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A subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA), this insurance company focuses its plans on the needs of physicians and their families. In addition to providing business insurance for medical practices and personal insurance, they also offer a range of supplemental health and disability plans, including Medicare supplement.

About AMA Insurance

The American Medical Association, the largest and one of the best-known medical organizations in the country, dates back to 1847 when it was founded by Dr. Nathan Davis in New York City. The Association’s goals include the advancement of medical science, establishing of medical ethics, and improvement of public health.

AMA Insurance, or AMAI, was created as a subsidiary with the intent to provide health insurance coverage aimed at the needs of physicians. They cover personal lines insurance such as auto, home, and life (auto and home insurance are underwritten by Liberty Mutual through a partnership), in addition to business insurance. Other policies include group coverage for residency and medical schools, dental, travel, and vision. Many policies are underwritten by partner companies.

AMA Insurance is available solely to physicians and their families, although it’s not required that the physician be a member of the AMA to obtain coverage. The company serves more than a million doctors nationwide.

AMA Medicare Insurance

AMA offers Medicare Supplement and Part D Prescription Drug plans that are designed specifically for physicians. These policies are underwritten by Transamerica, but sponsored by AMAI. Currently, they do not offer any Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Supplement

The Medicare Supplement plans available vary depending on the state in which you live, but they follow the letter system and there are a wide variety of plans offered.

A review of the available plans for the state of California shows a very solid range of choices, from the basic Plan A, which covers Parts A, B, and hospice coinsurance and three pints of blood annually, to full coverage plans with very little out of pocket. In addition to Plan A, they also offer B, C, D, F, F with High Deductible, G, K, L, M, and N. That’s a lot of plans to choose from and more than we see from most companies.

With such a long list of plans, it’s easy to find one that covers everything you need. Some plans cover all coinsurance and deductibles, as well as excess charges, while some also include emergency foreign travel coverage.

Since these plans are the standard plans, we were unable to find any evidence that any of the plans are specific to the needs of physicians, as the website claims. This may be the case in other states, but in California where we conduct sample comparisons, these are the same plans available from any company.

Medicare Rates

Quotes are easy to obtain online with a short form (requiring no contact information.) The rates returned on the search include a 2% discount for paying via electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you don’t want to pay this way, you will need to add 2% back in to calculate your rate.

Additionally, a 5% discount is available if both you and your spouse are enrolled – the quoting system will also provide this information.

Plan A starts at $101.92 a month for the single rate, or $96.82 for the spouse rate. Compared to other companies writing this plan in California, this is not the lowest rate we have seen, although it is well below average. Even with the 5% spouse discount, there are companies offering slightly lower rates.

The Plan F rate came in at $155.82, which edges out the lowest price we have seen for this plan, albeit by less than a dollar. With the 5% spouse discount, the rate comes in at $148.03. Both of these are among the lowest we have seen for Plan F in California.

Ratings and Reviews

The Better Business Bureau gives AMA an A+ rating, and there are no complaints on file in the past three years.

In fact, there is not much at all in terms of ratings and reviews for this insurer. This may be due to the fact that their customer base is limited to physicians, who understand the ins and outs of health insurance better than most. As a result, they may be less likely to use the Internet to complain or deal with insurance issues.

The Bottom Line

If you are a physician, and particularly if you are a member of the AMA, you may wish to take a look at AMA Insurance. The rates for Medicare Supplement are among the lowest we have seen, and there are no complaints to speak of. This company is likely to be more appealing if you plan to or already do have other policies through them, and wish to keep things all in one place.

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