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Allstate Drivewise Review & Complaints| Pay-per-mile

Allstate Drivewise is worth it if you're a good driver. In this Allstate Drivewise review we find that the Drivewise usage-based insurance program can save you up to 15 percent on your Allstate car insurance. Read more to learn about all of the Allstate Drivewise benefits.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 13, 2020

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Interested in lowering your car insurance rates? This Allstate Drivewise review is for you. DriveWise is Allstate’s version of the popular usage-based car insurance trend. Operating mainly from a mobile app, DriveWise offers not only the chance to earn a discount but points in the company’s Rewards program as well.

The DriveWise system works a little differently from some programs offered by other companies. If you are interested in earning a discount through Allstate’s program, this Allstate Drivewise review will help you understand all of the details to decide if it is right for you. We’ll explain everything from how to install the program, to what happens if you unplug Drivewise, and give you Allstate Drivewise hacks for saving money.

Finding the best insurance companies takes time, but comparing rates is a good start. Before jumping into this Allstate DriveWise review, take a look at our free tool above to compare rates and plans.

How does Allstate safe driving bonus work?

As discussed, Allstate’s program works a little differently from some other programs out there. Three types of rewards are listed for the app: enrollment discount, performance rewards, and Allstate Rewards.

Allstate offers a 3 percent enrollment discount. This is applied to your policy right away when you activate the DriveWise program. It remains on your policy for as long as you keep using DriveWise, regardless of what sort of driving habits are recorded.

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Can Allstate Drivewise raise your rates?

The program will not raise your rates regardless of the driving habits recorded. You will earn the initial discount but you may not receive other discounts. Allstate promises, however, that your rate will never increase. So if you’re wondering “Why is Allstate so bad?”, this might improve your opinion.

The next part of the program is performance rewards. This is also referred to as “cash back” rewards. Based on your driving habits, this aspect relies on the data collected through the app. Although the term “cashback” is used, it is a premium credit applied as a discount on your policy at renewal.

With a performance reward, a driver can earn up to 15 percent off their policy. The app shows what performance rewards you have earned both as a percentage and as a dollar off amount, listing your projected discount on your next renewal.

The chart below outlines the average premium a driver can have with the DriveWise program.

Average Car Insurance Rate Reduction with Allstate Drivewise
Drivewise StatsAverage Allstate Six-Month Rates
Without Drivewise$692
With Drivewise$498-$602
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The final part of the program is Allstate Rewards. This points program is similar to a credit card rewards program where you earn points that can be redeemed for a variety of things.

10,000 points are deposited in your Rewards account upon signing up for DriveWise. You will get 5,000 more when you have signed up for Rewards and visited the site for the first time. After that, you can earn more points for various things including completing “driving challenges”.

There are a variety of other ways to earn points as well. These points equal credits towards services and merchandise from participating vendors.

Allstate Rewards is the only portion of the DriveWise program for which non-customers are eligible. Anyone can download the app and participate in this portion of the program.

Allstate has several other options to save you money also. Through their Safe Driving program, drivers also get credit. How much is the average Allstate safe driving bonus check? Rather than a check, you will get a credit, just like with DriveWise. The allotted credit is up to five percent of the policy premium.

Wherever you live, your state will more than likely have required liability coverage. While the minimum requirements might be the cheapest option, it isn’t going to provide full protection.

Full protection from any insurer could be a significant cost. Programs like DriveWise can help save you money. Looking for car insurance discounts through your insurer will help offset your premiums.

What does Allstate DriveWise do?

DriveWise was initially introduced using a plug-in device similar to that used by other similar programs. Allstate car insurance now offers the program only as a mobile app in most states. Alaska, Indiana, and Florida drivers are the only ones with access to the plugin option at this time.

Unlike other programs, Allstate DriveWise is not only available to Allstate customers. Anyone can use it. DriveWise does not have its own specific app, rather it is a feature that can be activated from within the Allstate app. Non-customers can download the app and activate the program.

While non-customers do not earn any policy credits or discounts, they can sign up for the Allstate Rewards program. Allstate Rewards is a program like many other similar setups in which you earn points for certain activities and redeem them for things like gift cards, travel, merchandise, and other options.

For those who are Allstate customers, they earn Rewards points in addition to earning policy credits and even “cash back” or policy credits for safe driving. Take a look at the Drivewise Allstate commercial below for an overview of the program.

DriveWise is available in most states, although terms and rewards vary from state to state. The program promises up to 20 percent in discounts but also states that rewards are given in “cash back.” This is called the performance reward and is separate from the enrollment discount, which is received when you sign up.

To compare rates and plans from companies that may offer programs similar to DriveWise check out the free tool below.

How does Allstate DriveWise work?

So what does Allstate DriveWise do? There are a few types of telematics devices that can track your driving. Instead of using a plug-in device, like some systems, DriveWise mostly relies on an app installed on a mobile device to send information as you drive.

Some drivers ask, “how does Drivewise know I’m driving?” DriveWise works like most other usage-based mobile apps. It runs in the background on your phone and tracks information every time you get into your car. Information collected includes how you drive and when you drive.

Allstate then uses its calculation system to translate that information into a grade for good driving habits.

This short video explains the basics of the program.

The app allows drivers to monitor their progress with the program over time, showing how much of a cashback reward they have so far earned, and what has been recorded in terms of safe and risky driving behavior.

The first “cash back” reward is available after the driver completes 50 trips, and rewards are then calculated every six months.

DriveWise works on an ongoing basis with the opportunity to continue earning rewards for safe driving rather than the one-time discount offered by other programs. Improvements in your driving over time can lead to greater rewards. While you may not earn a reward if your driving habits do not stack up, Allstate will not penalize you with rate increases.

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What DriveWise Records

DriveWise records quite a bit of information but not all of it is used to influence your performance reward. Through the app, the program records data and transmits it back to Allstate.

To learn more about how your driving habits might be recorded, check out this brief video.

The telematics program that Allstate uses for the DriveWise program collects the following data:

  • Time of day: Driving between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekends is considered high risk, and the app counts how many of your driving hours take place at these times.
  • Braking: hard and extreme braking incidents are recorded
  • Speed: How much time you spend driving above 80 mph
  • Location: Where your car travels and where it was last parked
  • Miles drove: Miles of each trip is recorded
  • Trip data: When and where you drove, with starting and ending locations

All of this information is visible to the driver within the app, but not all of it will be used by Allstate to calculate a discount.

The Allstate mobile app automatically detects when driving is happening. The phone needs to be on with location services enabled and the vehicle needs to travel at least 20 mph for a short distance. No action is necessary on your part to capture a trip. Even if the app is closed, it will still detect trips.

Some ask how to cheat the Allstate DriveWise App. Since this sophisticated software, it would be hard to manipulate the system. Aside from that, this would constitute a breach of the contract on your part. This could result in loss of your insurance policy as well as potential legal consequences.

If you are not the driver, you can simply delete the trip in the app and it will not count towards your driving record or rewards.

How Information From Allstate Drivewise Is Used

Allstate uses only three pieces of information from the DriveWise app to calculate your rewards. The company bases this on time of day, braking, and speed.

The app calculates a reward percentage based on how many incidents of hard or extreme braking are recorded, how many hours you are on the road late at night, and how much of your driving is spent at speeds over 80 mph. There is also an overall “trip score” for each trip based on these pieces of information.

Compared to some other usage-based programs, Allstate uses fewer pieces of information to inform discounts. Other programs also take into consideration how many miles you drive and incidents of quick acceleration in addition to braking.

While the app can record a lot more information, that is mainly provided for the driver. Allstate does not track where you drive or park, or any other trip information. The additional information is displayed for the driver’s benefit.

The app also includes “driving challenges” which can be completed to earn Allstate Rewards points. As noted above, this part of the program is available even to non-customers of Allstate.

Eligibility for DriveWise

The Allstate site does not list any requirements to be eligible for DriveWise.

For the app, there aren’t any limitations to the program based on your car’s age. Those using the plug-in device will need to meet vehicle requirements that usually include the vehicle being model year 1996 or newer.

All that is required for the app is that you have a smartphone capable of running the DriveWise app. The site states that your phone must run Android 4.4 or higher or iOS 8 or higher to run the app. That means the main thing that could keep you from using this app is your phone.

DriveWise can be activated at any time during the policy period, and it is available to both new and existing Allstate customers. This differs from some programs that are only available on new policies.

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Allstate DriveWise Installation

In most states where there is only an app option, installation is relatively easy.

DriveWise allows the addition of all of the drivers in the household to the program. When there are multiple drivers, the information will be combined to determine the discount. Individual drivers do not each earn a discount. The discount can be earned on each vehicle in the household individually.

The Allstate app must be downloaded and installed on your phone. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. From there, you can go into the app, find the DriveWise function and turn it on, and then follow the prompts on the screen.

Additional drivers can be added to the program by requesting an activation code, which is sent via email. The driver can then use their Allstate DriveWise login, enter the activation code, and begin using the app.

Take a look at the video below to understand some of the key features of the DriveWise app.

The procedure is the same for non-customers to use the program and earn Allstate Rewards.

If you are using the plug-in, it will arrive in the mail and can be plugged into the Onboard Diagnostic port of your vehicle. The plug-in device is attached directly to your car’s port, which is generally located somewhere under the dashboard. Instructions for finding the port and plugging in the device are also provided by Allstate.

If you have the plug-in device, it can be unplugged. What happens if you unplug DriveWise? The device will record the time unplugged and it could impact your discount. If unplugged for too long, this could void your agreement with Allstate and terminate your participation in the program.

In some instances, drivers reported that the Allstate DriveWise app is not recording trips. This could be of the phone or some occasional glitches. Allstate recommends rebooting the phone or even deleting and re-downloading the app. If DriveWise is still not recording trips, you may contact customer support.

How DriveWise Stacks Up

Allstate’s program is an innovative approach to the usage-based program insurance game.

Allstate offers a lower discount of up to 15 percent off, but, it also offers various ways to save. While it seems like you can now only save half as much as other programs, the reality is that across the board drivers report an average savings of between 10-15 percent on any of the usage-based programs.

Consumer reviews of Allstate DriveWise on Reddit, show that drivers are usually happy with the program and that discounts are beneficial. Recent Allstate DriveWise data show that the program changes and updates have been positive. The Allstate DriveWise forum also allows users to communicate and ask questions to resolve issues.

The 3 percent enrollment discount is not unusual. While some companies use the initial discount as a precursor to the actual discount after recording data, Allstate lets you keep that discount. It is a small discount but it is added to whatever performance rewards you earn.

If you earn no performance rewards, you keep your three percent. Other companies may give you no discount at all based on driving performance. Programs like Progressive Snapshot may even lower your rates based on poor driving.

The Allstate Rewards program helps DriveWise stand out from the pack. While we didn’t delve deeply into point value, it is a nice added perk on top of policy discounts. Among the companies listed as rewards, partners are Samsung, Ray-Ban, Nike, Gap, and Applebee’s. Allstate DriveWise customer service can help you with rewards program.

It is worth noting that if you are using the plug-in device there may be a fee for non-return. The Allstate DriveWise device non-return fee could be imposed after 45 days of a requested return. Allstate DriveWise return of device policy says that the customer has up to 45 to return it.

In today’s mobile-driven world, people use apps for just about everything, so the convenience of this method might be more attractive. The app also allows the driver more aware of what is being recorded and access to the information.

What is usage-based insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says that usage-based auto insurance (UBI) programs arrived around a decade ago as a mileage-based discount program linked to a GPS. These programs started as a discount program for good drivers. Telematics devices are plugged into cars and record driving information.

In 2018, the Insurance Information Institute estimated that there were 10 to 11 million telematics enabled insurance programs in place in the United States.

That number has increased even more today as many consumers are looking for ways to save on insurance premiums.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that accidents cost over $200 billion annually. It is no wonder that Insurance companies are looking for ways to make America’s roads safer. Also, with accidents and other incidents, drivers are looking for ways to be safer drivers. Programs like DriveWise seek to accomplish both.

Take a look at the following table that outlines how much an incident on your driving record can impact rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record
CompaniesAverage Rates with Clean RecordAverage Rates with One Speeding ViolationAverage Rates with One AccidentAverage Rates with One DUI
USAA$1,933.68 $2,193.25 $2,516.24 $3,506.03
Geico$2,145.96 $2,645.43 $3,192.77 $4,875.87
American Family$2,693.61 $3,025.74 $3,722.75 $4,330.24
Nationwide$2,746.18 $3,113.68 $3,396.95 $4,543.20
State Farm$2,821.18 $3,186.01 $3,396.01 $3,636.80
Progressive$3,393.09 $4,002.28 $4,777.04 $3,969.65
Travelers$3,447.69 $4,260.80 $4,289.74 $5,741.40
Farmers$3,460.60 $4,079.01 $4,518.73 $4,718.75
Allstate$3,819.90 $4,483.51 $4,987.68 $6,260.73
Liberty Mutual$4,774.30 $5,701.26 $6,204.78 $7,613.48
Average Annual Rates$3,123.62 $3,669.10 $4,100.27 $4,919.62
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Having just one accident could cost you over $1,000 annually. Safe driving is in your best financial interest and a reason why DriveWise might be for you.

Like most such programs, DriveWise uses data of driving habits to calculate a premium discount and other rewards for safe driving. Although DriveWise originally used a plug-in device to collect this information, the new version of the program seems to have a goal of phasing out the plug-in device in favor of using the mobile app only.

It’s an optional program aimed at giving good drivers a discount while also allowing drivers to track their habits and see what they can do to improve.

Take a look at the video below to understand how this trend has shaped insurance plans and drivers.

The Insurance Information Institute states that insurers are capturing data from millions of vehicles to create information profiles on driving behaviors to support UBI programs. These programs are saving drivers money all across America.

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Allstate DriveWise Review: The Bottom Line

DriveWise is a pretty robust usage-based insurance program that has a lot of perks and not a lot of downsides. Existing Allstate customers can benefit from the program in multiple ways, and there is no risk of increased premiums as a result. The program has been around a while, so Allstate Drivewise reviews from 2018 may have improved since then.

Although the program does not make the big promises of huge discounts, it does offer a realistic, multi-faceted rewards program that can make a dent in premiums while also offering extra perks on the Rewards program. Since it can be turned on and off at will with a quick tap in the app, it’s likely worth giving the program a shot.

Now that you’ve finished this Allstate DriveWise review, use our FREE tool below to compare rates.



About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. Up to Sept of last year, I was getting good records with Drivewise on my Nissan Altima hybrid and saving quite a bit of money.

    When the new gadget came out, it totally failed.

    They put the blame on my car, said something was wrong with my car and I should get it checked out.

    Well, it has been checked out, and it is fine.

    I turned it over to the state insurance board and got an email from Drivewise within days saying they were looking into it again.

    After a few days, they put blame on my car again.

    However, given that the device worked fine before, and only failed when they changed it, I think they should really fix it.

    • I had similar issues with the upgraded device not working back in November.

      They looked into it as there were a bunch of other complaints and after a couple of weeks fixed it via a sent signal.

      Been working fine ever since, with one “hard braking” after the recording period ended that made no sense since I was parked 30 feet from a stop sign and the incident was recorded when I moved to the stop sign.

  2. I have been using the DriveWise app for about 8 months.

    The first 6 months (or 50 trips) weren’t bad with a rebate.

    I agree with most of the posters here that their definition of “hard braking” is really just braking.

    They catch on though when all is smooth, now they have “phone” events which I assume they use to count against you.

    I use Bluetooth hands-free, and even if the call is not answered, DriveWise counts it as a use.

    Even when I don’t use the phone, or it doesn’t ring, I still get the “phone” use icon on the trip.

    I am sure it’s just another way for them to count it against you.

  3. I have the phone app.

    I told my wife I was going to prove this thing is faulty and gives the wrong info.

    I took a trip that was about 40 miles of freeway, speed limits of 65 and 75. I set the cruise control to the speed limit and changed it as the limit changed.

    I also purposely did not use my brakes for the entire time on the freeway.

    Later I checked the app and it showed speeding and braking.

    The strange thing is it shows speeding and breaking almost at the same time.

    The area that showed speeding was a 75 mph speed limit and I had my cruise set just below the limit.

    I also had a speeding over 80 a couple of weeks ago in a 45 mph zone on a small winding road.

    I have no idea how this app works.

  4. Been using the Drivewise device for just less than a year and have received approx.

    A 20% discount the first 6 month period and am set to receive a 26% one the 2nd period.

    The only issues have been:

    – 1st device was deemed faulty as it failed to record periodically. It was replaced and all was well.

    – 2nd device worked perfectly, although I debate a couple of the braking events as accurate.

    – In September of 2019, they replaced the device with an upgraded one. The upgraded one was faulty as it often records some trips in a day, but not all.

    For example, running errands to 5 places for 6 trips, but only a random 3 of the record.

    Currently awaiting details on replacing it and returning it for testing. It is either a faulty device or the code is at fault.

  5. I just leased a 2019 Energi Fusion plug in the wall electric and gas hybrid vehicle.

    I am concerned with the drivewise plug-in device.

    There is so much electrical on this car that I do not want to install this.

  6. Superb blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?

    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get comments from other experienced individuals that share the same interest.

    If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Cheers!

    • I have been using the app up here in Alberta now for one month.

      I really disliked the intrusion when I first learned of the app.

      I eventually broke down and tried it because of the steady increase in my insurance rates.

      Never an accident or claim in the 45+ years that I’ve been driving.

      The discount for just trying it for 5 days was fairly substantial so I decided it was worth trying.

      One month now and my first calculated rate is 24% discount. The app has a flaw as far as I’m concerned.

      The flaw is in the hard braking section. 13km/sec is a pretty hard braking action.

      I have not one time pushed on my hard so hard as to have my speed decrease that suddenly.

      I have called Allstate on it and initially, they told me that it is part of the program and it is accurate.

      I pushed/complained more when I got a couple more hard braking alerts and they told me there have been situations where the app came up with false readings and that they had been removed from other users readings.

      That is my gripe with this app. I will continue to monitor it all closely.

      The program has flaws but one thing it has done is made my wife feel safer in the car with me.

      I use to have a heavy foot. This app has changed my driving habits for the better.

      I’m appreciative of it, but I do not like the hard braking.

      Inaccurate and needs to be fixed or removed.

      • I use Drivewise from the Allstate app on my phone.

        On 2 separate occasions, the app has said not only that I hard braked when I did not but also that I exceeded 80 mph when I had my cruise control engaged at the speed limit.

        I deleted these trips as data inaccurate but I have my doubts that this inaccurate info is not being retained by Allstate.

      • The “hard braking” function is a mess…

        any safe driver will have a number of them…

        NO ONE from Allstate will tell me how many results in a reduction of discount…

        it is a serious flaw…

        • I agree.

          I did hard break once, but the other 5 incidents it recorded (just this week!) were not hard braking at all.

          I am disappointed with this feature!

          • We have a LOT of deer here in Orange County NY and many of them even live/graze in the cities/towns.

            They don’t adhere to a time-table so they can be seen all throughout the day/night.

            A 200lb doe can do a HECK of a lot of damage to even the biggest car/truck and its occupants so avoiding striking an errant deer (one refusing to cross streets/roads at the designated ‘Deer Crossings’) is foremost in the minds of most experienced drivers.

            That ‘avoidance’ mindset necessitates ‘hard braking’ as one (usually more) deer decides to ‘end it all’ by leaping out into the path of a vehicle – even those moving AT or BELOW the posted speed limit.

            We also have a Community College in town, several public and private schools AND dozens of apartment/condo communities built in the past few decades.

            With the advent of ‘Smart Phones’ the people who frequent these schools and live in these communities, during the day, are not as attentive to their own safety as in years past – leading to many of them absent-mindedly wandering out into traffic – their noses buried in some ‘cute kitty video’.

            According to our local and state police – and medical professionals (we’ve got several hospitals, clinics and medical offices in OC) ‘hard braking’ is decidedly preferable to colliding with a human or animal.

            In fact it’s taught in the many local schools’ ‘Driver Education’ courses so it would seem Allstate’s policy of ‘dinging’ drivers for practicing ‘Hard Braking’ runs counter to their own industry’s business model – PREVENTION of ‘accidents’ so as not to have to pay-out on the insurance claims which result FROM those ‘accidents’.

    • My wife had many of these issues in her car as well.

      Her battery was dead and the TCM light came on and needed to be replaced.

      Her friend told her about this earlier but she thought what happened to her friend was an anomaly.

      I called Allstate and told them the problem and was referred to a customer resolution specialist, who told me that this was the first time she heard of this and they would need a letter from a mechanic or a dealership proving it was the Drivewise device that caused the problem.

      I told her that this would be difficult to get because it hard to definitively prove that this was caused because of the Drivewise device.

      She said that was the only resolution.

      I asked to speak to her superior and she refused.

      She told me to return the device.

      I asked her what they would do with the device.

      She told me that they would test it and they test all of their devices and would never allow customers to use anything unsafe.

      I told her to send me the results of the test.

      She put me on a long hold and when she finally returned, she said that this would be possible.

      I told her to email me a transcript of our conversation and she did.

      I also told her to email me the initial report for the Drivewise device and she didn’t email me back anything yet.

      I eagerly await the results from the initial report, if I ever receive them.

  7. 30 year dealership master auto tech.

    We download snapshot data constantly. We connect devices to the OBD ports constantly.

    We use Vehicle Data Recorders constantly.

    The complaints/scenarios regarding the devices supplied by insurance companies as to their destruction of your vehicle’s components do not seem plausible.

    Complaints such as they cause your blower motor or spark plugs or alternator or starter to fail will not happen due to connecting this device.

    Most vehicle owners do not understand how their systems function.

    They cannot explain how the device can cause these malfunctions and they are gullible to anything they are told or read.

    If you told me the vehicle would not start, you removed the device and the vehicle started and you could repeat this scenario and demonstrate it front of me, I’d investigate these devices further.

    Otherwise, I’m waiting to see the basis of anything proven to fail by using these plug-in recording devices.

    They have been around for decades as diagnostic tools.

    • Cliff, you can’t be serious!

      Are you telling me that the OBD reader is designed to have a tracking device installed 24/7?

      Not buying it. Have you read through all of the first-hand experiences of the victims of these devices?

      When My Mazda Check engine light came on within a week of installing the Drivewise indicating a bad TCM, It didn’t occur to me that it could be caused by the Drivewise device.

      After diagnosing the system it indicated replacing the TCM, which I did, and it made no difference, meanwhile, the CEL stayed on continuously.

      At one point I removed the Drivewise, to read the fault and I left it out, for the first time when driving the car the Check Engine Light stayed off!!!


      It FINALLY dawned on me that the whole problem started right after the installation of the Drivewise device!

      Since that time the Check Engine Light comes on intermittently with the same code indicating a bad TCM, but the car runs fine, transmission shifts fine, etc..

      To anybody reading this; whatever you do, do yourself a favor and Do NOT install one of these evil devices in your car!!!

      • OBD Reader? Your post goes towards proving my point.

        You assume the last thing that you can visualize must have caused your problem, regardless.

        Period, end of the story. Everyone else says so…must be true.

        You also stated the TCM error code still occurs with the drivewise no longer there.

        Maybe a clue you’re wrong? Duh. It’s a diagnostic port.

        So yes, to answer your question, we plug diagnostic tools and data recorders into these ports and drive or have the owners drive with them plugged in for days, weeks or months at times trying to find an intermittent issue that only happens once in a blue moon.

      • One additional point Mr. Green.

        Our dealership services a company with about 40 vehicles in its fleet.

        This company uses a device and software program to track its drivers and their vehicles.

        It’s a GPS tracking device installed in the diagnostic port.

        I can’t say it is the same but it is similar to insurance devices (I’ve seen many of these installed in vehicles)

        The fleet management company they use is AT&T.

        AT&T is not the only fleet service doing this.

        The company we service has never had a failure of any vehicle I can contribute to the device and they have used AT&T fleet management services for years.

        My writing is my opinion based on working in the automotive service industry since 1984.

        I have watched automotive technology evolve for over three decades.

        I have seen some crazy stuff happen with electronics in automobiles but I do not support the thesis that these devices are creating failures.

        Yes, I am serious…….Cliff

        • Cliff, just because you have not personally seen problems caused by these devices does not mean there are no problems caused by them.

          It depends on the vehicle.

          How do you explain the guy who plugged the device in, windows would not roll down, removed Drivewise and everything goes back to normal?

          I say the diagnostic port on these vehicles was never designed to have a transmitter installed in it 24/7.

          • Mr Green
            We are a prominent new vehicle dealership and represent five manufacturers.

            Two foreign and three Domestic. We service over 150,000 vehicles each year.

            I speak with factory engineers and manufacturers’ reps weekly.

            If I ever confirm one of these data transmitting devices has caused a problem with power windows I will post it.

            Good luck to you. Cliff

          • OK, Cliff, so you say you have never seen any evidence of damage to vehicles caused by these devices, but other people have, including factory-trained dealership mechanics.

            What do you say to Lee Middleton who had problems with his BMW immediately after installing the device?

            Or, Dominick Braico who went through 2 batteries because of the Drivewise device?

            I’m saying that the problem in my car was caused by this device.

            The only time the check engine light stayed off after the initial episode was when I finally removed the Drivewise, with the Drivewise installed, the CEL was on continuously.

            Do I want to drive around with the CEL on continuously?

            I’m saying that these devices are damaging the on-board electronics, not the actual component necessarily, but the control.

            Maybe it is a very small percentage of vehicles that are damaged, but that doesn’t help the people who end up with expensive repairs.

      • Mike, I am having the same exact issue was this ever resolved?

        It messed up my battery and caused tcm issues.

        Allstate refuses to fix it!

        • Hi Myia,

          Hope you have some luck in resolving your issues.

          My problem was never really solved.

          I continued to get a reading on my Check Engine Light of a bad TCM, but there was never any problems with the TCM or the wiring, it is just a problem with the onboard electronics sending a false code.

          I am 100% positive beyond ANY shadow of a doubt that my problem was caused by the Drivewise device.

          After spending hundreds of dollars replacing the TCM, etc.. just finally removing the Drivewise partially solved my problem.

          You will not get any help from Allstate, sorry to say, they are an evil corporation that does not give a rip about you or your problems, Allstate only cares about taking your money.

          Good luck, and please keep us posted regarding your situation.

    • My problems with Drivewise were not mechanical but rather logical, i.e., analysis.

      The software for this device treats a “hard stop” from parking lot speeds (3-5 mph) the same as from freeway speeds (55-70 mph) when the two are obviously quite different.

      According to Allstate, there is no way to further redefine the two conditions (which is a flat out lie as it is a rather simple one-line modification to the analysis code).

      We had two cars on the program: mine (operated at normal times of day and very rarely overnight) and my wife’s: (she works graveyard shift 10pm to 7am so was on the road 5 nights per week during overnight hours).

      No accommodation is made for her regular commuting (no bar hopping involved) nor the fact that her trip is 3 miles each way through residential streets with greatly reduced traffic.

      Both (or either) of these analysis errors accounted for an increased premium rather than any potential decrease even though neither condition presented an increased risk to Allstate.

      As a result, I removed the devices and changed insurance companies.

    • Why is there a “use at your own risk” clause? I sent mine back.

  8. Post writing is also a excitement, if you be acquainted with afterward you
    can write otherwise it is complicated to write.

  9. Been having battery problems even with new battery ever since installing this unit.

    just figured out the problem.

    Who’s going to pay for the 2 batteries I went through

    • What was the issue?

  10. This phone app program is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever seen.

    The last problem I had was it told me the app stopped running because it was turned off. I NEVER TURNED IT OFF! Lost ANOTHER trip.

    Sometimes it doesn’t even pick up the signal to track you, and you lose ANOTHER trip.

    I told tech-support they need a signal verification and lock system added to this, and they told me that was a good idea. Did it ever happen? NO!

    On top of the fact that you had better do all your driving before 11:00 AM in the morning, because after that you save LESS money, it’s my considered opinion this app and rules are designed deliberately to “save you money” … but … not as much as you COULD save.

    AllState also “saves money” by refusing to have this app fixed correctly. Like corporate told me in an email: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do at this time.”

    There are computer programs that run from Windows 10, all the way back to XP. If a particular OS does not allow this to happen, a separate program is written.

    If there are problems like this regarding phones, then A SEPARATE PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE WRITTEN!

    You’re NOT “in good hands with AllState” … they DON’T care … I am leaving for another company … end of story.

    • Leaving Allstate is exactly what I did.

      Got cheaper rates and no g&% d*@^ device or rule set.

  11. This infformation is worth everyone’s attention. Where can I find out more?

  12. So sick of the stupid a@# Allstate Drive wise commercial…

    it is so ridiculous and such an obvious gimmick to RAISE your rate that you must be a DUMM A$& to participate…

    “brake too hard” ….no just go ahead and hit the car in front of you.

    STUPID!!! please boycott Allstate…they deserve it!

    • Lets turn them into NOSTATE!

      • Agree 100%

  13. I started using drivewise through the app (only version available in Mississippi which, after reading a lot of the reviews, I’m fine with), on Thursday (4/18) and have taken several drives since then.

    I drove on Saturday and my trips did not log PERIOD! I went from my house to Walgreens, Walgreens to Walmart, and from Walmart back home. Didn’t pick up a single mile.

    I did some research to see if it was my fault, like if I needed to be in the app for it to work, and the answer I found basically said as long as your app is running in the background, you’re good to go.

    Mine is always running in the background so I don’t understand why Saturday’s trips did not log! This is not fair, as it goes against the number of trips I have to take to get my discount.

    My policy comes out in June and I was hoping to get more than the 3% activation discount before then…..

  14. I installed app a few days ago. I doesn’t register any day when I drive my Kia Soul but did register data when I flew in my small airplane over 8mph.

    Can not turn off when flying. I rate this app 2 stars below totally useless. All it does is drain my battery.

  15. Hello All,

    Question: Does Allstate charge a fee if you do not return the Drive Wise Gadget?

    We pulled them from both cars. Switch companies and save $60 a month on our rates.

    Thanks –

  16. We just signed up for an app based DriveWise. Do these serious issues occur with the Allstate smart phone app?

  17. Unlike companies like Progressive, Allstate requires that you keep this device in your car permanently.

    Most companies take a “snapshot” of 60 to 90 days, but Allstate wants to monitor you 12 months a year, every year.

    Another problem is that they consider speed of more than 80mph excessive speed. Driving less than 80mph on Florida’s Turnpike or expressway makes you a traffic hazard. Even the police pass you.

    What Allstate considers “hard braking” is often stopping for yellow lights, rather than trying to beat the red light. Allstate seems to feel you should try to run the light.
    Not sure I want “Big Brother” riding with me 365 days a year. Better to pick an insurance company with a reasonable time frame.

  18. Installed on a 2014 VW Beetle. Windows would not go up after the device was plugged in!
    Pretty funny actually. We unplugged it, sent it back and all has been fine.

    • Hi Mike,
      Glad to hear that your vehicle did not suffer serious damage from the Drivewise device being installed, but it isn’t really funny. This is a serious matter when a corporation is allowed to get away with distributing a device which has been proven to damage the electrical systems of our cars!
      Please document this event, and help us get a lawsuit started against Allstate and Drivewise!

      • My husband and I each drive late model Lexus sedans. Both have needed new batteries, an alternator, and many service calls. Finally, a mechanic told us it was the Allstate device, and that the damage it can cause was well known–to everybody but us. They have both been removed. If there is a class action suit against Allstate, we want to join the unhappy crowd. The expenses are just too much, and the discount crap is just marketing babble. Savings really aren’t there.

        • Today I filed a consumer complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Enough! I also plan to take my story to a local tv consumer advocate, as well as writing to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The more exposure of this, the better. Allstate is ignoring me because they think I’m over the hill. However, they are [redacted] with the wrong old lady.

          • Hi Mary Beth,
            Glad to hear you are taking some strong steps to punish Allstate and Drivewise!!!
            This has had me steaming mad for a long time. Drivewise caused me a tremendous amount of stress, grief, and expense, and then Allstate told me to go pound sand when I tried to get them to reimburse me for my expenses. I have detailed the exact nature of my troubles on this web site. Suffice it to say here that it was a long drawn out headache.
            I filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General, and he did make an effort to help me, but it was basically a waste of time. The only thing that will solve the problem is to sue Allstate and Drivewise for damages.
            Please keep us posted here regarding any developments.
            Mike Green

          • I want to inform everyone, but it is not just the Allstate drivewise device.

            based on my research progressive has a device called the progressive snapshot.

            the device that has caused me to do research on this that I have is the MetroPCS smart ride device.

            5 years ago I did have the progressive snapshot device on my vehicle.

            But after a certain amount of time, I shipped the device back to progressive because they said I had completed the program.

            But shortly after that my car just caught on fire.

            No, it is not 100% sure that that device caused a fire. But it would make sense.

            Currently, my car has experienced massive amongst of misfire. I had to replace the spark plugs on my car and the problem has only gotten worse.

            From everything I have read these companies have been made aware that these issues exist.

            But they continue to tell us to install them. We need to take action

      • Totally agree!

        It took months and several thousands of dollars until the Dealership discovered what was wrong with my vehicle.

        I installed the device hoping to save a few hundred dollars instead I am out of pocket several thousand dollars.

        They requested I send the device back and I refused just waiting for the Class Action Lawsuit!

        • Hi Tammy, can please explain in a little more detail your experience with the Drivewise causing the problems with your vehicle, and how your dealer discovered that the Drivewise was the cause of your problems.

          Also, can you get your dealer to put it in writing?

          Thanks, Mike

    • I installed Drivewise on my BMW 401x M shortly after leasing it in May of last year.

      Almost immediately the alarm would randomly go on and off as I was driving down the street. I quickly made the connection and took out the device. The agent’s employee told me that HE had similar problems with his BMW.

      A few weeks later Allstate wrote me a letter and asked that I destroy the device. The agency then, somehow, extended the discount, promising that a phone-only app would be rolled out soon to Florida drivers.

      But I’ve not received any word about this new ap, and I now notice on my latest statement the premiums have gone up about 10% with the Drivewise discount expired.

      The whole process has been a hassle and a half. A month’s delay in getting the device sent to me. Then no help installing. And no warning of the problems with the car’s electrics.

      • Went through 2 batteries ever since i installed unit.

        • Same and all state refuses to reimburse me!

          Killed a battery and caused malfunction.

          Totally ridiculous.

  19. Since installing Drivewise in my 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg 2.5 with a manual transmission I have had to replace the blower motor resistor three times in a span of soon weeks.
    I removed the Drivewise device and have no more issues with the resistor.
    What’s up with that?

    • Hi Richard, please keep all documentation regarding the problems you have with Drivewise. This is exactly the type of problems that many of us have suffered through with these lame devices.
      I am pushing strongly for a lawsuit to punish these people for the trouble they have caused us by way of these devices. Drivewise caused me a ton of grief, and expenses, disabling my perfectly good vehicle.

      • Well,I am so glad that I researched this Drivewise Thing. I hv decided not to participate in the Program and will be Mailing it back ASAP. I didn’t understand if fully but I don’t really want Anyone monitoring my Life so closely.

        Thank U to everywho posted for keeping the Public informed and Good Luck on the Lawsuit!!!

    • Richard,
      Please document everything! This is exactly the type of problems we have all had!
      We all need to work together to get a law suit going against Allstate and Drivewise for the problems they have caused us.

    • Thankfully you took it out. I HAD a 2002 Honda Civic SI that I just loved driving, well after over $ 4,000+ in repairs, the Honda dealers told me the Device from Allstate was to blame, it was melted to my computer.

      • Hi Lorraine,
        Can you get the Honda dealer to state in writing that Drivewise caused this damage to your vehicle?
        We need to get a lawsuit started on this!

        • We definitely need to get a lawsuit started. I had something similar to a Jeep Liberty.

          It cost me several thousands of dollars.

          Finally, I removed the device and didn’t have any more problems.

          They requested I mail the device back but I refused for I am still waiting for a Lawsuit.

          I should not have been out all that money due to a problem with a device provided by Allstate.

  20. The comments on here are ridiculous.

    First off if the damage was proven to be caused by the Drivewise device, then there certainly would be a class-action suit available. If it was as wide-spread as some people make you believe it would be all over the news…yet somehow Progressive (Snapshot), Hartford (Truelane), Nationwide (SmartRide), Safeco (Rewind), StateFarm (Drive Safe & Save), Travelers (Intellidrive) or ESurance (Esurance Pay Per Mile) with many of them using the SAME device from the SAME company at its core (with branding specific colors etc).

    Second about the ‘scams’ or ‘tricks’ to keep you from getting the full discount. You’re complaining about a FREE 3% discount and threatening to switch insurance companies. I WISH I was offered 3%. [Redacted] if the discount was 3% to 99% off and I got ANY discount for free I’d be satisfied.

    Third, if you don’t like it…remove it. It’s that simple. But you can’t complain your rate went up (the exact % you were saving) and pretend that Allstate “punished” you.

    • First of all, I strongly disagree with your comments. You obviously have not had car damage from the Drivewise device while so many of us do. I would not have realized the cause had I not come across these comments after my 2nd experience with a dead car battery on a new car. If you read my initial comments, you will better understand my own experience. I truly believe most people who experience a problem are not tieing the two together. There is no doubt in my mind Drivewise caused two fairly new car batteries to die after not using my vehicles every day where it sometimes sat inside a heated garage for a week. Non-daily use with the device seemed to be key in my experience.

      • Same has happened to me.

        Installed it on my brand new 2019 q50 Infiniti.

        Dead battery twice after install.

        Now have to buy a jump starter b4 I get home to start the car and yank that device out my OBD2 port.

        Hope it didn’t affect anything else electrical.

    • Lolercoaster, do you have this device installed in your car? Do you know anything about auto mechanics? Have you ever used an OBD reader? Have you actually researched this issue to find out if it is technically advisable to use the OBD port in an automobile to permanently install a tracking device?
      Why don’t you do a little more research before you pipe off about things that you know nothing about?
      We saved a ton of money by just switching insurance companies, dumping Allstate, and we are not required to have some idiotic tracking device installed in our cars!!!

    • Lolercoaster, you don’t sound like you are a victim of this drivewise device then why are you here??? After “saving” few bucks ($25) and buying 2 new batteries for 2 cars ($300+) within few month of using this crappy thing, we were in a big minus. Not to mention the car getting completely dead in a parking lot. Instead of calling the towing, we called our mobile mechanic who is honest (to our luck) and he told us right away to remove this device as the port it was in is not designed to be used all the time and that was the reason our car got dead without any sighs of life. After removing it, miraculously it was alive again and we never had same issues again as we never used that crap — mailed it back to Allstate after calling and telling them everything but they said that we were the first ones with issues and they had no complains about it. Really???? I found this site on the same day which proved they are lying!!!

      • I’ve got a dead battery on my garaged convertible. I installed Drive-Wise almost two months ago and my garaged ‘fun’ car has been to the shop once for a dead battery. The shop advises that the battery is fine, just drained. They suspected it was a plugged-in phone charger, but that has since been removed and it’s happened again. I’ve had this car for 5 years and have never had a dead battery. It’s the Drive-Wise, as soon as 9 AM rolls around I’m calling my agent and removing it from both of my cars.

        • I hope you are a lawyer? We need to sue Allstate.

    • Why Does Allstate suddenly want you to do Drivewise thru an app, and want the devices back? Did $950.00 Damage on my vehicle, they would not cover. Canceled them and got a cheaper vehicle and home rate. Would never again use Allstate!

  21. After installing Allstate Drivewise device in my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Sedan the LCD Touch Screen started to malfunction, the image and color faded away, making it impossible to see the GPS or the Backup Camera.

  22. I just installed the drivewise to my good working 2005 Toyota Matrix, but after installing the device, my car does not crank up or start and is now disabled.

    • Drive wise and Allstate insurance are rotten companies! Nobody in their right mind would continue to d business with them. The sooner they get sued out of existence the better off we will all be.
      You can get a WAY better deal on insurance through other companies without the hassle.
      Let’s all get working on a class action lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise, please!

      • I would agree with a class-action suit. The drivewise device in my Subaru killed the battery and totally messed up the computer. I had to have it reprogrammed at the dealership. By the time I paid for towing, a new battery, and to have my vehicle reprogrammed, it costs me several hundred dollars. I contacted Drivewise about this problem and since it was past 30 days since installation there was nothing they would do. They advised me that I should have reported it within 30 days. The damage occurred months later and I advised them that I didn’t notice anything wrong within the 30 day time period and how was I suppose to know that THIER device was causing me issues. Basically, they told me to ‘pound sand’.
        Previously, to all these problems the A/C compressor burned up at a cost of over $1,100.00. This vehicle is not that old but was out of the factory warranty. Even Subaru and the service manager was surprised that the compressor went. Now I’m almost positive that it was related to that Drivewise device.

        • Hi Martin,
          Sorry to hear about your problems with the Drivewise device and Allstate insurance company! They obviously do not care one bit about all of the problems they are causing people! Evil corporations to the extreme!
          If you know any good lawyers who are interested in taking this on, please let us know.

  23. Hi,
    We are not having technical problems, our problem is the number of trips per 6 months drivewise requires to qualify for the discount. I spend almost an hour on the phone with drivewise tech support and got this figured out. Hubby and I have retired. We don’t need to use our autos as much these days. We have enjoyed the drive wise discount for years when we worked. Because we used our cars every day. However, now we use our cars about twice a week. You would think fewer trips, fewer chances for an accident and insurance company would be happy. Not so fast, the drive wise system requires 60 trips per auto in a 6 month period to qualify for a discount. That may not cause too much of a problem. However. The plot is about to thicken. Even though the insurance coverage is for 6 months at a time, the drive wise system stops counting trips 45 days before our police is to expire. That is when they count trips to see if we qualify. That means that we are getting credit for only 4 and a half months of trips on a 6-month policy. Our discount has usually been $117.00 per every 6 month period. This hurts, we are being punished because we are retired and we use our cars less. So let us do the math. 6 months is 26 weeks. This would mean 2.3 trips per week for each auto. I could handle this. But when we minus 45 days this now becomes 19 weeks and 3 days. 3.15 trips per week per auto. We don’t need to leave home 6 times a week after retirement. This is a good way for Allstate to disqualify certain policyholders like us. We both have excellent driving records and no events on the drive wise recording device. How can we fight this? Thank you Diana Broderick [redacted]

    • How many miles does the “trip” need to be? Can you just go around the block?

      • I’m not 100% sure. But I know my Drivewise has picked up trips that were slightly more than a mile. I don’t know that I take shorter drives than that. I’ll have to check. G

        • Why not just cancel Drivewise? I have been an Allstate customer for many years and have been satisfied. Drivewise sounds like a sketchy “sideline.” Their road service was the most horrible experience. You get a discount without “drivewise,” and I find it a bit creepy to be “tracked.” Good luck to you.

          • Hi Dawn! It is not a “sideline”, Drivewise is an Allstate product that gives you an additional discount but it seems to over-exaggerate hard stops and leaving it in causes major inconveniences and problems if you do not use your car daily.
            I took mine out after finding these posts and no longer have any problems. Drivewise gave me a dead battery on 2 vehicles, 1 a year old…both batteries were not more than 1-1/2 years old.
            I wrote to my Allstate agent twice but she never acknowledged it which is out of character for her.

  24. Put this in my 2013 dodge ram. Haven’t had any problems previously, after installing this device for about 2 weeks my electronic power steering went out completely. Not being able to drive it, it then killed my battery to the point I couldn’t start it with a 200 amp charger. Went to the store and got another 200 dollar battery which was killed in 3 days.

    Steering died after driving it for about 15 miles home. Turned the truck off for 20 minutes then started it again with no steering whatsoever.

    • Drivewise is an evil device!!!! No doubt about it. Caused me a ton of trouble and stress.
      Does anybody know a good law firm to start a lawsuit?

    • Can’t find a space to make a review so I’m just commenting on someone elses. This is just insane. I have read review after review of people having costly issues that are caused from this device. Here’s my story.

      My Fiance and I bought a used truck that used to be maintained by the US postal service. A truck that we use to run our everyday lives! The truck (was) in excellent condition before we plugged in this Allstate device. We were with a different insurance company and switched to Allstate (over the phone) because they were less expensive and had a few added perks. After a few months of using this device, my fiance was driving home from work at 11:30pm ish and the trucks battery voltage was low. He did a few things like turning on the heat.. which then would cause something else to turn off.. and then turned on the radio.. other things shut off.. The radio, the heat, the lights, everything. Then the smell of an electrical fire was next. The dashboard was literally SMOKING behind the Allstate device. When he pulled it out, there was a black prong. The truck is now sitting at a speedway (because this was not our fault and we never had issues with anything until we plugged in this device). We had to file a claim, an insurance guy came out to look at it a few days later (still at the gas station) and then my fiance gets an email (almost a week after the incident) saying that they are not going to do a single thing about it because there is a clause in an agreement saying they wont fix anything or have anything to do with the device 30 days after we use it. WHAT THE HECK KIND OF CRAP IS THAT!? We pour 257 dollars a month into insurance for them not to fix an issue that is now going to cost us HUNDREDS if not a thousand or more dollars to fix??? Not to mention…. after filing the claim.. we now pay almost ***300***.. so they jacked up our insurance even more a month?!??!?!?! DO NOT EVER USE THIS DEVICE!!! We are looking into filing a class action law suit because this is just ridiculous. I cannot believe an insurance company for 1.. will not work with us to get this issue fixed that was caused by a product from THEIR company.. and then 2.. continue to market and distribute this product after all the reviews saying it causes damage. If you are wanting to file a class action law suit along with us, we are going to look into lawyers. Please feel free to email me at [redacted] where we can discuss. I am so sorry to anyone that this has happened to. What an inconvenience. We will stay in touch with our progress

      • Hi Annmarie,
        Sorry to hear about your problems with Allstate and Drivewise! What a terrible company!!
        Please keep me posted here regarding finding a law firm to sue these guys. I have been just waiting for the right people to get involved with this so we can get going on this.
        I have posted here about all the headaches that I suffered through with all the damage it caused my Mazda.
        Allstate is an evil corporation that needs to be bankrupted!!!

        • Please let me know about a law firm who can handle this Drivewise problem. My car was fine until I used Drivewise for about a month then all kinds of trouble. I Have put in over 1k into the car trying to fix it. I was also told by a mechanic not to use it that it can cause troubles! Wish I had known this earlier!

          • Hi Lori,

            Please keep us posted on your search for a law firm to sue Allstate and Drivewise.
            Sorry to hear about your troubles. I had similar problems with my car after I installed Drivewise, terrible!!
            Maybe you should contact the insurance commissioner in your state and the Better Business Bureau?
            Please keep us posted.

      • I have been following this thread for two years. After my experience with the Drivewise fiasco, I did the most logical thing. I DROPPED ALLSTATE. Found that I could replace them with equal coverage with Geico (a Berkshire Hathaway Company !) at nearly a 35% saving. Repeat 35% less! And, no electronic monitor that doesn’t work. EASY SOLUTION.

        And, although everyone is shouting for a class action suit… I can only assume that the Class Action Bar doesn’t deem it to be worthwhile.

        So suck it up, limit your losses and first and foremost DROP THE DRIVEWISE DEVICE (it, in fact, rarely saves you anything with their bizarre rules), and (2) WALK AWAY FROM ALLSTATE.

        That is the best way to show your displeasure. Forget a class action suit…you will GET NOTHING even if a suit is a successful suit. The lawyers will profit and your car will still be suffering.

        • I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Everyone should also do this, they should not be able to get away with this. I canceled my policy, and pay $105.00 less each month.

      • I myself had issues with the device after installing it after a month. Every light has come on and also have lost my gas gauge. I switched insurance and at this point, I do not know what else will go wrong. I also want to take action…

    • I agree with not using the Drivewise Device. It can certainly cause issues. However, I use the app. It may not be beneficial for everyone. It has saved me a lot of money though. I live within a few miles of my job. I mainly only drive during the day and I don’t follow closely behind other cars so my hard breaking is very minimal. I typically get about 20% of my premium back in a reward check. Usually about $80. So while Drivewise more than likely won’t help a speed demon or someone who drives a ton, it is a great discount for some people.

    • After only 4 days the car will not start on my GMC Acadia. I pulled the device out and the car started up instantly. Like an idiot, I put the device back in and the car wouldn’t start. I pulled it out and the car still wouldn’t fire. The computer code is UO109. Which is…the computer doesn’t have communication with the fuel pump.

      • When are you [redacted] going to realize that this device JUST DOESN’T WORK and just rip it out and ditch it! Stop angsting about class action lawsuits and just walk away from Allstate. This device is a proven troublemaker and WILL mess up your vehicle’s electrical system- often beyond repair.

        • Rick, thanks for your sage advice. I think most people who get duped into using Drivewise figure out fairly quickly that it is damaging their automobile and get rid of it. Switching to another insurance company is obvious, and the only sane thing to do.
          The idea of suing Allstate and Drivewise is to punish them. Plain and simple.

      • Hi Robert,
        Sorry to hear about your problems with Allstate and Drivewise. Your experience sounds similar to mine. It took me a while to figure out that the Drivewise device was actually CAUSING the problem, and triggering the code. Mine was a code about low voltage to the Transmission control module. The damage was permanent, and a dealer told me the only remedy was to replace the entire engine wiring harness at a cost of about $2,000.00.
        We need to sue Allstate and Drivewise, even if individually we only receive small amounts of money, they need to be punished.

  25. Installed device on a 1998 2WD Tacoma, it started acting up – all lights dimming, heater causing more draw, the smell of electrical issue very apparent. After replacing the alternator and driving around with the same issue, the vehicle stranded me on way to work. Troubleshot and assumed fuel pump, replaced it and still the same issue. After ripping the dash apart to find burnt circuit I found the Drivewise device had shorted. Vehicle still doesn’t want to run.

    • Oh my God!!! Man I feel sorry for your trouble! Does anybody doubt now that these Drivewise devices are causing sooo many problems for people?
      Please, people, lets find a law firm to sue the crap out of Allstate and Drivewise!!!!
      Enough is enough!!

      • Just spoke with [Redacted] at Allstate, she stated that in the agreement that we all agreed to, that Allstate is not responsible after 30 days of the install date. Covered their [redacted] didn’t they . . . .

  26. My son installed the device yesterday. He just called and said the ac in his 2014 truck started malfunctioning. AC coming out of floor only. I have two other cars and I will not install the device.

    • Hi Carlos,
      Many people have been having huge problems with Drivewise and Allstate.
      Please remove the Drivewise device, and let us know if the AC returns to normal function. You will probably need to reset your OBD system. Maybe you can get an opinion from your dealer as to what kind of damage has been done by this evil device!

  27. Please keep me informed of any lawsuit. This drive wise cost me 950.00, and isn’t it funny how now they are doing Drivewise on an app on your phone now, and want the Devices back?

    • Yes, count me in for a lawsuit too!
      This is the first I have heard of a change to a phone app. I would call that self-incrimination.
      Please people, let’s get going on this lawsuit!!!

      • Are you in the state of Florida? My safe driving device damaged my vehicle? Who else got damage?

        • My Mazda definitely was damaged by the Drivewise device, and Allstate basically just told me to get lost!
          We canceled our insurance with Allstate and got a much better deal from a different company.
          I am waiting patiently for enough people to get mad enough to form a group to sue Allstate and Drivewise!!

          • I am definitely interested in a lawsuit against Drivewise and Allstate. I wrote to my agent twice and still have not gotten a response. Drivewise drained my battery on a 1-year-old Honda HR-V where it was completely dead and once I got it started (after buying a new battery), I realized that the same thing happened to my former car, a 2001 Honda Civic — which I gave to my friend’s son. Both cars were sitting unused for days to a week and the device just completely drained the 1-year-old batteries on both cars.
            Please keep me informed and include me on any Class Action Lawsuit. Thanks and good luck!

          • Yes! Let’s all get going on this!!
            We need a special website to start a campaign. Can anybody help us do that?

  28. 2009 and 2010 Chevy products I installed the device to both and noticed both lost ability to activate Cruise Control.
    Talked to the agent and he told me if I did not want the device to return it.
    No mention of paying to have it fixed.

  29. Installed Drivewise device in my 2004 Nissan 350Z. I am the original owner. I’ve never had a single mechanical problem until this device was installed in 2017. Result within two (2) weeks: Burnt coil and spark plug replacement. At the three (3) week mark the radiator fan failed (nearly resulting in a blown head gasket due to overheating when stalled in traffic). Cost of repairs: Approximately $400. Problem-free since removing that nasty piece of business.

    Installed Drivewise device in my 2017 Honda CR-V. The vehicle went unused for 1 1/2 weeks. Stone-cold dead when I tried starting it up. Put 2 and 2 together and removed the device from both vehicles. No subsequent battery problems with Honda.

    What’s the status of class action lawsuit?

    • Hi Leonard,
      Sorry to hear about your problems with Drivewise. This is a terrible device, and has caused many problems for people.
      As far as I know there is no lawsuit under way. I am anxiously awaiting for enough people to get involved to get things started. Please help in any way you can to get the ball rolling. If I was a lawyer I would start it myself, but alas I am just a mechanic.
      Please stay in touch and let us know if you can help in terms of starting a lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise.

  30. I finally sold my 2008 Ford Escape that I used the Drivewise device on. Over $1000 down the drain in repairs (that were supposed to fix it), plus $600 in new tires that I’ll never get back, as I was only able to get $1000 for the car on a trade-in since it wouldn’t start (the car drove like a dream until a few months after I installed Drivewise). I bought a certified used Mazda3 in its place and when I brought it down for scheduled maintenance, they saw the Drivewise device sitting in my car in the cupholder, and told me “do not use that, as we have reports of it causing damage to the electrical system”. So Ford and Mazda both say don’t use it. But now I’m getting emails from Allstate that my rates will go up if I don’t plug it back in.

    • I spoke with a Drivewise rep yesterday to reiterate my concerns. His first concern was that I was seeking compensation for replacing my battery (I’m not). He told me that all Drivewise units that are returned to them (to be replaced) are rigorously tested and every single one tests out 100% o.k. I pointed out that it’s poor scientific method to test them without them being installed on the car they have failed with. His reply was that the only way they could do that is if the customer sent their car with the device installed to Drivewise (duh!). I said that would be quite convenient for Drivewise, and that they know people can’t do that. Drivewise is convinced they have a flawless product, and nothing short of a MSM expose will get their attention.

      • Wendy, whatever you do, do NOT install Drivewise in your new car. We changed insurance companies, and have much better rates, and without any evil monitoring device to damage our cars!
        John, we need to sue Allstate and Drivewise. Please; everybody who has had their vehicle damaged by this thing, gather up all of your evidence, and let’s get going on this.
        When I first realized that my Mazda had been damaged by the Drivewise device, I called Allstate to insist that they reimburse me for the expense, and they basically told me to get lost. I filed a claim, which they denied. I filed a complaint with the Washington state insurance commissioner, and he tried to help me, but Allstate basically just denied me any compensation.
        Drivewise damaged my car, (a perfectly good running late model Mazda), caused me tons of stress, expense and hassle. I am here to let everyone know that Allstate is an evil corporation and that all customers should drop their insurance with Allstate and switch to a responsible insurance company that cares about customer service.
        Let’s get going on this lawsuit!

        • I’m all for it. I’ve lost a lot thanks to this device. I spent $1000 trying to repair the car, $1000 in insurance to insure a car that sat in my driveway for a year, and at least $1000 lost revenue when I sold the car because it wouldn’t run.

          • I just connected in and when I talk on the phone I get disconnected every few minutes. Also, headlights stopped working after 8 hours after first time attached.

          • Wendy, I have had the same problem with my 2017 Ford Escape! The Drivewise device continuously drains my battery! Also, I keep getting messages saying check your engine, tire pressure extremely low, but it turns out my engine is fine and tire pressure is normal! My Ford mechanic said the Drivewise devise is not compatible with Ford Escapes! He told me to remove the device immediately, so I did and my car is working great now! My mechanic said he doesn’t recommend these devices for any car! He says they will ruin your electric system, which will cost $2000,00 or more to replace! So if have a Drivewise device installed in your car, I highly recommend you remove it now!

        • What company do you recommend?

          • We’re trying Safeco right now, so far, so good.

    • My daughter put one in her Toyota Corolla that was running just fine. As soon as she put it in, she started having trouble starting her car and it started idling low resulting in having to get a new starter and the idle adjusted to the cost of $500. Of course, they are saying it’s not the module and because we are Canadian Allstate is saying the ones in Canada are different than the ones in the US. Are there other Canadians having this problem?

      • Lisa, don’t put it in, take the 10% loss in savings. When I heard all the complaints, I didn’t put it in. I sent them back. I have 3 cars, imagine what my repair bill would be?

      • Lisa, sorry to hear about your problems with Drivewise. I am sure that eventually, the truth will come out about how this device damages the electrical system on our automobiles.
        Is there a way that you can contact an agency in Canada to file an official complaint? Perhaps a consumer protection agency? I am starting to think that we may need to go in that direction.
        Good luck, and keep us posted.

        • Allstate wouldn’t do anything about the damage to my daughter’s car. So, I dropped Allstate as her insurance company. Her new company is $500 cheaper to boot.

  31. My Honda CRV got dead, I tried jumper myself, it did not work.
    Called Allstate service, got it jumper, then it worked.
    I am also doubt the Drivewise device drain the battery fast.
    I use my car daily. It happened suddenly.
    I am going to terminate the use of the device.

    • My battery also went suddenly dead after removing & reinstalling the drivewise device a couple of times to program a key fob. Even after charging for a long time it didn’t start until I removed the Drivewise.

      • Hi Maureen,
        Sorry to hear about your problems with Drivewise, but it does not surprise me in the least.
        Will you please keep us informed about any further actions you take regarding this issue? I am hoping to start a class action lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise.

        • Hi Mike, I have a 2011 Ford Explorer that since May of this year I’ve had issues of loosing power steering and not being able to easily turn the steering wheel. Each time it happened, a power steering fault/error message displayed on my instrument panel, which I took pictures of the message. The Ford dealership never could find those error codes, nor could they see anything wrong. I even showed them the pictures of the error messages. When the steering goes out, it is almost impossible to steer the vehicle, which happened again while I was driving last Monday and attempting to pull into a shopping center parking lot. I took it to the dealership again on Monday and they couldn’t find any error codes, but did notice a battery low voltage error code and recommended it to be replaced. I told them I just got the new battery last year. So I took the car back to the place I purchased the battery and they told me a battery should typically last for 30 months, so they tested and also found it needed to be replaced, so they did. The steering went out on me again yesterday, so I took it back to the dealership and the technician unplugged the Allstate Drivewise device and pulled several fault/error codes from it, one of them being the power steering error. The technician said they have heard of these Drivewise devices causing mechanical malfunctions and recommends me to keep it unplugged. Then I read this site and am very upset to hear that it is a known issue. I have been very stressed these last few weeks over not knowing if and when my steering will go out. I’ve basically been driving a ticking time bomb. I would love to be included in a class action suite against Allstate and Drivewise. Please contact me with any details you may have. I am disappointed and appalled that Allstate would instruct and allow this device to be used knowing it can cause mechanical malfunctions, accidents, injuries and possibly even deaths.

          • Hi Sheri, sorry to hear you have been having the same type of problems with your vehicle that I, and many others have had since we installed that evil Drivewise device in our vehicles. I got nowhere with Allstate when I confronted them with my problems and I insisted that they reimburse me for my expenses and inconvenience. The only way we will get any satisfaction out of Allstate or Drivewise will be to sue for damages. I am hoping we can get a large law firm interested in taking on this case.
            Please document any confirmation you have from your dealer or other mechanics that Drivewise is the source of your problems as we all know it is.
            Please keep us posted on your issues, and let us know if your steering problem goes away now that you have removed the Drivewise device.
            If you know any lawyers that would be interested in helping us, please let me know
            Thanks, Mike

          • Recently I found out about [Redacted]: [Redacted]
            If they decide to take our class action lawsuit, it’ll be free. I do believe we have a chance. I don’t remember from the post who was talking to the attorney about it. If you know who, forward this info to them.
            I only had to replace a battery in my daughter’s car and the car was non-responsive few times but by the time I got there, she was able to start the car. After we sent the drivewise back, we never had any issues.

  32. I replied to another comment on here, but thought I would post my own. I have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid that I had no issues with until Spring 2016, when it started shutting down in the middle of the road (while driving), and often wouldn’t start at all. Almost $1000 later, and Ford still insists nothing is coming up as error codes in the diagnostics. Only today did my Ford guy mention that he removed the DriveWise plug-in, and here I am now wondering if that has been the issue all along. I’ve emailed Allstate to confirm for me when I first used DriveWise, as their records only tell me August 2016, but I think it goes back further than that. I bet I can tie my first stall to this thing, and if so, I’ll be talking to Allstate in much more detail. Not only have I paid out over $1000 in repairs, but I was so worried about driving a vehicle that randomly stalled, that I went out and bought a second vehicle (which I would have done at some point anyway since my kids are starting to drive), but I’ve paid insurance (via Allstate) on a vehicle that has basically sat in my driveway for a year and a half.

    • Keep the Drivewise in the vehicle you aren’t using anymore and you’ll probably be able to get the whole 30% discount!

  33. We did the drivewise for about 3 years. First two years got a discount with no incidents. Third year they changed the device sensitivity so that hard braking events went from 1 a month to 7 a WEEK in the SAME car with the SAME drivers – me and my wife both. We even had many hard braking events in my farm truck driven SLOW on my property or to the gas station! About the same time my truck also started sending out ‘not used’ emails threating me that I was not driving the truck enough. Again they changed the program to complain I was not driving enough. I canceled after calling the company and getting a lecture on hard braking even though we were not doing anything different. I will say that Allstate does alot of bait and switch tactics and this fits that profile.

    • Totally agree…I get a “hard brake” on a huge bump at a speed of about 10 kph. Drivewise is a joke.

  34. 20177 Honda CRV with 6,000 miles. Had to be towed 3 times stranded on intereststrs 95 & 26. Had to pay out hotels, car rental & am at 3rd dealership. Previous dealership can’t find problems but 3rd dealership said that Drivewise had caused this problem with another Honda that they had diagnosed. Called loval Allstate agent to advise & am waiting on their testing. If no thing shows up may try to remove the Drivewise… This is unacceptable for any devise that would alter or damage a car!!!!!

    • Sorry to hear about your problem with Drivewise! Many people have had very similar problems. My Mazda 3 was damaged to the electrical system as well, and the dealer wanted over $2,000.00 to replace the entire wiring harness. Please keep all of us posted here about how things turn out. We are hoping to sue Allstate and Drivewise. Do you know any good lawyers who might be willing to initiate a class action suit?

      • Please keep me posted as well. I have had nothing but problems with my Escape Hybrid since installing the device, and it has cost me over $1000 in repairs. I just emailed Allstate that I am removing the device. My car would shut down while driving, and/or not start at all. I’ve had to have it towed and just had to install a new battery.

    • I have used Drivewise for over 5 years. I have not had any problem with the device working in my cars. I have them in four cars and have saving differently on each car. One is 0% another is 17% , 8 and 11. I have had no mechanical issues. I was forewarned that if my car sat for an extended period of time, the device would drain my battery so I unplugged the cars I don’t drive in winter. I lost the discount for the time period bust so what I still saved when I used it. I don’t know why all the hubbub I think its easier to blame an insurance company than find the real reason for the problem.

      • Lawrence, please tell us who it is that “forewarned” you about this device draining your battery? Was it someone associated with Allstate or Drive wise? I can assure you that no one warned me about any negative effects to my vehicle caused by this device.
        I can also assure you that Drivewise IS the cause of problems to many vehicles. Just because you have not experienced problems YET, does not mean that this device is not causing problems for others.

    • I’ve had my 2012 Mazda 3 in the shop several times over the last year. Battery kept going dead, even when brand new. This never happened before I got the Drivewise device. My first indication was the cruise control would not function. Recently my mechanic had the car for over two weeks, some of that time was during bitterly cold weather. With the Drivewise device removed, he had no problems at all. He drove it on medium trips daily, just as I would do. I just started my car after it has sat for over a week in single digit cold temperature – with no problem. Today in the mail I received a replacement device. If, after installing it, I encounter another dead battery I will know – not assume – that the device is the culprit

      • I would not install that wretched device in your car! However, if you do install it, (and you will have more problems) please document everything that has happened to your car. We want to get going on this lawsuit!

        • Mike, here is a letter I sent to Drivewise:

          To whom it may concern,

          I recently received an email alerting me to install my replacement Drivewise device, which I intend to do ASAP.

          This letter is to serve as notice that I believe the first device (which has been returned) is responsible for a plethora of problems to my car; I had the battery go dead at least 5 times since I first installed the device. The battery was inspected, charged, and eventually replaced by my mechanic, who could find nothing wrong with the car after running a full diagnostic. The last time he had it for the same problem, a month ago, he had the car for 2 weeks, but with the device removed, and he had no problems with the battery – and this was in bitterly cold weather.

          I have since done thorough research and am aware of MANY other people having problems similar to mine.

          If, after installing this replacement device, the problems with my car return, I will take the matter up first with my insurance agent – to get some form of compensation for the costs and trouble I have incurred – and then I will be getting involved with the efforts underway to bring a class action suit against Drivewise, who I am convinced are aware of these problems with their product and are attempting to cover the matter up.

          I am requesting confirmation of this notice.
          John Attwell

          • … and their reply:

            Dear John Grenville Attwell,

            Thank you for contacting Allstate Drivewise Support where you are in Good Hands. We have received your inquiry regarding your Drivewise device. We stand behind the Drivewise device and have taken rigorous steps to prevent vehicle issues.

            The Drivewise device manufacturer provides vehicle testing to determine vehicle compatibility prior to installing the device. Over 10,000 vehicle types have been tested with the Drivewise device being compatible in many makes & models. The Drivewise program includes more than 40 vehicle manufacturers and 20 different model years. Drivewise customers have logged over 750 million miles with our device.

            In addition to thorough vehicle compatibility testing, Drivewise utilizes over 1,000 testers. The main purpose of the employee test program is to capture the user experience and performance feedback before releasing any new feature. The Drivewise employee test program has logged over 18 million miles with almost 634 thousand hours driven.

            In the event that Allstate is notified that a vehicle was damaged due to the Drivewise device, we will conduct our own investigation and analysis. If the device is proven defective through testing, we will take appropriate steps to assist the customer in resolving the issue.

            Thank you for allowing Allstate to protect you and your family. Should you have any further questions or concerns you can contact the Drivewise Customer Support Team at 877-431-7670 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

            Thank you,
            Your Drivewise Customer Support Team

          • Let’s get going on this lawsuit! Allstate and Drivewise are responsible for destroying a lot of peoples cars, and they know it!

        • Hi, I have found your experiences very interesting and most helpful. I too would be interested in joining a Class Action Lawsuit against Drivewise and Allstate after just understanding that it damaged and drained 2 new batteries in my old and former car (2001 Honda Civic LX) and the new car (2016 Honda HR-V EXL) where the batteries were purchased about 1-1/2 years ago.

          I don’t drive my HR-V a lot as I only have like 9,100 miles on it in 1.5 years. It is parked in my bldg’s garage (temp about 50°) and went to use it after it sat for 12 days and it was completely dead. I could not get into the car at first with the electric key or remote starter remote. Once inside, I saw no lights flashing, horn and interior light all dead too. My mechanic came to jumpstart me and replaced my barely new battery after looking over the car.

          My old gar was given to a friend’s son for his 16th birthday. Although he started it and moved it around very often, the battery died suddenly.

          I only realized Drivewise was the cause in both cases after reading here and about a new diagnostic device I purchased that also uses the one OBD-II port and attempting to install “FIXD”. Their instructions said not to leave it in the port when car not driven often or it may drain or damage the car battery as the port was meant to diagnose.

          Since I had not pre-registered my FIXD device and not yet paired it with Bluetooth, I could not use it yet. I have since done so, removed the Drivewise and stored the FIXD in a safe storage place. Please keep me involved as this is not a coincidence.

          Thank you for your input and experiences.

  35. I di not have to pay repairs fortunately but figured out quickly the issue. My Ford Escape was doing an automatic SYNC update and suddenly went blank. It kept trying then went out completely. Mind you I was 2 and a half hours from home. A friend of mine did a hard reset on the battery by disconnecting it and reconnecting. I pulled out the device. The system went back up. This a.m. put the device back in car and it went down again. Pulled the device and once again disconnected and reconnected battery. It worked again. No more device. I’ll take the hit of no discount instead!

    • Similar things happened to me. It just took longer for me to put 2 + 2 together, and I caused major damage to my electrical system.

  36. I have noticed some posts are suggesting a class action. I am on a search for an attorney who would look into this. I spent about $800 which the mechanic blames on drivewise. Otherwise, I found this website

    • This device is horrible! Basically infected my 2008 Nissan Titan with a virus that killed the vehicles electrical system. Towed to Nissan to diagnose what components were bad and infected and crashed the dealers 15 thousand dollar diagnostic machine. Do not use these type of transmitters (snapshot,drivewise,hum,etc)in obd ports only scanning tools!

      • This killed my battery not once but twice! So I unplug it for a few days then plug it back in (it is a car I rarely drive) Drivewise said it had nothing to do with the devise-it was my car. Now they cancelled my discount (21%) because I don’t drive the car enough?? This program is a scam. For some reason no matter what I do I can’t get above 2% on my daily driver-I don’t work outside of the home and in 1 day they have me logging 27 trips! IN 1 DAY!!!

        • Hi, let’s all get going on this law suit!! Please!! Why let these criminals get away with feeding these faulty devices on to us consumers of insurance?
          The average person out there buying car insurance doesn’t know that the OBD port on their car is NOT intended to have a full time monitoring device installed in it, right?

    • Please count me in!!! I want to see Drivewise and Allstate pay out in the millions to the people who have suffered damage to their autos from this wretched device!
      Mike Green

  37. I plugged drivewise into my Jeep and a few hours later my ABS light, services 4X4, and other lights started flashing on my cluster. The key fob won’t lock and unlock the doors. It’s a weekend so dive wise is closed. I tried calling Allstate but they aren’t any help at all… what to do now…

    • Man, sorry to hear about your problems with this EVIL device. We are ALL regretting installing it in our cars.
      Will you keep us filled in on any steps you take to remedy the problems?
      We are all hoping to sue Allstate and Drivewise to recoup at least some of the cost caused by damage this device has caused to our vehicles.
      I have tried to get Allstate to cover my repairs to my vehicle, even contacted the insurance commissioner here in Washington state, but Allstate is just denying that this device is causing damage to vehicles.
      Please keep us posted.

    • Have a 2016 Jeep Renegade. Is your vehicle the same?

    • Was given this gadget by Allstate Agent and put on my Mercury Milan and a few weeks later the ABS Sensor light came on and the Advance Track light came on. Took it to the Ford dealership and it costs me $1041.38 to replace 2 sensors and the module.
      NO SAVINGS …. COST ME OVER ONE THOUSAND! lots of headaches. TERRIBLE PRODUCT! (Palm Bay Florida) Someone should pay for repairs –

      • Terrible!!! We are all hoping to sue Allstate and Drivewise in a class action lawsuit. I cannot believe these people are still trying to push this crappy device on unsuspecting drivers!!
        Please help us to find a law firm that will take this on.
        Did the Ford dealer state that your trouble was caused by the Drivewise device in writing?


    • Same thing as Jason. I have a Honda Pilot, just repaired with new battery. They pulled the Drivewise device to reset the system with the new battery. Everything was working well until the morning after when I drove to work and only then, noticed the Drivewise device in the console of the car. Then I plugged it back in. When I came back to go for lunch, unlocked the drivers’ door with the key fob, and put the key in the car to start the engine, the lights in the dashboard started flashing and everything went dead. Doors unlocked, steering wheel locked, and the key fob doesn’t lock nor unlock the doors. This happened last Friday and reported to Drivewise/Allstate. Still pending resolution, however, would like to hear more about other options if they don’t refund my towing, repair, and car rental expenses.

      • Hi Alex, Allstate will not reimburse you for your expenses, unless you sue, or if your personal agent will push something through on your behalf. We have all had similar experiences, and Allstate is denying any responsibility for these problems. Please help us to initiate a class action lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise!

      • Had similar issue with my 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ. Used Key to unlock my Drivers side door. Opened door alarm went off. Anti theft indicator light stayed on after starting car. The lights in dash kept flashing warnings “Low Fuel”- “Service Engine “ engine was running ruff. When driving the car it would suddenly down shift. Had key chips and Fobs checked and they were fine. Unplugged Drivewise, disconnected battery ground for a minute or so. Started car Anti-theft light went out. Car drove fine on the way to dealer. They put car on there tester and could find no errors could be found. I also have it in my 2015 Mazda CX-5 and have no issues. Don’t know unless because it is a newer vehicle.

  38. I had this in my 2013 Mazdaspeed 3. Don’t get this, it’s cost me over $1,600 just to find out it was the drive wise. I jumped my car with it plugged in, now I have to buy an engine harness for $2,000. I tried to get reimbursed but was denied my claim. My dash lights up like a Christmas tree, I’m not able to start my car and don’t know what my speed reads. It’s unsafe. I already replaced my bcm twice and my pcm once. Don’t ever get this product, it’s a scam and costs you thousands. I only got $7 off a month!

    • I was reading the complaints for these drivewise devices, just got them the other day. Got a return sticker to send them back. Not going to stick them in my cars.

      • I just got Allstate. I have heard of these problems. When I first signed up with them I emphatically stated I did not want one of these devices. I even called main Allstate line and women indicated she had canceled the order. Well, today I still got one in the mail. I want to send back but haven’t opened any packaging yet. Do they enclose a return label in the packaging?

        • Yes, call them and they will send you a return envelope.

        • Screw ’em. If it’s not paired with your car, they don’t even know who’s got it.

        • Whatever you do, do NOT install it in your vehicle!!! You will almost surely cause damage to your electrical system. Send the evil device back, cancel your insurance with Allstate and sign up with Safeco.

        • Yes, there is a return label inside the box.

    • Sorry to hear about your problems. I went through the exact same thing with my Mazda 3. Fortunately, I can drive my car OK, but the check engine light is on pretty much all of the time.
      I cannot afford to invest $2000.00 into a new wiring harness for my car, (that was the diagnosis from Renton Mazda), I need to spend some time trying to track down the exact location of the problem, but I have been so disgusted by the whole thing , I have just been trying to avoid thinking about it, I get sooo angry when I think about it!!!
      I plan to join in with a lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise when we get enough people together.
      Please let me know how things go for you, and hopefully we will get an attorney soon who wants to help us sue them.

      • Im ready to help on that lawsuit. These stupid plugs are causing me major anxiety to the point I’m afraid to drive.

        • Great! How can we start the ball rolling on a class action law suit? Do you know a lawyer that can help us go forward? Keep everyone posted on here. We need to all work together.

    • I found where my problem is, it’s a wire that connects to the fuse box. If I wiggle it my car will start up without any complications. Thankfully I found the issue and I can repair it, I’m hoping it’s a quick fix. So far so good.

      • Hi Chris,
        So, were you able to repair the wire? I might try to locate my fault and repair it myself also.
        Was the wire burned from jumping the car with the Drivewise device plugged in? Please keep me posted on what you find.
        Thanks, Mike

    • Hey did you code come as a engine misfire and that the brain needed to be replaced? We are facing the same issue but we having it on two cars.

  39. I have a 2007 Mercedes 550sl -Installed the drive wise and have had terrible electrical problems and huge repair bills. I would like to join in a class action suit.

    • Thank you Eric for the efforts to deal with these issues .. not what you wanted to do … anyways..

      Everyone being effected by these “alien” modules …

      no more negative stuff.. we all agree we need legal counsel .. who has the solution?
      some are jammed up more than others .. we can all pitch in and help with this problem .. thoughts?

      and again.. Thank you Eric..

      • Please count me in! I will help any way I can. Does anybody know a lawyer who will help?


        • this process is too slow .. this is my email if moderator will allow it through ..[Redacted]

          • If you both want to email us directly at, I can connect you.

            Eric Stauffer

          • I sent my e-mail address to Eric. Anxious to start a lawsuit!

          • Eric,

            Thanks for the help. I would like to be connected to anyone who may be gathering info for a lawsuit. I’ve had unresolved issue with Drivewise going back to 2015 on my Honda Ridgeline. Major electrical issues. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

      • Did you get this resolved? I am going through the same thing. I just had to take my car to Honda and Allstate won’t pay for repairs.
        Anyone have answers?

        • no resolutions at this point …
          we do have some leads …
          Eric, can you release my email to her ?
          thanks man ..

    • Yeah, those transmitting devices plugged in to the car under the dash stay on all the time. They do not turn off when you turn off the ignition switch. The result is a constant drain on your battery and quickly a dead battery. I have gone through about 5 auto zone 5 year warranty batteries in about 3 years. The last dead one forced me to buy a new battery and to pay $80 as my share of the prorated cost/unexpired warranty. Fortunately I checked with autozone to test the batteries frequently and did not get inconvenienced big time with a dead dead battery where there was no service.

      Allstate gets share of profit and dings the customers. To get their discount you have to plug the device in and when that is done-you get free the electrical problems and oh yeah, Allstate [Redacted] says “you signed a waiver to get the device which required you to report defects within the first 30 days.” or you eat them.

      My 97 Buick has an am meter and it had been indicating abnormal over charging and under charging and that was my tip off plus all state drive wise complaints on line. I took them out and the am meter operated back at normal.

    • Hello again everyone. This is Donna in Bama. I never got back with my lawyer, felt like we probably didn’t have a case. But, I will call and make an appointment with him and talk with him about all of these concerns and let him read your comments. If allowed, if anyone would put some of your documentation, maybe one specific instance, concerning issues, times your car was not in use, how it was resolved, and what did you do about transportation during that time, if you lost any time off work, dr. appointments, etc. I went through a major class action, nationwide suite several years ago, when I lost my husband. Meeting with him again just brought back so many feelings, it is difficult for me to go through this again. But, I will meet with him and see what he thinks. His investigator was also in the meeting.
      Since my last post, I have had difficulties with Allstate in regards to the theft of my daughter’s 2 month old new car that was stolen from her residence, and wrecked within 4 hours. This occured Feb. 3, 2016. It was totaled. It has taken up to this week to get it through the process for various reasons; didn’t receive paperwork that was sent (of course), 2 week vacation, sick, if I faxed paperwork would the assistant guarantee that the processor would receive the paperwork and in return let me know it was received…no, the assistant wouldn’t guarantee it, but she would put it on the processor’s desk with a note. Finally spoke with the processor last week, scanned & sent copies myself with her guarantee she would notify me through email she had received it. The next day I sent her an email and asked for verification of receiving it or not so I could resend. The 3rd day I finally heard back from her. We have gone without returned phone calls, rudeness, incompetence, and having to continue to pay insurance & car payment until resolved because no one notified them, as we were promised, that we didn’t have the car and had been totaled. It has been a mess. Hopefully, within a few days, it will be resolved. My daughter also had to get a copy of her cell phone records, along WITH the police report, to show where she called 911 and the time. That was also lost… But, our personal agent has been outstanding whenever we call.
      Just thought ya’ll might want to know.
      Eric, would it be possible for each individual let me know what states we are talking about?
      Thank you, God Bless and continued good luck everyone.

      Donna in Bama

      • Hi Donna,
        Sorry to hear about your issues with your daughters car being stolen. We have finally canceled our insurance with Allstate after all the trouble I had with Drivewise in my Mazda.
        I live in Washington state, and I have been in contact with the insurance commissioner here, but he said that he “cannot force Allstate to pay out on a claim”. Our only recourse is to sue Allstate and Drivewise.
        There is absolutely no doubt about the damage being done to vehicles by these devices. I am a mechanic, my training is in Heavy diesel engines, I worked in the Marine engine business for 40 years. I have been working on my own vehicles my entire life, and I did the troubleshooting on my Mazda when the problem occurred with the Drivewise, so when I finally isolated the problem, and contacted Allstate they said that my evidence of damage caused to my vehicle was not acceptable because I was too prejudiced regarding the cause of the problem.
        There is a great deal of evidence available from many vehicle owners to prove that these devices are damaging vehicles.
        Let me know how I can help.
        Thanks, Mike

        • I am out … allstate took care of my complaints .. but was local agent .. I would suggest calling your local agent daily .. there is always “a discretionary” account … anyways, good luck …
          Eric .. thank you for moderating this stuff .. please remove me from this mailing..

        • I have two cars and both of them fried the pcm. One it cost me 1500. I had to trade it in on a new car due to the repair bills. I dont know what to do with the other car. I cant afford another repair bill.

  40. I installed the drive wise in my 2005 Honda CRV and within 6 weeks it had completely destroyed my cars computer. I have never had any issues with the car, and it has been a truly great car for the years I have owned it. I took it to two mechanics because the first one couldn’t figure out the cause of the issues, and the second one had a computer specialist over to look at it. He finally figured out that it was the drivewise, and that the cars computer had to be replaced. At this point I am about $2,500 out for the bills and parts to fix the problem. I presented all of this to Allstate, and despite my agent pushing them they will not reimburse me for ANY expenses. I even called their executive offices to request their help, and they sent me a letter stating that because the device was working, it could not have caused the damage. This doesn’t make sense to me- there are plenty of examples of two technologies working independently, but not working together (think blue ray DVD in a regular DVD player, or IOS updates on an older I phone, usually not a good outcome). And whats more, I have a mechanic and a computer specialist stating that it was the drivewise.

    Has anyone had any success getting these claims paid? I have been fighting this battle since this summer (more then 7 months now) and I don’t know what else I can do.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties, I can really understand your frustration. I am afraid a lawsuit is the only thing that will have any results with the jerks! I am still having trouble with my Mazda after all this time.
      Does anybody out there know a good lawyer that will be willing to take on this case?

      • Mike .. did you reset your cars computer system after removing the device? disconnect the battery .. turn on your key and let sit .. I know this works for American models … should be the same … let sit for 12 hours ? over night?
        anytime the check engine light or any other fault codes come up .. computer will try and store them … and your system will try and compensate .. too much on the o2 sensor …. your comp will increase fuel use to compensate …

        moderator: stop sitting on these posts .. release them as they come in please .. this is a serious issue effecting many people ..

        • Hello Beau,

          Thank you for taking the time to participate in the discussion.

          Expert Insurance Reviews is a very big site, and it takes a lot of work to manage all aspects, including the comments. Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of the information that is commonly posted by readers, instant comment approval is not available.

          Thank you for your patience.

          Eric Stauffer

          • Eric.. sorry for that .. as Americans.. we want it all and we want it right now .. you are doing fine .. thank you

          • Not a problem. Thanks for the reply.

            Eric Stauffer

        • Hi Beau,
          Yes I did reset my computer several times, and it does work for a while, but then the CEL comes back on again. When the Drivewise device was installed the CEL would come back on again within moments, but since I removed it the CEL has remained off for as long as several days before coming back on again.
          As I stated elsewhere in this thread the Mazda dealer told me that my entire wiring harness needs to be replaced, but could not or would not tell me how they thought it had been damaged in the first place!

    • I guess that’s why they force you to sign the “too bad so sad” form that if your car breaks due to their device, your SOL.

    • I have a 08 jeep jk. The rear axle gears broke. I didn’t have money to fix it so my jeep sat for about 2 months. Just took it in to a shop (it smelled like burnt eletrical wires and just thought it smelled from sitting) when they did the walk around they asked Me to pull out the drivewise. I did and it was melted and smelled really bad, the device melted. Going to talk to my agent tomorrow.

      • I really think a lawsuit against Allstate and Drivewise is long overdue!!

    • Don’t get the Allstate DriveWise device. It caused my Honda to malfunction with 4 different dash lights on. Took it in to the dealership to figure out why the dash lights were on and it was because of the device interfering with car signals. DON’T GET IT FOR DISCOUNT PURPOSE- not worth it at all!!!!!! Cost me $130 and they wouldn’t reimburse.

      • I have been reading everyone s complaints about this Drivewise device. I also have had to fix my OBDII because it melted to my car wires. I am perusing a lawyer, so if you want to get on board.
        Lorraine. [Redacted] Az.

        • Please count me in! Send an e-mail directly to Eric. I have done that and been in contact with Beau. We need people to get together on this. I am not in contact with an attorney, and really don’t have the contacts or money to hire one. Can we all get together and find an attorney who will work for free until a payoff?

  41. Those [Redacted] .. two years trying to figure out a battery drain problem .. two batts replaced .. recently with wiper function issues .. I do think wipers are important…

    I did pull all the modules in my vehicles ..
    A law suit could work ..

    • We need to get an attorney who is interested in taking this to court. I am still extremely angry about the damage that was done to my car by this stupid device!

      • Have you tried contacting your state’s insurance commissioner? He might be able to help. I know that I had to contact mine when I was handling our hit and run accident and my insurance was trying to pay us as less as possible. After I submitted a complaint to him, I got a call from corporate and then from my adjuster and they increased our settlement to the fair amount.
        My vehicle didn’t suffer much damage from DriveWise — just a drained battery and few times being “dead” and then fine after 10+ minutes. We figured out just in time that it was the reason for all stalling of our vehicle and removed it and called our agent to complain.

        • Hi, you were a lot smarter than me, and pulled the device before it could do major damage. I was slow to catch on, and gave it time to do serious damage to my vehicle
          I have contacted the insurance commissioner here in Washington state, but he was unable apparently to help very much. Allstate just flat refuses to acknowledge that their device is at fault. The insurance commisioner office Fritz Denzer, just told me I would need to sue Allstate for the damages.

        • We also have had “Key Off” battery drains on our car’s batteries. The draw on the battery when the car was off was 6.5 milliamps. This probably correlates to the draw caused by the drivewise device when the car is off.

    • I hear you Mike.. not enough on evidence at this point … All the Gremlins seem to have left my vehicles once the modules were excised .. my local agent has been ducking me last couple weeks .. I haven’t had half the problems some people are with this issue .. but my time is important to me .. running back and forth trying to warranty out a nine month battery .. twice .. not to mention crawling under the truck hood in sub zero temps.. I want to send one of these modules out to be tested.. I need a legal ruling on this before I can … any lawyers out there?

  42. I think this device has ruined two brand new batteries in my Toyota RAV4. Each time after a year the battery failed. I also had issues where all four door locks would lock and unlock themselves constantly while driving. I removed the device and will no longer participate in Allstate’s Drive-Wise program.

    • It blew out my Rav4s alternator. The dealer refused to say there device caused it because they didn’t want to get sued. Cost me $1300.

    • Hi Michael,
      I am asking everybody to document their findings concerning the Drivewise device.
      Has your car gone back to normal now that you have removed the device? This is the kind of proof that we need in order to sue Allstate and Drivewise for the damages done to our vehicles.

  43. I agree completely with the OP. I have had three vehicles enrolled in the Drivewise program with differing results for 1 car only and have submitted those results to Allstate who didn’t seem the least bit interested. And like the OP I also became aware while driving that I was driving to meet the expectations of the Drivewise device and not necessarily good driving practices. Additionally, it seems my wife cannot drive one of the insured vehicles without getting hard braking warnings constantly which is absurd so all vehicles have been removed from the program.

    I believe the intent is admirable but the program execution is not nearly as logical or exacting as it should be.

  44. I had the Drivewise installed for less than 2 weeks when my car wouldn’t start. The engine tried to turn over but was misfiring and making a terrible noise. I removed the unit and my 2013 Kia Soul started right up. I’ll be taking it in to my Kia dealer to make sure it didn’t do any lasting damage.

  45. I never had problems with this device, has been plugged in for about 2 years. Now I’m starting to have wiring problems and dealership service cannot find the problem. Do you think after 2 years this can be the problem now? I have read all the posts and some have had problems when they took the devise out. Not sure what to do. Any advise?

    • Hi, this comment is probably too late to help you, but if you haven’t already done so, take it to the dealer and explain to them what the situation is, and ask them to troubleshoot the electrical system with and with out the Drivewise device installed to try and determine if your trouble is being caused by the device.
      Please let us know what they find out?

  46. I wish I had read these comments a year ago. I have had my car towed to the dealer twice this summer with a dead battery each time. My car is only 17 months old. Will return the device tonight and find a new insurance company.

    • Sign me up for the law suit!!!
      My Mazda 3 electrical system has been damaged by the Drivewise device. The dealer says the wiring harness needs to be replaced at a cost of $2000.00.
      I have already spent many hours of my time and over $500.00 trying to find out why my check engine light kept indicating that there was something wrong with my transmission control module, only to find out that when I removed the Drivewise device the check engine light stayed off for the first time in months, but now the light continues to come on and off, even though the there is nothing wrong with the TCM.
      I have been trying to get Allstate to fix my car, and compensate me for my time for months, but they are dodging the issue.

      • Does anyone know how to set up a group site that we can communicate on? If so, please do so and post where it is. I need to set up a second appointment with my lawyer and let him know others are interested. I have some details to send to him. In the mean time, please start documenting dates, times, problems you had, how you resolved the problems, how did you travel, how much time you were without your vehicle, any notes that correlate to the times, problems, resolutions you endured or encountered along with the problems you had with your vehicle.

        If someone has an idea on how to communicate, other than on this site, plus implement and let us know how to contact or post.


        • I have been in contact with the insurance commissioner here in Washington state. I will call him again to ask his advice on how to proceed with a lawsuit.
          Please keep me posted on this. I have not been able to afford to have my Mazda repaired, and keep driving it with the check engine light on continuously.

        • oh my gosh!!! my vehicle has had weird electrical issues for a year. it seems okay for awhile – sporadic.

          until recently. twice a low battery over the past couple of weeks and then, the past 2 days – a dead battery. right in the middle of a move and a winter storm. it has been hell!

          it is important to insert here the bizarre electrical issues – the emissions control light stays on all of the time. then it goes off. i thought the problem is the winter gas mixtures. and it may be. but the headlights and turning signals have also been wonky – outright dangerous when one has to make a turn and the signal is not working. then, everything is fine the next day.

          it occurred to me that the drivewise plug-in functions similar to an app on a smartphone. it needs a wireless signal or connection to transmit information.

          we do not drive our vehicle every day. but when we do drive the drivewise plug has to be awakened to record and transmit data. and to receive updates, etc from the center. so, it is reasonable for the plug in to be busy transmitting after after a few days of not driving.

          if one lives in a rural area, mountainous, or the weather is overcast, snowing or raining hard – conditions which normally interfere with wireless or internet service in a home with a modem – the same can occur with this little evil device. it will continue cycling to find a wireless signal. and similar to how smartphone apps which continue cycling and sucking up battery power to find a connection. unless one manually closes out the app or one changes the wireless setting to off – the battery power is being drained by the constant cycling.

          after discovering the battery was dead in our car, late afternoon and the temp already in the low 30’s and having to wait for a jump in the cold, we finally got the car home thinking today we would have to call for a tow.

          last night it occurred to us the drivewise plug in might have something to do with the weird behavior of the electrical lighting system of the car. so we unplugged it.

          and today, the car started right up. tomorrow we are taking it to the nearest car shop – 75 miles away – and having them check the electrical system, the starter, and the battery.

          and i will not be re installing the drivewise plug in. we were promised a discount – but the inconvenience and danger of the use of this plug is not worth the discount.

          • Drivewise truly sucks!!
            It sounds like you may be lucky, and there might not be any serious damage to your vehicle? Please let us know what they say at the shop about your car. Also, please let us know if you car’s electrical system goes back to normal now that the Drivewise device has been removed.
            I like your analogy regarding the cell phone app, and power drain.
            My vehicle’s electrical system has been permanently damaged, but I cannot get Allstate to repair it. Allstate sucks.

        • I need to know about the lawsuit. I had the same situation and it cost me $1000 and I have been requesting them to refund me the money I spent for out of pocket to fix my vehicle.

      • Mike I had drivewise on my 2013 Nissan Sentra. My air conditioning stopped working and was told that my wire harness was destroyed the repair was $3,000! Fortunately my comprehensive covered most of it. The repair was still expensive with the deductible and need to rent a vehicle.

        The mechanic said that animals had gotten into my car to keep warm in the winter and chewed the wires. I thought this was a scam because this never happened to anyone else that I knew and I have lived close to the woods for over 20 years. I have a new lease now and was thinking of getting the drivewise device for it to save the 10%. After reading your post I have reason to believe that this issue could have been a result from my Drivewise device. Needless to say I am going to pass on the registration process to get the Drivewise sent to me!

  47. Our two cars each have safe drive devices. Both cars now have dash indicator lights triggered and both cars have had batteries replaced since these devices were installed (original batteries were less than 2 yrs old}. Cost to diagnose and reset dash indicators on one car- $145. The second car has yet to be serviced.
    My research found a class action suit against Progressive Insurance for similar problems caused by these devices.
    We will no longer use these devices.

    • I reviewed service records for both cars since Drivewise units were installed. Battery replacements were done 3 times in one car and twice in the other car.

    • Donna in Alabama

      Those of you who are Serious about a class action suit, please respond. I met with an attorney today about the Drivewise Device and the cost I have incurred. I was told by a Chevy dealership that the devise had caused my check engine to come on & stay on. My car was losing speed momentarily as if I had taken my foot off the throttle. In April I barely got my car off the road before it stalled. The steering became almost impossible before it stopped. In April of 16 I had to have the oxygen sensor 1 replaced, several hundred dollars. Same problem in May with replacement oxygen sensor #2 being replaced. August 12 my car would barely crank, my car literally shook & sputtered sitting in the driveway. I was unable to rev up the motor with the gas peddle. It was towed, Bill of 360 dollars. This time not only was the check engine light on but theSEV & traction light was on.the SEV has to do with controlling the steering. When the techniciantook the device out the lights went off, he drove it without any problem, and after 30 min on diagnostic machine no problems were discovered. Another $60.

      I am a disabled widow who is concerned for anyone who has encountered any vehicle problems followed by out of pocket payments for problems that were probably caused this device. I was told that the Chevrolet service department had observed several instances where the lights went off when the device was removed.

      I am concerned about others not having any idea of the possible damage by these devices. Is there anyone who possibly was involved in an accident from this devise & had no idea that it might have been interference caused by the device? I hope not.

      Please, if you have had any problems & interested in speaking to legal council, speak up. I turned my device into my lawyer, for the time being, for safe keeping. I also made pictures & video of my dashboard.

      Best of luck…..

      • Am serious about participating in class action suit. Please post particulars regarding this,

      • Interested.

      • Count me in!!!
        How do we contact each other?

      • Count me in as well

      • Just had my truck with 4k miles towed in after is died in the middle of the road out of no where. Dealer thinks it’s the drive wise but is going to rule out everything else also.

        • I have been in communication with the insurance commissioner here in Washington state, and he told me our only recourse is to sue Allstate and Drivewise.
          Jeremy, will you please let me know what your dealer has to say about your vehicle. I could not get the Mazda dealer here to admit that my problem was caused by the Drivewise device. I think they are afraid that they will get sued themselves. The Mazda dealer said they had never seen a wiring harness damaged like mine except when rodents were present, and they said they SAW NO EVIDENCE OF RODENTS IN MY CAR, yet they could not explain why my wiring was damaged. It is clear to me that this was caused by Drivewise. As soon as the Drivewise was installed in my car, the check engine light came on, and stayed on even after I went through and replaced the transmission control module, and double checked all of the potential issues listed in the Mazda repair manual, which all checked out, including the correct voltage at the terminal on the TCM.
          I believe that these Drivewise modules cause interference and damage to the computer, and in turn prevent the car from functioning correctly.
          When I finally removed the Drivewise module, (I should have figured it out much sooner) the check engine light went out for the first time since I had installed it, and it stayed off for a couple of days, but has since come back on intermittently at first, and now on continuously. When the Drivewise device was installed the check engine light was on continuously for the entire time it was installed in my car.
          I would really love to sue Allstate and Drivewise for damaging my car, which, prior to this had never had even so much as a taillight out. The car only has about 50,000 miles on it, and now I have to drive around with a check engine light on all the time.
          Very angry about this!

      • Class Action Lawsuit?!?
        Where does the money go?
        Any class action lawsuit I have seen, the lawyers are the only ones making money and the people that need it are lucky to get 10 cents on the dollar!

        • direct law suit is pending me finding the right lawyer.

      • I have also had issues. I received an alert via e-mail from All-State alerting me that my Drivewise device was not working and to make sure it is securely connected. I have had the device for about 6 months now, before this alert my car had died twice but I didn’t think anything of it really though this was never an issue with the car before hand and I have had it for 9 years. I thought, perhaps I had forgot the light on or something. So when I got the alert which was peculiar, I went out to check out my car. I had to manually open my automatic lock because the car was dead. I then jump started it and let it run for about 5 mins. I came back a few minutes later after turning the car off to grab the jump starter unit and the car was dead again. I spoke to my dad about this and he informed me that this is a known issue, which I then researched and found these comments that sound identical to my situation.

  48. I have had the Drive wise for 5 months. Yesterday after removing the device, my check engine light came on and the device doesn’t work anymore. Mazda wants $100 to clear the code.

    • My electronics is all messed up as well. I have had to have it fixed not realizing the device was the problem I left it inserted. Less than 1000 miles later it shorted out the whole dashboard. I could not be more disappointed in Allstate. I am requesting them to reimburse me for my expenses but what are they going to do to make up for all the time I have spent at the dealership instead of at work.

  49. Hard braking events are not calculated correctly. Just monitoring the speed difference in a one second interval will not sufficiently indicate that the driver was applying the brakes to hard. The weight of the car plus the speed at the time of the braking can dramatically alter the hard braking results. For smaller light weight cars going from 16 mph to 8 mph in one second is not alarm for indicating a dangerous event. Leaving out the weight of the car a deceleration of 16 mph to 8 mph in one second is only 0.36g’s, not even enough force to violently throw anything off the front seat. 16 mph to 8 mph in one second = Estimated deceleration is about 8 mph per second or 0.36g’s. Many cars do not provide accurate speed reading though the OBD port due to processor data multiplexing, meaning the on board computer will focus on more critical interrupts to maintain proper operation before updating speed request from the OBD port. In order for the hard braking to accurately record deceleration speed it would need to know the weight of the car (lighter cars will stop much quicker with very little force) and sample (in real time) the data every 1/4 of a second with no interruptions.

    The hard braking algorithm needs to be adjusted for each vehicle. The way it is now will cause many false hard braking events thus lowering your chance for any discount. Then again maybe that is their plan all along?

    • Drivewise is a scam , plain and simple, shop around and you will get much better prices

    • I changed the pads on my Mazda 3 from the OEM – which made my wheels black – to ceramic pads. The ceramic pads require more force to brake the car and are not as “grabby” as the OEM pads. That’s when I started getting dinged for hard braking. Drivewise needs to ascertain exactly what other forces are at work before deciding on a “one size fits all” algorithm for braking.

  50. This will not fit my 2015 Escape. The diagnostic port is located behind a hatch low on the left side of the dashboard. Drivewise sticks out to much to allow me to close the hatch. [Redacted]

  51. Fake device. Count to many hard brakes without reason on my car Honda Civic 2006. I went to a Honda dealer and they told me there is no problem with the brakes of the car, the problem is in a device Drive-Wisse working with incorrect software who not communicate properly between the computer of the car. This to me is a crime and someone has to bear the consequences and went to prison for fraud with to these false devices.

  52. This mess is ridiculous. It’s not even working. It’s annoying. Worked well until I got my tpms fixed and reprogrammed. I dont want the hassle. I don’t mind not putting it back in but I don’t want the hassle. Not a fan.

  53. THIS DEVICE IS DANGEROUS. It lead to electrical problems in my car. My car would lose all power – including power steering and breaking – while driving. Fortunately it never happened on a highway.

    I thought it was my car just getting old and acting up (2010 w/ 100k) but since I removed the device I haven’t experienced any similar problems. Luckily it did not “fry” my system and I recognized that it was the device before this happened.

    • My OBD came on with a code which caused me to buy a new TCM at the cost of $360.00 ! I will be filing a claim to be reimbursed for my totally unnecessary expenses!!!

      • You will be wasting your time filling anything to get reimbursed, they will not do it, the best thing for you is to go a different insurance company, I switched my self to travelers insurance, I’m saving over 50 % and I have the same coverage

    • Same thing happened to my car while the drivewise was plugged in my car. There is a class action lawsuit against Progressive for their snap chat that was causing same problems. Allstate customers that have had this problem need to file a class action lawsuit against allstate

    • Yikes! Same happened to my car. First it drained my battery and I had to get a new one. Then my car would lose all power and not start or respond until I removed the drivewise. Since Allstate increased the rates and giving discount if you use drivewise, I’ll shop around for better rate since I won’t be using drivewise any longer. Not worth it!!!

    • It has caused the same problem with my vehicle. It has cost me close to $1000 and many days at the dealership. I am so disappointed and upset with Allstate and now I have to provide them paperwork to proof this was the problem when they know good and well this device is causing lots of problem s for its customers. I am not using this device ever again and if Allstate doesn’t reimbursed me for the money I have had to spend I will find another insurance for all of my needs.

      • Tammy, I am having the same exact issue was this ever resolved?

        It messed up my battery and caused tcm issues.

        Allstate refuses to fix it!

  54. Have had Allstate home, auto, life, and umbrella for 7 or 8 years and have had great service on claims with accident forgiveness, prompt payment on claims, etc. They are a little higher than many others and my rates have been increasing way too much in the last few years but I’ll probably stay with them a little longer before switching and taking a chance with another company. What brought me to this forum is the drivewise device. Seemed to work fine on all 3 vehicles (Honda, GMC, Subaru) for a while but then the 2010 Honda Accord had some of the issues described above with the ignition locking up and not shifting into gear as well as causing multiple code indicator lights to come on. Spent a hundred dollars to find out nothing was wrong after they disconnected battery cable and cleared the codes. This was over a year ago and they never mentioned any possible connection to the drivewise device. Then last week my wife calls and says our 2008 Subaru Tribeca won’t shift into park or reverse and made a horrible clunking noise when shifting into drive from neutral, along with abs light and check engine light coming on. I figured we had a major transmission problem, forgetting all about the past issue with my son’s Honda and failing to connect the device as the culprit all along, and was getting ready to have it towed to a Subaru dealer at a cost of $175. Decided to try and drive it down to our local Kwik Kar a few miles away to see if they could figure it out first since they had just done some front end work to it a few weeks before. It made it, but it was definitely shifting wrong and still wouldn’t shift to park or reverse. Mechanic pulled the drivewise out, disconnected the battery cables, reconnected them, hooked up his scanner and everything showed good with no warning lights on and transmission was completely normal. He said he’d done some checking online and found that these devices were suspected of causing problems with many foreign cars’ computers, with Subaru being on that list. He didn’t charge me but had I had it towed to the dealer I would have probably been out over 3 bills at least, plus the time and hassle. Will be calling drivewise Monday morning to discuss.

    • Stteffen, Don’t wait until you have to get thousand of dollars out of your packet to fix your car just because you want to keep the allstate insurance which will NOT COVER the mechanic’s bill at all. As soon as I started to have problems with the drivewise device, I went shopping for another insurance company, now I’m paying 50% less and I have the SAME exact coverage , the good thing is that I don’t have to connect anything to my car and I have the same coverage , this is not an ad, this is real, check with travelers insurance company , you may get a better price since you have three cars, my bill was reduce by 50%, same coverage, same everything, you can’t go wrong with this . DON’T WAIT UNTIL IS TO LATE. ALLSTATE WILL NOT COVER THE DAMAGE DONE TO YOUR CARS BECAUSE OF THE DRIVEWISE DEVICE.

    • Save your time calling Drivewise to “discuss” It’s akin to talking to a chair.

      The culprit IS the drivewise device. It is a real bow-wow and Allstate will not own up to it’s flaws.

      Best of all…DROP Allstate as your auto carrier….ok to leave your homeowners with them if you are satisfied with the price/ Better to get a quote from Geico -you’ll be very surprised at the price difference…forget “save 15%”. I saved close to 50%. And…talking about service, I bought a new car on a Friday, changed the car on my Geico phone app (it resulted in a slightly lower premium) and I received a refund check on Tuesday,

      Bye Bye Allstate and your “big brother” device.

      • The device is optional. If you don’t want ‘big brother’ watching you, then don’t plug it in. Fact is, big brother knows everthing about you anyway. I’ve had Allstate for years and they are a great company. No complaints from me.

    • Well, my car is not foreign, it’s Buick and drivewise makes it lose power and not start or even open the doors. Plus it drained the battery and I had to replace it. It already cost me more than I saved!!! :((((

  55. Yesterday afternoon, I started my car and noticed the brake petal was very hard with very little braking power even at 10 mph. I stayed very far behind any cars in front. I decided to removed the Drive Wise as I went to the city street from the parking lot. Immediately, the brake petal pressure and braking returned to normal.

    I tried to reach my wife at work for hours but she was at a meeting. When she received my message, she was very upset with Allstate and wanted to return to our previous insurance because of all the demands with Allstate insurance; we had to re-roof and repair foundation cracks from settling on our house for big $$$$ due to their inspections or else our insurance would be terminated.

    I called two Honda dealerships’ service department. Both dealerships did not know about the Allstate Drive Wise; how it affects my Honda vehicle. I went to the Iocal Firestone and was told the ABS braking system maybe at fault; since electronic control unit, hydraulic control unit or modulator, power booster & master cylinder assembly and wheel sensor unit are connected.

    Will be returning Drive wise to Allstate.

  56. Did 132 MPH this morning with this thing installed. I don’t think it registered because no trip shows for the time period of the trip. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I plan on doing over 140 MPH tomorrow to see what happens. I’ll let you know if Allstate drops me.

  57. I love Allstate and the people are awesome but beware of drive wise. Had it installed on my grand marquis with no problems until we removed the device and my dash board fried. $800.00 Bill and Allstate says they have never had any other complaints???? From all the above comments I find that hard to believe.

  58. Talk about a scam!
    I work as a delivery driver, I don’t use my car that the device is in. Yet, if I don’t turn off the tracking on my phone, it tracks my locations that I’ve driven and then I have to delete my “trips” saying I was in a work vehicle. Interesting part, today I noticed that my trips that were tracked in the company vehicle, I got hard breaking incidents. Seems odd, considering my car that the device is in was parked at work.

    • I drive a 2008 Toyota yaris. Did not have any damage or problems from it. But they started counting hard braking and my premium went from 700/6m to 830/month
      I just switched to State Farm. Call their number 855-672-4400

  59. Well after installing this device in my car and almost have the computer mess up , I returned to allstate, plus now I found out a much better insurance with better coverage and I don’t need to install any stupid device that will damage my car, this is not an advertising and I’m not trying to make it look like it, but with the new insurance I’m saving almost 50% a year, you can call and ask for a quote ,,travelers insurance is the companies name….allstate is a big rip off!!


    Car will not downshift and put you in serious danger when trying to merge on the expressway. These things shouldn’t be legal.

    There needs to be a BIG lawsuit!

    • Sign me up for the lawsuit!
      The Drivewise unit I installed in my 2010 Mazda 3 caused me to get a diagnostic code which indicated that I had a problem with my TCM, After doing all of the troubleshooting in the repair manual it concluded that I needed a new TCM, so I purchased and installed a new TCM at a cost of $360.00, not to mention all the hours of my time.
      Turns out that the TCM was not bad at all, and when I finally removed the Dive Wise unit, everything went back to normal
      I will be filing for a claim for my expenses to be reimbursed!!

    • Yes allstate customers that have had problems with the drivewise device damaging their car need to file a class action lawsuit. There is a class action lawsuit against their snapshot device for causing same problems.

      • Count me in for a class action lawsuit. I can’t count how many times I had to go get my daughter after work or college when the car mysteriously died but was working when I got there. I thought that she did something since she just started to drive but it just happened to be the same time that we got drivewise. Gosh!!!!
        Then the battery died without ability to hold charge and I bought a new one. Plus as I was looking at the reports, I was giving her lectures on how to brake properly and turn correctly, etc., but now I think it was a malfunction of the device. It’s out and not going back in and I am shopping for better rates first thing tomorrow.

  61. Would the drivewise device (or Allstate software) know if you remove the device while driving during those high-risk hours, or running late and in a hurry? I would imagine, based upon other comments here that it could mess up the port and other electronics in my car by putting it in and out everyday. Could these reduce my mileage on the system to save me money?

    • Not only will it run the risk of totally messing with your electronics, it will alert the Drivewise folks to call you and ask why you have disconnected it. After 2 times of non-use periods, be aware that they will call you. You can only make the “in for repairs” excuse once or twice. It is also against their rules to do so. “Big brother” knows that you have “pulled the plug”. If they catch you the program and anything you have earned in the way of discounts will be voided. Read all of the blog…this promotion will not deliver the promised discounts after the first year…no matter if you leave the car in the garage and don’t drive it…they will come up with hard braking events! More importantly, it will seriously mess with your electronics on board, drain your battery when the car is not running. Beware, this is a dangerous device that does NOTHING TO REWARD YOU. Much better idea…drop Allstate altogether and try Geico…. I saved nearly 50% when I switched.

      • Works ok now on my 2006 Ford Five Hundred. Drains the battery on my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. Just switched the plug-in’s on both cars (at Allstate’s prompting). Get 3 green flashes and nothing is recorded on the website. Keep getting emails from Allstate to plug it in.

    • Check travelers insurance you may get a much better price

  62. This discount program is such a scam. I take public transportation to work and only drove around 8,000 miles in a year and was given the grade of a C. When I called Allstate to get a calculation or explanation of how these grading guidelines are evaluated I received different answers from different people. Many people used my braking and speed as to why I received a poor grade. I told them they obviously never drove in New York City or in Jersey shore traffic. Also, they give the control mileage on their website of about 9,000 miles a year, I fell beneath the threshold and still received a lower grade. No guidelines, and they make up excuses as they go.

  63. What a BS discount. If you only drive between six am and 11:59 am, never exceed 80, take six football field to slow from 25 to zero, AND only drive five miles a week to the local grocery store, you might earn a worthwhile discount.

    I had several “hard braking” tags, none occurring at speeds over 25 and most under 15, no over 80 incidents, but I do make trips after noon which gained me a “C” score as did those few days when I drove further than the local fitness gym–also a “C” rating, which gave me an overall C score. My predicted discount will be 3% on my next billing cycle.

    The little blue Big Brother plug is going back to Allstate.

    • Ya know, you’ll still have hard braking issues even if the car is sitting in your garage. To designate low risk time of day as between 4am and 11am is totally absurd. That’s when everyone is on the road. School traffic, people going to work, trucks and buses galore. Are you kidding me. The reason Allstate designates this a low risk time is because most insurance employees don’t start work until 10am. The high risk time of 11pm to 4am should be flip-flopped with the low risk time slot. I have an overall “A” rating and my reward was a 16% discount. What do you have to do to get the whopping 30% that Pedro, from the movie Major League, advertises.

      • Projected to receive 16% February. I don’t get a graded rating since having switched from the device to phone. The helpful lady I talked to in customer service of all places had some pretty good patience with me while we sought out a better alternative to the blue dongle and it’s holding so much against me. Also now that I’ve seen all the complaints about it draining the battery I figure I now know why it died on me 3 times. The alarm would go all wonky and start chirping quietly and tail lights flicker, if only just barely noticeably. Didn’t even think it was that dongle doing it.

        Do yourselves a favor, if your area allows it, switch to the phone app only. It calculates much more fairly than the dongle. I think the metrics are different on them, but don’t quote me on that. I’m still relatively new to Allstate, but so far so good.

        • Also with the phone app, there are options at the end of the trip on whether to save it (accept that you were the driver) or designate a reason, such as driving a company vehicle, or being a passenger, that your trip shouldn’t be saved. Also for long term period where, or where you are making multiple trips as a passenger, in a work vehicle, etc… there is an option to turn off the tracking to be turned back on when you next drive.

          Warning though, don’t mess around with deleting trips just because you don’t like the reported info. The program, in their preview, is a gift, a privilege, a reward, and subject to termination without recourse. With that said, if something happens, remember to call them and talk to them as if they are a human being, and you’ll find they’ll be far more willing to go the extra mile, even if you know you just got caught deleting your 140 mph trip to McDonalds.

    • I am considering doing the same thing.

  64. I think these reviews are good information. My concern is that my computer will be damaged. I have a 2011 Toyota corolla and installed drive wise about a month ago. I am more aware of my driving habits with drive wise installed. I think this is a good devise for teenage drivers! The people complaining about hard stops need to just slow down sooner and keep more distance to the car in front of you! I am doing some testing with my driving to see if my hard stops improve. I think we get caught up in the fast pace driving habits of traffic and other people on the road. This is a habit that drive wise is helping me with and improve! My own habits that need to improve are, leaving earlier to give me more time, allow greater distance between me and cars in front and slow down way sooner at stops!

    • You obviously don’t drive I-480 during peak hours. If you leave a greater distance between you and the car in front of you, then you have people cutting you off to slide into the spot – which, oh wow, results in HARD breaking!

  65. When I started to have problems in my new 2015 due to the instalation of those device, I called wise drive and explain to them the problem I had , I also told them that I was going to return it and to sent me return envelope. They did so and I returned to them. I haven’t heard from them since. But one thing is for sure this device is definitely damaging the computers on the car….

    • Just got a mechanic bill for 125.00 because the device was making cars brain malfunction, because device is considered “an aftermarket part install” my warrenty thru gm declined payment of bill.

      • Bryce, how did you restore your cars computer to normal. I have pasid out $1000 to find ou what is wrong with my van. cel does not light up. I had the garage reset it but the cel will not lght and there are no stored codes.
        I wish we could sue drivewise for the damage it caused.
        I am sick about it

        • Mary –
          I am getting some information together and having my mechanic sign a letter attesting to the fact that the device ruined my abs module for the breaks. My agent is willing to submit it and go to bat for me. Maybe ask your agent…. or tell them what you’re going to do. Start with your mechanic. good luck.

  66. I have had Drivewise since November 2014. I am currently at a B- average mostly due to the amount of miles that I drive. I do have hard braking events but have zero extreme braking events. My braking grade is A+ so I am not sure why everyone is complaining about braking. Obviously I drive more miles than average with fewer braking events than average, so I don’t see an issue! I am happy with Allstate. Have had both home and auto claims and no problems whatsoever. I currently get a 14% discount which I am happy with!

  67. I’m very disappointed with drivewise, i installed drivewise on my 2009 Toyota Camry on April 2015. After 5 months, i have driving less than 1200 miles, yet i don’t have a good grade on miles driving, over 80 percent of my driving were done on weekends but yet my hours of driving is doesn’t have better grade, i understand i have all A’s but if i’m doing this great what keeps me from getting A+. I have 5 hard braking incident which is all scam, apart from one of them that i was crossed by a deer. In the last 2 weeks i have gotten 3 hard breaking. This is absolutely scam. I drive very slow and my breaking distance is always great. Last sunday, i started the car, didn’t put to gear and i got a hard breaking incident (Are you kidding me?). I called my agent and all he could tell me is i can’t answer your question will have to get with the drivewise team. My assumption is that, they realized i did good for my first 5 months and it’s left with a month to qualify for the 30% discount so they’re trying to screw me. Now what i will do is that, since i have 2 cars, i will not start with the drive until next month to get my 26% percent discount. After i get my discount on my renewal next month, i know what i would do. Stay away from drivewise. It’s like a curfew, anytime i go out and it’s 10pm i have to rush home not to reach the 11pm limit. One time my girlfriend was like, why would you pay an insurance company to put a curfew on you? I thought about it and i realized how dumb that decision was for me to join drivewise. If there’s one thing i know, insurance is scam regardless of the company, Just get a cheaper insurance and live your life, there’s nothing like good insurance company. If you don’t drive a fancy car which is very expensive or making car payment, don’t get collision. Just get liability with compresensive.

  68. Don’t expect the promoted 30% discount or much at all. After four days of using drivewise, one of which I didn’t drive, I had one hard stop per day–the lowest at 12 mph, the highest at 23 mph. I understand a slowing of 8 mph/sec constitutes a “hard” braking, but if every stop or slowing is going to resul in a possible penalty, what good is it? Really, just how slow does a vehicle slow down at 10-15 mph?

    I can hardly be accused of unsafe driving due to hard stops. Brake pads typically last me 90-100 thousand miles. I’ll give this thing it’s 60 days to see how it scores me, but I suspect it will get mailed back on day 61.

  69. DANGER! I have a RAV4 and drive less than 5,000 miles a year. I’ve never had a problem of any sort with the car. 2 weeks ago I installed the Drivewise device. Friday, while turning after a traffic light, the car gave a sort of hiccup. Then it DIED IN TRAFFIC! It was awful. Nothing worked. I couldn’t even move the gear shift lever. The car was frozen.
    After hours in traffic waiting for a tow truck, 2 nice cops bypassed the shift lever system and got the car into neutral long enough to get it out of traffic. At the dealership, it took them hours to figure out the problem because the communication port, the one where the device plugs in, was not communicating. A major fuse had been blown out and my alternator destroyed. it will cost $1400 to repair.

    • Terry my car also cannot communicate with the computer. The car is miss firing and feels like it will stop any minute. The thing I am most worried about is not being able to get a sticker in oct. I am older and on ss and did not plan for a big auto expense. I like the idea of a class action suit. I hope someone starts one so I can sign on. I have to return the drivewise device. I will write a note and have them sign it.

      • I am older also–76. I tried to get them to pay for my repairs but there was a Catch 22. In order for them to pay, the dealer had to certify that the device caused the damage. The dealer cannot do that because they fear a lawsuit. So I’m out $1,331.
        You may find that when you return the device you get daily calls telling you it’s not connected. Call them and get their special label for sending it back.

    • Our ABS breaking system is malfunctioning. My mechanic was testing the break sensors on our ford explorer, he was reviewing the new breaks he just recently put in.
      With the computer diognostic, he saw the drivewise device. the computer is damaged.
      He told me he’s had about a dozen customer problems this year with the device.

  70. Drivewise is a scam , I drove the car 1.5 miles without any incident and a breaking hard came in my record. I’m very disappointed because allstate is doing this just to avoid giving you the whole 30% discount, I will definitely be looking to get another insurance company…

  71. I put the drivewise on my 2009 car that has less than 32000 miles and began having problems because the battery was being drained and I had to charge it up since it was almost dead. I had the battery tested thinking I needed a new battery and they said it was fine BUT there was a parasitic draw on the battery after I turn off the key.. not only that, my engine suddenly came on and my a/c stopped working. They recharged my freon thinking that was the trouble, but nope, its an electrical problem now and I am being told to take it to the dealer since they can’t find the problem.. also suggested the trouble was in the computer and will cost “big bucks” as the mechanic put it, to fix. I am furious to find out that this stupid thing has caused so much damage to my expensive luxury car that I’ve barely driven!!!

    • It cost me $1,331 for the damages caused by the Drivewise device and they refused to reimburse me saying Thea’s no proof.

  72. I have had Allstate Insurance for years. I have participated in Drivewise for a little over a year. As was mentioned above, I do not know why anyone would complain about any discount for their insurance. Drivewise has made me more aware of my driving and I believe it has helped me improve and be more aware of where I am not what is going on around me.

    The only complaint that I have is that from time to time I am not able to login to Drivewise. My login has not worked for over a week now and I really would like to keep track of what my rating is.

    Overall I am a happy Allstate customer.

  73. This drivewise thing is bogus. I have had it installed for 2 months, my car barely leaves the garage except for weekends and very limited (if any) travel through the week.

    I have 1 braking “incident” from being cut off by a couple of teens that blew a stop sign and turned right in front of me and nearly side swiping me. My amazing savings were instantly dropped from all categories being A+ to having a C+ in braking and only saving 17.5%.

    My husband just got a 2nd braking incident, for a similar reason and now we are down to 10%.

    When someone nearly sideswipes you, a dog runs or even a child runs in front of your car and you break to avoid killing someone, you will not save money on car insurance.

    4 more months of this piece of [Redacted].

    • I had one braking incident without even having that incident so go figure how this big scam works…

  74. Besides being a ripoff when it comes to the discounts that were “promised” (I had 4 A+ and 1 “B” and they cut me to 14%…. I left my car in the garage for a month while on vacation. Upon returning home, my battery was DEAD which my dealer tells me was caused by the Drivewise device keeping the car from “sleeping”. BTW..battery replacement for this dead one is $600 in a high-end vehicle. On top of that…I received no less than 4 e-mails and two phone calls (while on vacation in Central America) reminding me that my Drivewise thing is inactive. The Allstate people at Drivewise were rude, uninformed and annoying. Upon my retun home I sent the things back to Allstate and upon renewal will switch to Geico (at a saving of nearly 50%….not the 15% they advertise!). Learn from me…DO NOT INSTALL THE DRIVEWISE THING… the discounts offered are BOGUS and the device itself is DANGEROUS to use.

    • My wife’s has the device and during the past year she has driven the car less than 500 miles. On a day in July She drove 35.4 miles and the device recorded 12 excessive braking actions. My wife is an extremely passive driver. This program is an absolute sham. I further believe that Allstate is aware of our negative comments and choose to ignore them. The agency where I purchased insurance has treated us fairly and drivewise did not exist at the time Allstate became our carrier. If the agency would have used drivewise as a selling point, I would switch insurance in a heartbeat. I hate to penalize our agency because of drivewise’s ridiculous criteria. This program is ideally suited for the Amish.

      • Switched to Geico. No hassle. Superior (higher limit) coverage and less than 50% of Allstate’s premium. Couldn’t wait to get rid of the Drivewise things. I LOVE my Allstate agent…unfortunately she cannot write with any other carrier. She apologized and hated to lose the business…but she understands. I get the feeling that She is now presently thinking maybe she should expand her agency and DROP Allstate. She has had 100% complaints from every customer she put into Drivewise. I think this thread needs to be forwarded to state insurance departments. It is indicative of what surely seems like fraud to me.

        btw…The Amish are too smart to fall for this scam!

        • Hi!
          Why dont all of us just open low class action suite against this Allstate, because this is not only entire company fraud and scam, but invasion of privacy.

          • Count me in !

          • count me in also

          • Count on me too. I have had this devise for less than a month and I don’t like it..BIG SCAM AND FRAUD DOR SURE

          • Simon if you are serious and know how to start a class action suit I will sign on. Although I really like allstate as an insurance co. I am very dissapointed with drivewise. Is drivewis a separate entity from allstate? Because I do not want to sue allstate.

          • Sign me up!

  75. I’ve lost all faith in the Drivewise program, According to the online Drivewise statistics, over the past year I’ve driven my car 4,700 miles and had about a dozen “braking” incidents in that time. All told my discount for that car came out to a paltry 4%. Every single person that is enrolled in the program complains of the same thing: their braking scores. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I went to a local shopping center which had speed bumps and I conducted a test. I went from speed bump to speed bump (a total of four) and sure enough when I went online the next day to see how I did the previous day, they were cited as excessive braking, even though I accelerated to what I thought was a fair speed between the bumps.

    I’ve been loaning my other car to my 80 year old dad. He drives like, well, an 80 year old man. Sure enough his Drivewise score consists of only one category: hard braking. So far no discounts for that car.

    I’m thinking of writing to my insurance commissioner to see if they would be interested in these statistics.

    • I live in a closed community where max speed is 23mph. I go through 20 speed bumps in my way out and my way in every single day. My drivewise report shows at least 2 hard braking events a day, from about speed 12mph to 4mph every time.

      If the purpose of the device is to encourage good driving, it is not serving the purpose. If it is to give the insurance company a good reason for not giving me a discount, it is helping them a lot. I will unsubscribe from this joke.

    • Sign me up for a class action suit! Contact the insurance commissioner. The drivewise complained about excessive braking (we have to treat yellow lights like red lights or the police give us tickets for going through a red light though yellow though red at the end) and now my engine light is on and the brakes are not working!!!!!!!! That means a tow truck to the dealership and repair costs because of drivewise!!!!!!!!!!! I am retired and cannot afford the damage that they created!!!!!!!!!! They destroy cars!!!! You are lucky if the device did not destroy your car, yet. Everyone should remove them before their cars are destroyed!

  76. I installed the device two days ago and I already have two “hard” breaking events. One from initial speed of 10 MPH and one from 14 MPH. I did not know it is possible to have hard break at that speed. I already don’t like it.

    • Ditto! What I immediately noticed—in my attempt to be a “safer” driver–was that I was staring at the speedometer when I braked instead of the road and that I would race to beat yellow light rather than risk a hard braking event. Safer, eh? I don’t think so. It’s not woth the predicted 3% discount.

  77. I haven’t gotten to experience the full effect of the drivewise device. I just don’t like that I can’t hide the device with the cover. Visually it’s not appealing.

      I tried it in several vehicles. It didn’t work properly in 3 out of 6 vehicles. False reported or double reported incidents, I couldn’t use my alarm or my remote to lock the door on one vehicle. If you get stuck in snow, you get events for starting and stopping quickly.
      When my Allstate Drivewise discount hit 0% on one of my vehicles, I decided it was time to change insurance companies.
      I shopped around and Geico has a high customer satisfaction and costs less than 2/3 the price of Allstate. NO STUPID MODULE OR PROGRAM to worry about. I’m saving more money with Geico than I would have with Allstate Drivewise @ 30% discount.

  78. My experience with Drivewise so far is that it’s ludicrously inaccurate. For example, it shows my drive to work on Friday, but not a trip home. Apparently I’m still at work . . . two days later. Similarly, the web site shows a four-mile trip to a store today, but a 2.5 mile trip home on the same route. So, if the drivewise device can’t track mileage accurately, how do I know it tracks *anything* accurately?

  79. Drivewise does not work after a year. They do not roll the year old plus data and just keep adding to it. I had no breaking events this past October but the display shows five. That’s the amount I had in October 2013. The mileage, time, and speed data are all bogus. The only correct info is the mileage graph. That data is correct. I called them six times and each time they manually correct the data but don’t fix the programming bug so the info starts going wrong the next day. It is maddening.

    • Did ur chip show times and days that u weren’t actually driving the car…in my case…I have 2 driving times after midnight and I did not drive the car those days. Thoughts?

  80. I plugged my drivewise into the port and the green light did not come on. Can u tell me why? Do I have to have the code , or does Allstate handle that.

    • Hi Charletta,

      Make sure the device is plugged all the way in, and then try turning your car on. If that does not work, I would reach out to Allstate directly. It could be a faulty device.

      You can contact Allstate by calling this number – 1-800-255-7828

      Eric Stauffer

  81. I just signed for AllState, and will try the Drive-wise. In researching online, I found that the OBDII diagnostic port is not designed to be used 24/7. The Drive-wise device prevents vehicles modules from “sleeping” or going dormant. Thus could burn them out/fry your electrical system, cause your vehicle to stall, and leave you stranded. I will be contacting the dealership’s mechanics prior to install, to get the latest word or work-a-round. I suggest the same to others before using the device.

    • Amen. I got stranded on a highway in the middle of a cross country trip. The drive wise crap fried my Mercedes S550 Alternator. $2500 in repair bills!!

      Think again before anyone decide to use this dangerous equipment.

      • Yeah just to let you know that we had a Jeep Patriot 2009 it did 2000 dollars in damage with using the drive wise device and their device messed up all the electronics and they don’t want to cover the charge. Yeah [Redacted] service and they don’t want to cover the damages that their device caused. Not only that, the dealership had it for 15 days and it was 623 dollars in car rental fees. I wish I never switched from state farm after 30 years. Biggest mistake I ever made.

      • OH! I better remove it from my cars. I have a car I never drive, it gets to be in the garage for long periods of time. I thought using the drive wise would let the insurance company know that the risk of having an accident on that car was minimal because it’s not driven in the daily basis. Well, after a month in the garage I tried to take it for a weekend ride and it was out of battery. After reading this thread I realize than I would need to keep charging the battery to keep any discount that I might get for using the drivewise. Plus I take the risk of ruining my battery or alternator as I am reading.. So far, after using drivewise for 6 months, they are projecting a 16% discount for my next renewal. Very minimal for a never used car.

    • Thanks…This is just the kind of info that I’m looking for. I just received the device in the mail, but I’m reluctant to install it without being absolutely certain it won’t be harmful to my car.

    • Be aware! I installed the “drivewise” into my brand new BMW X3. After a week with little driving the battery was down. I got the car started with a jumper-cable, went to the BMW service and they told me right away that the “drivewise” is the culprit. Don’t use it in an European car. (I did have it installed in my Cadillac for 4 years w/o any problems…)

  82. Allstate is the worst insurance company I have dealt with. Their rates are outrageously high (for an equivalent coverage, I am paying almost half of what I paid when my family and I were covered under allstate.) Their customer service is horrible, and their managers are disrespectful and dishonest. Liberty Mutual is the best deal. I am so glad I switched. I highly recommend it.

    • My experience with Liberty Mutual rates vs Allstate rates is just the opposite. Liberty Mutual is $600 more and they claim to have given me every known discount available. Makes no sense.

      • American Family was 25% higher than Allstate – even with American Family’s poorer coverages. With Allstate I’m getting an additional Umbrella policy and higher coverage numbers on the two cars and the house… FOR MUCH LESS MONEY!! Allstate is great.

        I can understand any complaints regarding harm caused to the vehicle by having this device installed. This is what is holding me back from signing up.

        I also believe it is bad business practice to offer coupons, rewards, gimmicks, hoops to jump thru, sales, or carrots on a stick. I’ve owned businesses in the past, we weren’t some sort of “Discount Louies.”

        Businesses ought to offer the lowest price on the greatest product, coverage AND SERVICE PERIOD!!

        I can’t understand why anyone would complain about getting any kind of discount, be it 1% or 15%. A penny saved is a penny earned, except for you people born after 1900, you need hundreds of dollars saved in order to be pleased. I don’t like the matter of having to “sing for my supper” in order to save a buck… a buck that I should always be getting automatically if the rates were set fair to begin with!!

        • Bait and switch, that’s why.

        • You would understand if your electronics got fried like mine did!!!

          • I am concerned about the damage this device has caused my vehicle. My vehicle has very low miles and never had a problem until I inserted this device. My electronics in my dashboard is all messed up. I had no idea what the problem was in the beginning. I spent almost $1000 to get it fixed and a few months later the problem is back only worse. I took my car back to the dealership and after hours of testing and more money it is now determined this device is causing my elecronicsl to short out. Allstate you know these devices are causing problems for your customers so do you plan on reimbursing us for the money we had to spend to get our vehicles driveable? I am very upset and will not be apart of this program ever! It has cost me way too much money and time.

        • Capt Caveman:

          You obviously do not understand the capitalist economic system under which the USA operates. Commercial businesses operate to obtain the MAXIMUM return on investment possible. They do NOT operate at the minimum. But that is not the main issue here.

          Many people, according to this forum, have experienced troublesome and expensive failures of their vehicles as a result of using the Drivewise gadget. I was fortunate and have not but my issues are different than theirs. In both cases however, Allstate has refused to open any sort of public forum to address these issues. If my car had been damaged using this device you can bet Allstate would be in court attempting to defend this product.

          Consider yourself fortunate that you haven’t suffered any damage so far…..and pray that you don’t in the future.


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