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A simple approach to handling medical emergencies abroad, Air Ambulance Card gives members the peace of mind of knowing they will be able to get home no matter where they might be when things go wrong. Different from a travel insurance plan, Air Ambulance Card is a membership plan that provides a simple, fee-based service for something that could otherwise be very expensive.

Air Ambulance Card Summary

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Air Ambulance Card is a membership plan that provides medical evacuation services for an annual fee. The plan allows for members to be flown home in a specially equipment airplane to receive medical care both on the way and at home. The company was started in 2001 and has grown swiftly in the past few years, serving thousands of members.

Air Ambulance Card has 15 bases around the world with a fleet of more than 50 aircraft that can handle up to five patients at one time. Like most medical evacuation services, the company does not own these aircraft, but has agreements that allow them access to the fleet as needed. Planes are staffed by trained medical teams to provide care on the way to the hospital of your choice.

Air Ambulance Card does not provide any other medical services or trip cancellation, so it is not a comprehensive travel plan. It is designed to cover only the costs of returning you home after an injury or illness abroad.

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Air Ambulance Card Membership

Air Ambulance Card is not a policy, but a membership. It has an annual fee and has several different levels of membership. All of the plans have no maximum limit for costs, and include two transports per year for each member.


This plan is designed for a single person who travels more than 150 miles from home domestically and takes trips abroad of less than 3 months long. It is available for ages 16 through 74.


This plan covers an adult and a spouse and up to 5 children under the age of 25 on one plan. Each person on the plan is permitted two transports per year, and the same rules apply as with the individual plan – more than 150 miles domestically or trips abroad of less than 3 months.


These plans come in two types – semester and full year plans. Semester plans are for study abroad trips no longer than 6 months.

Expatriate Plans

These plans are designed for those who are abroad for extended periods of time. Individual and family plans are available for trips of up to a year.

Plan Coverage

All of the plans include access to the fleet of aircraft for emergency medical transport from anywhere in the world to your home. Additionally, there is no medical requirement clause – meaning you can request to be flown home for any reason that requires inpatient services.

Members can be flown to any hospital of their choosing, even if it is further, which is not always an option with other travel insurance plans. There is no limit to the cost of the travel, which is also unusual with other travel policies.

Air Ambulance Card does not have any pre-existing conditions clause. There is no deductible, co-pay or any other cost to the member other than the yearly fee, no matter what the cost of the transport.

Plan Pricing

Plan prices are readily available on the website with a basic chart that outlines the cost of each. There is no need to use a quoting system, as the flat rate for the plans is readily available. All prices are yearly. There is also a referral rebate available for those who refer a friend to the service and they become a member – $30 for both the member and the friend as well.

  • Individual – $250
  • Family – $350
  • Student – $375/Semester or $600/Full-Year
  • Expatriate Individual – $375/6-month or $600/Full-Year
  • Expatriate Family – $575/6-month or $950/Full-Year

This is easily one of the simplest pricing plans around, since everything is flat rate.

The reality is most people will never need to be airlifted home, so it can end up being a substantial cost over years of membership. That being said, it is one of those services you hope you never use but can add piece of mind that’s not available from standard travel insurance plans.


There is no claims process like a traditional insurance plan; instead Air Ambulance Card members are provided with the needed service with no cost at all. There are no forms to fill out and no reimbursements.

Members need only call the number on the membership card to receive services when they are needed. The company takes care of everything else from there.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Air Ambulance Card has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, and they have been accredited since 2004. There are no complaints on file for the company, and no government actions.

Overall, reviews of the company are difficult to locate, but this 2007 story in the NY Times makes a very compelling argument for the plan, telling the story of a woman who used the service and had an excellent experience.

The few other reviews of the company are similarly positive. Because there is no claims system and this is the type of service that is rarely used, it’s not surprising that there are few reviews of the company available. It’s also a good sign, because more reviews tend to appear when there have been negative experiences.

Bottom Line

For those who want a medical evacuation plan, Air Ambulance Card is a good choice. The plans are simple and straightforward, and the pricing is easy to understand. For anyone who wants more comprehensive coverage, however, a travel plan that includes medical evacuation may provide more value.

Air Ambulance Card will provide an excellent service if and when it is needed, and if this type of medical evacuation coverage is something that gives you peace of mind, this company shows no signs of letting its members down.

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  1. Romeo Hachez says

    Have personally been emergency helicopter transported, a 20 minute trip not of my choice and was appalled at the cost. Before this experience I was not aware that as my representative blue cross insurance did not have some control in both quality and price. I commend you for what you are doing and would like to know if there is something I can do to make people aware of this so as to prevent people from being held up and bankrupted if they should be striken by some medical emergency requiring transport.
    Thank you for your efforts
    Romeo Hachez

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