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Allstate Insurance Summary

Allstate is the largest publicly-traded personal lines insurance company in the United States, and is second in size only to State Farm (private firm). They are headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois, and currently employ over 35,000 people. Allstate’s primary sales force is made up of independent agents that do not actually work for the company, but rather act as independent contractors licensed to sell their products. Allstate has recently moved towards an “exclusive agent” program, which contractually prevents many agents from selling insurance for other companies.

Allstate was originally founded in 1931 by Sears, Roebuck & Co. and remained held by the organization until the 1990’s when it was sold off to the public. In 1999, Allstate purchased the personal insurance division of CNA Financial, and changed the name to Encompass Insurance Company. Allstate made headlines again when they purchased Esurance, an online-based car insurance company, in 2011.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

As the second largest auto insurance company in the United States, Allstate offers the same coverage types that the other big-name companies. This includes liability, collision, comprehensive, etc. They also have a handful of add-ons that are available with their auto insurance policies that are sold as “Amazing Features,” but as we see with many other companies, are more likely marketing tools to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Allstate breaks their policies down into four packages: Value, Standard, Gold, and Platinum. In order to qualify for more of these “Amazing Features” you have to upgrade packages. And yes, they do cost more.

Accident Forgiveness – According to their website, Accident Forgiveness can help to keep your rates from going up after an accident. The key word here is “can.” They invite you to talk to an agent to get more details about this feature, most likely because it varies by state. Accident Forgiveness is available on any insurance package except the Value Package.

Deductible Rewards – Policyholders who carry a Gold or Platinum Package can get the deductible rewards feature, which lowers their deducible for every year they go without an accident. The maximum discount is $500. Insurance is designed to prevent a major financial disaster after an accident, not cover a couple hundred bucks here and there. It also may prevent people from reporting smaller accidents because they are afraid of losing their “reward.” It is important to factor in the increased costs when determining if deductible rewards will end up paying for itself. There is no question the insurance company has done the math and knows if it is a profitable feature for them to add.

New Car Replacement – Purchasers of new cars can add this feature as long as they have a Gold or Platinum Package. If a car was purchased new and is less than three years old, Allstate claims they will issue a check for the new car replacement value, rather than the depreciated value. This is different than the traditional GAP insurance product, which covers the difference between the depreciated value of the car and what is still owed to the financing company.

Safe Driving Bonus – Policyholders who have a Platinum Package may qualify for a refund every six months if they were accident free during that time period. Allstate claims the payment could be up to 5% of the premium. What is important to pay attention too here is the “up to” part, which basically means anything between 0 and 5% is a possibility. If your policy costs $1000 a year, you may qualify for up to $25 every six months.

Drivewise – Allstate’s Drivewise  is a usage-based car insurance program that tracks drivers individual habits and calculates discounts based on those metrics.

Home Insurance

Allstate homeowner insurance policies are broken down into three main parts:

Structure – This part of the policy covers the home itself. It is similar to the collision aspect of your car insurance. Any damage that the home incurs will potentially be covered by this part of the policy. The structure coverage limit is generally separate from other pieces of the home insurance policy.

Personal Property – This aspect of the insurance policy covers the items found inside (in some cases outside) of the home. If a computer, for example, was stolen or damaged during a covered loss, the personal property part of the policy would more than likely pay for a replacement. This too has its own dollar limit.

Liability – If the neighbor’s kid is running through your lawn and steps on a rake, unfortunately, you as the homeowner can be held liable. Allstate’s home insurance policies generally include a section that addresses this liability and can help pay for legal and settlement costs that may arise.

Life Insurance

Many Allstate agents are also licensed to sell life insurance to their customers. Allstate’s life insurance business sells the main types of policies found on the market today, including term life insurance, universal life insurance and whole life insurance.

When purchasing life insurance from anyone, make sure you fully understand the differences and what you are actually buying. Many people can save a lot of money and get proper coverage by getting a simple term life policy, but are often forced into more expensive (and higher commissioned) policies like universal and whole life. This is true across many different companies, so this is not an attempt to single out Allstate agents. It is typically more of an agent-specific issue rather than a company as a whole. Every person’s needs are different and require a customized solution, so anyone looking at life insurance should do their own research so they understand the differences before buying a policy.

Allstate Price (Rates)

Quote Test Results
- 29.8 %
Rate Test Details

According to our rate quote test, Allstate’s monthly premium came in nearly 30% lower than the average rate we have received so far. This is consistent with what we saw last year running the same test, as Allstate was on the lower end of the price spectrum then as well. In fact, Allstate’s monthly premium is the lowest we have seen so far in 2013. Individual results may vary, so anyone interested in Allstate is encouraged to get a personalized quote.


The claims process for an auto accident is very typical, and offers three main ways to initiate one. First, you can call their phone number, 1-800-ALLSTATE and the help center can start a claim. Second, you can go on the website and start the claim yourself. Third, you can contact your agent directly and they can get your claim started. For most, the 1-800 number will probably be the best, since they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Allstate’s claim process is very similar to the other large insurance companies. Once an estimate for the damage has been received, you are free to take your car to any repair shop you wish, or go to an Allstate recommended location.

Consumer Research and Complaints

When reviewing consumer opinion of Allstate as presented by Consumer Reports and JD Power, the overall sentiment is mixed but leans more towards the positive side. In 2010, a Consumer Reports Reader Study gave Allstate 85 out of 100, which translated to very satisfied. A JD Power study which focused on overall customer satisfaction gave Allstate 826 out of 1000, which was deemed to be below average. A study focusing on claims performed in 2012 by JD Power gave Allstate 4 out of 5 (better than most). And a recent study by JD Power which polled customers on the overall auto insurance purchase experience came in about average with 3 out of 5.

Allstate is currently not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A rating. This is a big improvement over the C+ rating they had when we reviewed them in 2012. In the past three years there have been 1635 complaints closed with the BBB, 516 of which occurred in the previous 12 months. The vast majority of complaints were filed as “Problems with Product / Service.”

Financial Strength

Rating CompanyGradeFinancial Outlook
AM BestA+Stable

Bottom Line

Allstate is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, and they offer just about every type of insurance an individual or family would need. For the past two years, our rate tests have shown them to be one of the lowest cost (in terms of premiums) auto insurance companies. Their consumer research results are mixed, but tend to lean toward the “above average” side. They offer a lot of fancy add-ons with their auto policies, so consumers should understand the details of each before accepting them. Overall, they appear to be a good company to check out when shopping for insurance, especially if you prefer working with an agent instead of buying it on your own.
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  1. Marie Christopher says

    YOU ARE NOT IN GOOD HAND WITH ALLSTATE!!!! When you have a claim they will not take responsibility for the damages. Their adjusters are completely incompetent and out of touch with the cost of repairing damages. Having Allstate home insurance is like not having any insurance. All they know is how to collect the money. If you have a claim THEY WILL NOT COVER DAMAGES. They did not even have the professional courtesy to send an adjuster to see that damages first hand.

    My mother is 92 years old and a heart patient. She cannot go up the stairs and she uses a walker. We have been without bathroom facilities on the first floor for five weeks. Allstate denied my request to send an adjuster down when these damages first occurred. The adjuster tried to minimize the damages. The amount of money Allstate is willing to give does not cover the cost of replacing the damaged items, not to mention the cost of labor.

    • Diane says


  2. Rebecca says

    I’m currently researching changing my auto policy to allstate and came across this review and the comments. While I’ve not decided on the change to auto policy yet, I felt compelled to provide our POSITIVE experience with an Allstate home insurance claim.

    Our home was damaged by hail in October, 2010, but the damage was not all immediately visible and was presumed by us to be minor and not worth contacting the insurance company about. By the time the damage became much more obvious (gradual loss of paint on patio cover at only the locations of hail “dings” that couldn’t even been seen until the paint flecked off, loss of paint on the gable ends at the location of dings that then accelerated until most of the gable was bare, and other such), we assumed it was too late to make a claim, more than two years having passed. Then in September 2014 we had wind damage to the roof and made a claim. The adjuster came out promptly, noted the hail damage and said it would be more cost-efficient for us to file a claim for the older hail damage – that way, not only would the roof be repaired, but also the hail damage to the patio covers and fascia. The only thing he did NOT approve for coverage was damage to the wooden gables because, due to the amount of time that had passed, he said he was unable to tell if the damage was from the hail. He said we would be sent a check for the depreciated cost of the property damaged and, should we choose to have the repairs made, we would then be reimbursed for the repairs up to very reasonable approved amount. Upon calling in to Allstate to check one item, we were told the only caveat regarding reimbursement up to the approved amount was that we had to have the repairs made within six months of initiating the claim.

    We had the depreciated value check in a week. Within the next couple of weeks, a team from Allstate came out to review the adjusters work – and approved MORE items for reimbursement (the aforementioned gables, for one) and sent us another check. Using that money to make the down payment for contractors repairs, we had the roof and all remaining damage fixed, faxed Allstate the final receipts and received the rest of reimbursement within less than a week. They covered absolutely every bit of the cost of repair minus improvements (not repair of hail damage) that we had long been desiring and had the contractor make at the same time.

    So, in summary – 1. they were prompt; 2. they did not try to avoid paying anything and actually saved us money by advising us to make the claim for the older hail damage; 3. they explained up front that the only way to recoup replacement costs was to actually do the replacement; and 4. they explained shortly thereafter the timeline for doing the replacement.

    We were thoroughly pleased, which is the reason we are now researching moving our auto insurance to them as well.

  3. fred mark says

    After 20 years with Allstate with no claims, currently 2 houses and 3 cars, Allstate is treating me like garbage.
    I just got hit by a hit-and-run driver leaving $3700 worth of damages and Allstate will pay only 2,900 which is below $3800 on the car cash value. I’m paying full coverage premium, Allstate won’t pay for the collision repair.

    DO NOT TRUST ALLSTATE. They will screw you over whenever they can.

  4. christian says

    I’m sorry to say that I believe this review to be skewed – Allstate frequently has secret new policies they do not inform their policyholders about until the policy holder has a problem and requires the help from Allstate. Claims are fought against the policyholder, and the value of a claim to be paid is 50-90 LOSS to the policyholder. Try repairing roof damage or replacing windows at the cost of Allstate’s low-balling adjusters. It truly is pathetic for an insurance company to rake in the millions from policyholders but deny them coverage when they truly need to file a claim against damage. Hail coverage, wind coverage, tornado coverage, all the acts of nature/God/whatever that the policyholder has no control over, Allstate refuses to pay. Apparently, Allstate doesn’t feel that extensive storm damage to a ROOF and WINDOWS demands a fair adjustment. It would have cost us triple the amount to repair damage, and Allstate gave us 1/4 needed to repair. Thanks, Allstate, for requiring high premiums but refusing to pay when your policyholders need you most. Oh, and don’t even think about claiming more than twice in a 10 year period, you’ll be cancelled just for asking about a claim.

    • Margie says

      My family had a tragic complete loss home fire. The money for the house itself was sent right away as soon as Allstate saw us under contract to rebuild. The contents were a different story. They sent an adjuster out. My mom was the only person present while he came because I had to work. My mom could not remember everything that was in the home and had asked the adjuster if he could come back when I could be present. He agreed. My mom kept calling to try and make another appointment . After leaving several messages the adjuster finally called back and told us he would send a copy of the content list that he and my mom had filled out and I could fill out the rest. I did. Of course after you send the list you remember other items that you forgot to add. They sent a check for some of the items. We bought just what we needed. Shopping for your entire life of items is a very daunting job. Come to find out we were suppose to purchase everything then they would give us the full value of our items. Because the check they sent was a depreciated value for the item. It didn’t even matter if it were only a month or a few months old. We were told we were out of time to submit receipts. Spoke with a supervisor told her what happened. That we were never told about the “policy” that yo have to buy it to get paid for it. They gave us a month to re buy 80,000 thousand dollars worth of items. Needless to so, that is impossible. So we were told that there was nothing that can be done. The case was closed and here we sit saddened by the loss photos of children, memories of family vacations, jewelry that was passed down and loved. And two wonderful pets that can never, ever be replaced. Allstate claims that they are there when you need them most. Hmm. I feel like we were kicked to the curb.

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