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Conseco Insurance Review & Complaints: Life & Health Insurance

Conseco Insurance Company is a subsidiary of CNO Financial. The combined company writes life insurance and supplemental health insurance policies across the country. Their products are sold separately through agents.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 15, 2020

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Conseco Insurance
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Who owns Conseco? Conseco Insurance Company is a subsidiary of CNO Financial, and the company was merged along with Conseco Health Insurance Company into another CNO subsidiary, Washington National Insurance Company. The combined company writes life insurance and supplemental health insurance policies across the country.

About Conseco Insurance

Who bought Conseco Insurance? Conseco Insurance Company is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana and is a part of Fortune 500 company CNO Financial, which previously operated under the Conseco name.

The Conseco Insurance website is still in operation with limited functions but states that the company has been merged into Washington National Insurance. Existing policyholders can still be assisted through the old website, but all new business appears to go through the Washington National site. The only further information we could locate on the merger indicates that it took place in 2009.

Currently, the Conseco website provides an access point for existing customers to their policies, and there is no sign that the company plans to stop servicing those policies or transfer them into the new name. Those in search of a new policy are directed to the Washington National Insurance website.

Washington National has been in business since 1911 and has its headquarters in the same shared location as Conseco. Products are sold through independent agents and are available for individuals as well as for employers seeking to provide voluntary benefits.

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Insurance Products

Since there is no listing of new products on the Conseco website, we will focus on the Washington National product lineup. Some of these products are only available as voluntary workplace benefits, while others can be purchased by individuals.

Life Insurance

Three types of life insurance are available: term life insurance, whole life insurance, and indexed universal life insurance. Further details are not provided for any of these, only a brief overview of the type of policy. There are brochures available in PDF form, but again these only give general information on the policies.

All of the life insurance plans appear to be available for purchase directly, and not only as workplace benefits. Both term and universal life can be selected by employers as voluntary benefits.

Health Insurance

There are three different supplemental health plans offered, although again the information offered is limited.

The Accident and Disability plan provides benefits for a variety of injuries and can also include a sickness disability benefit rider that provides coverage for illness as well as injury. This plan is only offered through workplace benefits.

Cancer and Critical Illness coverage appears to be available individually and provides benefits for treatment and care related to cancer or a list of specified critical illnesses. This policy pays out a lump sum benefit that can be used for any expenses at the insured’s discretion. This plan is available individually and as an employee benefit.

Hospitalization and ICU is the third product listed. This plan is designed to help cover the out of pocket expenses incurred during a stay in the hospital or ICU. Again, the plan appears to be offered to individuals directly and not only as a workplace benefit.


Rate information is not provided on the Washington National website. The site does offer assistance with finding an agent locally, through which further plan information and rate quotes can be obtained.

As a general rule, individual policies will be more expensive than those offered as voluntary benefits. Group policies have lower premiums per person due to the nature of the plan, which is why they are seen as a workplace benefit.


The Conseco website directs policyholders to the Washington Mutual site for claim forms and information, which indicates that although existing policies are still serviced under the Conseco name, claims are being handled by the merged company.

Forms for all of the products are available on the website, and a selection these can be filled out online. There does not appear to be a direct claims phone number, although there is a general toll-free customer service line.

Some claims information can be found in the FAQ section of the policyholder section of the website. This is separate from the main website, which has another FAQ section entirely. This makes finding claim information a little more difficult than it should be.

Overall, the claim information is limited and a bit difficult to locate.

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Ratings and Consumer Reviews

Conseco Insurance Company is not rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but Washington National is, with an A+ rating. There are 46 complaints on file in the past three years. 20 customer reviews have been left on the page for an overall one-star rating. The complaints cite problems with billing and claims issues. For a company of this size, the complaint volume is low. The company has responded to each of the reviews.

We were unable to find much else in terms of reviews for either company, although Consumer Affairs does have a page for reviews of Conseco Life Insurance under the CNO Financial name. It is difficult, due to the mergers and name changes, to determine whether these reviews apply to policies with the merged company under the Washington National name. CNO Financial sold off Conseco Life Insurance Company in 2014.

The Bottom Line

Conseco Insurance Company no longer exists as an independent entity and does not write new business. Washington National, which has absorbed the company, has a good reputation, but a somewhat confusing website that provides limited and mainly generic information about their products. Those in search of a straightforward and simple insurance purchasing experience may want to shop or at least compare their options elsewhere.

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Conseco Insurance
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About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. Yet another harrowing Conseco/Wilco disingenuousness.

    The wife died 3 months ago, been on the phone weekly with useless customer support.

    All they say is claim is in process.

    And this is just to get the stinking claim forms.

    Can’t wait till they drag out paying the death benefit.

    I will probably have to pay a lawyer a few grand to actually get the money from these criminals.

  2. Man, I wish saw this message board years ago. All of these complaints is exactly happening to my father and his life insurance policy. I am an insurance producer and financial agent and I have never seen or read about such terrible business practices that Conseco/Wilco Life are guilty of. C’mon, no email or website to monitor account status?? Maybe this was acceptable in 1993 when the policy was bought. These people are operating in the Dark Ages!!

    After 25 years of paying heavy premiums, Wilco Life sends a letter stating that all of a sudden there is a payment shortfall and over $300K will need to be paid to keep any benefits in force. Seriously?! My father will be 70 next year and to surrender this policy will give him interest earned only. I’m sorry to hear about the many of you who actually had to deal and suffer unnecessarily from a spouse or parent passing and deal with a crapshoot of a company as Canseco Life/ Wilco Life. Class action suit all the way!

    • You are so right about all of this you say. Well, today I am giving them [redacted]. My father told me not to worry because Conseco/Wilco Life Insurance will pay $6000. I sent all the necessary documents and they are still giving me a hard time. And the customer service is horrible. I’ve been working on this since my father died May 14, 2018. And still nothing. In the meantime, the funeral director is waiting for a payment of $4.549.00.
      If they continue to not make good, I want to start a lawsuit against them. My father was paying since 1980.

    • Hey thanks for that info I thought I was the only case like yours .. it seems very strange and out of the ordinary what can we do? Any idea?

  3. Stay away from Conseco. They lie and are crooks. We purchased a life insurance policy in 1994 and just found out that they stopped it 2 years ago. They are a rip-off.

  4. My husband died 4/22/17. I am still trying to get the payment for his insurance policy. They have now changed their name to Wilco Life Insurance. They claim my husband had a trust and will not send the money (only $5K) until I fill out the trust papers as the trustee. He has never had a trust! He only had a will and I am the executor. I have sent them a copy of this and their many papers of questions, identification, and death certificate. They still will not send me a check until I fill out the trust papers. A trust is his name does not exist! They say they are turning it over to the state “unclaimed money” account. I don’t see how they stay in business! I believe this is one reason the name was changed.

  5. I have had,and continue to have the most horrible experience with conseco life insurance company. They are slow , and do nothing through email, only using standard us postal service. On the phone, the representatives are not only unhelpful, they do everything they can to not answer questions, and volunteer nothing to help you. It’s as if they don’t understand English! They put you on hold and will not get you a supervisor when requested. After submitting a claim after my wife passed, it had been three months with no resolution. Every, 3 weeks or so, they mail a packet saying my claim is incomplete and I need to fill it out agin. Yet two months ago , I was told it was complete, only to receive another form telling me I needed to fill it out again. The term ” in process ” is what they say. I asked what the term ” in process” means,” can I get a timeline?”the answer was “your claim is in process”. The reps won’t tell you their names. I get the feeling that this is purposeful manipulation on their part. They hold back payment. I’m betting they frequently get away with not paying at all. Who can I go to ? They simply will state they won’t talk to anyone who isn’t the primary policy holder, which is me, yet they simply divert and avoid any line of questioning I attempt..this behavior is criminal in my mind.

  6. My siblings and I have had the very same problems with this company as listed above. They do not know what is going on, they give you the wrong information or tell you wrong information, your claim is always “in process”. My sister was the last one to receive her check and they claimed it was lost in the mail. After a month of trying to get them to “process” the check it was supposedly lost in the mail. So that took another month. The workers are very incompetent or it is pure diversion tactics. Because of Conseco’s history of paying claims it is hard not to believe it is only diversionary tactics. They need to be shut down, they’ve been sued and fined and it has done nothing to change their behavior.

  7. I have never been with an insurance company who is so SLOW and incompetent. I have had an insurance policy on my mother for years. She just recently passed (August 24) and here it is Oct.19 and I still can’t get my check. They keep giving me the run around that its in process. I completed the claim forms, apparently there was information missing. I spoke with someone and she said it in progress, never telling me there was information missing. I called a week later and was told it was in process but she went further and said they sent you another form because there was information missing. I was able to complete it with the young lady on the phone and fax it the same day. Week later, today and I am holding on the phone and they are still say its in progress. This is crazy, I have bills to pay. I asked for a high level supervisor to call me that never happen. I can’t believe a company like this would behave this way. I am already dealing with my moms passing and to deal with a company that was happy to take my money and would cancel if I was late, this is ridiculous. I keep getting passed around to different people over and over again.

  8. i have a flexible premium life to age 100 taken out over 25 years ago. it was sold with illustration that as long as the premium was paid insurance would stay in force. All of a sudden the excess cash is gone, this year i received notice that additional $776. and the $816. was needed to keep insurance in force. This was paid along with request as to what premium needed to be increased to. The premiums have been deducted from my checking account on a monthly basis for over 25 years. I received nothing in response as to premium increase. Now last month and this month they did not draft my payment. It seems now they want to increase my payment from $98 per month too over $1000 per month. It’s obvious they seemly want this policy too lapse now that they are close too having to pay the benefit. This company is a disgrace to the insurance industry. Seriously thinking of looking into a class action lawsuit. Has any one else had this problem with them?

    • I have had the same exact problem. My life policy with Conseco in Pennsylvania was bought out by Conseco out of Georgia. Ever since then, my invoices have been incorrect. Despite sending numerous copies indicating payment of my premium by my bank, the bill still goes uncorrected. I have yet to receive an invoice for December even though I went ahead and mailed the payment with the correct invoice and policy numbers. It is January and almost time for another billing invoice. Despite numerous calls…..there has been no change. I am thinking they want me to stop my policy that I have paid on for years, because of my age and the likelihood that they will have to pay up in the event of my death. I would be willing to go class action suit if others do!

      • Same issue here. I had a life insurance policy for the last 27 years. Premiums taken out monthly. I received a letter stating my policy was going into a grace period unless I come up $1100.00. I called and was told my premiums had gone up years prior and was cash value was totally depleted.I was never informed of the rate increase and had not received any annual statements for years. (Out of sight, out of mind).Now at age 59 good like finding an affordable policy. Ripped off for 35k, not counting what the cash value was. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

      • My parents are having the same kind of problems. Called numerous times…always chaos. Did you ever look into a class action suit? My parents would be happy to do this too.

        • My father was ripped off too. Let’s try to initiate this class action suit somehow. [redacted]

    • I have gone through the same hogwash with Conseco – it seems when you get to 70 years old they throw everything at you to put you in a corner where the payments are ridiculous. I requested a copy of the policy to see what clause they based there justification to increase the monthly payment. They have refused to do this BASED ON that the policy has now expired ??? Give me a break. I think it is time we call in 60 Minutes and have them explain their actions. Legal Investigation needs to be undertaken due to a large number of complaints. A class action suit would definitely get their attention.

    • Hi. My father passed May 14 2018. And when I contacted Conseco, they sent paper that needed to be filled out and I sent everything they needed. Well, first they said no scribbling is excepted. The funeral director was with me doing this and he scribbled out a name because it was the wrong line. So they sent another form to send. And the funeral director faxed it to them. I am so angry about this Conseco company. My father was paying this life insurance since 1980 . And the amount is for $6000. I would think over the years it would increase. I just received a check from them for $3.363.28. That is so not right. Tomorrow I call them again to let them know it’s the wrong amount. Plus one time I received a letter from them saying it’s there second attempt about making a payment. That is a lie. I always made sure they got it before due date. Plus they changed there name to Wilco. I called them and told them we never was late making payments. I was so angry. And now they send the wrong amount. I am planning to sue this company if they don’t make good on it.
      Don’t give up. Keep fighting for what is yours. I will keep posted with what happens. Ilona Lenart

  9. In 1988-89 I ask for a single up front premium life policy. They gave me something different and sent agents to my home trying to tell me what they gave me would be the same as a single premium policy. After 5 years of my insisting they gave me a written statement from a company vice president THERE WOULD NEVER BE MORE PREMIUMS REQUIRED IF I PAID AN ADDITIONAL $304.64. I PAID AND THEY CASHED MY CHECK.

    Then in about 2008 they send a letter telling me I had three option for my policy. 1. start making payments of about $5000 a year. 2. Let the policy consume itself which would be about 3 years, 3. Take a lump sum of a little over what my first payment had been. INTEREST WAS IN THE TWO DIGETS IN THOSE YEARS AS HIGH AS18%.

    With no option on my part I had to take the money thinking I could make them see they had made a comment to me for the face value of the policy. As of this date ALL THEY WILL DO IS MAKE MORE LIES and say the letter I received from the vice president did not mean what it says. I quote in part some of the letter “I have enclosed the illustration I mentioned to you which outlines how your policy will perform once on a vanish status. As we discussed, once the initial five premiums are paid, there is sufficient value to maintain the contract to age 100 without additional premium.” continuing “Presently we are still in need of the remaining $304.64 to complete your final fifth payment to put the policy in a vanish status.”

    I paid the $304.64 thinking it was finally over and I was covered with life insurance.

    I have been in contact for several years now and CONSECO does nothing but give more lies. Conseco can not be trusted and their word means nothing. THEY ARE TRYING TO ROB PEOPLE AND PLACE A HARDSHIP ON PEOPLE WHO TRUSTED THEM!

    • This is the worst life ever.I have paid my premiums for over 21 yrs.and now they have triple in price.I can not afford it now,I will loose thousands of dollars and I guess there is nothing I can do about this.I do not no what I can do about this.


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