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Founded by teachers to serve teachers, Horace Mann is an insurance and financial services company aimed at the needs of educators. With a wide range of products, this decades-old company provides a number of services to its target market.

Horace Mann Summary

Horace Mann Insurance was founded in 1945 by a duo of teachers in Springfield, Illinois. Their goal was to provide auto insurance for educators. Since that time, the company has expanded to offer a full range of products including – homeowners, life insurance, and annuities, as well as additional financial planning products.

Horace Mann is named for the founder of the modern public education system and writes insurance mainly for those involved in education. This includes all school employees – teachers, administrators, food service, and more. They sell products through agents, many of who are former educators according to the company website.

The company headquarters is still located in Springfield, Illinois, although operations have expanded nationwide.

Insurance Products

Horace Mann writes only personal lines insurance, with a focus on the particular needs of educators. They cover the big three individual products: auto, home, and life. They also offer a variety of financial services products.

Auto Insurance

Horace Mann writes auto insurance policies that meet all of the basic expectations for liability and optional coverage, along with an additional list of features and benefits designed specifically for educators.

The Educator Advantage policy includes features such as:

  • Waiver or reduction of deductible for losses taking place at or near a school or school-sponsored event
  • Extra roadside assistance when the Emergency Road Service option is selected
  • New car replacement coverage
  • Pet medical coverage
  • Liability insurance for students transported in the vehicle

In addition to common discounts such as multi-policy, there are further discounts for educators and association memberships.

The company also offers its own Motor Club membership as an option for policyholders, which can be purchased at several different plan levels and offers a variety of benefits.

Home Insurance

Horace Mann writes basic policies covering structure, personal property, and liability for both single-family homes and condos. They also write renter’s insurance policies to cover personal property only.

Optional coverage includes upgrading to replacement cost on your personal property coverage, food spoilage coverage, and scheduled personal property.

In addition, customers may choose to add:

  • Liability Plus – an extended liability program for both auto and home that works similar to the concept of umbrella insurance
    Identity Theft coverage
  • Educator Advantage – an add on that provides benefits designed for educators, such as coverage for school-sponsored events and single-deductible options for auto and home, and deductible waivers for certain education-related claims

Life Insurance

Horace Mann has a good range of life insurance products.

Policy choices include:

  • Term Life Insurance – providing limited-term coverage at a lower rate to provide a higher death benefit when it is needed most
  • Cash Value Term Life – offering the option of a cash accumulation account, something not normally seen with a term life insurance policy
  • Whole Life – for stable premiums and a guaranteed death benefit
  • Universal Life – a more flexible option for permanent insurance that also provides a guaranteed benefit with adjustable premiums and cash accumulation
  • Variable Universal Life – an even more flexible life insurance option that allow customized premiums, benefits, and investment options

Additional Products

Disability Insurance

These policies are available to provide financial protection in the event of a disability that makes in impossible to work. They provide income for such unforeseen events.

Financial Products

In addition to insurance, Horace Mann offers a selection of financial products designed for retirement savings as well as other purposes. Available options are:

  • Annuities
  • Mutual Funds
  • College Savings Plans
  • Stocks
  • Investment Planning Services

Prices and Premiums

Horace Mann policies are sold only through agents, which means online quoting is not available. This makes it difficult to compare their rates to other insurance companies. As an agent-driver company, their rates are likely to have the same problem as other, similar companies – costs driven up by agent commissions.

For a company that relies on a niche market to compete, they must offer enough value to that market in particular to make premiums seem attractive. Horace Mann can likely compete with similar insurance companies, but may not compete rates-wise with major national companies. This is where their added benefits for educators become important.


Horace Mann offers online claims filing as well as a 24-hour claims line available to submit by phone. They have separate lines for glass-only and roadside assistance claims as well.

The company promises a state-of-the-art claims processing system that allows them to complete claims quickly and efficiently, while also promising to handle claims with attention to the needs of educators.

The website offers a good look at the claims process and provides policyholders quick and easy access to the information they need to get their claim rolling. The company also uses dedicated claims representatives who work directly for Horace Mann to ensure quality and a good knowledge of the products and benefits.

Consumer Feedback

Horace Mann is not BBB accredited but has an A+ rating. They have a total of 40 complaints with the BBB in the past three years, with 10 of those closed in the past 12 months. Overall, those are not alarming numbers for a nationwide company, but may reflect only those in the home state of company headquarters.

Reviews of the company online are mixed, with some complaints regarding poor claims service and others claiming to have received excellent service. As an agent-driven company, some of these differences can be accounted for by different agents, as well as differences in location.

Overall, there is little of a worrisome nature in the reviews, and there are a small enough number of them to make this company appear a fairly safe bet.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A- Stable
Fitch A N/A
S&P A Stable

Bottom Line

If you are an educator or work in an educational environment, Horace Mann may be well worth considering for your insurance needs. The added benefits on the policies are likely to add value, and make it worth getting a quote in spite of the need to contact an agent. With a fairly solid reputation and a long history, Horace Mann is likely to be a stable company. They aren’t likely to be competitive, however, for anyone who is high-risk or doesn’t qualify for a lot of discounts.

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  1. Catalina Pacheco says

    Worst insurance company that I have ever dealt with. You people NEVER and I mean NEVER answer the phone. When I got into a car accident, one of your customers hit me, and I had to deal with you people. Worst insurance when it comes to customer care. I would advise that you hire people who actually are in their office during office hours.

  2. Arden Peters says

    I also have had abysmal service from Horace Mann. Even though we have retained them for our insurance needs for over 50 years, their agents come and go with amazing rapidity. I believe I can count at least 56 agents in the past three years or so, and it’s difficult to even get customer service on the phone..endless wait times, no apologies, the works.

    About the only reason we stay with them is for the price; have not found a better deal.

    Just wish they valued their victims…. oops, customers…more!

  3. Frustrated from Portland says

    I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years with multiple policies. Horace Mann customer services has gone horrible, I’m planning on leaving – thank you for your suggestions for better insurance companies. HM constantly move case representatives, contradict each other, drag cases, back out of the promises.
    The last draw was when they refused to pay for the car seats that the police officer recommended changing after the accident and when I talked to the representative, she told me that it would be no problem, I should just go ahead, buy new ones and send her photos of old and new ones. I submitted photos, she acknowledged the receipt.. and disappeared… several months later I reached out for a follow up just to find out that representative is on maternity leave, so talked to a new one, who told me that my policy does not cover a replacement.

  4. SG says

    I was in an accident two weeks ago and was at fault. It took a full week for them to finally call me to tell me that my car was totaled. I have been handed off to numerous people, all of whom never answer their phones, never reply to my voicemails, and have no problem telling me that they “work for a different part of the insurance company” and hand me off to yet another person. I have only spoken to an actual person about 5 times even though I have called and left 20 or so voicemails. I also spent $450 on brand new tires 3 months ago. Horace Mann is only giving me $81 even though they state that my tires are in exceptional condition. This company is extremely money hungry and do not want to pay for any damages! As soon as this whole thing is finished, I’m finding another insurance company.

    • says

      Yes! I had this issue as well. They never answer the phone! I had to deal with several different people and not one knew anything about my claim. Worst insurance I’ve dealt with.

  5. says

    I had an older woman client call me and tell me she had an accident December 16th, 2014. I called around the 20th to make sure the auto body shop had picked up the vehicle and was working on it. To my surprise the auto body shop told her that they wouldn’t be able to work on it until after the New Year. My client was 78 and living alone. This wouldn’t due at all. I called the auto body shop and told them that if they didn’t get her vehicle picked up and worked on immediately I would find someone who would. They were there in a matter of hours. Customers, no matter who your insurance company is, call the agent and get them to help you. As agents we assume everything is going along well and it is only that I my client was older that I called back. Much to my surprise she told me she had lost her husband last year and her two sons just a few months previously. This is one sweet woman who needed help. Please, always let your agent know if there is a problem, whether it be in claims or someplace else. Have a great day!!!

  6. Janet says

    My truck was in an accident with another person who had no insurance. His vehicle was stolen and he carried no insurance at all. Horace Mann kept asking me to get a hold of this owner so they could get the claim off their desk. The accident happened the third week of September and they couldn’t find him until the third week of October but then he was paid. This company did well, but I realize that clients have to help. The owner of the stolen truck was afraid he would go to jail for not having insurance and so wouldn’t answer the calls or call back. Really had to work to track him down as he left the city after the accident.

  7. Dan Lauritzen says

    Wow! THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY IT HAS EVER BEEN MY DISPLEASURE TO USE FOR ANY REASON!!! I had an accident 24 days ago in a car I bought 2 months ago. State police report states that it wasn’t my fault. A lady pulled out in front of me. It took Horace Mann 23 days to tell me that my car was totaled. It took Progressive 2 days when I had an accident many years ago, and they had a check in my hands for the actual value of the car within the week. I’ve been renting a car this entire time on my own dollar until they decide. Just today, Horace Mann sent me my settlement price of $17,000. I bought the car for $21,000 just 2 months ago, and it’s listed on Kelly Blue Book AND NADAguides for $20, 350. Where are they getting that price of $17,000? In the last 24 days, I have had 6 different people calling me from the company handling the claim. I don’t who is who anymore. I just called all 6 of them on a Thursday at 1 pm and nobody is answering their phones. In fact, whenever I’ve called anybody in the company (at least 30 times over the past 3 weeks), nobody has EVER answered their phones. They might call you the next day, but sometimes 2 days. Even though the accident wasn’t my fault, they have never offered to get money from the other insurance company to pay for my rental. Please find another insurance company! Don’t try to save a buck. These guys are HORRIBLE!

    • Josh says

      I can for sure back this up. I was in an accident where Horace Manns client ran a red light and t-boned me. Their client admitted to the police at the scene she was guilty. It took 2 months to get a valuation report done on the car and I still haven’t received my settlement check from when their partnered scrapper took the car a week ago.

      They NEVER answer the phone or e-mails and seemingly take time off whenever they please, Fridays and Mondays.

      This entire settlement should’ve taken 1 week tops from police report to settlement check in my hand and it has taken 2.5 months. Worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with. I hope they go bankrupt.

  8. James Blackburn says

    The one auto claim we had was resolved quickly. I called my agent and he said'”That’s why you have insurance.” I am shopping around for ways to lower my premiums but his service may ultimately keep my business with Horace Mann.

  9. Keith says

    Horace Mann company is one of the worst company in America. They always look to prolong the claims asking so many dumb things, even after submitting all the required evidence you will never get your claim

    [Redacted] and his supervisors are most useless ideates, cheaters.. not at all a professional company no ethics

    what to mention…I’m tired

  10. Kim Ferguson says

    I was in a car accident March 30th and have gotten nothing but the run around with this company! The accident was not my fault, the other person is insured by Horace Mann. After being told my car would be considered totalled and a check would be issued to me, I waited two weeks and finally called them to find out that I needed to send them something(which I already did) when the lady looked in her email she realized she had gotten it and didnt realize it and a check would be issued that day and over night delivery. After not receiving my check I called and she assured me that it was sent! Today is now a week and no check! I have been told Horace Mann insurance has a very big issue with paying out what is owed to people and from what I’m seeing I agree! My car was destroyed byone of their clients and yet I have ggotten nothing and no return phone calls! What kind of company do you people run?!! Its ridiculous!

    • Bob Maciel says

      I, too, am experiencing the run around by Horace Mann. I was rear ended by one of their customers. They have bounced my claim to a third representative now. They do not return calls ad claim they did not receive an email from the body shop adding on more time to this claim. When you call, you get voicemails and no returns from them. I will also be calling BBB and checking with an attorney.

  11. Pam says

    Terrible service. By looking at all of these reviews, I find it hard to believe they are still in business. No return phone calls or emails. Very poor customer service. Have been with them for many years but am now ready to kiss them goodbye. Don’t go with them and be sure to include your lawyer in all transactions.

  12. Andrew jervis says

    I have been trying to get a quote from Horace man insurance (wasilla, ak) and website for a week now. I have left numerous voice mails and even talked to the receptionist. They have not returned one call or email. If it us that hard to talk to an agent about a new policy I can’t imagine what its like when you have a claim. So no thank you Horace man and I will not refer you. I will also talk to the Realtor that referred me and tell them about bad experience.

    • lucia says

      Worst auto insurance ever…why…we have a claim and they keep telling us that they are still working on it and they know exactly that after two year we will not be able to do a thing…they lag on the information and do not tell us until right at the two year ended and tell us how much they can give to us…which is like were getting almost nothing back. We paid them to make sure we have good coverage and work for us but end up they don’t want to paid us. Its impossible that they find out the amount to distribute out right at the two year end. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!

  13. Phil says

    In 22 years I have spent a fortune on Horace Mann Homeowners Insurance but they are about to get richer without me. They want double what other mainstream insurers want, and I haven’t even made a claim. Sup? I’m outa there.

  14. R Bridges says

    Horrible Horace Mann must have had my earlier post removed. They are legal thieves! They take people’s money and then create BS to get out of paying out when the customer needs it!

    • Eric Stauffer says


      Your previous comment was not published because the tone was quite aggressive and not appropriate for all audiences.

      Eric Stauffer

  15. Andriea Jones says

    I have been a member with Horace Mann Insurance since 2007 and have had a terrible experience.
    They are suppose to represent educators and administrators and that is not the case at all. This has been the worse experience with an Insurance company. I was in a wreck and was not at fault and have two policies with them and now they refuse to assist, stating i didn’t have collision coverage on the car that was wrecked, however in Good Faith I was sure the agent had full coverage on both vehicles. Now I am without a vehicle and Horace Mann Insurance refuses to help at all. I have paid my premiums through payroll deductions and now that I need their assistance, This is the treatment I received.

  16. Karin says

    I’m dealing with horace mann insurance now. They have horrible customer service. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and the insurance commissioner

    • Laura says

      I wish you all of the best, as I experienced a major catastrophe, provided out of pocket expenses, & begged for the Insurance Commissioner’s help, & never saw a dime of the several thousand dollars that was due to me. Hire a lawyer before it is too late, to at least provide you direction & a state of mind.

  17. Kelly says

    Jan 27th an insured of Horace Manns ran a red light and struck my vehicle. Their insured acknowledged fault. There is no question of liability. Four days and eighteen phone calls later-…. nothing. Eighteen phone calls and have never had anyone actually answer their phone. Think about that. I was taught that if it is predictable it is not random.

    An adjuster came by and totaled my vehicle. HM has not offered settlement or issued payment. Since then I have been ticketed and received a ‘red tag’ – meaning my vehicle will be towed. Five of the eighteen calls are to a ‘claims manager’ none of which have been returned. Every out going voice mail message says that your phone call will be returned same day. I have received one return phone call from an adjuster saying that my claim has been re-assigned.

    If you need insurance to protect your asset base from a potential liability suit I would not recommend this carrier. Their claims handling process will, in my opinion and experience, increase the likelihood of being sued. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. Next two phone calls are to the insurance commissioner and my attorney.

  18. Jimmy says

    Horace Mann is the WORST company to deal with. Rude claim adjusters (dude hung up on me), bad service (if you’re not able to pick up the phone when they call, don’t expect to reach anyone that day – leave a message and they will get back with you tomorrow!!!), refuses to put you in a comparable vehicle (you have a mid-size car, we’ll put you in a compact. You have a large SUV, we’ll put you in a compact), refuses to make repairs to pre-accident condition (we can’t see how a 40 mile per hour collision would knock your front end out of alignment?) and an oldie but goodie – Check is in the mail!!!!!!!!

    I’m not a “lawyer up” type of guy and just want to settle the claim quickly and amicably, but they refuse and want to argue over everything.

    Advise: DON’T deal with these adjusters, at least not the ones in Cary, NC. Get yourself a lawyer from the get go and save yourself the time and hassle. Don’t try to be fair and do what’s best for both parties – get a lawyer that knows how to handle companies like this and SUE, SUE, SUE!!!!!

  19. Michael Levine says

    I recently had a homeowners claim for water damage to a basement resulting from a broken pipe. They told me that it was from ground water and refused to pay anything at all. When I stated that I wished to appeal the finding I was told that I could not appeal.

  20. J. Del says

    VERY DISSAPPOINTED with this Horace Mann Car Insurance Company. I called them in August 2013 about the accident in my car. I needed the car fixed or replaced and till this day I have no Status. Till this day with no Status.

  21. Scott says

    Wow, I’m glad Horace Mann has a nice S&P rating. Of course they got it by screwing their customers. I have been a member for nearly 10 years. I had a break in to my house. They found every way not to pay. Deductible, heavy depreciation, and limiting coverage to a maximum dollar amount per category. Then, after I made the claim, they cancelled my policy… Good for their profits, and S&P. Too bad they don’t care about the customer they way they do their financial ratings.

    • Pamela Manigault says

      I am going through the same issue with them now. Someone broke into my home while I was at work. I called the police and filed a claim the same day it happened. It is has been a month and the claim adjuster has never been out to my home. They told me when I made the claim that the adjuster would be out to my home to look at the damages within three days. I have called my claims representative over 20 times and she only returned my calls once to tell me that I needed to fax her a copy of my police report and an estimate for damages. This was two weeks after the claim was made. The night I made the claim the claims agent requested the police report number, which I gave to her, because she said she needed it to get a copy of the police report. I had to do all the “leg work” myself. My thing is when we’re they going to tell me I had to gather and fax all that info to them. In the meantime, my daughter and I are living in our home in fear because anyone can now enter my home through the broken garage door and gain access to the dwelling area of our home. I have been with Horace Mann for ten years. I never had a claim. They have received thousands of dollars from me. Now it appears as if they don’t want to pay on the claim. I am dumping them when this claim is settled.

  22. Phyllis Kent says

    I am so exhausted dealing with Horace Mann – they used to be so good! I started with them in 1996. In the early 2000’s I was surprised at how much they were increasing but I was told it was because values were going up. I then switched to allstate early this year. My mortgage company had already sent the payment to them so I had to pay in full for my new policy with Allstate. I received a call from Horace Mann about a month ago about renewing my policy. I said that I didn’t have insurance with them – I provided a policy from Allstate.
    At the same time I discovered that someone at the county had entered a typo back in 2002 on the square footage of my home. This is why my rate had been so high – they were using a much higher sq ftg to calculate replacement. So for ten years I was paying a 1000 year extra for something I shouldn’t have ( I had always assumed they were using the sq ftg I signed for when I purchased the original policy )
    Now they are saying they never received my cancellation and I must keep the policy till the end of the term. UGHHH

  23. Serafina says

    I am very dissatisfied with Horace Mann insurance. They took over last year and instead of making using a PayFlex card easy, they make it a chore. They want me to send birth certificates showing my children are mine and then have been asking me to send an explanation of benefits each time I use my PayFlex debit card. What’s the point? I should simply submit each bill to them personally. This company is a ridiculous waste of my time. The company I used for two years previously asked for proof of one claim I believe in 24 months. When you are using your PayFlex card to pay obvious medical bills, this amount of work to justify use of my own money is just absurd. I will never get a PayFlex card again if I have to deal with them. I’d rather lose out on the tax savings to avoid all this unnecessary paperwork and my time. I am a very unhappy customer.

  24. A Former Horace Mann customer says

    Horace Mann created so many problems for our family after we were hit by a tornado. I had to involve my state’s department of insurance to get them to cover our interior flooding resulting from the tornado removing our roof and gutters.

    They only paid out on the tornado-related flood damage because my state has a very active regulatory agency that wasn’t afraid to intervene on my behalf. It took almost a year to resolve our claim, so we had to pay all the contractors out of pocket while we held out for flood repayment.

    After this experience, my uncle (a retired high school principal) called me and said he’d wished he had warned me off them. Many years before I was born his family were denied a just claim.

    Our agent was very friendly when we were buying the insurance, but just threw up his hands when the company categorically denied our claims which were clearly covered under our policy.

    Horace Mann also placed some erroneous information on our insurance record (it’s like a credit report for your insurability) even after they’d agreed to pay our initial claim. It took me over a year to get our record corrected.

    Check your state’s Department of Insurance Complaint list before buying insurance. It should give you an idea who settles fairly and which companies require regulatory intervention to pay contracted services.

    • Laura says

      I can empathize…it is almost as sensible to have no insurance at all, as Horace Mann & every aspect of the company, makes your life & catastrophe worse than the actual event.

  25. Darryl Bridges says

    My girlfriend had Horace Man auto insurance for almost 40 years, when she had an accident they offered her $900 for a Tahoe worth around $6000. After complaining they sent the comparison vehicles they used. They subtracted $600 for cracked leather seats, about $1500 for a slight dent, $1400 for high mileage which 2 of their comparison trucks also had. They even took value off for the tires not being new which were better than the trucks they used for comparison. I would suggest extreme caution when dealing with Horace Mann.

  26. J Cotter says

    VERY dissatisfied with Horace Mann Insurance. I have been a member since 1980, have only two claims filed against me; they paid $1500 out once in 33 years. I have never had a ticket. But because the two claims were in two years and one involved a child on a bike that was not hurt, they are dropping me. They tell me I am high risk and I will not be able to find anyone to insure me. They want to sell me insurance from a sister company that will run $300 per month.

  27. Gary Blackwell says

    VERY dissatisfied with Horace Mann Insurance. Pay the premiums for years and then when you need to file claims what happens – cancel your insurance of course.

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