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Globe Life Insurance Summary

Based in Oklahoma City, Globe Life is now a subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation in McKinney, Texas. Founded in 1851, the company had more than 3.9 million policyholders by 2013 with more than $66 billion of insurance in force.

Globe Life began as an idea to provide affordable life insurance to rural Oklahoma residents by low-cost marketing using direct mail. This marketing method is still the company’s primary means of reaching new and existing customers, but quotes are now available online. In addition to individual policies for the average person, Globe also provides policies to state and federal workers, including supplemental medical, accident, and life policies through its Employee Services Division.

Globe and its parent company are active in their local communities. This year Globe Life purchased the naming rights for 10 years for the stadium in Arlington, Texas, where the Texas Rangers play baseball.

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Insurance Products

Globe focuses on term life coverage up to $100,000 for adults and up to $20,000 for children.

Although Globe’s direct-to-customers marketing approach might seem to give it an edge in affordability, its low requirements for medical exams and no waiting period compel a higher price for insurance because the company assumes a standard health class rather than a preferred class.

In addition to term life, Globe also offers a whole life policy for children and young adults that could serve as an additional investment component for a child’s education or for future expenses. (In general, we think this is a pretty lousy way to save for the future. Read our write up about why term is better than whole life to find out more.)

A unique feature of Globe insurance is its offer to purchase a policy for as little as $1 down and to make policies available without a health examination.

Globe Life Insurance Rates

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Since Globe rates all policies based on standard rather than preferred health classes, its rates will be higher for both children and adults who meet the preferred criteria. In short, healthy people can generally find a better rate elsewhere, but for those who have questionable health, Globe offers an alternative.

The bottom line regarding Globe Life’s rates are that healthy people should look elsewhere. Plain and simple.

A $100,000 term policy will cost a 30 year old male about $450 a year. That same healthy male can get a policy with $1 million in coverage for about the same price from a number of other insurance companies. So if you are healthy, do not buy your term insurance from Globe Life.


Customers with claims or questions can call 972-540-6542 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. CST. Globe Life also has a claims mechanism for customers who have registered for the online customer service center at the company website.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. It has received 220 complaints in the last three years, 142 were closed in the last 12 months. One hundred and thirty-one complaints concerned product/service issues. Thirty-six complaints concerned advertising/sales issues; 41 complaints involved billing/collection issues; five for delivery issues. Six complaints named guarantee/warranty issues with six more for delivery issues.

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Bottom Line

Globe Life offers consumers an avenue for buying life insurance without a medical exam. This can be beneficial for people who have had trouble getting insured through other companies. There are still medical questionnaires that must be filled out honestly, but if gives people without other options a chance to get life insurance coverage.

Globe Life is very expensive compared to other term life insurance companies. Their rates are multiples higher than the industry standard when it comes to healthy individuals.

Individuals who are having a hard time getting life insurance due to their medical exam results may want to check out Globe Life. However, a healthy individual looking for term coverage should look elsewhere.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Andriy says

    Globe Life Insurance – the worst insurance company.
    I was asking them to cancel my account more than one month, they didn’t and charged my card instead.
    Very first time they told me “your account will be canceled in 48 hours” and then charged me.

    There is absolutely unprofessional employees. Always saying me call us, then e-mail us etc… .


  2. Wilson Powell says

    My wife very sick and a point of death, is Global life the best choose right now. Will they pay out if she die tomorrow and you just get the life insurance.

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hello Wilson,

      I am deeply sorry to hear about your wife. I wish you and your family peace and comfort in this difficult time.

      In regards to your question about Globe Life Insurance, it is important to read any documentation thoroughly before paying for coverage. They can include exclusions that limit payouts for pre-existing conditions, as well as waiting periods that must be met before the insured qualifies for a payout.

      Speaking honestly with an agent would yield the best results for your particular situation, just make sure to read and understand the fine print of the policy. I don’t think many sales agents would try and take advantage of you, but it is important to know any exclusions that could be included in the policy.

      Eric Stauffer

    • Todd says

      Hello Wilson,

      I’m very sorry to hear that your wife is is ill. I’m an independent insurance broker in the state of Mississippi and specialize in Final Expense life insurance. You’re question was would Globe Life insurance be the best option for your wife and does it provide first day coverage? It really depends on what medical issues she’s facing but I wouldn’t recommend Globe to anyone.

      The Globe life app does include a few medical questions that you must be able to answer no to qualify as does every life insurance companies application. There are a couple of companies that I would recommend over Globe that specialize in Guaranteed Issue. Vantis Life, Mutual of Omaha, and Kemper immediately come to mind. However, the majority of the previously mentioned will have a 2 year wait to receive full Death Benefit. Generally speaking these type policies will pay you all premiums paid in plus a percentage should death occur within that time due to natural causes. It will pay the full death benefit if death occurs due to an accident.

      The major problem I have with Globe, or any other mail order life insurance, is twofold.

      First, I firmly believe that life insurance should be purchased via an agent. If any problems should arise your agent is the individual that will “go to bat” for you with the insurance company. He or she has the knowledge and experience to deal with such matters. Any questions you have are just a quick cell phone call away.

      The other problem I have with these TV and direct mail insurance companies is the misleading, trickery, and down right false advertising.

      Today there are dozens of types of Life insurance that are designed for very specific situations. Only an experienced professional agent/broker has the required training and expertise to place these policies in there appropriate use. Globe life insurance is an increasing term policy that increases every year your age ends in a 1 or a 6. For example when you turn 41,46,51,56,61,66 etc the premiums increase. At age 90 it ceases. You have no coverage nor can you qualify for coverage from Globe. Term policies have there place as do all types of insurance vehicles. A term policy is designed for a temporary need such as mortgage protection. After your mortgage is paid off there is no longer a need to keep that amount of coverage in force. Funeral/burial expenses are not temporary therefore should be addressed with a more appropriate Whole Life or even Universal life could be considered depending on the age and financial situation the client is in.

      I hope this helps.

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