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For individuals, families, and business travelers, Travelex offers policies designed with every type of insurance need. An international company with a variety of travel products and tools, Travelex builds on a strong reputation with its packages and add-on options.

Travelex Summary

Travelex travel insurance products are sold through Travelex Insurance Services, which is one of the Travelex Group companies. The parent company is headquartered in London, England, and services travelers around the world, providing foreign exchange services. In the U.S., Travelex has offices in New York, Omaha, and Washington D.C., covering people from all 50 states. Travelex Insurance Services has been in business since 1996, giving them almost 20 years of experience in the market.

Travelex writes a variety of travel insurance packages covering all of the bases, including trip cost coverage and medical benefits. Their policies can be purchased directly on the website, as well as from travel agents, tour companies, and even in the airport, making their policies readily available to all sorts of people.

Two different partner insurance companies underwrite travel insurance policies for Travelex: Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company (formerly Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company), and Old Republic Insurance Company. These companies handle claims servicing for the policies they underwrite.

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Travelex Package Plans

Travelex has 6 different package plans available to choose from on their website, ranging from basic budget coverage to specialty coverage for families and business travelers. Each can be enhanced with one of the available add-ons we’ll look at in the next section.

Travel Basic

This is the most budget-friendly and basic – as the name implies – of the packages from Travelex. It includes all the common coverage you would expect from a travel insurance package, but limits are low. This makes the Basic package best for short trips, and it is recommended for domestic travel. Coverage includes:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption at 100% of trip cost
  • Trip Delay and Missed Cruise Connection both at $500
  • Baggage Loss at $500 and Baggage Delay at $100
  • $15,000 in accident and sickness coverage, with no deductible
  • $100,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation

The medical coverage on this plan is primary, and travel assistance is included. This plan has limited add-on options.

Travel Select

Travelex’s most popular plan; this package is a good choice for families as children under 21 are included for free when the plan covers an adult family member. Increased limits and added coverage make this package a step above the Basic option. Coverage includes:

  • Trip Cancellation at 100% and Interruption at 150% of trip cost
  • Trip Delay and Missed Cruise Connection at $750 each
  • Baggage Loss at $1000 and Delay at $250
  • $50,000 of medical coverage
  • $500,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • $25,000 for Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Pre-existing condition coverage when purchased within 21 days of trip deposit

The Select plan also has several upgrade options, comes with travel assistance, and provides primary medical coverage. Because most of the options are included in the Max plan, Select has the most options to choose from, making it the most customizable.

Travel Max

The most comprehensive coverage from Travelex is found in the Max plan, which has the highest limits as well as the most options for extra coverage. This deluxe package is the only plan from Travelex that has the option of adding Cancel For Any Reason coverage. This plan covers:

  • Trip Cancellation at 100% and Interruption at 150% of trip cost
  • Trip Delay and Missed Cruise Connection at $1000 each
  • Baggage Loss at $2500 and Baggage Delay at $600
  • $100,000 in medical expenses
  • $1,000,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment at $50,000 and standard AD&D at $25,000, Flight Accident AD&D at $200,000
  • Rental Car Damage at $50,000
  • 30-Day Pre-existing condition waiver available
  • Cancel For Any Reason upgrade available to cover trip cancellation at 75% of cost

As with all Travelex plans, the plan includes travel assistance and provides primary medical coverage.

Business Traveler

Travelex’s plan for business travelers is available both as a single and a multiple trip package plan. This plan includes extra coverage that is specific to the needs of business travelers, and covers:

  • $1000 for Trip Interruption
  • $750 each for Trip Delay and Missed Connection
  • $2000 for Baggage an $600 for Baggage Delay
  • $500 for Business Property with a $100 deductible
  • $1,000,000 for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This plan also includes travel assistance, and a number of upgrades are available including a trip cancellation for business reasons option and a medical expenses upgrade. These options make the plan customizable for the varied needs of business travelers.

Flight Insure Plus

This basic plan is available for both single trips and as a multi-trip plan, and has three available levels of Flight AD&D coverage to choose from. Also included are medical benefits and baggage coverage for a basic package plan.

  • $300,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 Fight AD&D coverage options
  • $2000 Baggage and $500 Baggage Delay coverage
  • $2500 Sickness and Accident coverage
  • $25,000 Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • $10,000 24-hour AD&D

This plan can also be purchases as a Flight Only plan, which excludes the medical benefits and covers just flight accident and travel assistance.

Plan Add-Ons

These options can be added on to the package plans for additional protection. Not every add-on can be chosen with each package.

Transportation Pak – Available on Travel Basic and Travel Select

This add-on package provides additional Flight Accident AD&D as well as coverage for rental cars at your destination, up to $35,000 in damage coverage.

Active Family Pak – Available on Travel Select only

This upgrade provides added benefits for traveling families, including coverage for movie rentals if a delay occurs overnight, coverage for trip cancellation due to loss of caregiver, and pet coverage. It also lifts restrictions for certain types of sports activities, and provides coverage for tuition loss.

Adventurer Plus Pak – Available on Travel Select only

This upgrade includes coverage for sports equipment, including rental equipment, and adds a waiver for sports including hang gliding and other adventure activities. It also includes added medical benefits.

Professional Pak – Available on Travel Select only

This upgrade is designed for those who have business needs in mind when traveling, and includes increased trip cancellation reasons for work-related problems. Also covered is business and work-related property such as laptops.

Cancel For Any Reason Pak – Available on Travel Max only

This upgrade gives you Cancel for Any Reason coverage that provides benefits at 75% of trip cost when you cancel for any reason not listed in the underlying policy.

Business Traveler Upgrades – Available for business travel plans

The upgrades that can be added are:

  • Trip Cancellation: $5000 Trip Cancellation including business reasons
  • Emergency Medical Expense: Available secondary medical coverage for illness or injury
  • Rental Car Protection: $50,000 in damage coverage for rental cars
  • Flight Accident AD&D upgrade

Travel Plus/Lite Upgrades

These upgrades expand the flight coverage included in the Travel Plus plans:

  • All Events: This coverage provides 95% coverage for trip cancellation/interruption beyond the reasons state in the policy.
  • Flight Accident AD&D upgrade
  • Medical Expense Benefit: $100,000 in medical expense coverage
  • Rental Vehicle Benefit: $50,000 in damage coverage for rental cars

Plan Pricing

Travelex has a simple to use quoting system that allows a quick comparison of the three travel plans, Basic, Select, and Max. Sample rates were quoted for a 30-year-old traveler from California with a $5000 trip cost and a two-week trip.

  • Travel Basic – $179
    Travel Select – $233
    Travel Max – $357

The Travel Max plan was quoted without the Cancel for Any Reason option, and none of the options add-ons were included in these rates.

According to the website, Fight Insurance Plus with no upgrades starts at $17. The website didn’t provide quotes for this policy without entering specific traveler and trip information. The same is true of the Business Traveler plan, which the website states starts at $19. Rates are likely to vary greatly for these plans.

Because there are a number of add-ons, it can also be expected that Travelex plans could come out quite a bit higher in price after all coverage is selected. Prices for add-on options were not readily available.


Claims for Travelex plans can be initiated online through the claims page. The same page also offers portal access that will allow you to follow up on the status of a claim after it has been filed. You will need a brochure or plan number in order to access claims information.

The claims page doesn’t offer any sort of telephone contact information, but on the Contact page of the website policyholders will find customer service phone numbers as well as a list of international travel assistance phone numbers. Its common for a travel insurance company to have no dedicated claims line, especially since the plans are so frequently underwritten elsewhere.

Consumer Feedback and Reviews

Travelex Insurance Services had been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1999 and holds an A+ rating. There are a total of 10 complaints registered with the BBB in the past three years, and only one in the past 12 months. Complaint levels are usually fairly low for travel insurance companies on the BBB, but it is still good to see numbers this low for such a large company.

Travelex was among the top 8 travel insurance providers chosen by well-known travel website Frommer’s as one of the best choices.

The main complaints seen in various locations online from travelers are of claims not paid or a slow claims process. Responses from Travelex do appear, and generally state that proper documentation had not been submitted or other likely valid reasons for the delays. The majority of reviews of the company are positive in nature, although these are largely people who did not have to file claims, and were reviewing the purchasing experience only.

For the most part, feedback on the company and its products suggests a reliable and responsive company.

Bottom Line

Travelex Insurance Services provides a good range of travel products. There are several add-ons available for most of the policies, which allows you to customize your package.

Travelex comes with a strong financial backing and good ratings/reviews by both professionals and travelers who have used the service. For those who are looking for robust coverage to ensure peace of mind, Travelex is a good choice.
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  1. Christi says

    i purchase travel insurance through transamerica casualty insurnce company in october 2015. we traveled to mexico and i wanted to make sure our flight and bagage was covered incase any thing happened especially since ive never flown out of the US before. i had jewerly stolen out of my luggage at the mexico airport and didn’t realize it until we got to the resort 30 mins away. ive never had that happen before and thought i could just call the insurance i purchased when i got home a few days later. well, i was wrong! i am still fighting with them to cover the theft through the attorney general and it is now april! i will never use this ins company agian! they have lied over and over again to the attorney general trying to get out of paying $236.00!

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