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The Hartford TrueLane Review

The Hartford TrueLane reviews indicate that most people see a small car insurance discount from the usage-based insurance program. TrueLane is a free smartphone app from The Hartford available to their policyholders who have previously subscribed and live in states where TrueLane program is offered. The Hartford app and device record driving habits for 180 days, and promise a car insurance discount of up to 25% with no risk of rates increasing.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Aug 4, 2020

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The Hartford TrueLane Review Summary
The Hartford TrueLane SummaryDataFrom the Experts...
Usage-Based InsurancePrograms to track driving habits have been around for a decade in the United StatesNational Association of Insurance Commissioners
Insurance PremiumsAn accident or incident could raise rates as much as $1000 annuallyQuadrant Data
Telematics DevicesUsed in millions of cars in the US annually to track driving habitsThe Insurance Information Institute
TrueLane ProgramUses telematics device to track driving behaviors
and discount rates annually
The Hartford
TrueLane DiscountUp to 25% promised - actual discount ranges from 10%-15%Quadrant Data
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This The Hartford TrueLane review is for those interested in lowering your car insurance rates. The usage-based Hartford TrueLane program is one way you might save on your auto insurance.

TrueLane uses information about when and how far you drive as well as your speed and braking habits to determine your eligibility for a discount. If you have Hartford auto insurance, the program touts as much as a 25 percent discount on premiums. There’s a lot of effort involved in researching the best car insurance companies and their programs, but we can help.

If you pay Hartford insurance rates that you’d like to lower, or are looking at The Hartford quotes and are interested in TrueLane, we will help you understand all of the details of this program to decide if it is right for you. From Truelane app reviews to how to use it, we’ve got all the details.

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About The Hartford TrueLane

The Hartford has been in the usage-based auto insurance game since 2012 when they first introduced TrueLane. The program has not changed much over time. The Hartford continues to use the plug-in device that was once the only option for collecting data. Recently, an app has been introduced that also tracks trips and driving actions.

TrueLane collects several pieces of information, including the time of day of each of your trips and the distance traveled. It also collects data on incidents of hard braking and rate of acceleration. The data collected is fairly minimal for this type of program and similar to what other companies use.

The program collects data for 180 days of driving. This is longer than some companies that only collect for 90 days, but closer to the average. Many companies are choosing to collect data for a longer time frame to get a better picture of driving habits. To continually collect data and adjust rates, some companies have even taken the step of keeping the program going on an ongoing basis.

The chart below highlights the varying data collection times for different companies. The TrueLane program is in line with similar programs.

Usage-Based Car Insurance Program Evaluation Periods by Company
ProgramEvaluation Period
Allstate DriveWiseOngoing data collection
Esurance DriveSenseOngoing data collection - 50 trips each policy term
Liberty Mutual RightTrack90 days
Nationwide SmartRide6 months
Progressive Snapshot6 months
State Farm Drive SafeOngoing data collection
The Hartford TrueLane180 days
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Currently, TrueLane is only available in select states, although expansion is planned in the future. The site promises discounts of up to 25 percent but is upfront about what drivers can realistically expect, stating that the average discount is between 10-12 percent. Upon enrolling and installing the device, drivers will get a 10 percent discount during the evaluation period.

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How TrueLane Works

So what does TrueLane do? There are a few types of telematics devices that can track your driving. TrueLane mostly relies on a plug-in device but has recently also introduced the use of an app to track driving habits. The plug-in and the app work to transmit the information as you drive.

When you receive the plug-in telematics device, you must install it in your car. After it’s plugged in and activated, it begins tracking all of your trips and driving habits. The information is sent back through a third-party system, Octo, Inc., which gathers data and sends it on to The Hartford.

Truelane has recently launched an app similar to other insurance programs that also tracks driving habits and logs trip data. The Hartford app operates similarly to that of other programs. Users can also log into the TrueLane website to see what data has been submitted and follow their progress in the program.

The device collects data for 180 days of actual driving, after which you can unplug it and send it back in a pre-paid envelope. The actual length of the program will be longer than 180 days if you do not drive every day. The device must record at least 180 days of driving before your discount is calculated.

Once the data collection period is over, The Hartford will calculate a discount to be applied on the next renewal. Like most insurance companies, they offer an initial discount just for enrolling. This 10 percent discount is then replaced by the calculated discount when the policy is renewed.

TrueLane can be added to each of the cars in your household as long as they meet the requirements. A discount will be calculated for each vehicle. The discount for one vehicle and driver does not apply to any other vehicle or driver.

What TrueLane Records

TrueLane records several data items. This data is transmitted back to The Hartford and is then used to impact discounts on your rate.

To learn more about how this device works, check out this brief video.

The Hartford’s program records information in a few categories. The plug-in device will record these four driving habits:

  • Time of Day: When you drive your vehicle
  • Distance: The total mileage you drive
  • Braking: Incidents of hard braking are recorded
  • Acceleration: The rate at which you accelerate
  • Location

Unlike some other systems, TrueLane does not record your actual speed. It only notes incidents of quick acceleration.

How TrueLane Information Is Used

The Hartford uses the information on the list to calculate your discount. The information is also used anonymously for research that is designed to help improve the program and create a database of driving habits.

Although the device uses GPS tracking to record location information for your car, that is not part of the discount calculation. Location information is intended only for the use of the driver, and it can be viewed on the website.

The Hartford does use a third-party service, as mentioned above, for device management, but this company does not use any of the collected information.

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TrueLane Discounts

The Hartford offers a 10 percent enrollment discount just for signing up for the TrueLane program. This discount stays on your policy throughout the program and until your next renewal unless you choose to opt-out of the program.

After the program term is over, a discount is calculated based on what was recorded. The website states that this discount could be as much as 25 percent.

The 25 percent discount is a more realistic promise than some programs that promise 30 percent or more in discounts. A survey of drivers notes that the actual discount seen for these programs is 10-15 percent.

The Hartford attempts to be straightforward and honest about how much of a discount you can hope to get. The average is about 10-12 percent according to their site, which is right in line with what drivers usually see from any usage-based program.

The chart below outlines The Hartford’s Average Premium savings you could see with TrueLane.

The Hartford Average Car Insurance Rate Savings with TrueLane
TureLane StatusThe Hartford Average 6-Month Rates
Average Rates without Truelane$1464
Average Premium with TrueLane $1317 - $1288
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Unlike some other programs, there is no chance of a rate increase from the TrueLane program. The Hartford does not penalize drivers with higher rates even if the data collected shows risky driving habits.

The hope with all of these programs is that being made aware of dangerous habits will result in efforts to improve. Drivers who do not meet the standards for a discount will not have their rates changed on renewal, for better or for worse.

The discounts, both for enrollment and earned, are only applicable to certain coverages. The site does not state which coverages those are, but generally, this means a discount on your liability coverage, but not optional coverages.

This is fairly standard for this type of program since it’s your liability rate that reflects how the insurance company has rated you based on several factors. The TrueLane data is added to those factors to determine the risk level you represent.

Wherever you live, your state will have a minimum required liability coverage. While the minimum requirements might be the cheapest option, it isn’t going to provide full protection. Full protection from any insurer could be a significant cost. Programs like TrueLane can help save you money. Looking for car insurance discounts through your insurer will help offset your premiums.

Eligibility for TrueLane

To be eligible for TrueLane, you must be a car insurance customer of The Hartford and have a vehicle that is from 1996 or newer.

The website also notes that electric, hybrid, and diesel vehicles are not eligible for the program due to difficulties with collecting accurate information.

TrueLane appears to be available to both new and existing customers, and it can be applied to any of the vehicles on the policy individually. Enrolling one vehicle doesn’t mean you have to enroll any others.

How to Install the TrueLane Device

After enrollment and acceptance of the terms of service, the TrueLane plug-in device will be sent to you through the mail.

The device is plugged into the OBD-II port in your vehicle, which is usually located under the dash. The device is shipped with installation instructions. CarMD offers a useful guide to finding the port located on your vehicle if you are having trouble.

The short video below gives you a brief example of installing one of these devices in your car. The limitation here is that the car must be the model year 1996 or later for these devices to plug in and work.

Once the device is properly installed and a few trips have been recorded, an email is sent out providing information on logging into the TrueLane website where you can view the information being collected and review your trip data.

The device should stay in place for the duration of the data collection period. After the program is complete, you can unplug the device and send it back in the postage-paid envelope.

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How TrueLane Stacks Up

TrueLane is a pretty basic and straightforward usage-based program.

With the introduction of the mobile app, The Hartford has updated its program to line up with competitors’ programs. That said, however, the reviews of The Hartford TrueLane app seem to show that it has some glitches and problems accurately recording trip data.

The Hartford has a website that will allow you to take care of your account as well. The Hartford change of address, Hartford insurance agents locator, Hartford provider portal, and The Hartford insurance cards can all be managed from the site. While the app is not yet as well developed as others, it will more than likely improve over time.

The table below shows where The Hartford’s program stacks up against the advertised discounts of similar programs from other companies.

Advertised Usage-Based Car Insurance Discounts by Company
Allstate Drivewiseup to 25%
Geico DriveEasyup to 20%
Liberty Mutual RightTrackup to 30%
Nationwide SmartRideup to 40%
State Farm Drive Safeup to 30%
The Hartford TrueLaneup to 25%
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As there is no stated possibility of a rate increase, it generally appears that there is no real risk to using the TrueLane program. Even a small discount is better than no discount. It does appear that a small discount is what you will get with TrueLane.

TrueLane’s program length is a bit unusual, and it seems to make the program useless to some drivers, such as those that are retired and do not drive often. While most programs have a set length of time, TrueLane needs to record at least 180 driving days. There will be no discount calculated until you hit that milestone.

Hartford policies state that to get a discount on renewal, you would need to start the program right at your policy activation (or current renewal) date, and then drive your car every day for the full policy term.

This setup is a little strange considering one of the areas observed is driving mileage. Lower mileage drivers usually get lower rates. But with the 180-day requirement, it could take a low-mileage driver a long time to collect enough data. Some reviewers reported they gave up on the program because they do not drive enough.

Many of the customers who reviewed TrueLane found the process frustrating. That seems to be common to most usage-based programs. Drivers generally disagree with the discount calculation and have difficulty understanding why their discount is so low. They also complain that the threshold for hard braking and quick acceleration is too stringent.

What is usage-based insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners says that Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) programs arrived around a decade ago as a mileage-based discount program linked to a GPS. These programs started as a discount program for good drivers. Telematics devices are plugged into cars and record driving information.

In 2018, the Insurance Information Institute estimated that there were 10 to 11 million telematics enabled insurance programs in place in the United States. That number has increased even more today as many consumers are looking for ways to save on insurance premiums.

With car accidents costing over $230 billion annually, Insurance companies are looking for ways to make America’s roads safer. Also, with accidents and other incidents, drivers are looking for ways to be safer drivers. Programs like TrueLane seek to accomplish both.

Tale a look at the following table that outlines how much an incident on your driving record can impact rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record
CompaniesAverage Rates with Clean RecordAverage Rates with One Speeding ViolationAverage Rates with One AccidentAverage Rates with One DUI
USAA$1,933.68 $2,193.25 $2,516.24 $3,506.03
Geico$2,145.96 $2,645.43 $3,192.77 $4,875.87
American Family$2,693.61 $3,025.74 $3,722.75 $4,330.24
Nationwide$2,746.18 $3,113.68 $3,396.95 $4,543.20
State Farm$2,821.18 $3,186.01 $3,396.01 $3,636.80
Progressive$3,393.09 $4,002.28 $4,777.04 $3,969.65
Travelers$3,447.69 $4,260.80 $4,289.74 $5,741.40
Farmers$3,460.60 $4,079.01 $4,518.73 $4,718.75
Allstate$3,819.90 $4,483.51 $4,987.68 $6,260.73
Liberty Mutual$4,774.30 $5,701.26 $6,204.78 $7,613.48
Average Annual Rates$3,123.62 $3,669.10 $4,100.27 $4,919.62
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Filing The Hartford claims for just one accident could cost you over $1000 annually. Safe driving is in your best financial interest and a reason why TrueLane might be for you

The Hartford’s program operates similarly to other companies. This type of program has grown in popularity over the past few years, with most major insurance companies offering some form of discount for allowing them to monitor your driving habits.

It is an optional program aimed at giving good drivers a discount while also allowing drivers to track their habits and see what they can do to improve over time.

Take a look at the video below to understand how this trend has shaped insurance plans and drivers.

The Insurance Information Institute states that insurers are capturing data from millions of vehicles to create information profiles on driving behaviors to support UBI programs. These programs are saving drivers money all across America.

The Hartford TrueLane: The Bottom Line

TrueLane is not likely to save you a ton of money on your car insurance, but it may earn you a small discount. Considering that there isn’t a lot of effort involved, if you are already a customer of The Hartford it’s probably worth a try.

That said, it does not offer enough in the way of perks to make it worth switching insurance companies if you weren’t planning to already. You may well get a better rate elsewhere even without a usage-based discount. Still, it’s worth comparing The Hartford car insurance quotes to your existing policy to see if it might be worth a switch. To learn more about The Hartford, read our The Hartford review.

Now that you’ve read this TrueLane app review, use our free tool below to compare rates and plans. You can also check out a list of companies that we recommend at our best insurance companies page.



About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. I wish I had thought to read reviews prior to switching to Hartford & downloading TrueLane App Which should be called “FalseLane” I really don’t drive & wanted to pay less on insurance Hartford sounded to good to be true.

    I had to take my pup to the vet, a -5 minute drive, I passed the street so took a right at the following street, found a empty parking lot, turned in and turned around “hard brake” seriously I was going about 3mph.

    Also read distraction NOT! My phone was set to not disturb.

    Passenger picked up phone to call vet and ask address, realized phone was On do not disturb mode, set it down and used his to google number.

    Just like that, one drive discount went from 25% to 19% discount claiming 2 incidents occurred both False!

    How can a HardBrake occur when turning in a parking lot going 3-5 mph.

    I’m afraid to get back in my car, this is ridiculous & stress I seriously do not need.

    I need a insurance company that’s not charging me $100+ a month for a vehicle that sits in my garage 24/7 and is PIF.

    Found Hartford through AARP, trusted this ad, thoughT unlike other insurance companies they would care & be honest.

    SHAME ON YOU! Seriously how could all of these claims be false? Fix the App or quit advertising as if your doing us a favor!!

  2. I installed the truelane app on both of our iPhones last weekend.

    My phone began recording as soon as I took my first “trip” but it was not accurate.

    The first trip was not from My house. It was from where I went and back home.

    I received an email stating my wife’s phone had not been activated so I checked her dashboard.

    My wife’s iPhone does not show any trips on the dashboard app.

    I called truelane and they said their system was tracking but one of the settings was not correct.

    The agent suggested turning the phone off for at least 3 minutes then back on, I had been on hold 20 minutes and they closed in 2 minutes.

    They also said it would take time to download the information to her phone.

    It still doesn’t show anything this morning, You only have 3 days to verify the trips before it assumes you were the driver.

    It has now been 3 days and no way to remove trips where she was a passenger, not a driver.

  3. I downloaded the TrueLane app from a link in an email from The Hartford in February 2020.

    I followed the instructions to the letter. It has never worked, the dashboard reads zero trips, events, miles, etc.

    I have deleted and reinstalled numerous times without success.

    I tried contacting Octousa via email but the form will not accept my telephone number, so the email is not sent.

    The Hartford did not help, in fact as soon as I mentioned TrueLane they did not want to know.

    Reading the comments above I have to agree, this is more hassle than it is worth.

    I will be deleting the app and pay The Hartford for the discount TrueLane represents.

  4. I should of read the reviews before signing up with Hartford and Truelane.

    This app is not working right at all. I was with another insurance company and their driving app and it was always right on.

    I left because I received full coverage for my car hundreds of dollars less than the other company.

    I have been with Hartford and Truelane since Oct of last year and Truelane hasn’t worked right since.

    It never has my car at the right address, the car is never parked at home always on the corner of my street.

    Braking is never right, I don’t hard brake while stopped at a light.

    I don’t handle my cell phone while driving, how can I since the cell phone is seating on the back seat.

    I don’t even use the hands-free system in my car, but yet I get events saying I handle my phone while driving.

    Sometimes I drive at night and not once has this app showed driving at night.

    I see no way this app will save me any money.

    After this contract is up I will go back to the other company where I did save money and received cashback for safe driving and where their speed limit is over 80 mph before you get dinged plus braking isn’t so sensitive.

  5. My wife and I signed up for TrueLane, downloaded the app from the Apple App store and started our 180 days.

    I noticed some anomalies almost immediately.

    Things like taking someone to the Phoenix airport from Mesa using the 202 route and being on cruise control almost the entire trip set at 5 miles under the speed limit I’d get speeding and stopping violations.

    For a while I ignored it.

    I finally called Tech Support to ask what was up.

    They admitted that the app records false data and that I should report each event and ‘request’ they be removed from the record.

    So they Know TrueLane records false events. And they still offer, even promote, its use to ‘lower’ its customers’ premiums.

    After a while I got angry that my insurance company would ‘sponsor’ an app they know records false data that they said would give them credit on their premium for their ‘good driving record’.

    I’ve looked at the ‘reviews’ and have yet to find a credible positive review.

    So I decided to run a couple of experiments.

    1. On Monday Aug 18, 2019 I drove from Mesa, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah. We took my wife’s older sister to a mini family reunion in Salt Lake.

    On the leg from Peoria, Arizona to Esat Butler Ave, Flagstaff, Arizona from 6:58:23 am to 9:25:16 am, 190.7 miles mostly on Hwy 17.

    I set the cruise control below the speed limit and listened to my wife and her sister tell me repeatedly I could go at least the SPEED LIMIT!

    I got 90, that’s right, NINETY events! Too many to share here.

    My TrueLane app still reports 90 events but I can no longer see the individual events. When I first reviewed them they were a combination of speeding and braking.

    2. On Thursday September 12, 2019, I drove from my house in Mesa, Arizona to Gilbert, Arizona on the 202.

    The speed limit is 65 mph on the 202 so I decided to set the cruise control to 60 mph. I have a 2013 Lexus CT 200h.

    The trip is 19.3 miles. Left @ 1:27:01 pm arrived @1:53:08 pm.

    So here is the TrueLane report on my trip:
    11 Events
    Event Value Severity Time Duration
    speeding, Max 78 mph, Low, 1:35:50 pm, 4s,
    speeding, Max 83 mph, Med, 1:35:56 pm, 3s,
    braking, 81->70 mph, Low, 1:35:59 pm, 1s,
    braking, 73->63 mph, Low, 1:36:51 pm, 1s,
    speeding, 95 mph, High, 1:41:14 pm, 5s,
    braking, 86->76 mph, Low, 1:41:18 pm, 1s,
    speeding, 81 mph, Med, 1:42:14 pm, 1s,
    speeding, 91 mph, High, 1:43:20 pm, 6s,
    speeding, 88 mph, Med, 1:44:33 pm, 4s,
    speeding, 77 mph, Low, 1:45:37 pm, 1s,
    braking, 78->61 mph, Med, 1:45:38 pm, 1s,
    These events from the times recorded appear to be from the time spent on the 202.

    But remember I set the cruise control for 60 mph as I entered the 202 from the on-ramp at Power Road until I exited the off ramp at E. Williams Field Road.

    I called Hartford to give them my feedback and actually talked to three people one of whom was a TrueLaneTech support person.

    1. I found they know and acknowledge that TrueLane reports false events under certain circumstances. (If the satellite coverage is ‘spotty’ it can confuse TrueLane and TrueLane will report false events.)

    2. The process for getting these false events removed is: Call tech support and report the I think are false after each trip. ( I told them I would be happy to, for $50 per false event. After all I’m doing their work for them.)

    3. They know others have reported the same experience with TrueLane. (One individual said she, personally, hadn’t heard of anyone reporting false events. I pushed a little harder. she responded, no she had personally heard of anyone reporting ‘false events’ from TrueLane. Seems like semantics to me.)

    One individual said that she knew the majority of the reviews rated the product as 1 star. She also said to check the other insurance companies that use the same technology. Their users also rate their similar features as 1 star.

    So I guess we can rest assured that our insurance company is no worse than any of the others. Comforting!

    The tech support guy was honest and acknowledged a high level of negative complaints but I don’t think there was anything he could do about it.

    My conclusions:

    1. TrueLane is a buggy product released without any real quality assurance testing that should never have been released and should be pulled.

    (I wrote software for 40+ years. I would be mortified if one of my products ever found its way out of Beta Test in the shape of TrueLane! I’d be embarrassed if it found its way into Beta Test in the same shape as TrueLane.

    Stated a different way: How much trust would you put in your laptop, cellphone, spreadsheet… if it gave you bad projections on dollars to be saved or lost based on bad data it recorded or calculations it made?)

    2. At best Hartford is using its customers to beta test the product.

    3. At worst, this is a concerted SCAM perpetrated on Hartford customers to fraudulently lure them into thinking that they can receive a reduced premium if they let TrueLane track and report on their driving habits.

    I say we figure out a clever #tag, something like #HartfordInsuranceTrueLaneSCAM and flood twitter and social media with our ‘review of TrueLane’ and our disgust with Hartford for putting its customers through the desire for a ‘reduced premium’ due to our ‘good driving habits’ hoax.

    My email address is if you’d like to contact me.

    • I tried another experiment last week, September 19th.

      Both my wife and repeated the same trip described above.

      Both of us took our phones and ‘claimed’ the trip.

      One phone got 3 events, typically bogus speeding event and a bogus braking event.

      One phone reported no events.

      I got a call from Hartford about my complaints and described this latest test.

      He said that Hartford knows that two devices on the same trip may report different events.

      But that they have a ‘complicated and proprietary algorithm that takes the conditions that cause these anomalies into account when they calculate the premium discounts.

      Essentially, he was trying to get me to trust their software to ‘do the right thing.’

      My comment to him that as a customer of Hartford, the TrueLane application seriously affects my opinion of Hartford negatively.

      He thanked me for sharing my input and said he would relay the information and again tried to get me to appreciate the ‘complicated and proprietary algorithm’ and have faith that it would do the ‘right thing’.

      I still can’t buy it.

      No apology, no contrition, no admission that the app wasn’t ready for prime time, nothing.

      Just stock corporate answers repeated over and over again like listening to a recording.

    • Extremely Frustrated!

      First a short overview of my driving style.

      I normally drive within the speed limit.

      When I see a stoplight or stop sign, I start slowly braking well prior to reaching the stop area.

      Which means that I come to a stop slowly.

      I have had Trueland turned on for 6 days. I now have 32 events.

      Of that, approximately 28 events are braking events.

      All of the braking events show that I lowered my speed by 10mph or more in 1 second or less. This has not happened.

      I have logged out of the app and will be looking for a new carrier when the renewal date arrives.

      • These devices and connections rely on your cellular service and the system recognizes any speed over 70mph as a speeding event.

        The app isn’t buggy and the service is pretty straight forward.

        The biggest issue I can see would be making sure your phone or device is compatible with the service.

        I’m sure the agents you spoke to weren’t trying to feed you false information and gave you whatever information was most accurate at the time.

        • You are incorrect – the app is extremely buggy.

          It breaks signal trips into multiple trips based on stopping at signals or stop signs.

          It does not record all trips and as other reviewers have said, incorrectly records speed and braking events.

          Hartford has even acknowledged the errors so I am not sure how you can say it isn’t buggy.

  6. I signed up for this when the sales rep told me I just had to let them (TrueLane) track our driving for 30 days.

    After signing up and sending Hartford a $4000+ check for our insurance I was advised that TrueLane had to track us for 180 days.

    I loaded the app. for both my self and my wife.

    I later called TrueLane support through Hartford, as I was unable to view the tracking.

    I was advised that the user name and password I selected were not valid and they assigned a new user name and password.

    A few days later I again attempted to access my driving but was advised that they had recorded no activity and I would have to be signed in again.

    They said I had been signed in several times but nothing was tracking.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and/or the cancellation department and the young lady hung up on me.


  7. I believe it’s bogus too.

    Tuesday night we were at 19%.

    Wednesday morning went down to 16% after my husband did a 45-minute drive from point A to point B on the NJ Garden State Pkwy.

    I tapped on it this morning & we’re down to 9%.

    We didn’t go anywhere yet.

    My husband & I are good drivers, so this is BS.

  8. The TrueLane phone app is horrible.

    I was driving by a school in July Speed limit is 35 MPH when no school in session and no children present.

    I got an “event” for not going 20 MPH. Riding as a passenger in a relatives car.

    He was speeding I got 12 events even though I checked the “not driving.”

    So as far as I’m concerned this is a bogus attempt at Hartford giving a discount for good driving.

  9. I am a new AARP auto insurance member who thought I’d sign up for TrueLane.

    Have you guys seen the reviews? You customers are anywhere from frustrated to furious.

    How can you offer a product with the kinks not worked out?

    I don’t want to sign up. I don’t need the hassle.

    Please send this email “upstairs” and get TrueLane fixed or get rid of it.

    • I wish I had looked into it before activating the phone App.

      I made my first comment before reading all these others.

      It doesn’t record all trips.

      My husband plays on a pool league every Tuesday night, he has his phone with him, and it never ever records the trip approx.

      15-20 minutes – is it too short?

      But then it does record my trip to the gym, 3 minutes up the road.

      It recorded his 45 minute trip in NJ from Point A to B, but never recorded the return from B to A.

      And as for it going off in one’s purse, it’s happened to me on occasion; is it recording the steps I take at Wal-mart??

      I can’t wait for day #180.










  10. I am using my cell phone to track m driving, there seems to be a problem with this.

    when I pull up in front of my house to back in, the phone reports a hard braking incident, I do not slam on my brake and my street has very little traffic.

    On Saturday, July 13, 2019, I was riding with my brother and was given 12 incident reports for speeding.

    I informed my phone I wasn’t driving. My discount has gone from 13 percent down to 10 percent, please let me know if you are going to fix this problem

  11. I totally agree this app is bogus.

    One day, I performed a test. I intentionally drove safely and carefully, paying attention to my every move, no sudden breaking, phone at home.

    I still got 2 breaking dings, and 3 distractions.

    The app misses trips I have taken, sometimes doesn’t even get the ones over the weekend. They just never show up.

    It even tracks drives I never went on, wasn’t even in a vehicle or on a bicycle at all.

    It dings me for distractions constantly when haven’t even touched the phone.

    I got ding for a distraction when I was walking from my car into my place of work.

    I mean, seriously. C’mon. Would it be so horrible to help your customer’s save a little bit of money?

  12. If you want to save a little bit on your car insurance, and don’t mind needless alerts that True lane is running and active even when you are not driving or moving at all, then this is the app for you.

    Between constant reminders that it is running, sort of compared to a small barking dog reminding you that a chipmunk is outside.

    And if you don’t mind that half of the time it does not recognize or register your trip, it sort of gives a sense of adventure, like a bad soap opera.

    And let’s not forget about the false braking or distraction reports its stores to make you feel like you are a new 16-year-old driver all over again.

    Call the customer service to have them tell you it’s not the app, but poor cell phone service, or that your cell phone is the problem, just to add to the confusion.

    And wait – there is more. They make you endure this for 180 days to save for me about $40.00.

    Such a deal. No therapy needed just the mystery of when the reminder that it is active will go off. Suggest you fix this, or don’t waste my time.

    • I emailed Hartford regarding TrueLane and they were sorry to hear about the “difficulties” I was having.

      They are definitely reviewing customer feedback.

      And then suggested I call TrueLane and discuss the situation with them; I didn’t.

      I told them to Google this site and check out all the negative feedback.

      I haven’t seen one review extolling TrueLane.

      After 4 days back from NJ and normal about town driving our 9% went up to 12%.

      But this morning, after I made a 3 minute trip up the road and back to my gym, it dropped back to 9%.

      Also, the trip wasn’t registered.

      This App cannot track your vehicle properly as it cannot discern where you are driving or what the conditions are.

      Our trip to NJ proved this.

      Every major road between SC and NJ had construction of some sort, so you were constantly, even at night, slowing down, braking, changing lanes as what once was three was now merging into two, or two merging into one.

      We spent at least an hour in one area doing stop and go driving – think that got us the 160+ braking incidents.

      This is day 118 and I’m definitely on the countdown to day 180!!

  13. True Lane misses trips I drive. They just never show up.

    It dings me for “distractions” when the phone is in my purse and I never touch it.

    And, how the hell it expects someone to stop and not get rear-ended is beyond understanding!!!

    It dings you for braking too hard when you’re doing a normal stop.

    TRUELANE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree – I barely apply brake pressure and use the entire off-ramp length and still got a low braking penalty.

      If my braking car feature doesn’t alarm then the damn app shouldn’t penalize me

    • Agreed! It told me I was distracted 10 mins for a 2 min drive!

      How is that possible?!

  14. Just got the mobile app for True Lane when I switched from Geico to Harford/AARP.

    You gotta be kidding me! WHAT A JOKE….AND A BAD JOKE AT THAT!

    The app misses trips, doesn’t start some trips for miles after I actually started driving, and apparently wants me to accelerate and decelerate so slowing I might as well be walking.

    Do the IT people who program the damn thing EVER drive a car? If they do, have they ever used their own app?

    It’s a TOTAL MESS! It actually dinged me for hard braking on a stretch of road where I never used my brakes!

  15. True Lane Is horribly inaccurate. They blame Hartford; Hartford blames them.

    The speed limit is 75mph on Highway and they count me as speeding at 75. I took pics of 75mph speed limit sign – it DOESN’t matter to them. I would have been killed driving under 75mph by all the trucks trying to pass me. TrueLane claims Hartford specifically considers anything 75mph and above as speeding -REGARDLESS of speed limit.

    So, according to their totally irrelevant rules for safety, you can drive 74mph in a 50mph zone; but you can’t drive 75 mph in a 75 or 80mph zone.

    I drive very carefully and because of 62 times of LEGALLY driving the speed limit of 75 during a 4 day road trip, I’m only getting a 12% discount. I would get more with every other company for just taking a free online defensive driving course.

    If they accurately cared about speed limits, perhaps they would care about safety.

    ABSOLUTELY not worth it. Shop for better coverage. I’ll never trust True Lane /Hartford again.

  16. RE TRUELANE. It’s not a plug-in anymore, it’s a smartphone app. My projected discount was 10%, then 14% and then it dropped to 0%.

    Why? I phoned in for answers and got a tech rep and he said there’s nothing they can do. He said TrueLane is programmed to 70 miles per hour and anything over that is speeding.

    It killed my discount because I went from Mesa, Arizona to Denver, Colo and back.

    Once I got on i-40 the speed limit was 75 MPH except for the in-city speed limits of 65 & 55 MPH.

    So he said if I wanted more info I could call the regular 800 number for customer assistance.

    Well, he wasn’t as well educated as the gal he told me to call in the general insurance offices….for she told me if I am going to go 75MPH in a 75MPH zone, to turn off my location services.

    What a great lady, but hey, isn’t that “cheating?” Was she being subversive? I don’t care because I am going to be “cheating!”

  17. Insanely inefficient customer service. “Account locked…” God forbid I should get a body at customer service. Yes, Monday is going to be busy…so staff up. After interminable hold times the message changed from “Press 1 for a call back” to “Hi, this is ?????, leave a voice mail”. Never got a callback. Account is locked…why? Trying to save money and drive safe. Never received anything in the mail…no information, no device. Had to select “Passenger” because I am a passenger in an ambulance…no direction from this company. Reflects badly on The Hartford. Let’s see how many months it takes to get a reply on this email.

    • The Trulane program is a joke. I truly believe that the Hartford is using this to increase rates, using this app in their defense.

      It somehow recorded the car my wife drives going upwards and over 100 mph over a few mile distance.

      It said that her speeds were very erratic, going up and down and over 100 mph at times. We never drive that fast.

      For me it recorded me as making a trip that I didn’t even drive. I didn’t list myself as driving or list myself as a passenger.

      I didn’t even get to do that. Somehow it listed me as driving, and some was over the speed limit.

      I actually rode the school bus with my granddaughter and her third-grade class for a field trip.

      I know her teacher and the bus driver. The bus driver was running late getting back to the school, so he was pushing it a little,

      Tulane recorded it as my driving. The teacher was on the bus and can vouch for me.

      This is a very dishonest program that the Hartford has going.

      I would sure like to see if they can legally raise my rates with this false information.

      I will take a screenshot of this information and the bus driver and third-grade teacher can back me up.

      Please, folks, don’t fall for this dishonest scheme.

  18. I have not yet received my device but after reading all these negative comments I am truly skeptical especially when I hear that it will drain the battery on my new KIA.

  19. I am 78 years old, dumped my old insurance company that I had been with for 32 years because my rates went up AFTER I put their device in my car (got an A+ rating) plus I took the drivers test and passed (got an A+ on that too) so I switched to Hartford because their rates were considerably lower….and guess what, I put their device in my car and sent in my mileage when requested (which was less than 3000 miles per year) and my insurance went up $212 after the first year with them. I think they just sucker you in with initially low rates and don’t figure you’ll bail on them if your premiums go up….well guess what, I’m going to check out other agencies. Wish I could find one that would give fixed rates if nothing changes or goes wrong during the year. By the way, my car is a 2004 Toyota Camry that is still beautiful and runs great…..I would think the older my car gets the less they would charge for insurance!

  20. I have not had any braking events….however, I went on a trip with a friend. My car was parked in her driveway while we were gone for a week.. I had a 18% record when I left …when I returned it was at 1%.
    Now what is up with that… Did they presume I left my car in a bad neighborhood.. ? Then a week. Later we went on a driving trip.. I had 28 events using a cruise control one after I am still at 1% . The day after these speeding events I was very careful not to speed ,in fact ,nearly having several accidents because I was going under the speed limit.. In Louisiana ,the speed limit changes from 60mph to 70 or75 mph in an instant.. When you are driving 70-75 mph it is very difficult to get to 60 with out getting run over … They don’t give you a warning sign that the speed is going to go up… I am so ready to throw this device out the window.. And go to another Company… Hartford sucks !!!!!

    • Do not ever ever ever put the truelane on your car. I used mine on my car for the 180 day period of time. The 180 days is driving time the days your car sit in your driveway does not count. I had only four incidents for moderate hard braking, no incidents for speeding, no incidents for driving after midnight, no incidents for excessive acceleration. You have to drive like you have an egg sitting on top of your hood. Another drawback is if you come to a stop light and it turns yellow on you you have to decide whether to go through the stoplight on red or stop fairly quickly and if you stop fairly quickly will be charged an incident on your report so you are really taking a chance either way.
      After driving the 180 days and with only four incidents I received a grand total of a 6% discount.
      I will never ever put this on my car again in my entire life.
      I have found out from experience that I would be a complete idiot for doing so.
      My advice to you from my experience it is to never ever ever ever put a truelane device on your car. It is not worth it. They tried every place you have driven and will show it to you on a map and they showed me where I had my moderate stops.
      Four incidents in 180 days and driving and I get a 6% discount you have got to be kidding.
      Just taking the chance of going through a light that you know will turn red on you before you get through it so you will not get a hard braking incident it’s not worth it and if you do stop they counted against you because you made a heartbreaking incident. Never ever ever ever again will I ever put another truelane device on my car!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jim is correct. I contacted Trulane today and questioned the 180 days of actual driving days. You have to have driven your vehicle a minimum of 180 days….. and I will say further, that includes 180 driving days per vehicle. We have 3 vehicles and signed up to save BECAUSE WE DO NOT DRIVE MUCH. After a few calculations, with us being retired, and staying home a lot, it would take us over 4 years to put 180 driving days on all 3 cars…. There is no way we could meet the requirement for a discount even with a perfect driving record.

        The Trulane advisor then transferred me to The Hartford representative. After reading through all the fine print, it was determined the above information to be correct. Because we would be unable to meet the DRIVING TIME REQUIREMENTS, we cancelled the program today. To be fair, they give you one year to meet the requirements, but for us, we needed more time, and the program would not extend beyond one year.

  21. Just activated. Nothing to report, except the cell tower transmission must be timed to transmit in minute burst and not constant transmission, therefore showing me driving in areas where there is no physical road. (Example, driving across my neighbor’s lawn, or across drainage ditches on the way to the gas station… Seems to work by logging trips by the number of times the car is cranked. Example, leaving the motor running while filling up for gas, only counts as one trip, where if turned off, would count as 2 trips…. More Later…

  22. I sold one car that I had it in and was told I would receive a pre-paid envelope to send back my true-lane but never did! Now I cancelled coverage on my other vehicle that I have it in because I found cheaper insurance and was told to mail it back in pre-paid envelope that they would send me! Still waiting on that one to come when I started receiving threatening phones calls that if they don’t get them back that I would be charged $200. each! There is no place on their web site to request the pre-paid envelopes or even just the address to send them to because I would send them back with my own tracking number attached! So what now? I’m going to be charged $400.

  23. Truelane is a joke. We used in our car for the required period with 0 incidents are received a 1 percent discount. The insurance company said they could do nothing about it.

    • I was promised to get an instant 10% discount if I entered the program,

      They already taking away 5% of the promised 10%

  24. If you accelerate around Nashville as slowly as they expect you to, the guys in the big 4 wheel drive pickups will run you over. I suppose I could also just run into other vehicles instead of braking when a driver cuts me off. The best one was on a long drive where it showed I was speeding (over 75 mph) every second or two, totaling over 100 times. The only problem was I had it on cruise control the whole time, keeping pace with the other cars at 75. And many cars passing me by.
    I was told, despite all this, that the rates on my two cars would go down. Nope. They went up by a lot, on one car by 22%!! No accidents in years, no tickets in years. Average or fewer miles per year. No longer commute. What’s happening here??

  25. I do not recommend True Lane unless you only drive your car on residential streets and like to accelerate and brake very slowly. Acceleration and braking in excess of 3 mph per second are regarded as a negative event. After six months of driving like an over-cautious grandma going to church. My discount was 0%. and my rate increased 20%.

  26. Truelane is a joke. I had 1 hard braking incident. Discount went to 16% then the next couple months it went to 9% with no more incidents. Then it went to 14%. I hard another hard braking incident when a big truck cut me off to take the same exit I was taking. It drop down to 11%. HERE’S THE STRANGE THING, I REVIEW THE VIDEO IT HAD ME GOING THROUGH THE MEDIAN, THEN GOING WRONG WAY ON THE EXPRESS WAY, THEN IT HAD ME GETTING OFF AND DRIVING THROUGH WAREHOUSE BUILDINGS AND PARKING LOTS AND RUNNING OVER VEHICLES. I BEEN TRYING TO ACCESS THE TRUELANE SITE IT WON’T GIVE ME NO NUMBERS ETC. TODAY IT SAID SITE UNAVAILABLE

  27. I lost the envelope to send the device back. Need the address so I can send it

  28. Truelane is a lie they tell you there will be a discount at the end there is no discount it only to look at ways to raise rates

  29. I live and drive in the New York area, driving with the truelane is almost a hazards because of the way you have to drive to keep the events down. this unit is made to drive in farmland country. i think that they are set up for failure, so you do not stand a chance at all, to receive a decent discount if you even get a discount at all. the funny event is if you drive between 12 midnight and 4AM. that a joke. there is less traffic at that time. my wife was driving after midnight from baby sitting and she received 2 events because she stopped for gas. because she stopped the engine. that is a farce. i took the Arrp. driving course on line, and one of the thinks that they tell you when entering the Hghiway you must accelerate to Highway speed as soon as possible, whats does that tell you, you are going to get an event. thats talking through both sides of you mouth. do what is recommended in the driving course and get an event.

  30. I tried the Truelane program for approximately 8 weeks. What a disappointment. I live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. I received continuous “demerits” for hard braking. Anyone who has driven on any of the highways or multilane roads in Las Vegas is aware that if you leave the appropriate amount of space between you and the car in front of you, there will be someone who squeezes over from one or two lanes. You must either vigorously apply your brakes or alternatively rear end the car that is squeezing into your lane. I chose the hard braking.
    I traveled to Utah last week and received 60+ “demerits” for speeding. I am a 70 year old woman and am by no means an aggressive driver. I cannot imagine how I could have acquired 60+ speeding infractions for a one day period. The Truelane program was not worth any amount of discount to my AARP Hartford automobile policy.

  31. This is a real joke. I cannot believe the number of ‘event’s I have received. There are quite a bit of hard braking, just going to and from the gym, 3 miles. I would like to see the executives of this take their own test and see the result. It is practically impossible to get any good score. Just not worth the effort.

  32. The agent I spoke to told me he will be sending me an e-mail regarding the Truelane device so I can have one sent to me. I haven’t received the e-mail.

    I recently bought a car. Reading all of these incidents makes NOT want to have it installed. What a catch 22!

  33. If I had read all the comments here, I never would have order one I Never knew that the device runs Even when the engine is Not running!

  34. First of all theses truelane devices are not designed for each and every car model that there is, so that’s like saying when it comes to let say t-shirts, you can only get xxlarge size they don’t make any other size at all. That’s why there’s so many hard braking incidents, they designed this device on one car when it was developed at R and D. Like my car with carbon fiber disc , you can stop five feet from the car in front of you with no wheel squeal, no nose drop, and that’s from 45 miles per hour. But they have it as a hard breaking event every time, it’s normal operation in that type of vehicle. Again truelane wasn’t designed for each and every car so yeah everyone out there expect to get hard braking and most likely the excelleration also cause that’s directly proportional to the braking when it comes to design and the car they used an it will cause a event every time. It would be nice for the one percent of the people who have that car used in the R and D because maybe they would get the 25 percent, the rest of us, were lucky to get 5 percent or less. I have a five year good driving award from my last insurance company. I’m scratching my head why did I make this move.

  35. I can Not urge People enough on the risk of the true lane device after having mine plugged in I know have transmission problems ,battery problems and my electrical system is messed up so I DID NOT SAVE Cost me $4000 in damage ! I wish I had investagated this device more.

  36. I installed a Truelane on my 2011 Impala . The mission control systems light came on. I called Hartford and they said my car was not compatible . They increased my premium.

  37. I have had True Lane for about 5 months ,No real complants till now as my car was in the Shop getting fixed I now show 4 events for Rapid Acceleration. I wasn’t even driving it was being tested so Why am I being penalized for having to get my car fixed..This is the worst idea ever to have agreed to.. Don’t Do It people…


  39. i`ve had this device in my car for 8 months how mutch longer do i drive with it and it also SUCKS

  40. Does anyone have the phone number where I can talk to someone from TrueLane? There was a card in the box that came with the device that tells me to call with problems, but they never give the number (?) Sounds like all these complaints may be legit.

    • Phone number fot TrueLane Tech support and problems is (800)652-0243.

  41. I have been using the Truelane Device for several months. It shows dozens of events that are not correct. For example the speed limit on most non-urban freeways in Utah is 80 MPH. There are dozens of speed events on those roadways where the event shows speeds in the 70’s, clearly under the speed limit.

    Even if the device knows the accurate speed limit it cannot possibly know what speed the traffic is going at the time, and the highway patrol will ticket you if you are going slower than the flow because you are impeding traffic.

    I am not impressed with the accuracy of the device. Also, I have two cars and they show four, how accurate is that?

    They better not try to increase my rates using this flawed data.

    • The TrueLane Program maximum speed limit is 75 miles per hour. So that means, anything over 75 mph is speeding. (75.1 mph & higher)

      • Two road trips from Wisconsin to Texas yield almost constant speeding violations by my husband who NEVER, EVER speeds. GPS often showed speeds slower than those posted. Wondered if that was our problem. In any event, since his device has already been removed, there’s nothing they can or will do about what has been reported. They will just merrily go their way, continuing to mis-report to Hartford.

  42. I used the truelane devise and found it also recorded hard stopping when none existed. It also recorded agresive driving when the driving conditions would make that impossible. I do not believe the device records a correct record of your driving.

  43. The Truelane device is the very worst. Both the device and Truelane service people are worthless. I have three cars. They sent me five devices and logged five cars on my web page. Two of the cars were not mine They accidentally cancelled my insurance coverage. Then they told me that one of the devices was not working & to return it. I said it was ok and I could see It recording by looking on their web. The story goes on and on. I will never recommend them to anyone.

  44. I too was tricked into using the True Lane device from the Hartford with automatic 10 % savings. The thing has a mind of it’s own and anytime you touch the brake pedal- you have ” Hard Braking” events. I had two at the very same time at 15:36!! I would like to have someone explain how you can have 2 Hard Braking Events at the very same moment??? And driving on the interstates—forget that! I had 9 events of excessive speed some for as little as 1 second. This program is crappy at best. I am sorry I ever put it in my car.
    When I had my car in the garage for repairs, I got 2 or 3 events while I was sitting in the waiting room!! When I took my car in for appraisal, I got 2 events of hard braking, obviously from the mechanic road testing the car. My advice is don’t allow it in your car.

  45. I’ve been a member for about 2 months and all I have so far is at least 15-20 events for hard breaking each week which is ridiculous. I live in a complex that requires me to go over 5 speed bumps every time I go home or leave. I also live near the Berlin Turnpike in Newington Ct which the speed limit is 50mph with a lot of traffic lights so you need to use your brakes sometimes. So far, nothing has happened to my battery. If it does, I’ll have to take it out.

  46. I’ve the devices on both our cars only a week and it logged 2 hard braking events which I considered non sense and stupid.
    Hard braking is almost impossible to avoid when:
    1. Cars cut off/suddenly stop in front of you.
    2. Traffic lights turning from green to red so fast.
    3. An object such as a person darting across the street.
    Just to name a few…
    I’m regret to participate this program.

  47. The Hartford Ins. co. I did agree to use the TrueLane device on my 2007 mercury when I changed to Hartford insurance. However, I have not been able to install it in my car, so I am asking if I can just return the device and just pay what the discount was. I live in the country and don’t need to worry about my battery draining. Thank you for your help.

  48. Experiences with Drivewise and TrueLane insurance programs for motor vehicles.

    I tried Drivewise (Allstate) for a year, and just replaced it with TrueLane (Hartford). The two are similar. However, Truelane is even worse. Truelane even tracks where you drive in detail. The only way you can not dinged for doing something bad is to drive like you have a raw egg on you accelerator and break peddle, go slow around corners or curved streets, do not drive at specific times of the day, and stay off of freeways or expressways. With Drivewise I had an A score, and received a small discount on my renewal, the renewal was so small that I decided to try AARP (Hartford), and am sorry that I did. I suspect that you might get the maximum discount if you never take your motor vehicle out of the garage.

    Drivewise tracks speed, acceleration, deceleration (braking), speed, and times. Or at least that is what shows up on the performance reports.

    TrueLane tracks speed, distance, acceleration, centrifugal force (force going around corners), braking (deceleration), time of day for each trip, time and day that the event took place, route driven.

    The events below reduce any discounts that you might get on your motor vehicle insurance.

    Hear are some actual bad event examples for 1 week on TrueLane:
    Acceleration 1.0 seconds for 1-10 Mph
    Acceleration 1.0 seconds for 1-9 Mph
    Breaking 1.0 seconds for 12-4 Mph

    It is very stressful trying not to get a bad score, while having other drivers around me getting mad because I have to accelerate very very slowly, and when coming a stop sign I have to start slowing long before I get to the stop sign (I do mean long, like almost coasting to a stop). If you can feel when the car comes to a stop, you braked too hard and may get a bad score. Your score is even reduced when you drive your vehicle at specific times of the 24 hour day.

    In one situation to get a good score you have to break a law in many states. For example, when you are entering a freeway or express way, you are required to accelerate up to the speed of the traffic to flow into the first lane of the freeway. In many cases you have to accelerate at such a rate that you would get a bad score and it would show up on the report as a bad event. And thus reduce any discount that you might get.

    The bottom line: Drivewise and TrueLane are not worth any discount that you might get.

  49. I never received an email to tell me of my driving habits with this device as promised. The first one installed never recorded info and I received a letter telling me so and to send it back and they would send another one. They did and I drove with it in for 6 months…since I never got an email I contacted The Hartford/True Land Division and was told by one of their reps that I only received a 1% savings due to my device. Ok, first of all thought you were supposed to receive 10% just for signing up…and I have been driving for over 40 years and never had a ticket or an accident that was my fault. I drive defensively always. Whyyyyy then did I not receive a better savings and whyyyy did I never see the email so that I can properly defend the findings????

  50. I don’t think this device takes into account that I live in a city with numerous stop signs. Most of my events are stop sign related. I’m not speeding and the way it records my stopping at the stop sign makes me look like a bad driver. I have been driving for over 50 yrs and never had an accident. My acceleration events are entering the highway and if I don’t accelerate I will cause an accident. My mini van isn’t speed intensive!

  51. I am a new customer and was surprised to see the one incident of “hard braking”.

    Probably it was generated when the car in front of me STOPPED on the FREEWAY, trying to merge into a long line of cars (instead of doing a “zipper merge” like you’re supposed to). How ludicrous would it have been if I’d thought, “Whoa, I don’t want to brake at 65 mph! That will generate a “hard braking” demerit on my TrueLane account! Let me brake gradually like they want me to and crash into this bozo who stopped in the middle of the freeway…… Because that would be ‘safe driving.’ ”

    If it’s going to continue like this – not to mention the complaints about it draining the battery, which I don’t look forward to – I wonder whether it’s worth getting involved with.

    • I had an incident where i pulled onto the highway and this entrance was in the middle of a turn so i pulled up and stopped. Nothing was coming so when i pulled out, and here comes this knucklehead from out of nowhere flying so I accelerated as avoid an accident and I received an event for being alert and aware of my surroundings. I am a retired truck driver to which i have 2 million plus accident free miles so needless to say I m always on the alert. After driving so many miles you get to see just about all kinds of driving habits to the point where you get to watch and know what the next move is going to be with most of the drivers i encountered. I do watch what’s going on around me close up but most important I’ve learned to Watch what is going on 10 or so car lengths ahead of me and that is how i learned how to guess what the next stupid move of most of these aggressive drivers is going to be. For this reason i feel that a move i make to avoid a bad situation can be misunderstood as aggressive driving. And just like this person who had to hard brake to avoid a bad situation because of someone else’s stupidity and aggressive driving that she was penalize for being alert I don’t think this is a good way to rate someone’s driving habits. I think if they want the best way to rate someone’s driving habits is to maybe do it for maybe 3 or 4 months but use a dash cam and there plug in device then at the end of the trial period give the person a chance to buy the dash cam cause it is a very good way of proving what actually happened in the event you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident. But this my opion although its not the best one its the i have and everyone has there own opinion.

  52. I had a perfect record for about 3 weeks, then all of a sudden it shows signs of breaking too hard. This is absolutely incorrect. I’m driving the same as always.
    Not sure anyone would ever receive 25% discount at this rate. What are brakes for, if not to be used. This is ridiculous.

  53. I have also had the problem that I am braking hard and also for excessive excelleration. I have been watching my speed and the only time I accelerate is on the expressway and that is to merge into the line of traffic. I do not think that the device is working properly. I do not brake hard because I have not gone over the speed limit and that is city driving which is 35 to 40 mph.

  54. my driving record shows hard braking, this is not correct. I have only driven in Fort Collins under the speed limit, I have not stopped hard
    at all. Please let me know what I can do to correct this. I cannot stop any softer or people will be cussing out that old man. please advise me.

    • Hi James,

      We are not affiliated with The Hartford, so unfortunately I cannot help you with the TrueLane reporting issues you are facing. I would advise contacting your agent or The Hartford directly. Here is the website with the company contact information:

      Eric Stauffer

  55. Did not know that this will drain my batteries…UUghhhh… Don’t want to spend money trying to save money….. Is that worth it… oh my….

  56. I too have been experiencing similar problems which started following the install of the TrueLane device. When my daughter’s car would not start, we thought initially that something was being left on, and after ruling that out, perhaps an ignition switch not functioning correctly and being left in the accessory position inadvertently. This to was ruled out. We thought perhaps the battery was the issue, and so I replaced it with a brand-new one, which only alleviated the problem for a few days. Now all we can figure is that this thing is providing a significant power drain on the battery. Not happy.

  57. The TRUELANE device drained my car battery and Hartford customer service treated very rude when I called to complain. The truelane representative was rude also. The driver that was sent out from roadside service was rude and didn’t take time to jump my car properly. I had to call someone else to come start my car. I will be canceling my policy. NO ONE TOLD ME THEDDEVICE CONTINUOUSLY RUNS EVEN WHEN THE CAR IS TURNED OFF THEREFORE DRAINING THE BATTERY. THERE’S NO SENSE IN USING IT IF THE BATTERY WILL CONTINUE BEING DRAINED. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ROADSIDE SERVICE EMPLOYEES SUCK! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    • I receive the Truelane device for both of my cars (Honda) , installed the device, now both cars batteries are drained , could not start either car today. Thanks a lot.


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