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United Healthcare Insurance Review & Complaints: Health Insurance

United Healthcare is the largest single insurer in the United States covering over 70 million people, they are a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. United Healthcare offers insurance plans for individuals, families and businesses.

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Eric Stauffer is a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. His priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best...

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UPDATED: Sep 14, 2020

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United Healthcare
Financial Strength

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UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH) is the largest single insurer in the United States and covers over 70 million people. United Healthcare is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Inc. and is the most well-known face of the company.

The company began as UnitedHealth Group Inc. in the late 70s and currently employs over 200,000 people. They are headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and operate all over the United States.

United Healthcare Products

United Healthcare offers insurance plans for individuals, families and businesses. Some of their most popular services include:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance Plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Small Business Health Insurance
  • Corporate Health Insurance

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United Healthcare Consumer Complaints

Is United Healthcare good insurance? United Healthcare is not Better Business Bureau accredited nor is UnitedHealth Group. There are a handful of different ratings for United Healthcare for different locations. UnitedHealth Group is listed as not-rated on the site. There are however many complaints listed under the UnitedHealth Group profile. A total of 1344 complaints have been listed in the past three years, 431 of which have been closed in the last 12 months.

The main complaint found on major consumer forums is that United Healthcare is difficult to get a hold of and get information from. There are numerous reports of it taking a lengthy amount of time to get through to an actual person, and then not getting the information or action they need.

United Healthcare Consumer Research Reports

In the 2017 J.D. Power and Associates Member Health Plan Study, United Healthcare scored at or below average in the three largest population centers in the United States. New York and Texas both scored 2 out of 5, which is below average, while California scored a 3, putting it in the average category. However, in the Southwest, United Healthcare received a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Financial Ratings

Rating Company Grade Financial Outlook
AM Best A Stable
Fitch AA- Negative
S&P AA Negative

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Bottom Line

United Healthcare is a nationwide organization that can provide insurance to families and businesses almost anywhere in the United States. They are very big, so their group of in-network care facilities reflects that. Most people will find their doctors listed in the United Healthcare network. The company ranks average or below in almost all categories when it comes to major consumer reporting studies. This can equate to less than adequate customer service, denied claims, and even billing issues. Additionally, United Healthcare’s financial strength, as reported by the major reporting agencies, is less than perfect.

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United Healthcare
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About Eric Stauffer

Author: Eric StaufferI am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.


  1. I used to think that United Healthcare were a great Company until it decided to break off with my Doctor AFTER Benefits Enrollment.

    It seems once they have your money, that’s the end of the care.

    We had been with our current doctor for years and being over 65 will find it hard to find a new Doctor to take us.

    They should be ashamed

  2. I had UHC when I contracted prostate cancer.

    When they didn’t pay the claims I called them.

    They said they had never received them, even though the doctor said they had been submitted.

    I sent copies of the claims, return receipt. They still didn’t pay. I inquired.

    They said they received the claims but I was out of network.

    I showed them on their own website I was NOT out of network.

    They acknowledged that, but still wouldn’t pay. Why? They said I hadn’t met the deductible.

    Again, I proved them wrong. They finally paid. I no longer have UHC.

  3. When I notified CMS about contract violations by United Health Care and OCR about HIPAA violations, UHC retaliated against me by refusing to allow me access to physicians.

    I could not access the website. They would not return calls.

    I kept calling and finally, I was given contact info for specialists > 400 miles away, or different specialists other than what I asked for.

    I was given the name of a provider that wasn’t even an MD.

    I called every day asking for someone to call back, but weeks went by without a response by someone who would give me the requested information.

    So, they refused me access to information about in-network providers.

    CMS accepted that complaint as clearly illegal retaliation.

    When I changed my contact information for my new phone and address, they continued to call the old phone, giving my confidential health information to the new owner of the phone without verifying the person.

  4. I purchased a temporary plan between jobs. I needed to see a doctor.

    When I tried to use it I called every doctor on their list within 50 miles of my home.

    I was told a minimum of 45 up to 75 days to be seen. And in many cases, they refused new patients on a temporary appointment plan altogether.

    I was forced to seek public health options which was completely demoralizing and embarrassing.

    I immediately canceled my policy three days after purchase.

    It is now 20 days later and I have still not received a refund.

    Customer service told me 5-15 business days to be paid. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any insurance company.

    I will tell you now do not buy from this company they are a joke!

    • This is nothing new from UHC.

      They fail in just about every category from coverage to customer service in my opinion.

  5. Pharmaceutical & Preauthorization’s Takes your Premiums & Kick you right in the Berries.

    I have never had so much frustration from an insurance company trying to get my medications,

    the preauthorization process which has already taken 4 weeks because they continually request one more thing from the doctors over & over.

    Then after you have the preauthorization’s & go to fill your medications they deny the preauthorization number that they just issued you &

    tell you that they need to reevaluate the previous authorizations as a whole & your doctor now needs to make a direct call & provide the same information in order for United to issue a new preauthorization for the already preauthorized medications;

    have I lost you yet? Ya me too, as well as my Doctor being frustrated with United (they are now evaluating whether to accept new patents covered through United due to this garbage),

    my Pharmacy has had it with them, all have said they have never had so much problem with an insurance company.

    We are now going on two months in this review process for medications that I have been on for 10 years, something is wrong with their system.

    I don’t have enemies but you know how they say “I would not wish them on my worst enemy” I would have to wish them on themselves.

    I was once on Medicaid & in my humble option these guys are 10 times worse, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM & would advise you to RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! JR Giles

  6. UnitedHealthcare Health Insurance review
    Attention Women With Breast Cancer…UHC is NOT behind women with Breast Cancer and will fight you every step of the way NOT to pay when you have exhausted every provider they insist you see. I thought our company had excellent coverage and pay a very high price for it for each of us and now to only learn when it comes down to pay for services they will run the other way…Even our insurance broker is at a loss for words as to how I have been treated with my breast cancer…To the point where we have had to file a formal complaint with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance and the Virginia Department of Health!!! UHC will continue to put you through more [redacted] then just the [redacted] of your cancer and treatments you must go through!!! I am fighting with every ounce of energy and life I have left in me for my care and it is falling on deaf ears. UHC only cares about their bottom line and not patient care!!! Additionally, don’t even bother with their cancer support program…useless and a total waste of time!!!

    • My brother had Humana and they were excellent. They called to remind him of important tests the doctor might want to do, called before and after every chemo to see if there was something he needed, and when he was on hospice, called me every day to offer services for bereavement, sent out hospice care 24/7, and were wonderful. The difference between how I was treated by noted Welmed and what my brother received was night and day.
      If you have any pull with your employer, demand they switch to anyone else. This is just not right to be treated like you have. I am so sorry. They will not do anything to ensure your welfare. You are right about fighting you every step of the way. The cost of your medical care is so much more than they will receive back from your policy premiums. It is all about the bottom line, and people who work for them have to be desperate to have a job because they have no sense of human decency. People in the war-torn Middle East have more humane treatment than United will give you. I have heard about this treatment time and again. File for every disappointing phone call, file for every denied coverage piece of paper, and get your doctor to give you records of their conversation too. It should not have to be a fight like this! How Awful!

  7. Since July 2018 I, along with a DME who provides my CPAP machine have gotten diametrically opposed information from GEHA United Healthcare. I’ve been waiting since July for approval of the cost of the device. When I contact GEHA United Healthcare, customer service informs me that because I’ve utilized a CPAP for five years and have consistently been certified every year, my provider does NOT have to submit documentation for payment approval. But…when the provider contacts GEHA United Healthcare, the latter requires documentation, including the initial sleep test results – a document for which the test evaluation results are available, but NOT the actual original sleep test results. My current CPAP generates a maintenance message that states the CPAP motor has “exceeded its expected useful limit” and tells me to contact the provider. So now, after 5 months, the provider and I STILL have not received an authorization to acquire a new CPAP even though my contract says I’m completely eligible. On at least 3 occasions, I’ve requested a senior customer service rep to elevate my case in order to get a definitive response on the issue, but they stubbornly refuse to do so. This is not the first time I’ve had this sort of problem with GEHA United Healthcare and trying to contact a company official who can and will accept responsibility and who has the authority to resolve the disparity is simply impossible. Neither I nor the provider has been able to break through the obstinate customer service wall to contact a troubleshooter to resolve this problem. In my opinion, this company has made other highly questionable decisions about long-standing and successful procedures that somehow are suddenly considered “experimental” when in at least one case has been standard procedures for years, and very successful for long-term pain relief. Based upon my experiences, I’m compelled to say that GEHA United Healthcare, contrary to its company name, does not care one whit about subscribers’ health, but merely care about GEHA United Healthcare’s bottom line.

    • After waiting 11 months for my previous claim pre-approval, it finally arrived, but ONLY after I sent a letter directly to the president of GEHA United Healthcare.

      Even then, it took a formal review of my case before the approval was granted. ELEVEN MONTHS!

      That, in spite of a clearly stated policy which says that after 5 years of physician-certified use, a new piece of equipment DID NOT require pre-authorization.

      The company was thus acting against its own policy. That’s an egregious and outrageous contractual action.

      But that’s not the only time this has happened.

      Just read my original comment and you’ll understand why I pan GEHA United Healthcare.

      The ONLY thing they want to cover is their own bottom line – in my opinion…certainly not patient needs of any kind.

  8. I have them for my ins company in 2018, they are by far the worst, most disorganized, deceitful company I have ever dealt with. They approved treatment then denied the claims. Paid them in appeal. My treatment dr was in the network then magically was only dropped from MY plan as an in-network dr, thus allowing them to charge me 8k on top of my 4k out of pocket. When even their own claim review shows my dr in the network. They are beyond shady. Every dr in my Drs clinic is in the network but mine magically became out of network when he treated me with 55k worth of preapproved medication. Every dr in that system is in the network, and mine is in-network still for every plan they offer BUT mine?? Just a horrible company all around. They can’t even keep their own lies straight.

  9. My mom’ paid eleven thousand for her plan through UHC this year it was like ten thousand last year an like nine the year before. Now before she paid this year I thought I would look at what she has been paying for an never used. There was nothing but bad that I read about on internet an I told her some of what I read. She still insisted to pay for it because she is 87 years old an is worried about if she has to go to a home for care, and what it will cost if she doesn’t have this insurance. Now she’s had this insurance since my father died 11 years she been paying with it getting more expensive each year. Well, I decided to, for a few reasons, to start using this policy because part of it is to have someone come to the house an help her with showers, for we both are uncomfortable if I was to help her with this task. So I called customer service and after jumping through hoops an signing of many forms they finally called me back to tell me I can find a provider to come to the house myself an to make sure they’re a licensed nurse. And was told that we must pay the first 100 days of this service an on the 101st day they would take over payments. Now I’m quite sure this service is expensive and it’s their hope we won’t want to pay the first 100 days so in long run they won’t have to pay. Now my mom has paid for this insurance for eleven years. Was 11,000. 00 dollars this year. With all the money she has given them to date for nothing in return we could have hired a Full time in home nurse to take care of her at this time with money she has spent. I will let know what happens cause we are to go through with paying the first 100 days an I have a feeling this is just the start of problems we will run into with U.H.C. I think my Mom now will understand now why I will see to it she finds a real insurance company next year.

  10. This was the only option available with my new employer. Its an HMO with a high deductible. They drag their feet on every claim that you submit. You get the run around on referrals. They do not disclose any information as to why they deny your claims as a stalling tactic. I have never had this much of a problem with health insurance. You will jump through more hoops than a circus just to get some standard procedures done. I don’t know how doctors deal with them. They deny everything. I am not trying to get them to approve illicit drugs or some service I don’t need or haven’t been diagnosed with. I just wanted to get my CPAP titration study done so that I can breathe at night at stop waking up out of my sleep. The customer service people are friendly and don’t tell you much as they seem to be protecting their greedy useless company. The next job I negotiate for, I will find out if they have United Health Care and I will opt out and take my chances on the market. I have never been treated so poorly by an insurance company. Even my doctors are sympathetic to my cause. “I am sorry that they are your health care provider, they really suck.”

  11. I was victim of fraud ..I been with Superior Health Plan for over 2 years.On October 2017 I went to a local Walgreens, as I was exiting the store I was approached by a lady who had a Kiosk for Medicare Rx Prescription Saving Plan through United Health Care ..She informed me, she was there to provide me with extra savings on prescriptions. I was not aware of her plans, she asked me for my Medicare card and asked me who was my Primary Doctor. For a minute I believed she was trying to help she opened her Ipad and told me she just wanted to make sure I was eligible for the extra savings, she then asked me for my phone number and advised me she would call me later to tell me whether or not I qualify .. Woman never called back! I was told at my Pain Management Doctor that they were having issues with my insurance and I was told I did not longer have Superior that I was under a Texas Care Improvement plan .. I was fuming because all my appointments got cancelled because pain management doctor told me that the plan was not in their network neither OBGYN doctor or a Primary Doctor. I called Medicare and they told me that I had changed the plan because it was noted under Beneficiary changed request. I am epileptic and I started having a seizure right after arguing with UHC representative stating I’m sorry we will change your plan back to Superior but it won’t be until March 1st, 2018. Now I’m stuck with Tx Care Improvement for 2 months and won’t be able to see a doctor in my area. This company is a scam who get paid by lying to patients like me to switch to their carrier not caring for what we’re suffering from I never signed up with them,lady took my info by glancing at my card and copying my info, so sad.

    My son has Medicaid and he had an appointment to bee seen by his dentist. We don’t have dentists nearby that accept Medicaid so I had to schedule transportation services, considering that I’m disabled myself and that the facility where we had to go is an hour away. So I did, I called Medicaid and they booked the service for the right day. However, they called me back the next day to tell me that I had to book it through United Health Care and that’s when my nightmare started. So I called United and they told me that because it was not a medical emergency, they couldn’t book the trip, that it was too late. I explained to [Redacted] and [Redacted] that the delay was because I was not given the right information and that I couldn’t reschedule the appointment for a near date, considering that they take forever to schedule an appointment for Medicaid patients. I also explained to them that even it’s not a life-threatening event, my son has a real problem with his teeth and that he also had already a cavity but they just didn’t care at all. I’m changing my son out of United Health Care because they are actually United We Don’t Care. All their customer service people are trained to not give their names and their service is all but caring. Very horrible and frustrating experience. That’s when you see a different treatment when you’re a disabled person who sadly depends on Medicaid.

    • I know exactly wheat yo have been through! File a complaint with Medicaid and your state insurance board. Until we can get the legislators, who take fabulous trips on United’s checkbook, we will not get these issues addressed.

  13. Complaint against United Healthcare. 2/1/2018

    This is still the worst company ever! I had them as Secure Horizons. They never treated me for a torn rotator cuff and damaged neck vertebrae from an injury, so I went to Aetna and got help immediately. I was signed up through a 3rd party salesman in October 2017 for this current Medicare Care Improvement Plus policy, saying they had all kinds of doctors blah blah blah. What a bunch of Crap! I cannot find a GP and they tell me to go to any ER for an $80.00 copay! There were 7 doctors listed in my community. Of those 7, 3 were retired or dead, and their staff told me they had notified all insurance companies repeatedly, so the ins. cos lie so they look good to state and Medicare investigators. Of the 4 remaining, one was a hospitalist who does not even have an office to see patients in. The remaining 3 have only have a Nurse Practitioner available as they are not taking new patients. Sorry, been down that road with NP’s who cannot make a decision without the docs ok, which can take days. They provide substandard health care which requires another trip with a copay and more days of suffering.
    I called in to get help at 1-800-204-1002, and spoke with no less than 9 people who said they would research this and get back to me with a doctor appointment. The one person who did call me, [Redacted], gave me the same info I had already researched and apparently he did not understand his promise, which was to research and call the Dr’s offices to see if they were taking new patients. I told him I had already called them and would not go to an NP as I had told him the previous day.
    I called again, 4 more times, to get the phone number for corporate, and contacted the switchboard asking for the Presidents office. I get some no account worthless woman named [Redacted], who referred me back to the customer service department I had been speaking with for 3 weeks and who could not invent a doctor who would take this crap policy so I was back at square one. After that, I received a call from a person who did not leave his name in the supposed “Customer Care” dept. I returned his call this morning twice, telling him in the voicemail that there were no doctors available and I wanted to file a Medicare Grievance against his company. I have called 3 times and have not received a return call yet. iI is now 11:30 a.m. I do not expect to receive a call from them as they are complete liars and will do nothing to help their clients once they have signed up.
    I did find a number for SS Medicare to complain to (1-800-633-4227), and the gentleman who helped me said there were no complaints filed as yet. I need all of you to call in and file a complaint against this company for fraud and lies. If we all do this, the rating on this website will be forced to change to reflect the fraud United Healthcare perpetrates on us citizens, and perhaps to launch a government investigation.
    United Healthcare as Secure Horizons, when I was on it for 20 years, refused to approve any medical care for me. In particular, they refused to provide Prolia for my osteoporosis, a direct result of refusing to provide HRT for my early onset menopause. I stubbed my toe 18 months ago and my femur snapped like a breadstick. I suffered over $100,000 in theft losses and money paid to have in-home care during my 18-month recuperation. I am in agony all night long from the repair surgery and unable to walk due to pain. I have yet to have any relief. Thanks, United Healthcare for their lies, deceptive trade practices, and outright ignoring their customer’s needs.
    My brother signed up with Cigna, which is not offered in my community. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a 12 ½ hour surgery to remove a 22 x 17 cm tumor. His care was beyond reproach. He had an NP who called him several times a week to see to his medical care. She guided him through Chemo, saw that he got his meds delivered to his house, called the doctors offices and treatment places, and was the only lifeline he had, besides me. I am forever grateful to that woman and to the excellent care he received through Cigna. I only wish I could get a similar policy, but the company does not provide one in this part of Texas.
    We will only be heard when we raise our voices. Americans deserve better healthcare than United is going to give them. We need to complain long and loud to get them to fold their tent and steal away into the night. The previous CEO, who founded this company, was indicted for fraud and lying to the Feds and now sits in prison. What has changed since then? NOTHING!

  14. UHC Community Plan’s quality must vary state by state. I have it in NY and I am very happy with the service. There are plenty of in-network doctors and specialists near my home. I don’t even need referrals to see specialists. Also, when I was out of state in Colorado I went to the ER. UHC covered this. They only paid out a portion of the total bill but I was not responsible for any balance. I never received a bill from the hospital.

  15. Since my first comment, I’ve discovered that United Healthcare on the internet has multiple class action lawsuits filed against them. My carrier was all saver’s compass gold purchased through the marketplace. My condition remains the same. It is permanent. There were many who were negligent but CSF is Rare, so they use many excuses for not approving my surgery in a timely manner. It was life-threatening. I’ve since discovered there are lawyers who sue insurance companies for negligence and delays. I found my policy and discovered that I was basically treated as a patient seeking out of network coverage. The referral was required, but not in the case of life-threatening. I used Dr’s and a hospital that were in-network. I am amazed at all the lawsuits filed against United Health Care. especially with regards to Medicare fraud? I am not sure how much progress I will make in pursuing this injustice. They were negligent in approving my surgery in a timely manner. Out of network, they have 30 days, I was in-network and my condition was life-threatening. If my CSF leak comes back I will go directly to the trauma hospital ER and not go through a system that is False.

  16. I was diagnosed with a CSF leak with brain exposure thru the sinus cavity, this is a life threatening condition. I had all diagnostic testing done to document my condition. I had to reschedule my surgery 4 times because United would not approve my procedure. The surgeons and hospital could not get them to approve my procedure. After the delay and I was scheduled for an angiogram 2 days before the procedure, United still sat on my approval. The Dr’s suggested I call United my self, they couldn’t get it approved. I called and asked them if they were trying to murder or kill me, and that my condition was life threatening and they had all the documentation to approve the surgery, because of it’s severity to my life. I also informed them my children would file a wrongful death suit against them if I died. Not 2 Hours later they approved the procedure that was scheduled in 2 days. However because of the delay I have permanent nerve and brain damage because United sat on approving my surgery in a timely manner. I will never be the same as a result of their negligence. I guess they could have let me die, but they wanted that $$$ I had paid that was costly. They live on a one way street. They also will not pay for scripts or DR’s visits if you are 1 day late. They use loop holes, even when you have a 90 day grave period. They won’t pay. Need to find other’s who have experienced what I have to file a class action against United. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    • I am interested in your class action lawsuit suit.
      UHC has handled my RX prior authorization primary same as yours.
      In addition to these practices I strongly believe they are in violation of HIPPA compliance and thus violation of members civil rights.

  17. This is the worst insurance ever! They are so incompetent and no one seems to no how to read it analyze a situation. Do not sign up with this carrier or use them.






  19. United Healthcare being the second largest insurer in the nation is probably the worst insurance company in the US. As a healthcare provider, numerous claims go unpaid for the most inane reasons: signature unrecognizable. unverified zipcode, unverified address, unverified medical practice, patient not found, improper diagnosis, illegible code, requirements not met, not enough information, etc. Mind you, they authorized the visit/procedure/surgery before hand with all of the information, codes, signatures, etc.
    This is standard operating procedure, to approve of the visit/procedure/surgery, then deny the claim using a myriad of non-sequitur reasons. It is like dealing with a crime syndicate where people are paying for “protection” repackaged as insurance, and UHC keeps all the money.

  20. Having previously worked for a major Health Insurance Company for over 6 years I was shocked and absolutely mortified at how UHC treated me and denied my claims. I was in a motorcycle accident and taken to a local hospital. The hospital was considered in network, however, their lab and radiology departments, who bill separately from the hospital, were considered out of network by UHC. How is this even possible? I was not there for routine services, I was there due to an accident. To add insult to injury, I live in an area where there are no radiology or lab facilities within 50 miles of my residence. Do you think UHC cared that I suffered head trauma, facial fractures and third degree burns? No, they didn’t. I appealed all my lab and radiology claims twice to no avail. Though I had already met my out of pocket for the year UCH still refused to allow my charges to be filed under my in network benefits. I am currently in the process of writing to the executive board of my small company to consider looking into other health insurance. I would much rather pay a higher premium in order to receive premium service. UHC is absolutely the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with.

    • Similar thing happened to me. My daughter was diagnosed with salmonella in the ER. UH paid the ER bill. We were told to take a stool sample to the hospital lab. UH denied the claim, saying we were supposed to take the sample to one of their “approved” labs in Milwaukee, one hour away from us. I was supposed to drive a container of poop an hour south when my daughter was so sick from salmonella poisoning? Fortunately our HR rep intervened for us and UH made a “one-time exception” and paid the claim. I will never understand why the employer uses UH and campaign every year to switch.

  21. I bought UHC in March 2015. Or I thought I bought UHC. Their name is listed 7 times on my insurance card. I pay UHC. The website that I use is UHC. In reality, I have Golden Rule Insurance, a company under UHC. Confusion abounds in the customer service dept. I checked on benefits before purchasing this policy. If I had UHC, the info would have been complete. Since I do not have UHC, I pay for their best policy but have diminished benefits. The classic BAIT and SWITCH is unethical and illegal.

  22. I, too was victimized by UHC. Even though my premiums were being paid, UHC dropped me as soon as my $2000.00 dollar deductible was met. I did not find this out until after I was hospitalized and had to pick-up some prescriptions around April 1, 2015. UHC ‘s reason for dropping me was ‘lack of activity.’ This is illegal since my premiums were being paid up to date. UHC is a poor excuse of an insurance company and they should be put out of business. I will report them to the BBB and my state’s insurance commission.

  23. My employer switched to United Health Care on December 1. On the application was a option for policy year or calendar year. My employer check policy year. I went into the hospital emergency room on Dec 22 and had emergency surgery and discovered cancer. I check out Dec. 28. When I went to the oncologist in January to schedule chemo. I was told I had not met my deductible for the year. Come to find out United had switched it to calendar year with out our knowledge. They claimed they no longer offer policy year. My employer said if he had known that they would not have chosen the policy. Since I have family policy I had to meet a $4000.00 deductible and a co-pay of $8500 for both December and 2015. Which means I will have a $25000.00 total out of pocket expense this year, on top of $7000.00 insurance payments. Which is more than I make for the year. I have file a complaint with the Georgia Insurance commissioner. I guess hiring an attorney is next. United Health refuses to honor the policy year.

  24. My 3 year old son was admitted directly to the hospital by his primary care doctor for severe dehydration. He was kept overnight due to the severity of the dehydration. Now United Health Care Community Plan has denied the hospital charges as not medically necessary. We are talking a 3 year old child that was so lethargic from the dehydration he could barely stand which was the result of him having severe diarraha for over a week. I filed an appeal and they denied that 7 days later. I am just in shock. Should we have gone against the doctors orders? Our child would have likely died had he not been admitted when he was!!

  25. UnitedHealthCare Community Plan denies all claims. The doctors have to fight for every penny owed them. Patients go through the emergency room with heart issues, pancreatitis and other problems, UHC denies the claim because….THERE WAS NO PRIOR APPROVAL! Are they kidding? Do their clients have to have a prior approval to have a heart attack? Stay away from these clowns!

    • Hi Jay,

      If it was truly an emergency, you probably want to appeal the denial. Just because the insurance company denies it originally, does not mean all hope is lost. Unfortunately, health insurance companies have tightened up their requirements and really can make it a pain in the butt for both patients and medical care facilities these days.

      Many insurance policies, even some HMO’s, will have provisions that allow a patient to visit any emergency room and still be somewhat covered. The catch is that the insurance company has to determine that it was actually an emergency and you were unable to get to your covered facility. If it really was a matter of life and death, appeal the denial and possibly get a lawyer involved if it continues.

  26. When using the United Health Care Part D, the OptumRx mail in is very slow and they make too many mistakes. I tried using them this year and will be changing to another plan for next year.

    • I currently work for United Healthcare Community plan. I know the ins and outs of this company and our medicaid product. For anyone considering getting this insurance I suggest staying away. Everything works perfect for any consumer who has regular Dr. visits, but for anyone with real medical issues the ineptitude of the company shines brightest. It is commonplace for us to send members 40+ miles away for specialists because our network of doctors is so slim. Huge hospitals such as Nemours, Baptist, and Shands to name a few, have terminated their contract with us. When new prodcuts roll out you might be lucky at best to get correct information as the individuals you speak with have very limited information to give you. I am not a scorned employee and I do in fact work for this company. Heed my warnings! If you need a real insurance company who will fight for you dont choose UHC; you’ve been warned.

      • I also work for UHC and what is said is true. Stay away if at all possible. I have no choice working for them but what they do is criminal and must have friends in very high places to get away with how they treat their members including the military.


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