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Safeway Insurance Overview

Safeway Insurance Company is a U.S. insurance provider headquartered in Westmont, Illinois. The company was founded by William J. Parillo in 1959. Parillo still leads Safeway today as chairman and president, while Robert M. Bordeman serves as the company’s chief executive officer. Safeway is a privately held and family owned company. Though it is headquartered in Illinois, the company has several field offices throughout the country.

In addition to Safeway Insurance Company, there are a number of other subsidiary companies within the Safeway Insurance Group. Some of these include: Safeway Direct Insurance Company, Safeway Property Insurance Company, SPIC Financial Corporation, Safeway Insurance Company of Alabama, Safeway Insurance Company of Arkansas, Safeway Insurance Company of Georgia, Safeway Insurance Company of Louisiana and Oak Brook County Mutual Insurance Company.

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Safeway Insurance Products

The company offers a variety of products, including auto, home, renters, mobile home and condo insurance coverage. Safeway’s products are available to residents of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. In Florida, however, Safeway only offers property insurance to its customers.

Safeway Insurance Rates

Safeway’s main source of distribution for their products is through agents, which generally increases the cost over direct providers like GEICO and esurance. This is not always the case, as every insurance company has their own set of underwriting guidelines, but anyone who is concerned about price should also get quotes from companies that will sell a policy directly to them without going through a middleman.

Safeway Consumer Complaints

Safeway Insurance Co. has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since Nov. 17, 1997. On the BBB’s rating scale of A+ to F (A+ being the highest), Safeway currently has a “B+” rating. In the last 36 months, there have been a total of 36 customer complaints filed with the BBB against Safeway. Eleven of these complaints were recorded in the last year. The bulk of these complaints were filed in regard to product or service problems. According to the bureau, two of the complaints related to guarantee and warranty issues, seven stemmed from billing or collection issues and the remaining 27 involved issues with Safeway’s products or services. There were no reported complaints regarding advertising, sales or delivery.

Safeway Financial Rating

A.M. Best Rating – A

Fitch Rating – N/A

S & P Rating – N/A

Safeway Overall Rating

Safeway could be a good choice for a person or family looking to get their entire property insurance portfolio under one roof. By working with an agent licensed to sell Safeway insurance products, they can get a clear picture of where their liabilities are and what they need to protect their assets.

Individuals and families who have simple insurance needs or are very price conscience will want to check with direct insurers like GEICO or Progressive, since their rates are generally going to be lower.

Safeway Contact Information

Phone Number
(630) 887-8300

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Safeway Insurance Overview
Safeway Insurance Company is a U.S. in…

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  1. Desiree Arnold says

    This company has the worst customer service ever. I was involved in an accident with a Safeway policyholder and everything from getting the vehicle in the shop to renting a car was a task and a nightmare. The claims representative did not answer his phone or return my calls. After calling for four days I had to delay getting my vehicle fixed by one day because he was the person responsible for reserving a rental car. [Redacted] finally made the reservations, however, he reserved a compact car. I drive a 3 seat SUV (Chevy Trailblazer EXT). In an attempt to rectify this problem I tried to contact him and continued to receive a voicemail until I pressed 0 and spoke with an operator. The operator transferred me to [Redacted]. She was very rude and argumentative and wanted to know what I needed an SUV for. She continued to be uncooperative even when speaking with my husband who advised her that my part-time weekend business requires me to carry tables, mannequins, and other displays to and from home parties. [Redacted] stated she could only upgrade us to a Chevy Cruze which is still not large enough for me host my party this weekend and I was forced to cancel. This company has shown me no compassion for being in an accident at the fault of their client and their rude representative is quite opposite from their website claim of friendly representatives.

    Safeway gets an F. Do not support this company.

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