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California Casualty Insurance Review

California Casualty Insurance is a personal insurance company offering a range of products including auto insurance and home insurance. They have a specific focus on affinity groups such as first responders, educators, and medical professionals. For their target market they have very reasonable prices, with quotes pulling up $110/mo.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Jul 30, 2020

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California Casualty Insurance
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California Casualty is a personal insurance company offering a range of products including auto insurance and home insurance. They have a particular focus on affinity groups, specifically first responders, educators, and medical professionals, among others.

About California Casualty

California Casualty was founded in 1914 and originally wrote worker’s compensation insurance. They expanded into the auto insurance market early, in 1917, when cars were still a novelty to many. Two decades later, they added home insurance to the lineup.

In 1951 the company began its first affinity program with the endorsement of the California Teacher’s Association. Today they have more than 100 affinity programs in place, including firefighters and police groups, medical centers, and universities. The company’s official categories are:

  • Educators and Education Support Professionals
  • Higher Education Employees
  • Firefighters and EMS
  • Peace Officers
  • Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

Today the company operates as a group of companies under the name California Casualty Group and operates in most states across the nation, with auto insurance available in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin. Other products are available in a slightly smaller number of states. Their headquarters is located in San Mateo, CA.

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California Casualty Products

California Casualty writes auto as well as several specialty vehicle policies, home, and a handful of other products.

Auto Insurance

California Casualty has a robust auto insurance program with a lot of added benefits, some of which are specific to affinity groups.

In addition to the basics – liability, personal injury protection, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage – they include things like pet injury protection, personal property coverage, and custom equipment coverage. Add-on benefits include roadside assistance.

For educators, they offer sabbatical return benefits and a foreign exchange program option.

First responders can take advantage of turnout gear and firearm coverage as well as a fallen hero survivor benefit for the family of an officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty.

Nurses, public safety professionals, and educators can also take advantage of the deductible waiver option.

The list of discounts includes standard choices like multi-policy, good student, college graduate, and mature driver.

California Casualty also insures motorcycles, mopeds, RVs, snowmobiles, antique and classic cars, and more specialty vehicles.

For customers traveling to Mexico, where a U.S. insurance policy does not carry over, the company also writes Mexican auto insurance policies for temporary coverage.

Home Insurance

Like the auto insurance program California Casualty’s home insurance package provides several benefits on top of the basics. These include lost luggage coverage, credit card fraud protection, and zero deductible on loss of use claims.

Specific coverages offered to educators include coverage for up to $3,000 in teaching materials and equipment, coverage for theft of fund-raising cash and goods, educator’s excess liability, and a survivor benefit for school violence victims.

For firefighters and peace officers, extra benefits are coverage for turnout gear and firearms, personally owned uniform coverage, and a survivor benefit.

Like the auto program, home insurance has a range of available discounts including common choices like protective systems and multi-policy.

In addition to standard homeowner’s package policies, California Casualty also has policies for renters, mobile homes, and condos.

Other Products

California Casualty offers two additional property insurance options: flood insurance and earthquake coverage. They also write personal umbrella policies.

Pet health insurance is offered but is underwritten by Pets Best through a affiliation, and not by any of the group of companies directly.


California Casualty offers online quoting for both auto and home insurance. As part of the process, visitors will be required to select the category to which they belong and of which association they are a member, as well as entering personal information.

Based on our sample rate quote, California Casualty’s rates are well below the average. We ran a sample for an educator who is a single male and 30 years old, with a 2010 Honda Accord and a clean record. Our rate, for full coverage and higher-than-minimum coverage, came back at $110 a month. That is for a 12-month policy, which means the monthly rate is locked in for longer than most companies offer.

The California Department of Insurance’s premium comparison chart puts California Casualty among the lowest-priced options. Their rates beat all of the big-name insurance companies operating in the state.


Claims can be reported either via the 24/7 toll-free claims line, or by using the online claim form that is available for both auto and home claims. Glass and roadside assistance claims both have different phone numbers to call for direct assistance. Glass-only claims are handled by Gerber National Glass.

The website has a straightforward section that provides details on what to expect from the claims process. While the customer can use any repair shop of their choosing, California Casualty does have a Guaranteed Repair Network of selected shops that will provide a lifetime warranty on repairs (for as long as you own the vehicle, which means it is not transferable).

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Ratings and Consumer Reviews

California Casualty Group has been Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited since 2011. They currently have an A+ rating with only eight complaints on file in the past three years. The three reviews on the site all have detailed responses from the company, and we see nothing of major concern there.

There are 76 reviews of the company on Yelp, with an overall 1.5-star rating. The complaints center on poor customer service and slow claims handling. Several are not from California Casualty customers but from those involved in an accident with an insured, others are complaints from people who were not happy with the quoting process. There are also some positive reviews mixed in with the negative.

The complaint volume is not particularly high overall.

The Bottom Line

California Casualty has reasonable rates for its target market. If you are part of one of their affinity groups, it is worth getting a quote to compare to your current coverage. They have solid insurance programs with extras included that may make it worth the switch even if their rate is not better that what you are currently paying.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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California Casualty
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About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. I agree.

    Why give 4 stars when every review says expresses how unhappy they are with the company.

    I admonish anyone who is looking for an insurance company…

    DO NOT USE California Casualty.

    I can’t express it enough.

    Not worth the hassle or headache.

  2. I don’t understand how you can give this company so many stars, with all these negative reviews here.

    • I agree completely–California Casualty is unfair.

      My husband and I have been customers of California Casualty for 28years.

      We use Easy Pay and have never missed a payment all those years.

      My husband was in three minor accidents this year and they canceled our policy.

      You can’t appeal the non-renewal. For many years, we had zero accidents. This is unfair.

      I do not recommend California Casualty.

    • Spouse signed a confidentiality settlement agreement thus she can not comment.

      But I did not thus, thieves, they insult, etc.

      If you have sense, hire council to address whatever issues you have with this terrible company.

      There is much I could say But I rather do the talking in court against them.

      Mind you, a will see them soon myself on a claim I had to file for an accident to one of my vehicles while I was shopping & found when I left the shipping center!

      That stated, I dropped them like a hot potato & have another carrier.

      This company is a family-owned umbrella company that underwrite risk but when a rightful claim is presented, you are their enemy thus I implore you to seek council for legal representation!!!!!

      Loon at Kemper, Amicable as alternate carriers.

      Best regards,

  3. TERRIBLE INSURANCE COMPANY!! Seriously, the worst ever.

    Keep in mind, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It’s cheap insurance (which is why I opted to go with it in the first place.

    Also, because I’m a safe driver who has never caused an accident in my life.)

    I was a member for 4 years and I was in a very minor fender bender for the first time, which wasn’t my fault (the other party was illegally passing traffic and scratched my car.)

    The whole experience was stressful enough with the other party being incredibly belligerent at the scene of the incident, screaming and threatening me.

    Police were called and we exchanged info. I called to report it, they took my statement and I submitted all necessary documentation.

    They determined that I was at fault (which wasn’t true and was clearly evident by the photos and damage to both cars!!) and then became very rude about the whole situation and stopped communicating with me.

    They didn’t tell me that the other individual had claimed an astronomical amount in car repairs (which were absolutely disproportionate to the small scratch on his car, which was an old HONDA not a Porsche!!) and then claimed injuries which again, disproportionate to the damage and were clearly fraudulent!!

    He claimed to have medical treatment for like, 6 months and then my monthly insurance premiums TRIPLED because I got two points on my record for this whole fiasco!!

    They paid this scammer over $12K for nothing!! And the only way I found out was because I noticed that my monthly payments skyrocketed.

    They clearly didn’t do their job in protecting me as the PAYING CONSUMER and allowed me to be taken to the cleaners by this disgusting piece of human excrement and I became the victim of auto insurance fraud.

    They won’t protect you and will be rude while they allow you to be taken advantage of because it’s cheaper for them to just push claims through and settle rather than doing their diligence and investigating claims.

    Definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND. Suck it up, pay for the more expensive insurance because in the end, it’s going to cost you at some point.

    • Update: Spoke with the manager of the claims department that handled my case and admitted that his claims were bs and that he “got more than he deserved” but they wanted the paperwork off their desk.

      They also lied to me about handling the repairs for the other individual’s car, claiming that they made sure everything was kept at the lowest cost possible.

      Turns out AAA handles the car repairs, not Cal Cas.

      The AAA Claims adjuster even told me he spoke with Cal Cas and wasn’t impressed.

      He said, “If you were our client, we would have fought tooth and nail for you.”

      Stay away from California Casualty at all costs!!

    • UPDATE: I spoke with a Manager in the claims department.

      He told me that the other party’s claim did send up red flags and that “he got more than he deserved.”

      I was told that they just wanted the paperwork off their desk. This company is a joke.

  4. OMG, seriously, you pay for risk they insure & then, you become their enemy for having the nerve to expect proper compensation for what you pay them, annually for many years. Rates always creep up each year on renewal with BS reasoning, & may I humbly suggest that companies like this (foreign entity registered, mind you) be skipped when considering coverage purchase. Frankly, horrible underwriting techniques, deceitful & may i furthermore suggest, any insured with them seeking claim issues retain council, sad but necessary! Even with legal counsel (attorney) fighting for your rightfully due coverage, an uphill battle. They try & browbeat you with interrogatories, depositions, blah, blah, blah. If you were injured, get to a court trial against them. A jury trial mind you. Yes, on average about a 4-5 year ordeal BUT it’s the only way to get justice from this company, mind you, because the jury awards you not because they cave & pay what they are told to, by jury & affirmed by court trial judge. They ensure risk, take your monthly money times years & a valid claim, due to no fault of your own & you should take a long walk in a very short pier, NOT! Sad to say but insurance companies “insure risk” & then want to downplay injury, etc. Don’t play that game with them. If you were injured, buckle up & fight for fair & warranted coverage you, under contract, mind you, purchased. Defend your right & show this “foreign entity registered company” that you were injured & to extent of your coverage (full coverage referring to) you expect fair & warranted payment for claim that you paid for! You will have to share award with attorney but trust me, best to get 66-1/3℅ versus 100℅ of nothing. If you paid for coverage & were injured, fight, fight, fight. In the end, you will be glad you did. After all, deny claims is their middle name. If they deny & fight on 10 claims, about 2 claimants will settle for pennies & 1 brings fight to a court & the other 7 just ball up & disappear! Now you see why they deny & fight claims of injury, it’s in their best interest business wise that is. Excellent cash flow monthly for them & minimal payout, what is not to like! Again, seriously injured, fight them back & you shall prevail. We are now four years fighting them & due at trial over the next quarter & will prevail. Godspeed to those in similar situations, our best to you & yours.

  5. I was hit by someone with California Casualty insurance who was 100% at fault. When they prepared an estimate of what they would pay for my totaled vehicle, they fabicated the mileage on my car (112,500 instead of 105,500) and used a salvaged vehicle with a branded title (as in, wrecked) to figure out how much my car was worth. California Casualty needs to be fined and cited for illegal practices. Still trying to figure out what regulatory agency I can complain to. For now I am calling on a daily basis to irritate them until they make an offer just to make me go away. The most unethical people I’ve ever dealt with. Don’t trust them!

  6. I have had California Casualty for a couple years and it’s always been more expensive than other policies but recently they have shown me that being a loyal customer means absolutely nothing to them. [Redacted] the “team lead” was nice but worthless. The customer service reps…especially [Redacted] is the worse rep I have ever encountered. She was very condescending and rude. She cut me off. She didn’t listen. California Casualty added a driver to my insurance without my acknowledgement. They raised my insurance an extra $250 a month. They sent a letter to the wrong address and said oh well. When I tried to get clarification..they acted as if it was my fault and they were the ones who didn’t change my Address. I called twice and gave a change of address and they never changed it. This really shouldn’t be your first option. Try other companies 1st and then if you have absolutely nowhere else to go then try this crappy company.

  7. On October 21st 2007 we lost our home in the Harris Fire. We were under the impression that we were sufficiently covered by California Casualty. That was not the case and they showed the structure at under 2400 square feet. The county of San Diego shows it at 4500 square feet. I was a police officer at the time and still went to work while my home burned to the ground. I would not recommend California Casualty. As a 1st responder, my community had an expectation that I would be there for them. California Casualty was not there for me and I would encourage police officers, firemen, and teachers not to insure your family’s future with them. We were extremely under insured and I am now sharing my story with police, fire, and teacher unions. Please remove California Casualty as a choice for insurance coverage for those that serve. Make your family your priority!!!

  8. I’m puzzled by the many negative reviews. We have been insured by California Casualty for over 30 years, for both homeowner’s and auto insurance. They have always responded promptly and fairly when we have made claims.

    My husband has had several fender benders over the years; they have paid as promised and not threatened to cancel him nor significantly raised his rates. They replaced our nearly 30 yr old fence when it blew down in a recent wind storm–without hesitation or argument–just asked for 3 bids from contractors.

    They are covering damage to my car from a driver’s lesson gone wrong for my 13 yr old daughter (unlicensed) as I was in the car with her, and she had my permission.

    Couldn’t be more pleased with them.

    • They are terrible! The drew us in with a low quote. So we switched both auto on the home we just purchased. Then one month later they send us notice via mail (no call) saying our home owners policy is being canceled. Why? Because a few branches of our cherry tree hang over our roof and because our pool has a diving rock. So we cut back the tree at their direction only to be told they are still canceling our policy because of the diving rock. Why make us do all the work to cut back the tree is you are still going to cancel the policy?!? We are good insured. We have never even had a claim. And kicker of it is is that I call my sister to see who she is insured by as she lives waking distance away and has a pool with a diving rock. Who does she have? CA casualty. Talk about a double standard. We will be letting everyone we know. It to use them. And you can bet my sister will be cancelling her policy.

    • Good for you but not for me. After I filed a claim due to NOT AT FAULT accident, I have never heard any reply on my emails nor receive any calls. Whenever I called the person in-charged of my claim, I could never leave any voice message at all. What kind of customer service is this? I have called the 800 number and had waited for more than an hour and I was hanged up. Their service is so ridiculous. I was expecting of quality service because they only accommodate certain group of professionals. I have regretted that I have convinced easily and didn’t research about the quality of service of this company.

  9. They are a TERRIBLE terrible company!! You do get “nice” customer service people sometimes but as far as actual customer service and fallow through go, the worst!! We switched to them because they offered special rates to RN’s and for teen drivers but then after they signed us up and took our money for auto and renters they found “issues” that they kept trying to get ME to get all this info on for them when it was actually there job to verify and do… Back and forth for 1st 3 weeks and then they finally said do it or we can’t promise your coverage we offered you blah blah blah…. I finally called them out on it and told them I would be changing companies because I was over it and I just wanted the policy I paid them for to cancel at end of the paid for month…. Finally they called back saying auto is good till 31st but under writing decided to cancel your renters effective TODAY even though I paid for it in advance!!! Now I’ll have a 4 day laps…. DO NOT GO TO THESE PEOPLE

  10. Wow, I am glad I came here to see the reviews. In my case, I sent at least four emails asking for information and not even a hint of a response. Now that I have some additional information I am glad I didn’t get involved with this company. In my book, if you can’t even reply to an inquiry saying I need to talk to them on the phone that says a lot about responses to more critically important issues. I will stay with my current insurers, at least I have over ten years of experience working with them and although insurance companies, in general, are a pain in the [Redacted] at least mine are ok to work with, etc.

  11. I’m seeking information about CalCas because one of their insureds side wiped my vehicle after running a stop.
    They will not repair the damage and they are offering to pay for being totaled.

    I had surgery that went wrong and after 2 years, I’m bearly starting to move around and this happens.

    I have no job, and that is my only means of transportation. They want me to use the money for a down payment on another car but since I haven’t work for 2 years, I do not qualify for a loan nor can I make any payments.

    They will not work with me on giving a little bit more so I can fix it. If I keep the vehicle they will pay $700.00 less than paying for the totaled vehicle.

    Anyway, I’m wanting to contact the person that hit me but I don’t know if it’s illegal to do so.

  12. California casulty is the worst auto insurance company. They have poor customer service, they price gouge and lie to their customers. Geico charges me 100.00 less for insurance each month. DO NOT use these horrible people.

  13. On October 15 I was rear ended by a California casualty costumer, I was at a full stop and she hit me. ( I don’t know if she was running late for school since she is a teacher at my son’s school)
    I was a little skeptical after reading reviews about people’s claims. I gave her option to pay, it was only 555.00 and she wanted to turn it in into insurance. I received my check today, now all I got to do is take it to the shop.
    All I wanted was my car fixed I wasn’t trying to keep any extra money!!!
    So all and all I didn’t have a bad experience.

  14. Horrible customer service, and no way to report it up the chain. I was spoken to very disrespectfully by a claims manager, and when I asked to speak to his Supervisor, he got even more rude and refused to tell me who his supervisor was. That was after being treated very rudely by another claims person prior to that. This company needs to train its employees on how to provide customer service and handle difficult situations.

  15. I am thinking about using this company, does anyone have any current expeiences they can share with me.

    • We have CALCAS and have maintained premiums for the past 16 years. Our daughter was rear ended and pushed into another vehicle. Claim was filed and a ton of documents were sent to us to complete as they determined the car was totaled. We’re were offered a payout which we initially agreed to, however after weeks of waiting for payout we still have not received payment nor timely responses. We are filing complaints tomorrow with the insurance commissioner and even planning to involve a local media outlet to publicize the matter

    • This is a excellent insurance company. The customer service is top notch.
      Claims process is flawless. perfect for American Heros.

      • In what way are they excellent? Please cite actual examples.

    • We switched to California Casualty about a year ago. Returning home from an extended vacation we discovered that there had been a leak in a drain pipe in our mudroom downstairs for quite some time. The affected area was hidden by shelving and our dryer so the first indication that there was an issue was when mold broke through the wall while we were gone. We contacted CalCas and spoke with [Redacted] , got the leak repaired, they sent out a guy to document and take pictures. We were a little concerned about going ahead with repairs before we had confirmation of coverage. When we received verbal confirmation, we proceeded with the repairs. Now that we are down to the studs, cleaned up and ready to put it all back together, yesterday we received a letter denying the claim. The contractor in charge of our restoration contacted CalCas and guess what? She no longer works there! The letter was dated 8/10. We received it on the 21st! How does it take 11 days to travel from Northern California to Southeast Idaho. We Never received a call or anything in that time to let us know there was a problem. STAY AWAY!

    • Car insurance is great but house insurance It’s awful.. you get to know this until you need to take use of it..sad

  16. I was hit by someone insured with calcas. Company tried to shortchange me by offering Chinese quality parts instead of factory parts. In the end I had to take them to court and sue to get my car fixed. Worst bunch of sleazy crooks I’ve ever come across. Stay far far away. All of this was for a measely 1 k

  17. I was thinking of changing to California Casualty. Why so many negative comments after a positive review?

    • Because their communication is flat out terrible give them your bank account information and could be charged someone elses premium. If you dispute that through your bank they will try to get that money back after some joke of a deal they try to offer. Rather than just suckin it up admitting their mistakes and fixing them. No one has a clue about anything around their. So save yourself the hassle headache and possibly an out of control overdrafted bank account. Plus their roadside assistance is a joke. Dont break down less then 5 miles from a shop or you pay the entire tow bill. So id go with someone way more reputable.

      • We actually had similar billing problems with Geico over the course of a miserable couple of years, and are now CALCAS customers instead. So I’m not sure whom to recommend as a “reputable” insurer. It isn’t Geico. Geico repeatedly denied having received our premium payments OVER TWO YEARS despite our BOTH having sent them checks every time AND them having our bank account info. They regularly informed us over that year that we didn’t have any insurance coverage (by both mail and phone) because of non-payment. Our family just got used to budgeting a “Geico Day” every now and then when either my wife or myself would yell at various levels of Geico supervisors on the phone for hours, and callbacks, and more hours up the ladder until some supervisor agreed to “give us more time to pay = Look around for the check we sent them.” We ended up just begging them to let us SOMEHOW hand them money–how can we possibly give you this money? Drive it to your [Redacted] house????–but they just couldn’t seem to hang onto our payments. And then the robo-threats about driving illegally start up again after a month or two at the end of the “grace period” (i.e. period they allowed themselves to search on their floor for our checks and bank info, before canceling our coverage again). How it is possible in this day and age that one person would just be unable to pay another person, I cannot fathom – it requires a level of complete bureaucratic incompetence that would be hard to even construct on purpose. Moral of my story = beware of insurance giants, too. They have no idea who you are, or which of their 500 subsidiary companies has your check or payment info, and at the worst your coverage may evaporate – as ours did every so many months.

    • Please don’t change to California Casualty..

  18. California Casualty sales person call us and offered to cover out property for half of what we are paying another company. The sales person told us to keep our current insurance until an inspection could be done to ensure the correct amount they would charge. One week after our house was inspected, we received a letter from California Casualty advising us our home insurance was canceled because our home did not meet their requirements. We called and asked how they could cancel an insurance policy that had never been finalized, or agreed upon. They only said it was their policy to provide coverage before the contract was finalized and they did not have to inform us that they were insuring out home.
    A week later I received a bill from them charging us $33.00 to close out our account, an account I never started in the first place. This company used to be good, but it is now a ripoff.

  19. Please tell me how this company can have such a high bbb rating. I have heard nothing but bad things about them. They drag their feet with regard to paying claims they are obviously on the hook for. I’m amazed and sad for all the people above. I don’t need to go into detail about them except to say they forced my wife to go to small claims court to get a judgment before paying a claim they were obligated to pay from the start. It appears they want to wear people down and make them go away. What a bunch of unprofessional [Redacted].

  20. I was hit by a guy insured with California Casualty on 1/7/2014. I called my insurance company at the scene and they called and talked to the other driver. He admitted fault and was recorded doing it. I was told to pursue his insurance since I do not have comp and collision on my vehicle.

    These people have been nothing but rude and demeaning in every conversation and every contact. They finally rented a car for me two days later. They sent an adjuster that was pregnant, only talked to my mechanic about how she leaves her kids in the car when she is working and didn’t have a pen or paper with her. She didn’t lift the hood on my car. They insisted that my mechanic purchase used parts to make the repairs. I was mailed a check with no estimate of the repair, so my mechanic didn’t know what he was fixing. Then he found more damage upon tearing the thing down. He contacted the insurance company and was told that he should not longer talk to me regarding the repairs. I called and spoke to a supervisor on Monday and he told me that they had no documentation of contact with any anyone. But both my mechanic and myself have recorded conversations with [Redacted] their rep that was assigned. He just didn’t document the contacts. Today they sent another adjuster to look at my car and want to total the car. They are sending me the check by Tuesday but will stop paying for the rental car on Monday. I called [Redacted] the supervisor that I spoke to on Monday. He had told me he would call me in two days. He did not call me. I ask about extending the car and he told me no and that he was paying for my lost wages, tuition or inconvenience. He then hung up on me.

    This company is beyond horrible. I can’t believe this web site has given them a positive endorsement. If you hear about this company or get hit by someone insured with them. Just go retain an attorney and don’t waste your time with them.

    • Correction: [Redacted] said he was not going to pay for my inconvenience, lost wages, etc. I pointed out that his insured hit me and admitted fault and that they dropped the ball. That was when he said he would do nothing for me and hung up.

  21. An insured of California Casualty hit me five months ago. Their insured was responsible for the accident, issued a citation and the accident was witness by a firefighter of the city in which the accident occurred and CALCAS still attempted to deny the claim and all liability for weeks. Upon finally accepting liability and after I was forced to go through my insurance company, they are still refusing to pay any out of pocket expenses I incurred as a result fo the accident. The out of pocket expenses are reasonable at just under $400 for the difference of an economy car my insurance company covers and the comparable vehilce I rented which happened to be the exact make and model of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

    The insurance adjuster I have had to deal with is very uneducated and has little to no knowledge of insurance regulations and liabilities. I have since hired an attorney and we are filing a suit against them for lost wages, attorneys fees and of course my out of pocket expenses.

    I just want to forewarn those considering this insurance company that they are real Mickey Mouse and you very much get what you pay for in this case. I am actually suing the responsible party, can you imagine getting sued because your insurance company did not protect your bottom line?

  22. I own a small body shop in Richmond, Va. I had a customer of California Casualty insurance come to my shop to have their car repaired after an accident. Long story short, they couldn’t care less about their insured and the repairs done to her 2013 Hyundai Accent. They wanted used parts, aftermarket parts, etc and then refused to pay my shop for work claiming “You did work that wasn’t authorized by anyone”. The adjuster told my shop to hold off on work until they could get someone out to look at it. This was 1 week and 2 days AFTER the work had begun. Authorized by the customer. A supplement was sent to them and took them almost a week to respond. Mean time, other’s from CA Casualty called complaining that she had the rental car too long and we needed to get the job done in a hurry. Long story short, as the owner of the body shop, I had 2 choices, hold the customer’s car until full payment was received by SOMEONE, or eat $396.00 and give the lady her car. To keep MY companies reputation as stellar as possible, I explained to the customer that I cared more about her than her insurance company and that I would eat that additional money so that she could leave with her car in PRE ACCIDENT condition. Customer was happy with me, is currently seeking a new insurance company. I hope other’s don’t have to find out the hard was as well. So, in the future, if I get a customer of Ca Casualty come into my shop, I will notify them IMMEDIATELY that NO work will be done until Ca Casualty pays for repairs IN FULL. My advice, stay away from them altogether and show them that YOU keep them in business, not the other way around.

  23. I am upset with sloppy performance of CALCAS & EVERHOME MORTGAGE. Do not send Inspectors if You do not send Remanent of my claim in check with out EVERHOME ENDORSEMENT REQUIRED. I am going to Tennessee Civil Court to file a civil lawsuit against CALCAS & EVERHOME if I do not have the entire payment of my claim by Sunday May 12, 2013 MOTHER DAY. I HAVE A lawyer already who can get in my behalf copy of your STANDARD HOME OWNER INSURANCE POLICY. HIS FAX IS [Redacted].

  24. You’ll want to stay away from this company. One of their clients side-swiped my pick-up trying to enter my lane from the shoulder. California Casualty wasted my time by sending me to get an estimate for damages, then refused to fix my vehicle advising me to sue them. “It’s your word against ours.” They had no intention of honoring the claim without wasting my time and money in court, which they knew I would not do for $1500 worth of damages. Instead I’ve reported them to the California Department of Insurance which will probably do nothing either, but any pressure I can put on this fraudulent company will be well worth the effort.


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