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Grange Insurance Summary

Grange Insurance was founded in 1935 to service the needs of rural drivers. Today, Grange sells auto, home, business and life insurance products to customers in 13 states.

Aside from selling insurance products, Grange is active in charity and community outreach. It provides nature-based education for children in Ohio through its Grange Insurance Audubon Center, which has been operating since 2009.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

Grange sells motor vehicle coverage for personal automobiles, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

Basic policies include liability protection for bodily injuries and property damage. Full coverage insurance adds collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist and personal injury coverage, depending on the customer’s preferences and the state where the policy is issued.

Grange also provides multiple supplemental coverages that can be added to any auto policy. These include identity theft protection, towing, rental reimbursement and lease gap insurance.

Grange’s specialty insurance plan is called Personal Auto Plus Protection. This plan includes an endorsement for new auto replacement, allowing you to replace your vehicle with a new car rather than receiving a depreciated cash value. It also includes air bag replacement, locksmith reimbursement, coverage for electronic equipment and accessories, and waiver of deductible for accident-free drivers.


Discounts are available to Grange drivers with multiple policies, drivers with good grades, and those who complete defensive driving courses. There are also discounts in place for hybrid vehicles and cars with extra safety features.

Home Insurance

Grange offers property insurance policies for homes and other dwellings. It also provides renter’s insurance, which covers the personal belongings of a home or apartment renter as well as many liability issues that may arise.

Homeowners insurance coverage can be modified to suit the needs of the policyholder. In general, basic insurance offers the following coverages:

  • Dwelling protection for the house itself.
  • Other structure coverage for any additional buildings on the property, including fences, detached garages or sheds.
  • Personal property/contents protection, which covers all of an insured’s belongings regardless of where they are at the time of the loss.
  • Loss of use, which covers the expense of a hotel or other arrangement when an insured’s home is unlivable.
  • Personal liability insurance, which compensates other people for injuries or property damage caused by the insured in the event of an accident.

Aside from these basic coverages, Grange policies can also be customized with extra protection. For example, additional coverage for personal computers, equipment and valuable personal belongings can be added to boost the protection.

One unique product offered by Grange is assisted living care coverage, which offers insurance for personal property and liability for relatives residing in assisted living facilities.

Life Insurance

Grange offers term and permanent life insurance products to individuals as well as selling group plans to employers. Policies available to individuals include:

Aside from life insurance plans, Grange also provides long term care insurance. These plans provide for the cost of assisted living or other nursing care when the insured grows older or becomes incapable of taking care of themselves.

Business Insurance

Grange provides business insurance for companies of all sizes. Policies are available for commercial property and automobiles as well as various types of business liability insurance.

Grange’s BusinessAssure plan is a comprehensive policy offering a variety of coverage options:

  • Building and personal property coverage
  • Business income protection in the event of a covered loss
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Auto protection for hired and non-owned vehicles
  • Protection against identity fraud

Grange Insurance Price (Rates)

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Grange only sells products through commissioned insurance agents and this almost always drives up the cost of a policy. Those looking for low-cost insurance are going to have a better time going with a direct-to-consumer company like GEICO or Esurance.

That being said, every company has their own underwriting guidelines, and direct insurers will not beat an agent-based company 100% of the time. Anyone concerned about price should get a quote directly from a Grange agent and compare it to those from other companies.


Grange claims can be filed online, over the phone or through a local agent’s office.

To file a claim online, you will need an account on the company’s website. This account can also be used to look at the status of your claims and view your policy’s coverage or pay the bill.

Claims can also be filed 24/7 by calling 800-445-3030. The claims staff will gather the initial loss information and pass it on to a local handler, who will investigate further if necessary.

Life insurance claims and annuities can be filed by calling 800-399-3797.

Consumer Research and Complaints

The Grange Mutual Casualty Insurance has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1970, and it has B rating. The BBB website lists 41 complaints against the company in the last three years, with 18 having been closed during the last year. Of these, the overwhelming majority are listed as problems with the product or service.

Financial Strength

Rating CompanyGradeFinancial Outlook
AM BestAStable

Bottom Line

The vast majority of insurance companies manage to maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, but somehow Grange has kept a B since our first review back in 2013. Not a good sign in our opinion.

Nothing really jumps off the page in Grange’s favor, so if you have other options you should check them out.

Eric Stauffer
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About the Author

Eric Stauffer

I am a former insurance agent turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. Elizabeth says

    A grange customer drove right into my car. The car was damaged and i was injured. The woman in charge of my claim made many promises, but kept none. Now they won’t return four phone calls and messages. i will be contacting the Ohio State Insurance regulators and filing a fraud complaint against them. They are stealing money by not paying legitimate claims.

  2. Taylor says

    My service with them has been absolutely horrible. I’m 22 years old and I filed claim because a icicle fell from our roof and broke my air conditioner. They don’t return calls or emails. And when they finally answered my call- she basically denied the things she said (which I had saved in email). It’s almost June and I have a husband who works 70+ hours outside- and after going through 3 weeks of filing this claim she had the guts to say “it’s not like you need it right now it’s not hot out”. She gave me a list of things she needed and I got them right away. I had three estimates and sent them in. Then she told me she was going tk issue the check. I called after 3 days of not hearing from her and now she says she needs them tk come back and write more information! I’m pissed!

      • Christine Higgins says

        Yeah, they are pretty rude and contradict themselves a lot! I am 39 and they still talked to me like I was stupid!

  3. Francine Rose says

    I own a commercial Butler-type bldg, formerly used as an antiques store. Closed the biz & am using it as storage. I will lease half of it (1200 sf) to a friend, while the other half remains storage. Although for sale, but no bites.

    3 yrs ago I filed a claim with Traveler’s for damages from a busted water pipe. Premiums have since tripled. Notified my ins agent of my current status who notified Trav. Have heard zip. Called another ageny who quoted from Grange. I’m insurance savvy, & reading your comments, I don’t think Grange would make a good partner. What to do? I live in GA.

  4. Christine Lynch says

    A Grange client hit my car 10 days ago. The car is totalled and I was injured. It took 6 days just to get someone to call me back. The receptionist was really rude and the adjuster said they couldn’t do anything until they got in touch with their client. Nothing has been done and they refuse to return my calls.

    • liz says

      This does not surprise me. I was in a wreck in Feb 2014–it took 3 weeks for them to figure out the car wouldnt start and that it was a total loss–then they stopped the rental because it was now a total loss–it is now mid April, and my bank has still not received payoff–when i emailed and asked an update, (because they weren’t informing me of anything unless I asked them) I was told that I was hindering their ability to process other claims because I was asking for updates and to stop asking! I called a manager and to my amazement, they defended the adjuster. 8 weeks and still no outcome. I’d like to see how they would handle this if they were in my shoes.

    • Janella says

      This is so terrible to say we pay insurance to this company and when its time to file a claim you end up stressed out. My experience was that some one backed into my vehicle in the middle of the night. I called the cops and the claims department. I had all the information I needed so the process could go smooth. My entire process has been terrible the adjuster [Redacted] has been rude, nonchalant and very unprofessional. I called 5 times leaving messages just to get 1 call back from here. This lady is not on the consumer side. Every time we spoke she was nasty in her voice tone.The appraiser was not knowledgeable of how to asset damages instead of looking at the pictures he assumed some was damages the other half of the vehicle that also were damage during the accident was not going to be repaired by them. To say that, I am so dissatisfied with the way they handle me as a client. Even when I spoke with the manager [Redacted] he was also short spoken and rude to me, not going to bat for me as a client. The one lady I spoke too was awesome [Redacted].. This person needs to be with a better company that actually cares about there people.

  5. Rhonda says

    My husband was driving my car on thanksgiving and he was in a car accident. The police ruled both vehicles as no fault. My insurance company don’t want to pay my claim because he wasn’t listed as a driver on my insurance, so they say that was fraud. Is this true?

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Rhonda,

      As far as I am aware, the vast majority of insurance companies require spouses to be listed on the policy. This may be different for couples with unusual circumstances, such as separated status, but for the most part this is the case.

      In certain situations you can exclude a spouse from the contract intentionally, but they are not covered if they drive the car. This may be the case when one spouse has an awful driving record or a couple DUIs and has decided to stop driving all together.

      Your insurance company may be a little quick to jump to the term “fraud,” but I am not personally aware of all the details. The bottom line is that your spouse should be listed on the policy if you live together. If you signed up through an agent they should have walked you through that when they were asking about other licensed drivers in your house. If you signed up online, then its on you as the person filling out the form to be honest about all licensed drivers.

      Just because the insurance company made an initial ruling, certainly does not mean that is final. You can appeal the process or even hire a lawyer to pursue it. Just because they said no doesn’t mean you should stop fighting it.

  6. Steve says

    General liability insurance is a joke. They will pay for damage if you are not working on a project. But if you have a problem with something that you are working on, you are on your own. They should call it scam bs insurance. DO NOT GET GL THROUGH GRANGE. It is a scam.

  7. Rose says

    Currently w/ auto owners for all ins. Happy. Been with them for years. No claims for judging. A family friend in ins has grange ins. Deductible is higher on some things to keep rate close to what I am currently paying. Having second thoughts. How do you feel about auto owners vs grange?

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Rose,

      As an overall view of the two companies, I prefer Auto Owners to Grange for a number of different reasons. First, Auto Owners has great consumer rating scores from both J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. Second, there are not a lot of reports of Auto Owners dropping their customers after a claim, which a lot of insurance companies do. Finally, Grange has both low financial strength ratings compared to other insurance companies and their Better Business Bureau is not an A.

      Of course none of that factors in price, which can be a big part of your decision. All other things being equal, I would personally go with Auto Owners.

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