and now he has to suffer because of my situation. either, that employee doesn’t know what she’s doing or she just flat out doesn’t care. We didn’t get any form of notification (mail or e-mail) we just found out when we called, spoke to a different representative and are days from cancellation.

  29. Infinity Insurance is the biggest crook in the market! One if their insured drivers backed into my husband in a parking lot, he had 100% right of way and they are refusing to pay the complete repair cost! They say he didn’t stop as soon as their insured hit him (he was going 5 mph and stopped as soon as the impact happened!) I would be very careful doing ANY business with them! They will try and take advantage of anyone to save themselves a buck!!

  30. There a joke. Attempted to raise my rates for what ever reason by1000 a year. Don’t think so. Bunch of circus clowns.

    • how did you fight them????? they did the same thing to me

  31. THESE GUYS SUCKS. I am dealing with the same issues that everyone else complains about. I was rear ended by a driver with their insurance, got a police report, and they keep telling me they can’t do anything about it until they get a statement from them. They said they can deny my claim if they don’t get a statement. They shouldn’t need a statement. Police report says they’re at fault. It should be an easy case closed. I have been calling them and playing phone tag for almost a month now. Adjuster copped an attitude and said “You calling everyday isn’t going to speed up the process.”

  32. Infinity auto insurance is the worst insurance ever! Never ever think of getting it!


    • Agree that this insurance is a ripoff!

  34. Infinity is the worst Insurance co I would not recommend this co to anyone. They take your money every month and year and if u have a question they don’t return your call. I see why people drive without car insurance. I will be changing Insurance companies ASAP. Do not use infinity because if you need them like I do they will not back you. Worst company ever.

  35. They are the worst insurance company I have ever delt with. They will resort to any means to not pay a claim.
    They charge you with fraud and recind your insurance without any proof. How can you abitrarily recind someones insurance with out proving your claim in a court of law. How can the law allow this? If they want to claim fraud they should have to prove it in a court of law before they can recind your policy. I sent all documention proving residency. It did not effect their “investigation ” any thing you tell to prove your innocence
    they will ignore or try to manipulate to their favor. They are legal crooks. HAVING INFINITY INSURANCE IS LIKE HAVING NO INSURANCE.

    • That is scary! I have been with this insurance company for years and my 18 year old son was involved in an accident while driving my car. The man at the claims office asked why he was not listed as a driver and I told him because he did not drive my car often but has only on occasion. He stated that I had the “premier” policy which doas not define “regular use” and that I should not worry’ But today he refused to pay to have the car towed to a body shop since the claim was “under investigation” because his manager said that all licensed drivers are to be listed on the policy. I have read my policy and it states that they will not pay if the car is driven “regularly by a relative living in the household” but no definition of “regularly” is in the policy? I have 8 vehicles and 4 are insured with infinity. I think they are going to deny the claim.

      • Yes they are going to deny your claim. Not only that but they are also going to change your premium coverage without your consent . I was in the same situation. These people are crooks and they will look for any reason to deny your claim. Do not use this company people . These people will turn their back on you if your are involve in accident . I had to pay 3500 to have my car fixed because they deny my clam I don’t know how are these people are allowed to be in business. Something needs to be done.

        • Same situation, the accident was NOT my fault , I was T boned! They fought me for everything that had to be done!!! Then they added a driver without my permission even though all documents for proof that they didn’t live at my address was sent in! Having to pay double for insurance without any reason or notice! THE WORSE COMPANY EVER!!!! CROOKS!

      • I was in the same case tamara, how did it turn out?

    • i am going through the same situation with these [Redacted]. What was the outcome of the case?


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