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American Income Life Insurance (AI Life) is an insurance company headquartered in Waco, Texas. The company was founded in 1951 and has been headquartered in Waco since 1959. It currently sells life insurance policies in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. In addition to American Life Insurance, AIL is the parent company of two additional life insurers: National Income Life Insurance Company, located in New York, and Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited, located in Ireland.

AI Life predominately sells products to associations, particularly labor unions and credit unions. It also sells some group policies to schools, churches, 4-H Clubs, youth groups and more. AIL sells policies through its network of agents, who sometimes meet with potential clients in their homes to try and establish a personal relationship.

Insurance Products

Life Insurance

True to its name, American Income Life primarily sells term life and whole life insurance. There are also a few special products offered by AIL.

Term Life Insurance – Policies are issued for a fixed “term” and expire at the end of them. This is similar to car or homeowner’s insurance, since the period of coverage exists for a predetermined amount of time.
Whole Life Insurance – Much more expensive than its term counterpart, whole life is a policy that can be kept the entire length of one’s life.
Final Expensive Plan – Basically a whole life policy created specifically to cover the insured’s final expenses.
Terminal Illness Rider – This rider allows individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness to receive an accelerated benefit payment of half the policy’s value if their life expectancy is within a year of diagnosis. It can be purchased and added to any insurance policy that AI Life sells.

Anyone considering a whole life insurance policy is invited to read our post about why term life insurance is better than whole life. There are big profits in whole life insurance policies, so some agents push them on unsuspecting clients as a great investment tool for the future. The bottom line is you should be fully educated about each product, and not simply buy it because a sales agent told you to do so.

Additional Products

Aside from life insurance, AI Life also sells some extended benefits coverage:

Accident protection – Provides a cash benefit when an individual is killed or injured accidentally.
Hospital indemnity – Helps to cover additional expenses related to long hospital stays necessitated by illness or injury.
Cancer protection – This coverage helps to provide financial assistance to help with medical expenses and lost work while a patient receives cancer treatment.
Critical illness – This policy can help to provide financial assistance with paying out-of-pocket medical expenses for patients experiencing critical illnesses like heart attack or stroke.

American Income Life Price (Rates)

American Income Life does not sell auto insurance and our efforts to receive a term life insurance quote has proven difficult. We have reached out to a few different agencies, but have not heard anything back. It is also possible that individuals are unable to purchase a policy directly and they only sell group coverage to organizations.

If we are successful in obtaining a term life insurance quote or receive word that individuals are unable to purchase a term life insurance policy, this section will be updated with the appropriate information. Until then, their rating will be adjusted to reflect the difficulty in receiving a quote.


The American Income Life claims process begins on their website, where you can launch directly into the claim filing center. For the most common claim (death) much of the initial paperwork can be done and submitted directly online. Once submitted, a representative will contact the listed beneficiary to continue the process.

For non-death related claims, there are specific forms that must be filled out and submitted. The forms can be downloaded directly from the claims section of the website, and completed forms must be mailed to the company claims department.

American Income Life Claims Hotline – 254-761-6400

Consumer Research and Complaints

American Income Life is a Better Business Bureau accredited company and currently has an A rating. The BBB lists a total of 151 closed complaints against the company in the past three years. The majority of complaints registered are issues with the product or service. Several of the complaints were specifically about issues with obtaining refunds for unwanted policies.

In addition to their consumer feedback, there appears to be a very sharp divide among current and former employees of the company. While researching American Income Life, we came across a lot of complaints from former employees that basically called the entry level positions they had a pyramid scam. That being said, there were also many rebuttals claiming these were simply disgruntled ex-workers. This review does not focus on the employment opportunities of American Income Life, but it was a strange trend so it has been added here. Anyone considering working for AI Life may want to do their own research.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A+ Superior
Fitch A+ N/A
S&P AA- Stable

Bottom Line

American Income Life is a relatively small insurance company that focuses on supplemental health and life insurance products, similar to Aflac. They sell products in nearly every state, and they primarily sell group plans to organizations such as credit unions and labor unions. They have a lot of complaints for a company that is so small, with a big chunk of them coming from former employees. American Income Life has high financial ratings from the top firms, but it has proven difficult to get a life insurance quote or even confirmation of whether they actually sell to individuals directly.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Nicole says

    I have worked for this company for over a year and a half now. We have whole life and term policies available to individuals and families.

  2. Cathy clarm says

    I love this company and have worked for them for three years. Claims paid fast, A rating, excellent mentor and trainers!

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