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National General Insurance Summary

National General Insurance (formerly known as GMAC Insurance) is a nationwide insurer that began as a part of General Motors, and is the only insurance company to successfully be spun off from an auto manufacturer. The company’s headquarters are in Winston-Salem, NC, and they currently employ over 3,000 people in the US.

During the economic downturn, the GMAC business unit was separated from General Motors, and subsequently bailed out by the Federal Government. Since then, the banking and lending division was re-branded as Ally Financial, and as of July 2013 the insurance division has taken a new name, National General Insurance.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

National General’s primary business is auto insurance. Their policies offer the same coverage types found with just about every other major insurer, including comprehensive, collision and liability protection. Unlike most other insurance companies we have reviewed, their “unique features” actually have some benefits not commonly found. These are primarily used as marketing gimmicks, but drivers may actually find something with National General that they cannot get anywhere else:

  • SmartServices® – This feature is packed with a lot of standard stuff like a rental car that will pick you up (usually just Enterprise Rent-a-car) and roadside assistance, but it also comes with a few services not commonly found. SmartInspect® provides inspections after a car has been repaired in order to verify it is in working order. SmartReplacement® is a service that assists in finding the exact car a driver wants after their’s is totaled in a covered loss.
  • SmartDiscounts® – The discounts offered by National General Insurance contains a pretty typical list that you would find with many other companies. They include things like paid-in-full, multi-vehicle, safe-driver, and multi-policy. But they also offer a few discounts that are unique to their customers. Policyholders that have other GM or GMAC products (like a GM card, mortgage, or GM vehicle) can get a discount. Policies that contain only GM cars (more than one) can also get a discount. Even people who subscribe to OnStar can get a reduction in their premiums.

Home Insurance

National General offers homeowners insurance, but they do not actually underwrite the policy. Similar to companies like Progressive and GEICO, home, renters and condo insurance can be purchased and serviced through them, but there is a different company that is actually paying the bills. Because of this, specific details will vary by state. However, the vast majority of plans will come with standard protection like personal property and home liability.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

National General Insurance has a fairly large base of RV customers that get coverage from them. Their plans are similar in nature to their car insurance, and they offer a lot of the same features. The policies are actually underwritten by National General Insurance.

National General Price (Rates)

Quote Test Results
+ 9%
Rate Test Details

According to our rate test, National General was about 9% higher than the other insurance companies we have tested using the same details. It looks like the extra features the car insurance policies come with adds to the cost. Anyone interested in National General Insurance is invited to get their own quote, since it can certainly vary. Drivers of GM cars may also see a reduction, since they give a discount for them.


Reporting a claim can be done three different ways; file it online, call 800-325-1088 and report it directly, or use their iPhone app. The claims department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once the claim is started, a representative will be assigned to assist during the process. Pictures and supporting documents of the loss can be submitted through an online portal on their website, and the progress of the claim can also be tracked.

Consumer Research and Complaints

In 2012, JD Power did a study of the US auto insurance industry that focused on the claims process of the major insurance companies. National General Insurance (GMAC at the time) received 3 out of 5 for “Overall Satisfaction” which meant about average. They scored a three in every category except First Notice of Loss, in which they got a two. A similar study in 2013 that focused on the purchase experience of a policy rated National General 2 out of 5, which was below average. The company suffered the lowest ratings in the categories Policy Offerings and Call Center Representative.

There are multiple entries for National General on the Better Business Bureau’s website, and it is difficult to determine which one people are using most. The “official” entry shows the company as accredited, but with no rating and no comments or complaints. However, this entry is very difficult to find when using a search engine like Google. The one that shows in search results has an address for an office in Missouri and shows a B- rating. This appears to be an old GMAC insurance entry, and looks as if it is the most active with consumers. There have been 37 complaints filed in the last three years, 14 of which have come in the previous 12 months.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A- Stable
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

National General Insurance actually does offer a few unique features with their auto insurance policies, but you will pay for it. Their premiums came in almost 10% higher than all the other companies we have tested. Their consumer advocacy reports are below average, and their Better Business Bureau rating is low. There is not a lot of information about their financial strength, which could be due to the fact that they changed their name in July 2013. Overall, there is nothing that stands as overly positive about this company.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Krystal Greber says

    I was hit by someone who has this insurance company, at first I spoke with someone local her name is [Redacted]. [Redacted] was so nice and very helpful we settled our bodily injury claim with no problems at all. When it came time to settle on the car, which is totaled I received a call from Diane [Redacted]. This woman has to be the most rude, condescending, disrespectful “customer service rep” I have ever spoken to. This lady should be FIRED! She had the audacity to blame me for my accident, I was on the interstate sitting at a stand still with my 7 year old in the back seat and someone slammed into the back of my car forcing me off the the road. There are ways to go about talking to people and in my opinion she lacks any sort of people skills. I was ready to settle this and move on, I was not after tons of money. Miss [Redacted] is representing your company in such a negative way that you should take action. [Redacted] is her contact number.

  2. Mia Cummings says

    This is the ABSOLUTE WORST insurance company I have ever had. Their customer service sucks. They give you the run around and they are crooks. They are not about their consumers, they are about the money and it is very clear in the underwritting of their policies. They milk you for every dime and SAY they want to get you paid quickly but then blame their broker for the issues. VERY DISAPPOINTED..BUYER BE WARE

  3. Brenda Walker says

    I was rear-ended by someone covered under National General. I filed a claim. The adjuster gave me the run around, so I eventually filed with my insurance company, but am looking to be reimbursed for my deductible. It is going on two months and National General has not done a thing. A police report was filed. I filed complaints with BBB and the insurance commissioner. If nothing results by December, I will have no other choice but to take the other driver to small claims court.

  4. JAM says

    National General Insurance, AKA Good Sams, is over priced and only care about getting the extra dollar from thier customers. I found insurance 40 percent cheaper and I terminated my account in good standing. They conjured up a $12 debt and sent it to a collections agency. I will NEVER use national general insurance again. Poor company. Beware!

  5. Samantha says


  6. Whitney Oakley says

    This company sucks!!!! So rude and inconsiderate!!! Interrogated me and the accident was not even my fault. I was stopped in a parking lot and the driver that hit me has this insurance company. She plowed into the side of my van and caused $4,000 worth of damage. Made a claim and all that and was eventually told that I contributed to the accident so they weren’t going to pay. How in the heck did I contribute? By sitting there waiting for the car in front of me to pull off so we could leave the parking lot …..I looked over my right shoulder because my son said they’re gonna hit us mom and at that split second I looked all I saw was the back of the woman’s head who was driving . She was waving to someone and not paying attention at all to the people who were right beside her in the parking lot. She hit is so hard in order to make that much damage. She was like dale jr flying through the parking lot. B4 I new it she had hit us. The insurance lady was such a ray of sunshine also. I asked her when the investigation would be over and she said soon and that day I got a letter stating that they weren’t going to pay for my damages. While on the phone with her I suggested she get the video footage from the surveillance cameras and she said they wouldn’t need that. So I figured it would work out in my favor. WRONG!!!!! She totally screwed me. Now I have to drive my kids around in this piece of shit can that has shoe laces around the door and seat to keep the passengers door from opening up while driving down the road lol!! This is just great….Pleaee y’all if I are ever in this situation always get witnesses and evidence immediately! Do not wait and reliy on someone from this insurance company to be honest and helpful with your claim.

    • Rose says

      This is the worst company ever…statistics show they do not pay out claims, they are rude to insurance holders when making a claim and are not a compassionate or honest company. We are out $10,094 because of this company…please don’t get taken in by them…

  7. Tatyana says

    I was recently in a fender bender with one of their clients. I was given a very hard time to get my car fixed. It took a little over 2 weeks for my worker [Redacted] to get my paperwork together, and I feel that everything was purposely delayed. I feel that he purposely put off my paperwork. It shouldn’t have taken two weeks to get an estimate. Finally I get estimates to get my car doors fixed by sending in photos of the damage. The collision shop of my choice said that it wasn’t enough enough money to sufficiently fix my car. He stated that you cannot properly estimate damages by looking at photos, and that I need completely new doors for my car. The estimates worker for National General said that they’ll send out supplemental paperwork so that the collision shop would get more money to properly fix my car. So as of today my car is fixed, but the insurance company now refuses to give more money. I don’t think that it’s fair that their client ran a stop sign, hit my car, and I’m going through so much to get my car fixed. This company should pay the total costs to fix my car because their client was at fault. This company tries to get over on consumers by paying the minimal price possible.

    • Whitney O says

      Omg I’m so sorry you are having a hard time too. My case was similar. They estimated the damage to my doors on my van as under 1,000 dollars……wrong! Its around $4,000. I had no idea they had to replace the whole door. The sliding door and the passenger side door. I’m no mechanic lol obviously, lol so I thought they could hit the dents out and repaint it or something. I was so wrong. I just can’t believe what a hard time I’m having with this. I try so hard to be a good person and I follow the rules and I drive so careful BC I’m driving my babies around. It’s just so frustrating isn’t it? I hope u get everything figured out. Hang in there.

  8. Dianna Tompkins says

    I am highly disappointed with National General Ins. I have already filed a complaint with BBB. I received auto insurance from them at a ridiculous fee of $205. I payed it for 3 months until I had the time to find a more reasonable rate with more benefits. I went to cancel and the customer service representative didn’t inform me of the fees they were going to charge me. I understand the 10% cancellation fee that was told to me, when acquiring about my refund check, 7 days AFTER my cancellation. I was Never informed, if I cancelled I would have to pay $185.50. I had just payed my bill of $205. 4 days prior to cancellation. I was expecting more then a measly $22. check for my return. If I would have been informed the company needed to collect a certain amount before I cancelled, I would have never cancelled. I basically paid National General $185.50 for absolutely nothing in return. I am appalled that a company would take such amount of money and not inform the consumer ahead of time of such fees!!

  9. Kailey says

    Worst company ever!! Do not give them your business. They aren’t worth it. They aren’t worth anything. I got in a car accident on a Saturday. I made my claim as soon as I could. The lady on the phone told me right there and then that my car was a total loss and I had to go to the lot where my car was being kept to get my belongings out of it at 12pm on Monday. So I have to use my personal time at work to go get my stuff in a hurry. They assigned me to a claim representative named [Redacted] who was supposed to contact me Monday afternoon. No contact at all from anyone. So finally Wednesday I email him, no answer. Forward the email again Thursday, no answer. AND again on Friday. So i finally call this claims rep. He says since the car is a total loss that he is not the claim rep….. The lady told me when I reported the claim that it was a total loss, so why were you assigned my rep in the first place!?! First of all, he could have at least answered my many emails. Second, he would not give me a name or number of anyone else handing my claim and said it could be WEEKS until someone is assigned to it. Terrible service. Terrible experience. TERRIBLE COMPANY.

  10. F.M. Borden says

    I agree with all of you! Steer clear of this company and you will be money ahead and avoid frustration.

    • Michael says

      My name is Michael Barnett and I totally agree with everyone…the car lot that I got my from which is Wilmon auto sales in Eden north Carolina said that he was mad at the services they’re giving me that he’s going to put a sign on his door that’s STATES ANYONE WHO HAS NATIONAL GENERAL INSURANCE WITH [Redacted] or [Redacted] WILL NOT BE WELCOMED HERE…NEED I SAY MORE.THEY HAVE NO SENSITIVITY FOR THE COMMON INSURER!!!!!!!!!

  11. Michael Zukas says

    I shopped for insurance since others with many more autos had lower rates than myself. I had been with these people for over 20 years. I found all of the major companies were willing to insure me for $40 less per month. I went with another company and waited a couple days to cancel my policy with GMAC. When speaking with agents from GMAC to cancel, they were extremely rude and laughed at me several times right on the call. I demanded a supervisor but none could be found. I was promised a phone back but a day and a half later no call. Stay clear of these people. After reading the other comments, I would never have gone with them to start. Shameful customer service. I as well as one of the posters here will be telling everyone of the poor service and post everywhere possible to stay clear!

  12. Lex Devega says

    Horrible Insurance company! Stay away!!! I had to switch to National general after moving to North Carolina from Washington State. I had progressive but their rates were too high for NC insurance standards. They quoted me 324$ for 2 cars on full coverage. 2 weeks later I get notice of cancelation of full coverage to Liability… Because something they messed up on. Fixed that. 2 weeks later… My insurance went up to almost $700 because they required NC drivers license…. Fixed that… They then moved my rates too almost $500….. Got another notice of dropping full coverage again because of their mistake…. I cancelled my insurance 3 days after my 492$ monthly NEW payment …. Instead of prorating… I will only receive $40. Stay away from this JOKE of a insurance company! PLEASE

  13. James Padilla says

    I had insurance with this company for about 25 years. I recommend that you not obtain auto insurance from them. If you are late on your payments by one minute they will cancel your policy and you will be penalized by them starting your policy all over again. If you try to move to another insurance company it will show up as if your 25 years of insurance with them is only a few months and they will charge you a much higher rate. Watch out for this company they will do anything they want. They don’t care about their customers.

  14. Jean Rapp says

    I was rear-ended by someone insured with National General Insurance Company 4 months ago. This company is a JOKE! The adjusters, supervisors, regional managers are so RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. My car was totalled and they refuse to pay! They have not provided a tow, rental car, ….ZERO! However, I refuse to let them treat me like this. I am filing a lawsuit, a complaint with the NY insurance commissioner, posting complaints on social media, I am contacting TV news stations and I am sending a copy of everything to the president of the company. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was so rude and acted like a “Miss know it all” and hung up on me! I called her supervisor. response….then a real idiot called me and told me he was the regional manager. Nothing was done!! He actually acted as if he was a passenger in my car at the time of the accident! The employees for this company are very shady characters. My car has over $7,000 of damage and they sent me a check for $1,052!!!!!

    They try to wear you down and want you to give up. This company should not be in business. I will continue to file massive complaints and I look forward to my day in court. I am confident the Judge will rule in my favor. This company has 331 complaints with the BBB.

    If you are having problems with this company file a complaint with your state’s commissioner of insurance and file a lawsuit against the person insured with this company. This is the only way to get justice.

  15. Maryann Gilmer says

    Worst insurance ever. They lure you in by saying they are the best for persons who tow or have R V’s. NOTHING COULD BE FUTHER FROM THE TRUTH. They suck! If you have this insurance switch now. If you have a claim it will take forever to fix your vehicle, camper exc.

  16. Debra Carmody says

    Horrible, just Horrible. Insurance adjuster actually said to me I was making more of the situation than it was. My whole 1st floor was gutted out , no kitchen no bathroom everything ruined. basement took on over a foot of water ALL MY KIDS PICTURES VIDEOS GONE WE JUST MOVED IN THEY WERE IN BOXES. Really can’t believe he said that. No customer service. Took over a week to return my call /email then snapped at me and said he was on vacation.

  17. Julia says

    This insurance company should be shut down. They are horrible. They don’t give 2 cents about their customers or customer service. They are rude and unprofessional. They are trying everything they can to not pay for a claim they gave approval on and now have “no record of approval” Now that my car Is repaired. They are denying coverage but expect me to come up with the money to get my car back when it’s their mistake. They consider rodent damage “wear and tear”. Wear and tear is defined and something that happens to every car and is normal for cars. Rodent damage does not fall under that catagory. Because of their lack of communication and trying to deny coverage, my vehicle has been in the shop for 3 months when it took only 2 days to repair. I’m extremely upset

  18. Richard Nagamine says

    After reading the reviews all I can add is “Ditto, Ditto, Ditto”. I am a charter member of Good Sam who is associated with National General Insurance as their underwriter. Unfortunately I have my RV insured with them. I had some vandalism on my basement exterior door and reported the claim on 9/21/15 and received a claim number with the adjustors name who will return my call in 48 hours. As of today, 10/8/15, I have not received a call back. I called the company again on 9/28/15 and asked for adjustors supervisor’s name and phone number. I placed the call and left a voice mail for him to return the call. Again, as of today, I have not received a call from him either. To make the situation worse I have a potential buyer for my RV and could not close the deal until I repaired the damaged door. With no calls returned I took the door to a local RV dealer who would not repair the dents but would only replace the door. I found another auto body shop and they offered to repair the dent and repaint the door. The cost of the repair was $392.00 which I have a $250.00 dollar deductible. I paid for the repair and will complete the sale this week. I placed another call this morning and was told the adjustor will call me back in 5 minutes. No call received. I plan to write a letter to Good Sam’s to inform them of this situation. I have my other vehicles covered by Allstate Insurance Co.

  19. Brandon says

    National General is the WORST insurance company ever. They fraudulently charge you, lie about the rate your going to get and are a nightmare to deal with regarding claims. They even made me insure my ex because she refused to send info on his new address. Horrible company do not use!!!!

  20. Dorene Waldram says

    My husband drove into a ditch to avoid an accident by a driver insured by this company. Luckily he sustained no physical damage. The accident happened in March and it is now September, with NO compensation. I have called and called and I get the run around, someone new is now handling the case, we will call you back, this case is complicated, etc etc. I would never recommend this company to ANYONE. We will be fortunate even get our vehicle fixed at this point. I am very frustrated. LOOK OUT for these people.

  21. Heather Mann says

    National General is a pathetic excuse for an insurance company. I filed a claim from an accident over a month ago that I was not at fault in, and still have been waiting to get my truck fixed. [Redacted], the adjuster, called twice over the past month, but now that it is time to finally pay up and get my truck fixed, she didn’t answer her phone. I called for about two weeks and finally just called the main line to get [Redacted] supervisor’s name. [Redacted], the “supervisor”, to no surprise didn’t answer the phone. So once again, I called the main line to see if there was any other person I can speak to, and they had no idea. The man put me on hold for twenty minutes, trying to get a hold of someone I could speak to, and finally came back on the line saying no one is answering. He then told me that [Redacted] is the highest up that he knows, but he won’t answer for him either. So, I am still stuck in this situation, calling to only get voicemails with no call backs. National General doesn’t care about their customers. They are a just a joke, and should be avoided. Save your self the frustration and find a different insurance company. They are a shady company and do not deserve any type of customers, because they will be your friend when they need something, but as soon as you need something they vanish. Thats not what we pay insurance every month for. If you choose to use them, USE WITH CAUTION. BE PREPARED TO BE SCREWED OVER.

  22. Victor says

    I was NOT insured with this company and NEVER will be. I think it’s even worse that someone who wasn’t even insured with them had to receive the run around about obvious damages to my car caused by their insured. They insured a terrible driver. My car incurred Thousands worth of damage. Injuries were involved, and other people were also injured besides myself. They waited as long as they could to accept liability until I hired a lawyer. As long as people keep signing up with them, they’ll be able to continue to wrongfully handle hard working people. Don’t sign up with them. Spread the word so they can disappear!

  23. Christine Black says

    This is the WORST SCAM INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!!!! Talk about BAIT ANS SWITCH??? I was quoted what appeared to be a fair price for liability on two out of five of my vehicles. Approximately three months into my new policy I received a notice that I needed to pay more than three times the original quote because they now claim I need to jump through various ridiculous hoops to regain my original quote.
    Examples: They are now requesting me to provide a copy of not only my room mates seperate auto policy but a copy of his Ca. Drivers Licence. Once I submitted that which by the way I feel is a complete invasion of his privacy. Then they turned it back on me and stated they needed a copy of my Ca. Drivers License. Ok sent it then they stated they could not offer me the original quote until I provided proof of my mileage. I ask the gentleman how? He suggested I have my car serviced (oil change etc….) so I did for both cars even though it was not time for an oil change since I rarely drive them. My everyday vehicle is a commercial vehicle. long story short a month ago I jumped ship and signed up with another Insurance provider and informed NATIONAL GENERAL INSURANCE that I was canceling my policy. I’m still receiving notices that they are now sending me to collections for over $400. So I called yesterday waited on hold over an hour spoke to three different representatives and was informed that I now need to show an additional vehicle maintenance receipt three months prior to the most recent service to show proof of mileage. This was after I threatened to call the BBB I was then transferred to a Mr [Redacted] who pretended to be a superior within the company but later admitted he was calling from a call center. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE THIS COMPANY IS!!!

    • D says

      Unfortunately the state requirements mandate that anyone in the home 14yrs or older have to be listed on the policy. If they are listed and coded as “excluded” that’s when the documentation/proof of “other insurance” is required. If it’s not obtained within the deadline given, the rate will increase.

  24. Gayle Amato says

    I am going over my expenses line item by line item. I received a quote from Liberty Mutual that was less than half of what National General is charging me. I thought there might be a mistake and that there were perhaps more than two auto’s on my policy. Only two auto’s the only way I could save is if I paid in full instead of monthly. My savings would be $240.00. I think that is a lot to pay for the privilege of making monthly payments.

    I was a GM employee, have been with GM auto insurance since the early 2000’s. Buyer beware is right. I will cancel in the AM and go with Liberty Mutual.

  25. Andrew D says

    Back in 2011 I purchased a new vehicle, 2011 Cheverolet Cruze, and was offered an awesome Insurance Premium by then GMAC. The annual policy was nearly $800 cheaper. I actually really like GMAC until the purchase of my house in early 2013. I had lived in MD for 14 years, and had my car insurance in MD. The house I purchased was in PA, so I had to begin switching everything over. I got the car registered in PA and called GMAC to switch the policy over. Figuring it shouldn’t be any more expensive, and if anything cheaper since PA has lower cost for insurance. Boy was I wrong. The quoted me at nearly 150% higher than what I had been paying in MD. Knowing that my policy was about to expire in early March I began shopping around and found a GEICO agent around where I purcahsed my home that offered a monthly premium $80 less than what I had been paying in MD. So I jumped on this offer and promptly called GMAC to notify them of my change in insurance coverage. I was even warned by the lady on the phone that if I cancel my insruance policy before having an active policy with another compnay I could be fined by the State of Maryland. I did not worry about this as I was leaving the state and my vehicle was no longer registered to the state of MD.

    Approximately one year later I received a phone call from a debt collector saying I owed National General Insurance $94 for a canceled Auto Insurance Policy. I told them that they were incorrect as I had never had insurance with NGI. I was not aware at that time that GMAC had changed their name. Likely due to the shady under handed tactics their customers became privy to after being with for a while. New name, new reputation. Anyway, once I was informed that NGI was GMAC I explained the situation to the gentleman who called and he suggested I call GMAC/NGI to get this resolved. SO I did that. Sevreal times. First tme I called I was transferred and put on hold, I waited for nearly 20 minutes. Second time I called I was told it was the wrong department and I was hung up on. After several other attempts of the same thing I stopped trying.

    Now it has been 8 or 9 months since then and I am receiving calls again. Having to explain the situation all over. This time the gentleman I spoke with offered to file a dispute claim with National General Insurance. I doubt it will lead to anything, as I am sure somewhere in the dirty dealings of this business they did fabricate a bill to charge me to have some kind of “proof”. Either way my lesson has been leanred and everytime someone asks for an opinion on this company I advise them to stay as far away as possible.

    • Rose says

      This, so called insurance company is a total scam…they will not pay claims and there is obviously no person you can talk to…I spoke to 31 people and they just kept transferring the call to someone else..I am out of over $9000 plus my insurance payments…DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT EVEN THINK TO PURCHASE INSURANCE FROM NATIONAL GENERAL..I am now with a reputable company.

  26. K Dzurenka says

    I have been a customer of GMAC for almost 9 years, during that time I have owned a travel trailer which is insured along with my truck. We only use our travel trailer for seasonal work (spring and fall) maybe one third of the year, I was just told that I can get a discount on my trailer insurance when it is stored. Funny, in 9 years I have called in every 6 months when my insurance renews and this is the first time a representative has told me about the storage discount. Mind you, every time I call in I ask how I can lower my premiums and if I am getting all of the discounts I am entitled to and I am just now finding out about this? Oh, I just received a $13.00 check in the mail today with another $18.00 check on the way. Wow, 9 years of overpaying and that’s what I get! I am switching to another company for one half of the price with the same limits etc.

  27. Dan HIll says

    My mother-in-law’s car caught fire and was completely destroyed while parked at her home Jan 12th. Took five calls and four days to get an adjuster to view the remains so we could drag the pieces off to the junkyard. The first set of paperwork concerning the claim is an authorization release to allow National General to access all financial records, credit cards, check stubs, bank accounts, mortgages, loans, business records, employment records, other insurance policies, and anything else that would establish some accuracy of her financial condition. This paperwork is required to be NOTARIZED as well!! SCAM companies ask for less than this! This is well beyond the scope of auto insuring, and means we will be finding a new and honest company for my in-law.

  28. Michael McCrory says

    This is the worse company I have worked with on a claim. Not only do you not have claim adjusters in the DFW area to look at RV’s, the claim people do not keep the customer advised of what is happening or follow up on phone calls.

    I turned in my claim on Oct 14th and still have not gotten things straight with your people. Thought we got it worked out on the Dec 1, but still no check at my house and your people still call on house number when I have asked and left my cell number every time.

    I will be contacting the BBB on this, Good Sam Club, and plan on looking at other carriers of RV insurance.

    Was on the phone today to take RV out of storage for repairs, and told I have to pay for having RV out and at repair facility that you recommended, but 40 miles away from me. This toke over 30 minutes, while I was trying to talk to a person in management, and not another supervisor. Your website does not even give me numbers to call for complaint.

    Right now this is the worse insurance company I had in over 45 years.

    • Phil says

      Same problem, put in a claim for my RV and have not heard from ( left v-mails ) from my adjuster in two weeks.
      Looking at switching.



  30. Jason hager says

    First off I don’t live with my parents I have my own car and insurance with nationwide. But anyway my dad fell and had an ambiance take him to the hospital so I went up to my parents house to Check on my mom. Well my dad hurt his shoulder but not that bad thank goodness! He called me and told me to bring his car and pick him up well on my way up to the hospital I hit 2 deers walking across the interstate. I hit them both didn’t do much damage. So yes police report etc. made a claim with my dads insurance on comprehensive here we are 2 weeks after the accident no call backs or anything my dad finally had to call his agent to get ahold of the adjuster. Finally on Friday nov 14 2014 she said the claim was going through the claims desk review. So here we are going into the 18th haven’t heard anything at all. We call the adjuster and her supervisor no call backs at all. My dad only has 30% heart left. This is to much stress for elderly parents to babysit there own insurance company. I give them NO STARS!!!

  31. Connie Pope says

    Am not insured by NGIC, but had my car totaled by someone who is. They also left the scene, but I got their license plate # and turned in to police officer. That was 9/5/14 and I have not been paid for my car. Luckily I had another vehicle to drive or I would be renting at this time. My car is still in storage at the tow company and is accumulating charges every day, but I cannot get a response from CS. Finally let me know on 10/6 that the claim was turned over to Total Loss Specialist. Have not heard from her either. Called on 10/9, had to leave a message, no response as of 10/10 at 12:41 pm. Don’t know what to do at this point. Lawyer? Insurance Commisioner?

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Connie,

      If it were me, I would call every day and get names as well as direct numbers to those contacts. In these types of cases, it is often the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

      Should it progress further, getting representation may be the next step.

      Eric Stauffer

  32. sue anderson says

    I gor rearended one month ago and have yet to get my car fixed. i have spent more time trying to have someone get back to me. with no luck. I have been driving with my bumper hanging off, tied up with rope. i have made report after report. I cant belieive this bs.

  33. Sharlene says


  34. catherine mathews says

    Today we waited 6 hours 3 feet off of I 5 near Williams, Ca. Not just waiting for a tire change on our r.v. but having constant calls with people who said they had no record of us or our policy number. We were given different numbers and then told THEY had no customers by that name or policy number. (Even though I was holding my policy plan in my hand as I spoke.) Our insurance people should have been there for us earlier. We still don’t know what happened with our policy but wanted you to know how disappointed we are.

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