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A top regional insurer that has earned numerous awards, Acuity offers property & casualty insurance products for both individuals and businesses. With 90 yeas of experience, this mutual company has both a long history and a strong financial position.

Acuity Insurance Summary

The company known today as Acuity was founded in 1925 under the name Mutual Auto Insurance Company of the Town of Herman, in Wisconsin. In 1953 the company made a name change to Mutual Auto if Wisconsin. Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the company made a final name change in 1999 to Acuity Insurance. They continue to operate as a mutual company.

Expanding beyond Wisconsin over the years, Acuity now writes insurance in 24 states. Covering Midwestern states as well as some Southwestern states, but excluding most of the south and states along both coasts.

Acuity writes mainly home and auto along with some recreational vehicle and specialty policies for individuals, and offers a full range of commercial products for businesses. All of their products are sold exclusively through agents across their service area.

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Insurance Products

Acuity has a fairly strong range of products for both individuals and businesses, with the notable exclusion of life insurance. As a result, they aren’t quite a one-stop shop, but the do offer some package deals on insurance that are likely to appeal to some consumers.

Auto Insurance

Acuity offers all of the basics of auto insurance along with a good selection of add-on options.

The Personal Auto Enhancements Endorsement is a package that adds the following coverage:

  • $10,000 of Accidental Death as well as Disability coverage
  • Increased Medical Payments if an injured person was wearing a seat belt
  • Locksmith coverage
  • $500 in personal property coverage
  • Lodging and transportation fees for accidents occurring 50 or more miles from home
  • Accidental airbag discharge coverage

Other add-ons include replacement cost coverage and loan/lease gap coverage.

Acuity doesn’t list all of their discounts on the website, but the few listed are common, such as multi-vehicle and good student discounts.

Acuity also offers motorcycle insurance with similar coverage to the auto insurance program, although some options are not available on a motorcycle.

Home Insurance

Acuity promises a homeowner’s insurance policy that offers more than the average program.

Among the included and add-on options:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost (most policies)
  • Sewer and water back-up coverage up to $25,000
  • Blanket endorsements for jewelry and furs
  • Identity Theft (at an additional cost)
  • Home Business Coverage

Acuity also offers a package endorsement for home with a list of enhancements, but the website doesn’t specify what those are.

Additional Products

Package Coverage

Acuity offers two different package coverage options, each with different benefits.

The Per-Pak is a package policy that covers recreational vehicles and watercraft in one. ATVs, snowmobiles, watercraft, and more can all be insured at once with all premiums billed in a single statement.

The Road & Residence package combines homeowner’s and auto in one, and can also include motorcycle and other specialty coverage. It provides a single property limit and a single deductible for convenience.

Other Personal Insurance

Acuity also writes individual Boatowner’s policies for those who do not choose the Per-Pak package option. Finally, they also write Personal Umbrella.

Business Insurance

Acuity writes business insurance for a long list of different industries. They offer a range of products including:

  • Auto and Garage
  • Crime
  • Excess Liability
  • General Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Property
  • Specialty
  • Worker’s Compensation

They also offer packaged policies for businesses to encompass all of the company’s needs in one.

Acuity Insurance Rates

Acuity does offer online quoting, but since they don’t serve the areas where we run our test quotes we are unable to provide a comparison quote.

Acuity is a smaller insurance company and sells products through agents, both usually signs of above average rates. Since rates can differ so greatly, however, the company could be competitive for some customers, particularly when bundling coverage for auto and home.


Acuity’s Claims Center section of the website offers clear information regarding how to file a claim and the claims process.

Claims can be filed either by calling the company’s 24-hour claims line: 1-800-242-7666, or by filing online for most lines of business.

Claims are processed in the usual fashion, with an adjuster being assigned after the initial report, an investigation into the incident, estimates for repairs, and then a settlement. The company offers online claims tracking to keep tabs on the status of your claim.

While customers can have their vehicle repaired anywhere, Acuity does have a pre-approved list of shops. These repair shops will work directly with Acuity and guarantee their work.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Acuity has been BBB accredited since 2001 and carries an A+ rating. There are a total of 11 complaints against the company in the past three years, seven of which were closed in the past 12 months. For such a large company, that’s an amazingly low number of complaints.

Reviews of Acuity around the internet are somewhat hard to find, which is generally a good thing – happy people don’t seek out review sites.

The lack of negative reviews and complaints is a strong indicator that Acuity is doing something right.

Financial Strength

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch N/A N/A
S&P A+ Stable

Bottom Line

Acuity has a strong reputation, a good product lineup, and a solid claims program. Although we were unable to compare their rates, getting an Acuity quote (if you live in their coverage area) is likely worth the effort. Rates are the last puzzle piece in what emerges as a very positive picture of this insurance company.

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  1. Dan Rosemark says

    I am furious with acuity. I’m a small business owner. I paid my premiums on time and they continue to tell me that I have not paid my premiums. I have sent copies of my auto debit from my business account to them which proves all my payments. They hired a lawyer and collection agency to go after me for $1,100. I sent the paperwork to the collection agency showing them all the bank withdrawals and they still will not admit they made a mistake. Absolutely horrible horrible insurance company. I will go to court and 20 days to show the judge all my payments that I made. To sit here and waste my time like that is inconceivable and totally unprofessional and I would never ever use acuity again.

    • Franky Unger says

      We have had insurance with ACUITY this past year of 2016. We had auto, business, and workmen’s comp. We also had a very unpleasant time this past year in dealing with this company. We are based in Arizona, and they are in Wisconsin, so beware of the time difference, if you try to pay your exorbitant Premium on time going by your time zone, this is based on their business hours which are 3 hours ahead. Then they will say you were late with your payment, and then charge you a huge penalty. They have zero tolerance for making a customer feel welcome or special, as I was dealing with a robot of a human being who has no personality or compassion for a struggling business owner. One month we had to pay almost $4,000 to keep our insurance current, and at the beginning we received a payment schedule, and would frequently receive a revised ones with the prices going up, and up, and up. With the prices we were paying you would think they could accommodate you with VIP treatment, on the contrary, they do not honor replacement glass on your vehicle, and the 24 hour road service was pretty much non existent, and again another person to talk to that just really doesn’t care about you as a Customer or a Client. We were told that they would be the only insurance company that would insure a Risk like us. Funny, that the only reason we became a risk was because of their demanding business practices, and funny that GEICO insured our vehicles for $1000 for 6 months, and we received new Liability Insurance at the same price, which is a minute fraction of what we paid to ACUITY. So, please beware, there is so much more to offer in the insurance industry than this company does.

      Thank you.

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