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American Modern is an insurance company catering to the specialty insurance market. With policies for homes and vehicles that are outside the standard auto and homeowner’s insurance framework, American Modern fills in the gaps left by other insurance companies.

American Modern Summary

American Modern is a group of specialty insurance companies dating back to 1965, when American Modern Home Insurance Company and American Family Home Insurance Company were both founded. These two companies formed the beginnings of the insurance group and are still the main subsidiaries. The initial focus was on insurance for manufactured homes, which were then an under served market. The insurance companies were an expansion of Midland Discount Corporation, an auto finance company going back to 1938.

In 1990 American Modern started expanding into other specialty products, including watercraft insurance and collector cars. In 2000 further expansion added ATVs and snowmobiles, Over the following years, American Modern began providing other home insurance coverage for seasonal and rental homes that don’t qualify for standard homeowners.

American Modern products are sold in a variety of ways, including through agents and by insurance companies looking to expand their product lineup without underwriting the policies themselves. American Modern’s subsidiary companies bear the American Modern, American Family, and American Western/Southern names.

American Modern’s headquarters are located in Amelia, Ohio. In 2008 international corporation Munich Re purchased the entire Midland company, including American Modern Insurance Group.

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Insurance Products

American Modern writes a variety of specialty home insurance products, as well as policies for recreational and collectible vehicles.

Specialty Home Insurance

American Modern started as a manufactured home insurer, but now offers many different types of home coverage:

  • Mobile Home Insurance – Offered for all different types of factory-built homes, including single, double, and triple-wide mobile homes. In addition to one and two-story manufactured homes. Homes can be either owner-occupied or seasonal, rental, or even vacant with the American Modern program.
  • Non-Standard Home – Policies cover homes that are owner-occupied but do not qualify for standard homeowners policy. This can be due to location, previous claims, or other issues with the house.
  • Vacant Home – Insurance designed for homes that are currently unoccupied for a variety of reasons such as, renovations or rentals that are currently between tenants.
  • Landlord Insurance – Provides coverage specifically for the needs of landlords, providing extra coverage such as loss of rent.

Specialty Vehicle Insurance

American Modern writes several products to cover the types of vehicles that standard insurance companies leave behind.

These include:

  • Collector and antique cars
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Golf Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Yachts

Additional Products

Pet Insurance
The newest addition to the American Modern lineup, pet insurance provides pet medical insurance. Coverage includes accident and illness protection, and there is also an option to cover well checks and annual vaccinations.

American Modern Rates

American Modern does not offer online quoting. Their policies are sold mainly through agents or are underwritten by the company on behalf of another insurance company or group. As a result, it is more difficult to obtain a price comparison than with other companies, even other non-standard insurers.


American Modern lives up to their name, with a modern approach to claims filing that includes all of the options you’d expect from a much larger insurer. Claims can be filed by phone through a 24/7 toll-free line: 1-800-375-2075, by mail, fax, or even online.

Claims adjusters are assigned immediately at the time of the claim being filed, and American Modern will provide the policyholder with the adjuster’s name and contact number right over the phone when filing a claim through the toll-free line.

The adjuster will then begin the process of inspecting the damage and determining what coverage is available. When this is complete, the adjuster will then discuss the settlement with the policyholder and pay out the claim minus any applicable deductibles. American Modern field adjusters can frequently provide an immediate check to customers right on the site of the inspections.

Consumer Research and Complaints

American Modern has an A+ rating with the BBB and is an accredited company. The BBB records a total of 83 complaints against American Modern in the past three years, with 31 complaints closed in the past 12 months. This is not a large number for a company of this size.

There are not a lot of reviews available for American Modern, which may be a function of the frequency with which the policies are sold through other insurance companies that don’t underwrite that type of coverage. Customers may be placing their reviews under the name of the insurance company through which they purchased the policy, not the company actually responsible for underwriting and administering the policy.

The reviews that can be located for American Modern are somewhat balanced, surprisingly, as positive reviews of insurance company’s are often hard to come by. American Modern does have its share of negative reviews, mostly pointing to dissatisfaction on the part of the insured with the outcome of a claim. There are also a number of positive reviews by customers who are very pleased with their policies and service.

There is certainly nothing worrisome in the reviews, and the overall impression is a positive one.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

While those in search of standard insurance will do better elsewhere, anyone looking for a non-standard policy, specialty home, or vehicle policy will likely find American Modern on the list of options. If you’re being offered American Modern insurance through another company or group, it’s an choice that is well worth considering. Although their rates are bit unknown, they provide specialty coverage and great deal of market experience that is not found by other companies. Combined with a strong reputation and a solid claims system, American Modern is a good choice.

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  1. Fed up in Kansas says

    I totally agree with all of these comments . I will never insure thru AMI and will be pursuing my claim thru the Kansas Insurance Commission. Thanks for nothing AMI

  2. Le Pham says

    I have 2 landlord policies with this company for about 4 years. On September 2, 2016, I made a payment via EFT, a method that I’ve always used, for the Sept 8th due date. On September 27, my payment was returned to my bank account and one of my policy had been cancelled due to “non payment”. I talked with one of the rep, she was so nasty. She said her company does not accept electronic payment. I then email the customer service, and copy the “return notification” from my bank in my email to prove that the payment had been made 6 days before the due date but it was returned, with a hope that they could investigate. Guess what? All I was responded was that the policy was cancelled due to non payment. This company does not need customers. They do not bother to listen to what we have to say. Take you policy to some place else, where your business is appreciated. I just purchased 2 more rental properties and thought I would use this company for my Landlord need. But no, not any more.

  3. Tom Kin says

    Going through the claims process with these folks right now. The accident happened on July 27th, we are now over 6 weeks into it and I haven’t the faintest idea what they’re going to offer me for my totaled vehicle. The first adjuster was very pleasant and helpful. She got the vehicle towed immediately and started the process, then I was transferred to a different adjuster. WOW, what a difference, she doesn’t return phone calls or emails and when she does she is a first class [Redacted].
    It sure isn’t fun dealing with these folks yet.

  4. Trisha M Newsome says

    I recenter had a theft claim, and these people act like I’m the thief! This the absolute worse treatment I have ever experienced. This is a horrible company, and I would not recommend this company to anyone.
    They don’t return calls, I spoke to a supervisor named [Redacted], he was rude and not helpful at all, all I wanted was status and all he could did was accuse me of false photos, as I told him over and over, I tried to gather what I could. He said they would get back to me. This company seems like a scam.

  5. Donna McKinney says

    Let me start out by saying, up until we had to file a “Burglary Claim” we had not had any complaints. On our first claim with roof damage after a wind storm claim went smooth no issues.

    But with this burglary claim we were treated like we were the thieves not the victims. From the start with our agent telling us if we filed a claim our premium would go up for 3 years, I balked on filing a claim but agent insisted. Then had to deal with the adjuster, who treated us like we were trying to rip you all off. Insisting that we either had to have pictures(which we did on the camera that was stolen),receipts or the box that they came in. By far we were not claiming for way out there items. But we only had receipts for a couple of items that we had to dig for and luckily I have OCD and had those, I keep receipts for 7 years. But alot that was stolen were gifts. that we never had receipts for.

    For any one else that goes through your company needs to be aware of your criteria for being able to get reimbursement for insurance they are paying for. If I had know this I (being OCD) would have had them and any pictures stored offsite. and as for the receipts. Any receipt that is printed on thermal paper (pretty much all of them) will go away after a few years.

    I have since talked to several other insurance agents and they are telling me that this is not normal when filing a claim of theft with their companies. and so far you all are the only ones with this crazy policy.

  6. Richard Kalbacher says

    I just emailed AMI that we have not received our renewal policy for our collectible car due this year. Reply was:

    This collector policy canceled on September 20th, 2015
    For non payment of the renewal premium.

    We are showing your mailing address as:
    xxxxxxsburg, MD

    This policy cannot be reinstated, but we can offer a new quote based on current Underwriting rules and regulations. Please
    Note that This account would no longer be under the Mecum Insurance Agency, but would be quoted through the company direct
    here at American Modern Insurance Group.

    Is there anything that we would need to change? The auto is a 1958 Vette with a $70,000 Agreed value under a 1,000 annual mile or less tier.

    Just let me know if you would like a requote.

    Thank you,

    I emailed:
    The above said address is correct. We never received any paperwork to renew this policy. We had NO idea it was cancelled. We have been driving with no insurance for a year?? MVA is going to charge us every day we have had these tags without insurance!

    Burned by AMI! She is ignoring me now.

  7. Thomas Gallo says

    Was told by rep that they used google earth to indicate my home has 1 car garage because of 1 door. Told them garage is length of house & could fit 4 cars end to end but she would not believe me. Also was told google earth showed car under cover was indication that collector car was not garaged. Told them this was project car that was unregistered/uninsured but she could care less. Guess they have x-ray cameras now!
    American modern is using spying techniques to draw their own conclusions! Could only imaging what issues customers would have if you filed a claim with them!!
    Terrible customer service & horrible unfair business practices! Stay far away!!!!

  8. Debra Holmes says

    The customer service that this company provides is appalling. We waited 10 days for an adjuster, when we were promised one in three days. They DO NOT return phone calls and then they deny the claim for something that is clearly covered under their policy guidelines. They have put my elderly in -laws in a unhealthy situation and this falls perilously close to elder abuse. This is not the insurance company to do business with.

  9. Karen Hoffman says

    I am extremely disappointed in American Modern Insurance ! They have taken care of my claims to a point concerning 25 ft fallen pine tree March 24, 2015 but they do NOT return calls in timely manner or ever for most part !! 2 weeks ago I called again to report I’ve found more damage inside my home due to roof damage from fallen tree & noone has called me back !!

  10. Maddie Madsen says

    I am wondering why no one returns phone calls? I have called several times and have been out of a car now for a month. I was hit by your customer and have had an estimate done 2 weeks ago, however I have heard nothing back from you. Do we need to get a lawyer to move things along? No one in your office in claims will return a simple phone call, but say they will within 24 hours. this is getting ridiculous.

  11. mary sutton says says

    I am in agreement with the company being a scam. I filed a claim for my heating unit which is covered under the policy. My home is 7 years old and the best they could come up with not paying the claim is that it was a preexisting problems. What! I said. The furnish went out. They put us up in a model Holiday Inn for one week because of the cold weather and they contact a company here to diagnose the problem. I company was surprise because they have never been called by AMI before to do any work. When it was over, the heat and air person said it was a the blow fan and the bearing was bad. The cost would be about 500 put freeze ion replacement. They denied the claim and would not reveal any evident of the cost or invoice from the air/heat company. I obtained one direct from them and found that what AMI stated was not what was on the invoice. They have a habit of scamming and not paying claims. I am letting every person know so they can avoid doing business with these people.

  12. elizabeth ansel says

    my rate doubled in one year of having insurance (mobile home) through them from 500.00 a year to 1000.00. Although I had NO claims and there is NO crime in my area or natural disasters. I don’t freaking live in NEW ORLEANS.
    This is some kind of scam. I understand a percentage increase but 100 percent increase? no way am I paying for other peoples claims, that’s totally unfair to me.

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