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Great American Insurance Overview

Great American Insurance offers property and casualty insurance to businesses across the country. The company is comprised of more than 25 divisions, each offering different insurance and financial products to business owners. The company was founded in 1872 in New York, but its current headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio. It offers insurance coverage to businesses in multiple states and has several offices throughout the country for its various divisions.

The company offers insurance coverage to many types of businesses, including those requiring specialty insurance. Some of the policies offered include those for agribusiness, inland marine businesses and construction. In addition to property and casualty insurance, Great American Insurance offers a wide variety of financial products to its customers. These include annuities, loans and surety bonds. Great American Insurance also offers supplemental unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance.

Each product sold through the company has its own division, allowing Great American Insurance to provide personalized service to its customers across a wide selection of niches.

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Great American Insurance Products

Multiple products are offered by Great American Insurance depending on the business niche requiring coverage. The commercial auto insurance products offer separate policy options for agribusiness, interstate trucking, social service industries and home contractors. The agribusiness policies offered by Great American also provide coverage for farm equipment and equine mortality.

Great American Insurance also offers a number of liability coverages for businesses, including general liability and executive or professional liability policies. There are also captive risk-sharing products available to retail businesses and other organizations.

Great American Consumer Complaints

Great American Insurance has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the past three years, there have been 15 complaints made on the BBB website; three of these have been made within the past 12 months.

Most consumer complaints found online about Great American Insurance concern the company’s health and worker’s compensation insurance. Most of these complaints are registered by company employees rather than the business client itself. Some common complaints include issues with being billed for a canceled policy, claims being denied and warranties being offered in error.

Great American Financial Rating

A.M. Best Rating – A+

Fitch Rating – A+

S & P Rating – A+

Great American Overall Rating

Great American Insurance is a specialized business insurance company that can provide a unique set of coverages for businesses. Companies looking for very specific insurance protection may find Great American a good fit for their needs. They are located all over the country, and can provide protection for small and medium-sized businesses.

There are a lot of complaints regarding their health and worker’s compensation insurance, many of which appear to have come from company employees who have the coverage. The main issues are related to billing and claims being denied.

If you have a business that needs specialty insurance coverage, Great American is a good company to check out. They provide a number of unique solutions that could be a good fit for a unique business.

Companies looking for workers compensation or health insurance for their employees may want to dig a little deeper than usual before signing up with Great American, since there are a lot of complaints regarding these programs.

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Great American Insurance Overview
Great American Insurance offers property an…

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