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Operating in several Western states, Bridgespan is a relatively new health insurance company resulting from the Affordable Care Act. With a variety of plans and added benefits, they are working to create a new kind of health insurance company.

Bridgespan Summary

Bridgespan was founded in 2012 and is one of many companies created in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the changes it brought to the health insurance industry. Bridgespan is an affiliate of Cambia Health Solutions, their parent company. Cambia, which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, was previously known as The Regence Group, and is a major healthcare company associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The name change occurred in 2013.

Currently, Bridgespan products are available in four states: Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. The company’s headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Products are sold online through health insurance marketplace websites during open enrollment periods and/or special enrollment with a qualifying life event.

Bridgespan’s plans match the ACA plan types, with Standard, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. All available with varying levels of coverage and deductibles. There are also two Catastrophic plans for those who qualify.

Insurance Products

Bridgespan’s plans meet the ACA requirements and offer a range of different options to choose from. Some plans allow for adjustments to meet individual budgets such as, the use of a Health Savings Account (HSA), varying deductible options, and coverage options.

HSA-Qualified Plans

Bridgespan offers an HSA-qualified plan, the Bridgespan Exchange HAS. This option is available at both the Bronze and Silver levels, with several different network choices depending on the location in which you live. HSA plans are available with varying deductibles to allow customers to choose their level. Plan deductibles may also vary by state.

Non-HSA Plans

  • Standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold
  • Exchange Silver and Gold

These plans can vary by state and are also available with a selection of different networks, allowing customers to choose the one that includes their preferred providers.

Catastrophic Plans

Catastrophic plans, which are designed to be affordable while still covering basic preventative care and providing for major medical needs, are available from Bridgespan for those who qualify. These plans are also available from a variety of different networks.

Dental and Vision

Bridgespan offers some plans, depending on the state, which include dental and vision. For those that do not, they offer the option to add dental and vision. The coverage offering is through LifeMap, another company under the Cambia group umbrella.

Bridgespan Networks

Bridgespan works with a variety of different networks depending on the state in which you are purchasing coverage. Some of these networks may be familiar to those who have encountered them through other insurance plans.

Utah Options:

  • One network available, the Exchange Network.

Oregon Options:

  • Legacy Health Network
  • MyChoice Northwest Network
  • Willamette Valley Health Solutions Network

Washington Options:

  • RealValue and Simple Connect Network
  • UW Medicine Network
  • MultiCare Health System Network

Idaho Options:

  • All plans appear to use the Preferred Network

The company’s website has a search function that allows members to search for doctors and determine which providers or various specialties, as well as hospitals and clinics, are in or out of network.

Bridgespan Customer Benefits

Bridgespan promises to provide more than the average health insurance plan through included services and benefits. Some of these are fairly common to health insurance companies, and others are less so.

Customers can take advantage of the following:

  • A 24-hour Nurse line for questions and advice
  • Health care case management for serious health conditions
  • Chronic condition management, offering assistance and support for those living with a chronic condition
  • Wellcoach, a health coaching program assisting with weight loss and healthy living
  • Special Beginnings, a maternity care and support program
  • CoPatient Claims auditing assistance
  • A variety of discounts on services such as Lasik surgery, health club membership, and other health-related products and services

Bridgespan Rates

Like all health insurance plans, Bridgespan plans vary in cost based on where you live, the type of coverage you select, how many people are in your household, and the deductibles you choose.

Because of all the factors that go into health insurance rates, it is difficult to make a comparison based on premiums. Research does indicate that there has been some concern regarding the rates at Bridgespan, at least in Oregon, where a public interest group published this article regarding a 2014 rate increase request from the company.

Bridgespan offers several payment options, including automated payments through the online system. Customers can also track payments and plan information via the customer portal on the website.

Consumer Research and Complaints

As Bridgespan has only been around for a few years, it’s not surprising that there is little in the way of consumer feedback available. The company has not had sufficient time to build a reputation, especially not in comparison to major health care companies.

Bridgespan is not BBB accredited, and has a B- rating. There are only two complaints in the past three years against the company, none of which were lodged in the past 12 months. One of these complaints shows as not having been responded to by the company. The BBB states that the reason for the lowered rating is the lack of response to that complaint.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best N/A N/A
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

While Bridgespan is a relatively new company offering a new list of policies, they are backed by a huge insurance provider, Cambia, which ensures stability and gives the company more clout. They are likely to be well worth considering in any plan comparison, although it will be vital to check on the provider network, as it is not uncommon for newer plans to have a shorter list of options. There is little available in terms of the company’s reputation, and few reviews to help determine things like customer service; this is something that may grow with time.

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  1. Kathleen K Murphy says

    A lawsuit needs to be filed, perhaps a class action lawsuit against Bridgespan. They use third party ECore “Evil Core” to determine if you get to use the benefits within the scope of the plan you signed up and pay for each month. Even with a doctor’s prescription, referral, they will deny coverage. THIS IS INSURANCE FRAUD.

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