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Where standard insurance products leave off, Foremost Insurance picks up, catering to drivers, vehicles, and properties that might not find coverage elsewhere. Once known as a mobile home insurance company, Foremost today is recognized for covering higher-risk drivers and homes as well as a wide range of off-road and recreational vehicles.

Foremost Insurance Summary

Foremost Insurance opened its doors in 1952 as the first company to provide mobile home insurance to Americans, and it remains their best-known product to this day. As the company grew more products were added, including another first when they introduced travel trailer-specific insurance policies. In 2000 Foremost became a part of Farmers Insurance Group, and the company is now affiliated with Zurich Financial Services Group, Bristol West Insurance, and specialty automotive insurer J.C. Taylor. The AARP endorses Foremost to provide mobile home and motorcycle coverage to its members through an AARP branded program.

Foremost is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan and employs 2600 people directly. Foremost products are sold through over 38,000 Farmers and independent agents across all 50 states, although not all policy types are available in every state. Because the company accepts a wider range of risks, drivers with more complex needs and non-standard dwellings are often quoted through Foremost. They also specialize in off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATV’s, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.

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Insurance Products

Foremost offers insurance products in four main categories: auto, home, business, and “PowerSports”, which include off-road vehicles and watercraft. Some products are sold through affiliated companies, depending on the state.

Auto Insurance

Foremost offers auto insurance in most states – some through affiliated companies – and is considered a high-risk insurer, which means drivers who do not qualify elsewhere due to driving record, credit history or other issues may find coverage with Foremost. Auto insurance policies provide all of the required coverage and options of a standard policy including liability, comprehensive and collision, rental reimbursement coverage and roadside assistance. Additional benefits to Foremost insurance policies include:

  • Foremost Dynamite Deductible Endorsement (Deductible is lowered by $50 semi-annually or $100 annually on policy renewal.)
  • Single bill system with one renewal date for all Foremost policies
  • Multi-policy discounts across both Farmers and Foremost companies

Collectible car insurance is also available through affiliation with J.C. Taylor. Foremost also offers motorcycle insurance, including coverage for motorcycles that may be difficult to insure elsewhere such as high-powered superbikes.

Home Insurance

Foremost provides a variety of home insurance products, mainly focused on non-standard homes. This includes:

  • Mobile and manufactured homes
  • Vacation and seasonal homes such as cabins
  • Vacant properties
  • Properties that won’t meet standard insurance policy requirements

Landlord insurance policies are also available to provide coverage for rental properties. Due to the nature of some of these homes, coverage may differ from standard homeowner’s insurance policies.

Recreational Vehicles

Foremost covers a variety of different types of RVs, including luxury motor coaches, motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. The policies are specifically designed for the needs of RVs and provide a higher level of coverage than an add-on policy with your auto insurance, including:

  • Personal property, which has limited coverage under auto policies
  • Roadside assistance and towing of motorhomes, trailers, and tow vehicles
  • Full-timer coverage for people who also reside in their RV
  • Emergency expenses coverage in the event of a breakdown

Foremost “PowerSports” Products

Off-Road Vehicles

Foremost offers policies for most types of off-road vehicles, even harder-to-insure types. Policies include ATVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. Policies include coverage for riding gear such as safety equipment and trailer coverage.

Boats and Personal Watercraft

Foremost insures a wide variety of watercraft include powerboats, sailboats, and personal watercraft, which can be difficult to insure. Personal watercraft coverage is not available in all states.

Scooters and Other Vehicles

Also available under the PowerSports category are products providing coverage for scooters, electric buggies, and golf carts, whose insurance needs are unique due to the type of usage.

Business insurance

Foremost offers a variety of different policy options for small business owners. Property and liability insurance, workers compensation, and commercial auto are all available, although some coverage is limited by state. Coverage is available for a range of businesses including retail, service, contractors, and wholesalers.

Additional Products

Foremost offers a variety of additional products including umbrella insurance and flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Foremost Insurance Rates

Foremost does not offer online quoting through their website for price comparisons. Because the company provides coverage for higher risks in their home and auto divisions, their premiums may be on the higher end compared to standard policies. Foremost premiums are best compared to other higher-risk insurers rather that to standard insurers for an accurate comparison.

Foremost has a number of discounts available to help lower premiums, including discounts for EFT payments and for paying in full. Premium payments can be made online through the Foremost website as well as through automated funds transfers.


Foremost has a team of over 14,000 representatives, Mobile Claim Centers that are dispatched in the event of a major disaster, and a fleet of vehicles for claims investigations.

For personal lines claims, Foremost offers online reporting through the company website, and also offers 24/7 toll-free claims by phone. Foremost has a dedicated claims line for auto insurance claims, and a second line for all other personal lines claims. You can also file a claim through your agent.

For business insurance claims there is no online form, but a claim can be submitted via email. They can also be reported through a toll-free number or directly through your agent. Workers Compensation claims are reported through a different phone number than all other business claims.

After a claim is filed, it is assigned to a claims representative or team depending on the nature of the claim. Foremost will investigate the incident carefully, which may include a visit to inspect damages or loss locations. An estimate of damages is created and the claims representative will determine which coverage under your policy applies before resolving the claim and paying in accordance with the policy terms.

Foremost claims contact information including phone numbers and the online claims form for personal lines is readily available on their website.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Foremost is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, their highest rating available. According to BBB records, there have been a total of 80 complaints against Foremost over the past three years, with 20 complaints closed in the last 12 months. The BBB considers this to be a low level of complaints for a company the size of Foremost, which contributes to the high customer satisfaction rating the company has received overall. There is no record of any government actions against Foremost.

Financial Strength

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Bottom Line

Foremost Insurance caters mostly to markets less easily served by larger, standard insurance companies. Drivers in need of high-risk coverage and owners of mobile or manufactured homes and other non-standard dwellings may find Foremost to be an affordable option. Foremost is also a good choice for those seeking coverage for off-road, recreational, and similar vehicles, and for watercraft. For anyone who already carries policies with Farmer’s Insurance, Foremost is a good option thanks to available multi-policy discounts.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I will NEVER ever use Foremost again. I used them for my boat insurance because we had switched insurance companies for a friend selling Farmers. I had them a year and tried to file a claim on the motor. The gentleman on the phone told me the claim would not be processed because the cracking fell under exclusion #13 or something rediculous like that. I asked how many exclusions they had on a simple boat insurance and he stated 19. To me if you have 19 exclusions chances are the things that are covered do NOT outnumber the amount of exclusions. Just rediculous. When asked if I could find the list of exclusions online he stated they would only be on my original paperwork. I will never use this company for anything again. Horrible customer service and shady.

  2. Dr. Peggy McCabe says

    Foremost insurance is the company AARP recommends for their members who live in manufactured homes. In late April 2014, a plumber found a hidden leak behind the shower wall, which he fixed but he also found mold, which eventually extended through two bathrooms, an entire bedroom, and a hallway that included cabinets. Everything in those rooms was demolished. Foremost denied the claim because it was a hidden leak. The company’s representative who came to look at it was rude, unpleasant, and accused me of lying about when I noticed a leak that brought the plumber in.

    A woman representative from the company called me and seemed very happy to tell me, Foremost would not cover hidden leaks. She said if we were in Georgia, they would have to cover it but they do not have to cover hidden leaks in Florida. I am in my mid-70s and had to take out a massive personal loan to rebuild, which is still not completed. (I’m humiliated to admit, I was scammed out of several thousand dollars).

    I wrote letters to every official, to our attorney general, to the head of our state’s consumer and insurance affairs, to AARP suggesting they advertise the companies from which they get some sort of bonus, to problem solvers, to the BBB, and to other agencies about the insurance company and about the person who scammed me.

    So here is my advice: if you have a manufactured home and you have Foremost insurance, make sure they cover hidden leaks in your location. I have developed all sorts of health problems and emotional traumas over this. –I now have a company that covers everything! and it costs me nearly $1,000 less than Foremost. My cat and I have lived in chaos with things that belong in bathrooms, bedroom, linen towers, and cupboards all over the rest of my home.

  3. Shawn Polly says

    This company was Fraudulent and broke the law, but worst of all they left me and my family without insurance. Here is my story. This company offered me a fire insurance policy. The first month I paid this company to start my insurance. By month two they suspended my policy. I called and spoke to [Redacted] (by the way [Redacted] should be fired for lack of professionalism) [Redacted] told me that my fire insurance policy had been suspended because my roof was missing a few tiles. I asked [Redacted] what does my roof have to do with fire coverage. He said you have water damage coverage in with your fire coverage. I asked him how did that happen? I told him I record all my phone calls and I would review my calls to determine if I had asked for it. When I reviewed my calls I discovered that I asked him if there was any hidden fees. I also told him that all I wanted was fire coverage and nothing else. He told me he would work on it and never got back to me. [Redacted] made at least five mistakes while we were dealing with him. I asked him through e-mail to send the policy info he sent pictures of twitter and facebook images etc. He also never returned my phone calls. His boss [Redacted] should also have his license taken away. I told [Redacted] several times what [Redacted] was doing and he never corrected him and always passed me on to [Redacted] to work out the problems. I have spoke to an attorney and what your company did is illegal. You can’t offer a service get the money and then deny service. It’s called fraud. When I get my taxes I will have the $700 to file a small claim on this company and make them pay me back along with attorney fees and court costs. I also hope your company gets fined by the state of California. Your company does not care about keeping families safe you just care about the money. Your company is more than welcome to contact me about this issue!

  4. Teresa Mendenhall says

    Very upset with foremost. I have had this insurance over 10 years and no claims over last 5 years…the claim I had a long time ago was 800.00. My bill increased from last year 407.00 dollars we are retired and this is unreasonable. Policy number [Redacted].

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