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Affirmative Insurance Services Summary

Affirmative Insurance Services is a managing general agency that produces, markets, and provides administrative support for several insurance brands. Policies are sold through independent agencies in California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. The corporate headquarters are in Addison, Texas, with data processing centers located in Dallas and Chicago.

Different policies are available in different states, but the overall focus of the company is automotive insurance for non-standard drivers whose risk factors make it difficult to secure preferred or even standard rates.

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Insurance Products

Affirmative markets products for a variety of companies, but it only sells automobile policies. Since each state has a different set of rules for automobile coverage, Affirmative’s available policies will vary from state to state depending on the underwriting companies licensed for the state.

Although it typically relates to driving record, non-standard auto insurance may be necessary for high-powered sports cars or custom-built cars considered to be high risk vehicles. Generally an Affirmative agent will be able to write a policy for an insured based on the customer’s preferences for coverage.

Companies/underwriters available include Old American, Insura, Affirmative Standard, Affirmative Select, and Carnegie General and SCJ Insurance (underwriters).

Affirmative Insurance of Michigan has notified the state it will no longer writer new or renewal policies and is in the process of non-renewing all business.

Affirmative Insurance Services Rates

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Individuals can request a quote online. The process does not yield an instant quote, but the request is directed to the agent nearest the zip code. Customers may also search for independent agents by zip code and then contact the agency directly.


Claims can be initiated through the agent or online here. There is very little information available on their website about the claim process, but once a claim is submitted you can expect to be contacted by a representative that will walk you through the rest of the process.

Consumer Research and Complaints

Cumulatively, Affirmative Insurance Holdings (parent holding company for auto insurance) and Affirmative Services (the servicing company for claims) had a combined total of 37 complaints in the last three years, seven in the last 12 months. Thirty-one were problems concerning product/service issues; the rest were on billing/collection issues.

Neither entity is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Affirmative Insurance Holdings has an A+ rating.

Financial Strength

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AM Best N/A N/A
Fitch N/A N/A

Bottom Line

Affirmative specializes in high-risk drivers, which makes them a niche insurance company. Those who are need of SR-22 or some other form of coverage that caters to this demographic may want to check out Affirmative.

Drivers with good records or those looking for multi-line policies are probably not going to get what they are after for a reasonable price. High-risk specialty insurance companies use different underwriting processes that produces a higher rate for preferred risk drivers. Those with good records should stick with a traditional insurance company.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. Gail Gower says

    Can you help me locate someone in the corporate office of Affirmative? I have a BIG complaint on how my granddaughters claim is being process. It has been one month (1 month) and Affirmative still has not processed her claim. We have received huge run arounds by the claim being transferred to different people. Now I am being told we will be charged a storage fee.

    I have never dealt a with a more difficult business then Affirmative. Please very RUDE people.

    I have filed a claim with the Insurance Commission of the State of California. It has been a very stressful process and I will write every bad review there is on the computer.

    We are asking for a check for $8,000.00 for my granddaughter’s car being totaled. Affirmative agreed a couple weeks ago to pay $6,400.00 in repairs (including a bent frame) on the car, but why would we agree to that? A bent frame devalues the car. The State of California says the value of the car has to be 80% or above to total it out. Please help me resolve this mess so we can move on with our lives and my granddaughter can get another car. I am her grandmother and she has given authorization to Affirmation for me to handle this. She works 9am to 5:30 everyday and is unable to deal with these insane calls. Thank you

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Gail,

      The information I was able to find on their website is as follows:

      4450 Sojourn Road
      Suite 500
      Addison, TX 75001


      Good Luck!

      Eric Stauffer

  2. AP says

    STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!!! Unprofessional and very rude!!! I was in a 4-car accident, which was not even my fault and my insurance (Affirmative) was not easy to work with.. I was able to get a rental but I had to go through hell and high water to get it!!! My adjuster was rude [Redacted] and her manager was worse!!! They never returned calls, they always had a bad attitude when I called, and they acted as if I wasnt even paying them.. I will never use this insurance company EVER again..

  3. Brandon Knowles says

    Stay far away from these guys…Do not even drive next to their “insured” drivers though you wouldn’t know until they hit you.

    My problem is the same as the previous poster except they’re not my company. 10 calls a day all recorded and after a month i finally spoke with someone. The claim had been initiated by mine, but they just…I don’t know. Said forget it.

    Needless to say after a couple months and frustration i received a check with the attached estimate for what their driver did to my car in the amount of $1008.
    Consider this: Im stopped at a red light driving a plastic dodge dart. Their driver rear ends me in a 98 suburban TANK…How the HECK does one think $1008 is going to cover the damage!? Its not even remotely close….

    Im pretty much skrewed because i thought it would be a decent idea to go through them and that was my mistake, but ill find a way.

  4. Jay M says

    Do not go with this insurance. They never answer your call nor are they of any help. All they want is money. My cars been in an accident and i have full coverage yet, after 3 weeks, they still have not resolved the claim. I called them on the same day and ever once in awhile after that. They don’t have any of the calls in record.

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