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Offering affordable and simple life insurance, among other products, Globe Life is an entirely direct-buy insurance company with no agents. They present themselves as the easy and hassle-free choice for cheap life insurance.

Globe Summary

Globe Life and Accident Insurance was founded in 1951 with $60,000 in borrowed funds. Initially offering coverage in rural Oklahoma, the company has grown to provide insurance across the nation.

Globe writes basic and easy to obtain life insurance policies for adults and children, as well as a few similar products. They advertise as offering $100,000 in coverage for only $1 for the first month, targeting those who want a policy quickly and at low cost.

Policies are entirely direct-buy, meaning there are no agents. All of the process is taken care of online or through the mail, and the company doesn’t require medical exams.

Globe’s headquarters is in Oklahoma City, however, the company is licensed in every state with the exception of New York. They offer online quoting and policy issuing, with a quote system that requires some basic personal information, including name and address – which is likely to lead to solicitation mailings.

Insurance Products

Globe writes life insurance and a few other related products. Their main business is in simple term life.

Life Insurance

Globe writes both term and whole life insurance for adults and children. They offer basic policies with relatively low death benefits, in return for an easy qualification process.

Adult life is available in term up to $100,000 of coverage, and in whole up to $50,000 of coverage. All policies can be issued with only a few basic health questions and no medical exam. Globe promises $1 for the first month of coverage, but this does not reflect the actual monthly premium.

Children’s life is available under the Young American Plan, which is a $25,000 whole life plan with a cash accumulation account.

Please Note – anyone looking to purchase life insurance should understand the cost and benefit differences between term and whole life insurance. Please see our write up regarding these products for more information.

Accidental Death Insurance

Globe writes easy-issue Accidental Death insurance offering $250,000 in coverage. These policies require no medical exam and can be issued to those between 18 and 69.

Additional Products

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Coverage of up to $350,000 for accidental death is available through Globe’s Mortgage Protection Insurance. This product is designed to cover mortgage payments in the event of an accidental death.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Globe also offers a Medicare Supplement policy. This product covers costs that are not covered under Medicare, including coverage for deductibles, co-pays, and hospital costs.

Globe Rates

Globe Insurance doesn’t writes policies above $100,000 for term life, so we are unable to provide a comparison based on our standard rate sample.

Globe does offer the first month of coverage at $1 for the first month; thereafter a $100,000 term policy for a 30-year-old man living in California is $37.53 per month. The quoting system does not say how long the term is to which this quote relates. Either way, this is a high price for this policy given that our average quote for $1,000,000 in coverage on a 20-year term is about $50 per month.

It should be noted that this quote is for a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam, and so rates can be expected to be a little higher overall. Still, most people will be able to obtain a lot more coverage for a lower rate; the gimmick of offering the first month of coverage for only a dollar doesn’t make up for higher rates overall.


Globe’s website doesn’t offer any information on how to file a claim or on how claims are processed.

There is a toll-free customer service line: 1-844-875-7684 and other contact information available on the website, which appears to be the closest option to a claims line.

The company also has an eService Center, where customers can log in and handle account information and policies. There is no information as to whether or not claims can be submitted through this system, or whether claims can be tracked there.

For a company that does not have agents and handles all of its business through the mail and online, it’s surprising that there is no easy access to claims information.

Consumer Research and Complaints

At the time of this review the BBB was in the process of updating their records for Globe Insurance, so there is no current rating available. On our last review of this company the BBB rating the company at an A+, and there were 220 complaints on record over a three-year period. Although we don’t have updated numbers, that is fairly high for a life insurance company.

Throughout the internet, we found several reviews of Globe Insurance, the majority of them negative. There are many comments indicating that the company does not pay out claims, have poor customer service, and that there are multiple billing issues. The complaints also seem to point to questionable practices in terms of how forthcoming the company is in regards to their products.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A+ Stable
Fitch A+ N/A
S&P AA- Stable

Bottom Line

Globe Life offers consumers an avenue for buying life insurance without a medical exam. This can be beneficial for people who have had trouble getting insured through other companies. There are still medical questionnaires that must be filled out honestly, but it gives people without other options a chance to get life insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, it appears that their rates go up quite a bit after that first month, and become far more expensive than those of other insurance companies. While this is may be partially due to the lack of required medical exams, they still look to be higher than other simple term policies.

In addition, the company’s reputation is questionable with enough complaints to raise some red flags.

Individuals who are having a hard time getting life insurance due to their medical exam results may want to check out Globe Life. However, a healthy individual looking for term coverage may want to look elsewhere.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Sheila says

    My son passed a yr ago this Xmas and I’m still waiting they gave all paperwork how long does this take? Is there a statue of limitations with Globe?

  2. fred says

    I had a old policy for my mother it ran out and I couldn’t get a refund had to get new policy. Did not know I could borrow Against it

  3. Amy Logan says

    If you want an excellent life insurance company go with Prudential!! No hassles, no run around and got [Redacted] done!! Not Globe! A constant headache and complete run around! Never again will I trust Globe Life!

  4. Amanda says

    I had a uncle that passed away in February 2016 to a liver disease he found out about in July 2015. My uncle when he took out insurance policy with global life he only had high blood pressure. Within the time of him becoming terminal ill other things became a problem. Yes, and his younger days he used drugs and he was also overweight according to the whiteman health chart. But, globle life approved his insurance and he was covered on the time of death. I made the claim because I was the beneficiary named. Globle life have wrote me two letters denied payment because my Uncles Doctor will not release medical records to Global Life. I wrote Global Life and told them thus is not my problem nor my obligation to get medical records for their useless company . Due to insurance policy being only $10,000, three attorney’s have told me Global Life is known for these types of practices. Because they know attorney fees will be much higher and people will not fight for the policy to be rendered. Global Life is full of it. Don’t waste your money with these people.

  5. Eileen Dunn says

    Terrible company. My daughter had a policy, and passed away. She did have a history of substance abuse, but was sober at the time. I wrote them and told them, and they continued to take the premiums every month. I asked that the policy be cancelled. When she did die, short of the 2 years, they are requesting all her doctors information. I want them to refund the premiums that they took out during that time. I have a lawyer looking into it. Do not trust them!

  6. William Lee says

    I am extremely disappointed with Globe Life Insurance. After verifying my mailing address with them on 5 or 6 different occasions, they still left off my apartment number on check. Now I am being told that it could take up to 30 days to have another check reissued. I spoke to several reps, all gave different responses. I even asked for the corporate office number and the guy gave me a fax number. I will be definitely be considering switching my other policies to another carrier, after this matter is corrected. Signed bereaved grandfather.

  7. Regina F. says

    I’ve had Globe policy for my 2 Grandsons since 1996 and for me and my husband since 1999. I wanted a pay out for my grandsons, and they said that I cannot get. One grandson is over 21 and they now say that he is the owner, but I’m still paying the premiums. How and Why is That?.. I also had a payout for Me and my husband previously from Globe in the early 1990’s. How and Why has that changed?
    They also said that there are NO Payouts unless there is a death on any of the policies. How and Why is That?….
    Is there anything that I can do to get my money back?

  8. Barbara says

    My brother just passed away and he has a whole life policy with globe and I was wondering since his policy is less than 2 years will there be a problem with the pay out.

    • John doe says

      Yes, my mother in law passed away in August and here it is November and we are still waiting to be paid. Hopefully he had a PCP and solid medical record keeping. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    • Phil says

      Sadly enough, after reading numerous reviews; the scriptures say: In the mouth of two or three witnesses every truth shall be established. The Lord is true and correct.

  9. Shannon says

    My mom passed away recently, leaving behind what she thought was a wonderful life insurance policy on my brother, a mentally disabled adult, living in a group home. They let me pay the premium after Mom passed, but when I began to try to work with them to change ownership, they told me my dad, not my mom, was the owner. Dad passed away in 2013 and hadn’t paid on the policy since their divorce in 1988, something Globe never told Mom, while happily letting her pay. These last few months have been spent jumping through hoops for Globe. First I was told that my brother needed to write a letter requesting that I be made owner/beneficiary. With the help of his home, he sent that. Then, I was told to send Dad’s death certificate. Then I received a letter saying my brother had to re-request the change in writing. Today I was told they never received his first written request. He had to call. Don’t trust these guys. They are rude, and they keep changing what they tell us. Do not buy insurance from them.

    • Charlotte Cannon says

      Your Dad bought the policy originally (he might have had no idea your Mom did it) It is what goes down on paper. When he died the ownership reverted to the insured unless otherwise one was named before his death. Global is not the bad guy here. They are just following the rules that every insurance company uses. They don’t really care who pays the premium as long as it is paid. Their job is to get the job done right for the insured if the owner passes. It takes time. Always keep a copy of what is sent to an insurance company. I get very angry with underwriting. You have to also remember that office workers, normally, are still paid $10.00 or so an hour…

  10. T.S. says

    I had Globe Life insurance on my daughter for 32 and granddaughter for 18 ys. I cancelled their policies in August 2015, as the owner of their policies. Globe Life did not mention anything about “paid up” insurance nor cash value options. My daughter wants to reinstate her policy. Is there anything she should be aware of in doing so?

  11. Mildred Pharris says

    Just off the phone with customer service…He was so rude to me would not give me the time to explain what I need to say…Interrupted me on everything I said..Trying to tell him the money gram had not been cash it was lost in mail.I never got to tell him that it’s gonna cost me $ 18.00 just to get it back from money gram.I had a policy with globe for years and no more . I am go somewhere else for my insurance needs.I can’t help what the post office does…

  12. Andriy says

    Globe Life Insurance – the worst insurance company.
    I was asking them to cancel my account more than one month, they didn’t and charged my card instead.
    Very first time they told me “your account will be canceled in 48 hours” and then charged me.

    There is absolutely unprofessional employees. Always saying me call us, then e-mail us etc… .


    • shirley collins says

      yes i am beginning to think globe a scam, i have a policy on 3 kids and when one grandkid reached 26 yrs old every month they send it in separate billing . i think if you every had a death you wouldnt get a dime from them. you cant get anyone on phone and if you do everyone tells you different story. i had policy 40 yrs ago on my children and when i canceled they never gave me a dime on the whole life policy . a rip off company

      • Michael Byczynski says

        My mom died and they never paid out its been 3 months. They said the policy was only 11 months old and that seemed suspicious. For a $10,000 pay out. So I guess you just pay them and you shouldn’t expect them to pay. The doctors even sent them a report that she was fine when she purchased the insurance. Scam

  13. Wilson Powell says

    My wife very sick and a point of death, is Global life the best choose right now. Will they pay out if she die tomorrow and you just get the life insurance.

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hello Wilson,

      I am deeply sorry to hear about your wife. I wish you and your family peace and comfort in this difficult time.

      In regards to your question about Globe Life Insurance, it is important to read any documentation thoroughly before paying for coverage. They can include exclusions that limit payouts for pre-existing conditions, as well as waiting periods that must be met before the insured qualifies for a payout.

      Speaking honestly with an agent would yield the best results for your particular situation, just make sure to read and understand the fine print of the policy. I don’t think many sales agents would try and take advantage of you, but it is important to know any exclusions that could be included in the policy.

      Eric Stauffer

    • Todd says

      Hello Wilson,

      I’m very sorry to hear that your wife is is ill. I’m an independent insurance broker in the state of Mississippi and specialize in Final Expense life insurance. You’re question was would Globe Life insurance be the best option for your wife and does it provide first day coverage? It really depends on what medical issues she’s facing but I wouldn’t recommend Globe to anyone.

      The Globe life app does include a few medical questions that you must be able to answer no to qualify as does every life insurance companies application. There are a couple of companies that I would recommend over Globe that specialize in Guaranteed Issue. Vantis Life, Mutual of Omaha, and Kemper immediately come to mind. However, the majority of the previously mentioned will have a 2 year wait to receive full Death Benefit. Generally speaking these type policies will pay you all premiums paid in plus a percentage should death occur within that time due to natural causes. It will pay the full death benefit if death occurs due to an accident.

      The major problem I have with Globe, or any other mail order life insurance, is twofold.

      First, I firmly believe that life insurance should be purchased via an agent. If any problems should arise your agent is the individual that will “go to bat” for you with the insurance company. He or she has the knowledge and experience to deal with such matters. Any questions you have are just a quick cell phone call away.

      The other problem I have with these TV and direct mail insurance companies is the misleading, trickery, and down right false advertising.

      Today there are dozens of types of Life insurance that are designed for very specific situations. Only an experienced professional agent/broker has the required training and expertise to place these policies in there appropriate use. Globe life insurance is an increasing term policy that increases every year your age ends in a 1 or a 6. For example when you turn 41,46,51,56,61,66 etc the premiums increase. At age 90 it ceases. You have no coverage nor can you qualify for coverage from Globe. Term policies have there place as do all types of insurance vehicles. A term policy is designed for a temporary need such as mortgage protection. After your mortgage is paid off there is no longer a need to keep that amount of coverage in force. Funeral/burial expenses are not temporary therefore should be addressed with a more appropriate Whole Life or even Universal life could be considered depending on the age and financial situation the client is in.

      I hope this helps.

      • jennifer says

        Dear Todd,

        I am a single mom having an issue with globe. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions personally?

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