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Farmers Insurance Group will always have special significance for me, as it was the first company I worked with when I got my insurance licenses. But don’t think that will sway this review.

Ready? Let’s go.

Farmers Insurance Group Overview

Farmers Insurance Group is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to personal insurance in the United States, and for good reason. They are one of the top 5 largest auto insurance companies, with around 6% of the entire market.

A lesser known fact is that Farmers is actually a subsidiary of a much larger organization, Zurich Financial Services. Zurich is a multinational firm that has a footprint all across the globe. Farmers serves as its United States arm for property and casualty insurance, and well as life insurance products.

Moving another level down the organization chart, there are a handful of fairly popular insurance companies that ride under the Farmers banner. They include:

These additional brands give Farmers Insurance agents more flexibility when it comes to writing policies.

Why is this important to you?

Farmers’ sales force is primarily made up of what are called Captive Agents. A captive agent is an insurance salesperson that is only allowed to sell products for a specific company. That means they cannot go out and get appointed from multiple firms, thus limiting their options when providing coverage for clients.

Each brand that Farmers owns and operates has a unique set of underwriting guidelines and risk profile. So that means premiums will vary from company to company. Because of this, you may walk into a Farmers Insurance agent’s office, but walk out with a Bristol West policy because it can provide better coverage at a more affordable price.

The bottom line is it gives Farmers agents more flexibility and options when it comes to writing policies.

Products and Services

Farmers is truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to personal insurance. That means for the vast majority of individuals and families, they will be able to get all the coverage they need under one roof.

Does that mean Farmers is the best choice?

We will figure that out in the rest of this review. But for now, let’s take a look at their extensive list of product offerings. Below the list you will find my thoughts.

  • Car Insurance – Like most large consumer insurance companies, this is their bread and butter. Whether you are looking for a state minimum liability or full coverage policy, Farmers can make it happen.
  • Home Insurance – Homeowners insurance and condo insurance fall under this category. Customers can get standard coverage options, as well as popular add-ons like scheduled personal property and identity theft protection.
  • Renters Insurance – Similar to home insurance policies, except they do not cover the structure. Farmers’ renters insurance policies are fairly standard compared to competitor’s offerings.
  • Life Insurance – These products are not technically sold under the primary Farmers Insurance brand, but rather a subsidiary. The usual suspects are available: term life insurance, whole life insurance and variable life insurance.
  • Business Insurance – Although typically thought of as a personal insurance company, Farmers does offer a number of business insurance products such as workers compensation, business liability, business auto, and commercial property.
  • Motorcycle Insurance – It’s easy to assume that GEICO is the only company that sells motorcycle insurance, since they seem to be the only one advertising it. However, Farmers offers basically the same coverage.
  • Recreational Insurance – Farmers offers coverage for RVs, boats, off-road vehicles, motor homes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels.
  • Umbrella Insurance – This serves as an extension of auto and home insurance policies, by adding a sizable amount to the overall liability coverage. It also can fill in the gaps where a typical home insurance policy may fall short. For example, if you are sued for libel or slander, umbrella policies can often pick up the attorney fees and/or judgment costs.

As you can see, Farmers offers a number of insurance products and makes it possible for many people to solve all their coverage issues with one agent.

Here are my thoughts:

There has been a trend lately among large insurance companies, where they try to differentiate themselves by offering ridiculous insurance add-ons that ultimately just cost customers money.

A prime example of this is the magically disappearing deductibles. Companies like Safeco and Nationwide heavily promote these features, which in my opinion, act as nothing more than a way for insurance companies to drive up rates.

The current state of the insurance industry (especially auto insurance) is not so much companies trying to provide better products and services at a lower price, but rather trying to win over customers by using gimmicky products (like vanishing deductibles) or rebranding a standard coverage option as something unique to them. (I am specifically looking at you Nationwide, and your Brand New Belongings add-on.)

The good news here is Farmers doesn’t participate in this as much as some other companies.

It’s refreshing, to say the least, that one of the five largest auto insurance companies is not jumping on the magic deductible bandwagon.

That being said, Farmers is not without their gimmick add-ons.

Accident Forgiveness

The summary of this add-on is that Farmers will forgive one accident within a three year period. What that means for you is an accident will not be factored into your rates, as long as it qualifies.

I have gone back and forth on this over the years, but now I am pretty set against it. Here is why:

Insurance companies base just about everything off averages. They know, on average, X amount of people will do this, so they charge $Y to cover the cost. In addition to covering the cost, they also need to earn a profit, otherwise the entire option becomes pointless.

That means on average, drivers that purchase this add-on will end up paying more into it than they will receive back over a driving lifetime.

Let me be clear, some people will benefit from having this and may actually come out ahead. But most people will not. It’s like an extended warranty.

We already pay more into insurance than most of us get back in our lifetimes, so why add to the deficit?

Life Insurance

There is nothing overly concerning or that stands out when it comes to Farmers life insurance products. However, I do want to add a bit of my personal opinion as it relates to life insurance as a whole.

I am a strong believer that most people can benefit greatly from a properly structured term life insurance policy and investment portfolio over a permanent life insurance product like whole life. In fact, I even wrote an entire post about it with examples:

Why Term Life Insurance is Better than Whole Life

The 30,000 foot view of the article as that the cost difference between a term policy and similar whole life policy is so dramatic, that you can invest the difference and almost always come out ahead long term (with appropriate investments).

As the customer, you should be aware that insurance agents make huge commissions on permanent life insurance products, and that is a big reason why they are sold as “great investments.” Most financial advisors that are not paid by life insurance commissions agree they are not.

So what does this have to do with Farmers Insurance?

It really doesn’t, beyond the fact that their agents do sell term and permanent life products. I just want to make sure you are armed with this knowledge before sitting down with someone who has a vested interest in selling you a permanent life insurance product.

Ready for a break? Watch my video review of Farmers Insurance.

Farmers Insurance Rates and Premiums

Until a few years ago, the only way to get a quote from Farmers was to work directly with an agent. Now you can start a quote (and see a rate) on their website, and then have it forwarded on to a local agent in order to finish the process.

The quote process is quite simple on the website, and the flow is pretty clean. I mention this because some insurance companies make getting a quote online very clunky, and/or require way too much information just to see a price.

But the good news stops there.

The results of my quote test showed Farmers is pretty expensive. In fact, they came in almost 15% above the average (14.36% to be exact).

This is the thing about agent-driven insurance companies; they have to pay pretty large commissions to their agents for each new policy and renewal. This differs from direct insurance companies like GEICO, Progressive and Esurance, who can often skip the middleman in these scenarios.

Farmers Insurance does not target low-cost shoppers. And with good reason, given how expensive our test came back.

Advertising and Media

I have to admit, I personally like Farmers’ ad campaign showcasing Professor Burke (J.K. Simmons) as an all-knowing insurance guru. My current favorite is this one with the Lamborghini.

The gist of the campaign is that a Farmers agent will help you find where there are coverage gaps, as well as show you where you are over-insured.

The message is actually good advice, which is that many people just buy insurance and then forget about it. Instead, it should be actively monitored to make sure no gaps in coverage arise.

There is another marketing gimmick appearing in the insurance industry and it revolves around the idea that a particular company is able to better find coverage gaps and missed discounts because they offer some special “second check” of your policy.

You may have heard of them:

  • Discount Double Check (State Farm)
  • On Your Side Review (Nationwide)

The reality is every insurance agent should be doing that anyways.

Whether you are buying an insurance policy from them for the first time, or you are an ongoing client, a good agent should be reviewing your coverage on a somewhat regular basis to ensure you are adequately protected.

Farmers Insurance Claims

For many people, the two most important aspects of an insurance company are rates and claims. Unfortunately for Farmers, their rates are not that great. What about their claims handling?

Let’s start by looking at how you can file a claim:

  • Phone – 800-435-7764
  • OnlineClaims Center
  • Smartphone App – Farmers iClaim

Once the claim has been filed, a representative will contact you in order to fill out the rest of the request. This part is important because the agent will use your answers in determining coverage, fault, payout, etc. They may also schedule an in-person interview if needed.

After the pertinent information is gathered, the covered item will be inspected for damage and a loss total will be established. Farmers has a network of repair facilities they prefer their customers use, but you are not required to.

Farmers provides a pretty useful outline for their claims process on their website, and you can view it here.

The process seems pretty boilerplate, but how does it stack up against their competitors?

As previously discussed, Farmers Insurance is huge. Therefore, their claims process is quite efficient. They have a number of preferred repair shops throughout the country, and they have a large number of claims agents that can be mobilized to just about everywhere.

Because of their size, they can also set up mobile claims centers in certain disaster areas after a major incident. For example, if a flood or hurricane hits a location, they can send a number of people to that specific spot in order to help with all the claims processing.

While that all sounds good in theory, how do customers actually feel about Farmers’ claims process?

Customer sentiment about Farmers claims handling is not as positive as one might hope. When researching for this review, I came across a lot of complaints about the results of Farmers claims. These complaints came from people insured with Farmers, as well as those involved in an accident with a Farmers insured customer.

This leads us to our next section – Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Complaints about Farmers can be found all over the internet, even right here on this page. Below this review you will find other people who have taken the time to share their experiences with Farmers in the comment section.

Here are a few complaints that stand out:

With farmers close to twenty years, car and home. Rates just kept climbing for no reason. Had hail damage to roof. They sent an inspector (came from Wisconsin. I live in Illinois). He did not even have a ladder to get on the roof. Expert denied my claim. Would never recommend Farmers to anyone.


I’m an attorney representing a client whose car was destroyed in a massive front end collision by a Farmers insured. After my client was hauled away in an ambulance to an ER with a concern about a head injury, this [Farmers] schmuck had the gall to ask, “if it was necessary to activate the whole trauma team for a diagnosis of abrasion.”

Now, if you’re a Farmers insured, you might think this is what you want your insurance company to do. But here’s what’s likely to happen. I’m going to have to sue the Farmers insured because her insurance company isn’t evaluating the claim fairly. She paid premiums not to have that happen…


A covered Farmers vehicle rear ended my car on 11-29-2012 in Tucson AZ. The man gave me his insurance information and i called almost right away. I went to an emergency room for my neck pain and ran up a $6000.00 bill. The Farmers agent from Washington State was rude. He took my statement and i submitted my bills to the claim center in Oklahoma City… I have had to do this more than once and on the website it shows open, Medicare paid but i have no proof that Farmers did a darn thing. And no documentation comes in my mail or email. I WOULD DIE BEFORE I PAID FOR FARMERS INSURANCE AND IF I EVER GET IN AN ACCIDENT I PRAY THE OTHER CAR DOES NOT HAVE FARMERS!


I kept farmers insurance after my husband got Alzheimer’s. I bought an investment property to pay for his care, and i sold my house to do it. Anyway, a tenant’s son who moved away, got drunk and fell… Broke a window. I called farmers to fix the window and they declined.


The comments on other websites do not look much better:

According to a person on Pissed Consumer, Farmers questioned their claim because the insured did not have a lot of money in the bank and had a bad credit score. This individual felt as if the Farmers adjuster was accusing them of stealing their own stuff (or faking it) in order to receive an insurance settlement.

Another individual declared on the same website that Farmers low-balled their settlement after being hit by Farmers insured driver. According to them, both drivers had Farmers insurance, and they have been fighting over their settlement for a long time.

Bottom Line

Low-cost insurance shoppers and DIY people will probably want to look elsewhere.

Insuring with Farmers is probably not going to get you the best deal, unless you can bundle a lot of products together and get some good discounts. They are best-suited for individuals, families and businesses that have complicated insurance portfolios and need the help of an agent to get adequately protected. But even in that scenario, I think there are better options out there.

While researching for this review I came across a lot of complaints about Farmers’ claim process. (Some of which can be found in the comments section below.) While it is not unusual to find a large number of complaints for an insurance company this size, the ones I found were overwhelmingly about claims-related topics.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. bill0 says

    I have NEVER HAD A CLAIM on my homeowners policy and Farmers raised my homeowners premium by 42% in ONE YEAR. I had not had an accident with my auto in 25 years and got a scratch on my door from rubbing a pole. I made the mistake of claiming it on my auto policy (isn’t that why you have insurance?). Farmers raised my auto policy by 35%. I had a $1,500 deductible already since the auto policy was so high so I basically paid for the repair PLUS received a 35% increase on my policy. DO NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE FROM FARMERS INSURANCE COMPANY.

  2. Bemene Kennedy says

    I was rear ended by an Farmer’s insured inside of an automatic carwash.They claim didn’t receive the estimate from the Chyrsler dealers which was $2083. 43 . So they sent out one of adjuster who decided he was only going to replace my bumper in the back ($559.00) and not repair the damages on both sides of my vehicle where she knocked me against the scrubbers and hit me so hard I was knocked out of the carwash to the approach where you enter in with suds and bubbles all over the car, sides of my car all messed up, rear end [Redacted] up/ Then he had the audacity to not want to fix my car. They fixing this Chrysler 300 Because that what her insurance is suppose to do and that’s why she pay insurance. That’s the reason why we all have to have insurance. It’s mandatory we have and it’s mandatory for them to pay. And Farmer’s can quit sending out the insurance offers to my address because I Know from experience you are not any good. If I hit someone I want to know I can sleep at night knowing they are being taken care of verses me being sued and done paid you’ll ass to take care of me. [Redacted]

  3. Rose says

    First of all I am posting on behalf of a parent who has had Farmers Group insurance for at least 47 years. I believe there was only one small claim filed with Farmers 30 yrs ago. My 84 yr old Mother has lived in the house for 47 years. We discovered a wiring problem which is a VERY much a fire hazard to the point power had to be turned off to part of the house. I consulted with Farmers (adjuster [Redacted]) Not 10 minutes into the conversation about the problem he was already telling me that the policy probably won’t cover the issue at hand. Then he went on to comparing auto policies against homeowner policies and how similiar they are. Yea right. He without looking at the policy said that they probably won’t cover the cost to repair the wiring. Unless… there is damage done from a fire. To me THEN IT WOULD BE TOO LATE. My 84 year old Mother who uses a walker would never have a chance if a fire broke out, but he was insisting that they would be able to help fix the issue IF THERE WAS DAMAGE AFTER A FIRE. Wouldn’t that cost the insurance company more then???? Even if they couldn’t help with the whole cost why not help with a portion of it. [Redacted] stood fast that Farmers wouldn’t be able to do that either. Oh he did thank me for being with Farmers as long as my parents have been. Trust me I am looking for another insurance company to replace Farmers. To me thanking me was an insult as my parents have made them money because of only one claim in all these years.. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was given [Redacted]. He too told me the same thing and that he understood how I felt. HOW CAN THEY UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. They don’t have an issue that is a HIGH FIRE HAZARD where THEIR 84 YR OLD MOTHER LIVES!!!!!! Unsympathic greedy [Redacted]! Now I am having to search for a licensed electrician so the I WILL PAY TO DO THE REPAIRS AND NOT FARMERS. I will also be moving my Mother’s policy to someone who cares enough to try to help instead of MAKING MONEY……..What a racket!!!

    • Dale Sirkle says

      Insurance is to compensate you for loss, not to provide preventative maintenance or to upgrade your home.
      Would you expect an insurance to pay for a brake job on your car?

  4. Skip says

    Being Penalized by credit reports for paying off my mortgage and auto loan early. Also paid credit card in full each month. Have not used the line of credit of $50,000 in years. Farmer’s does not give the best rate because of the credit report. Then another insult they send a credit card application at a rate 4% higher then my credit card. I looking for a new insurer after 20 years.

  5. chris wilson says

    farmers is the biggest ripoff ever everyone in our neighborhood is getting new roofs because of the storms we had a few months ago but the people that have farmers insurance. they are telling everone its fromwaer and tear. my neighbor had a new roof put on 3 years ago and they denied him. we filed a claim 2 months ago and they told us they would give us 300 dollars to fix the roof and the damage inside the house then they went up on our rates. this is very wrong to do this they don’t care about you or youre home they just wont their money every month. the adjusters are just young kids that have no idea about a roof my agnet told me they are trained to say no to anything. there should be a law against this and if anyone can help I would appreachet it very much.

  6. David says

    Farmers uses credit scoring, to calculate rates in every state but, California. What I see is that they weigh their credit factor more heavily than some other companies. So they can have rates that are unbeatable and rates that are terrible, depending on the person that they are quoting. There really isn’t a whole lot of in-between with them. To say that their rates are high is a bit of a generality in that it has a whole lot to do with the persons credit. I can quote the same house for 2 different people and might save 1 person $1000 a year and the other person might cost 3 times as much. They are selective in who they insured, but for a lot of people that ends up being a good thing. Just my 2 cents and yes, I am biased.

  7. Debbie Elliott says

    My husband and I were the victims of an automobile accident November 27th 2011. On our way to Craft 2000 on a Sunday afternoon. We had just bought a new Chevrolet Cruze 6 months prior. As we approached an intersection we had the green light. Coming from the other direction was a 17 year old on his first date. He was not paying attention and ran his red light. We T-boned them on the passenger side. His 15 year old passenger died instantly. Unfortunately his insurance was SafeAuto. Needless to say he didn’t have much insurance. We had we were not concerned. My husband had just started a new job..he had only been there for 3 weeks. He was hurt the worst. He had broken ribs and several contusions. I was just bruised very bad. We were very very lucky. Mentally we were both very upset. Our hearts were broken. Such an innocent decision on our go shopping turned into our worst nightmare. We were both taken to the hospital. Against his doctors orders my husband went back to work after 2 weeks. He had no vacation yet and no benefits. We had a lot of bills to pay…so he didn’t have a choice. I had to get a ride to work because of no rental car benefits. Our car was totaled. We were told by Farmers that we could pay for the rental and be reimbursed..but decided against that. We just didn’t have the money. We finally…after 1 month got our car replaced. We lost our down payment from the one we bought previously..but finally we did get a car. 2 1/2 years and over $$100,000 dollars in medical bills later..we ended up having to sue OUR insurance company……..Farmers………. who we had been with for over 15 years and who my husband had been with all of his life. I don’t understand why we had to fight and fight for so long to get our claims paid…and to get some sort of closure to this. Farmers accused my husband of hurting himself on the job. Farmers told my husband that if he was well enough to go back to work..then he must be ok. We kept having to replay the accident over and over again..just to prove our injuries. Depositions trying to get him to say that he was hurt on the job..or maybe from something else. My husbands back is messed up for life. He is the sole breadwinner in our home. Why was Farmers accusing him of these things. Our policy stated $100,000 per person. We had never filed a claim before..we had never had an accident before. We paid our premiums every month. We ended up having to settle for $70,000 for both my husband and I. Let me first say that their first offer for my husband was $1500.00 and $200.00 for me. So insulting. We finally retained an attorney and agreed to pay them 1/3 of whatever we received. After all of this we walked away with a check for $20,000 which we had to pay medical bills out of. Or attorney paid the bulk of our medical bills out of the settlement and then they took their 1/3. I don’t get pay your premiums on time every month. You never file a claim in all the years we had them. Your policy states $100,000 per per person $300,000 per accident. This was a “no fault” claim????????? We were not at fault. I could have understood if we had caused the accident…but we were the victims and then ended up being the victims again from Farmers accusations. We should never had to hire an attorney but than God we did. We pray everyday for the family of the 15 year old girl that died. We also pray that one day we will have peace from all of this. This is on our mind every day and we feel like we are still going through this nightmare. PLEASE PLEASE EVERYONE..DO NOT GO WITH FARMERS INSURANCE. After our experience we advise everyone please look elsewhere.

  8. Archie says

    With farmers close to twenty years , car and home. Rates just kept climbing for no reason. Had hail damage to roof. They sent an inspector (came from Wisconsin. I live in illinois). He did not even have a ladder to get on the roof. Expert denied my claim. Would never recommend Farmers to anyone.

  9. Chris says

    I was involved in a wreck in Dallas, Tx. in April 2014 in which a Farmers insured caused a collision by coming into my lane and hitting my SUV on drivers side( $6,000.00 damage.) The driver said another car hit her forcing her into me but i never seen another car. Doesn’t matter, she hit me and Farmers is denying liability even though their insured admitted hitting me. Now i have to sue the driver to recover damages. Just another case of Farmers cheating everybody on both sides of the fence. They should be shut down and ran out of business.
    Pissed in Dallas,

  10. david says

    I’m an attorney representing a client whose car was destroyed in a massive front end collision by a Farmers insured. After my client was hauled away in an ambulance to an ER with a concern about a head injury, this schmuck had the gall to ask, “if it was necessary to activate the whole trauma team for a diagnosis of abrasion.”

    Now, if you’re a Farmers insured, you might think this is what you want your insurance company to do. But here’s what’s likely to happen. I’m going to have to sue the Farmers insured because her insurance company isn’t evaluating the claim fairly. She paid premiums not to have that happen. So Farmers is using her as a pawn and wasting her time and money. Moreover, this is how YOU will be treated if you have to make a claim against Farmers.

    Maybe the other party didn’t have insurance and you have to use your Farmers policy. Maybe the other party has Farmers as well. This is what Farmers does all too often.

    -An Attorney.

  11. MARGARET says

    A covered Farmers vehicle rear ended my car on 11-29-2012 in Tucson AZ. The man gave me his insurance information and i called almost right away. I went to an emergency room for my neck pain and ran up a $6000.00 bill. The Farmers agent from Washington State was rude. He took my statement and i submitted my bills to the claim center in Oklahoma City… I have had to do this more than once and on the website it shows open, medicare paid but i have no proof that Farmers did a darn thing. And no documentation comes in my mail or email. I WOULD DIE BEFORE I PAID FOR FARMERS INSURANCE AND IF I EVER GET IN AN ACCIDENT I PRAY THE OTHER CAR DOES NOT HAVE FARMERS!

  12. maryanne s says

    I kept farmers insurance after my husband got alzheimers. I bought an investment property to pay for his care, and i sold my house to do it. Anyway,a tenant’s son who moved away, got drunk and fell..broke a window. I called farmers to fix the window and they declined. They also have been raising my rates. I found out i had terrorism and computer protection i didn’t ask for! Needless to say I’m moving to state farm….and i’m saving a $1,000 to boot! By the way, we had farmers for 30 years..never made one claim.

    • David says

      What kind of deductible did you have? Did they “deny” your claim or tell you that the cost to replace the window was below your deductible? Just curious, many people don’t understand the difference and in fact some people don’t even know what a deductible is, but as far as the glass goes, it should have been “covered” in that you experienced direct physical damage to your property, however, what does a window cost these days? Most policies will have a deductible of $1000, at least that’s the most common deductible though many policies have a deductible that is higher than that. For you to have even considered filing a claim, you should have needed more than $1000 (or whatever your deductible was) to replace it. Perhaps small claims court would have been the better route to go since the party that is liable for the damages was already identified? But maybe it was a huge picture window that cost $2000 or something like that and then perhaps you have a point, but I’m somewhat dubious.

    • Rose says

      I hear you. Just posted a complaint about Farmers. Mother had them for 47 years. There is a high fire hazard that was discovered they won’t even try to help. BUT they will help once there is damage done by a fire. She is 84 yrs old and uses a walker, she wouldn’t have a chance if a fire broke out. Wouldn’t it make sense either to cover the cost to repair or part of the cost then wait until something catastrophic happens???? We are shopping for another home owner’s policy for her. It means nothing for someone who has been with them for at least 47 years….

  13. Mrs. C says

    We recently moved to Texas and after getting numerous quotes, I tried Farmers for the first and only time this year. After receiving the quote and the first bill which was in line with the quote, the second month my bill increased as well as the third month a bigger increase. I cancelled the insurance at the end of the second month and then got a collection letter from the wanting additional monies. Over a period of 3 weeks, I called them, faxed the information they said they needed, only to find out they already had the information, heard 3 different stories as to why there was an additional charge, and a promise to zero it out, I have now been told that the increase is for the 2 months premium to cover their charges to US for the claims that were paid out in our NO FAULT accident by our PREVIOUS insurance company 9 months earlier.
    We went back to our old company, which was actually able to save us money, and NO increase for the claims they paid out.
    Talked to the agent and she said that I had to pay it, despite the fact that she had recorded the no fault accident at the beginning to give me the quote!!
    Will NEVER use or recommend Farmers to anyone!!!!

  14. Mark von Maier says


    Sherri is absolutely correct. The Farmers buisness model is called “REVERSE LOYALTY,” and it works well for them. Extemely well. Farmers knows that changing insurance is a big hassle, so they slowly ratchet the premiums on thier loyal customers who keep writing checks. It is absolutely intentional and perfectly rational from a business perspective. It is thier customers who are irrational by not taking advantage the competative rates out there. Caveat emptor!

    • David says

      Kind of true but they aren’t the only ones. It is true that their are often cheaper rates out there, but that goes for every company. Basically you have to get on the merry go round and switch every few years, or just find an agent that you like and pay a little extra. How else do you think every company can claim to save customers money? Is that even possible in a zero sum game? (of course not).

  15. Sherri says

    After being a Farmers customer for 25 years, I realized that loyalty does not go both ways. After inquiring about prices for my permitted driver, it went downhill. My son was added to our policy without our permission or agreement, as they state it is mandatory for them to add him via their “policy.” Doesn’t the customer have to agree on whether to add them? They pick a number and you are then billed. If you have a new driver that has their permit, LOOK AROUND as you will find that most companies only require that they be on the policy if they are LICENSED. And once they are licensed, other companies charge less many times over. My best advice is look at any other’ll be surprised!! I will never deal with Farmers again.

    • Tom says

      It is ok to express our feelings, but get the facts correct. it is the agent that adds the permitted driver, not the insurance company. As I understand it, if a permitted driver is added, you do not get charged until the first renewal they turn 16. How do I know, cause that is what I did. My child did not get their permit so I called my agent after I saw my bill and they changed the status back to permitted without any issue and resolved the billing issue. Do I agree with an agent adding your child without your permission, no way, but that is an agent issue, not the insurance company.

      • David says

        Exactly what Tom said. Your complaint is against 1 of the over 10,000 agents (and most likely not even against the agent, but rather one of that agent’s staff members), not against Farmers as a company. At least in my state, permitted drivers do not cause a rate increase at all until they get licensed. Additionally, the statement that other companies will save you money “many times over” aside from not even making sense, is a glaring generality as well as blatant hyperbole. Every large company will get complaints, but just reading through these reviews, the vast majority of the complaints are either about price or about something the agent did or just due in large part to people not understanding insurance. All insurance companies will require every licensed driver in a household to be “rated on the policy”. If some other company “gives you the option” to not rate your son, then they are defrauding the company that they represent. I understand that most of your comment was about him being permitted rather than licensed, but that said, the comment “doesn’t the customer have to agree to add them” is inaccurate. Many people “forget” to mention that they have a teenage driver in their household to keep their rates down, and that’s a problem of morality, not a problem with the insurance company. My experience is that every time a person has forgot to tell me about their teenage driver, that driver has had a wreck within the first 6 months. I just can’t understand why an insurance company would want to be sure to charge for these teenagers, can you?

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