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Access Insurance is a relatively new company, but has grown quickly to serving nearly half the nation. Access provides specialty car insurance products by utilizing the latest technologies, giving customers a modern insurance experience.

Access Insurance Summary

Access Insurance was founding in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia, and has since expanded to be licensed in 22 states. The company plans to continue its expansion nationally in the coming years.

Access is a specialty car insurance company, offering non-standard policies and coverage for drivers who may have had trouble obtaining a policy elsewhere. This includes drivers with multiple tickets or accidents, major violations, credit problems, lack of driving history, or other issues that can qualify as high-risk.

The company is very technology-focused, offering a mobile app, plenty of social media connections, online customer account management, and online claims reporting. Surprisingly given all of that focus on technology, they do not offer any sort of online quoting service. Policies are sold through agents in the states where coverage is available.

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Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

Access writes auto insurance policies only, and they specifically aim their products at a particular market of drivers who need non-standard coverage. Access also promotes their products towards drivers who may be new to the U.S., have a language barrier, out of country license, or those who are simply searching for low-cost auto insurance.

There is very little information available on the Access website in regards to their actual auto policies. The site offers no outline of available coverage or options, and states only repeatedly in the FAQ section that coverage varies from state to state.

Access Insurance Rates

Access doesn’t provide online quoting, so price comparison is not available. As a specialty insurer, they probably will come in with rates that are quite competitive for their target audience.

The important thing to remember when it comes to insurance companies that target high-risk drivers is their rates will often be decent for that market only. If you are a good driver with an excellent record, high-risk insurance companies will rarely be a good deal compared to standard issue insurers. That means once your record is clean, its often wise to move on to a regular auto insurance company.


Access has a major focus on using technology, so it’s not surprising that they offer online claims reporting as well as the option to track a claim online. That’s a nice perk that places Access Insurance up with the major insurers. However, it’s also the only option Access offers up front for claims reporting.

Access also promotes their mobile app as a method of keeping up on policies, but this app doesn’t offer the option to submit a claim.

For a company promising to be on the cutting edge of technology, the single online method of reporting a claim is something of a letdown. As a small company, the lack of a 24-hour claims reporting line is not entirely unusual, but is still something most customers expect from an insurance company.

Consumer Research and Complaints

A search for Access Insurance through the BBB returns some inconclusive results. There are several Atlanta companies with similar names, but at the time of this review there is no page that appears to relate to Access Insurance directly.

Aside from the BBB, there is a large number of complaints elsewhere online relating to Access Insurance. Complaints are mainly centered on claims service, and there are a large number of complaints that are from people who are not actually Access policyholders, but rather those who were involved in accidents with them.

Complaints include rude and slow claims service, denial of claims, and accusing Access of insuring drivers who were not licensed. There are also complaints from policyholders regarding billing issues and difficulty obtaining help over the phone. Overall, there are enough legitimate complaints out there from both policyholders and others who have dealt with Access to raise some red flags.

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Bottom Line

Access aims their auto insurance products at a very specific market, and unless you are in that market and struggling to obtain coverage elsewhere, they are not likely to be worth further investigation. Anyone searching for standard insurance will certainly find better coverage and rates elsewhere. Access offers little information regarding their policies and their claims process, and there are a lot of complaints against them. As a result, there is nothing strong to recommend this company and a lot of reasons to be concerned.

Someone looking for rock-bottom pricing with better customer service would be well-suited with a company like GEICO or Esurance.

For a list of companies that we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page.

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  1. angie says

    This is the worst insurance company I have ever had dealt with.November 30 reckless driver ran a red light and hit my son and totaled his car he’s done called about 60 times and no respond what kind of business is this he has no way to go about to lose his job and home if he lose his job because of no way there .please we need to know what to do

  2. Jaime Molina says

    I was hit by a vehicle that was impatient and decided to cross over the shoulder and cut me off and struck me from the left, we exchanged info. I try calling access general insurance, my insurance but couldn’t reach anybody. I called the other insurance company for the negligent driver and explained, few aye later my insurance try calling me but never left messages except 2 times and a returned calls and left messages but [Redacted] failed to return my call, he sent me a letter with the dates he says he called and stated I’m being uncooperative but all his calls are from a unknown number and no messages there for causing me to loose my case

  3. Carmen villegas says

    Very bad service its been a month since we have called and have gotren very minimal helo or for that matter any sort of communication. What do we have to do [Redacted] to reply or helps us out with our claim ? She said that a representive would be sent to check out the car but nothing and when i asked her to call the mechanic for an estimate she said she would but didnt. I am very un happy with the lack of serivice and further more i am also very dissapointed.

  4. Be Nguyen says

    do not use or work with Access General Insurance; they are unprofessional, no return telephones call even left a message with claim supervisor. They should out of business.

  5. jm says

    Also hit by an ACCESS insured driver. He has criminal past, known accidents and drug history. He was most likely high on narcotics. After reading awful reviews on every review site I can find, and mention of a class action lawsuit, can anyone actually tell us if there is one, or who/how to contact for more information?

    I am preparing myself to not be compensated for my medical bills and would love to hear more about my options. If I can’t nail the scumbag driver I want to go after his scumbag insurance.

  6. Edward Cornwell says

    Don’t use these people they will put you off not return calls stall there license to sale car insurance should be revoked its the consomer that suffer let alone getting your car repiard beware?

  7. alida Tecun says

    Access insurance is a joke! I have waited almost 2 months now on identification cards with my new policy! After calling 3 times speaking with customer svc and requesting a call back to which no surprise hasn’t been done! Still waiting! I have never been more dissatisfied with a company! They charge a $5 fee for convenience of making a pymt now using a card and not speaking to anyone that is $60 extra a year you will give away to a company! Don’t go with them they are horrible! #Soonchangingcompaniesbecauseyouaccessareahorriblecompanythatdoesntcareforthecustomers

  8. Oldania says

    This is crazy every comment I have seen in this web it’s the same thing I’m going through with this access insurance I don’t understand why are they still in business I have 2 weeks trying to reach the person that’s supposedly is helping me with my claim and this lady has not called me back and today I had to leave her a message saying that if I don’t hear from her I will take legal actions and it’s crazy how have seen all the bad reviews in her that people actually mention her name

  9. Kate Pavon says

    I got into an accident last week, the other driver was on his cellphone, he must be distracted and hit front side of my car. He said the road was slippery as it was raining that time. We exchanged insurance information, I even called 911 because he doesn’t speak much English. When I called his insurance company – Access, they said they need the driver’s statement before they can start the claim process… It’s over a week and until now they haven’t talk to their insured, and the adjuster is being rude on the phone as well that they cannot reimburse my car rental until they speak with their insured. It’s like they are not doing anything because they know it’s their insured’s fault and wouldn’t want to pay liability.

  10. Elena says

    Eric I’ve read all the information about the Access insurance, unfortunately it’s after the accident! My car was hit by an uninsured driver, when I went to access insurance office they basically told me that im in a complete [Redacted], they cant do anything. When I was doing an insurance the never told me what kind of insurance I’m making and until crash I was sure that if something happens that I’m insured and it will be easier for me to fix a car. I tried to reach the other driver, but she texts me that she doesn’t have money or a job, she is being evicted from her rent with a child, and follow up with my insurance..
    I dont know what to do now?! Is there a solution to this kind of problems? Im a part time worker and a college student. My car is expensive and damaged very bad.

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Elena,

      If your policy included underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance company should help you out. If it did not, then you are in a little bit more of a predicament. Yes, you could sue the driver over the accident, but it doesn’t sound like you would get much if anything at all.

      I would recommend speaking with an attorney in your area. Find one that doesn’t charge for a consultation, and they may be able to give a little better personalized advice.

      Eric Stauffer

  11. rubin says

    Access insurance they will soon be on the next episode of american greed and when the class action lawsuit get filled i will be ready pen in hand

    • Ham says

      Yes. They are expensive and don’t won’t to pay my claim. It’s been about 2 months. I had to call the department of insurance on them. Don’t use them.

  12. Courtney says

    This company has been a nightmare since day 1. Their insured withheld information which caused them to deny my claim initially.. My attorney had to dig to provide them with more information purposely withheld by their insured in order to accept liability. They accepted liability on October 3. It is now October 26th and still nothing (the accident took place on August 13!!!). I am supposed to be understanding when I am told that they are understaffed even though they don’t care that I have no mode of transportation until they pay off my vehicle. Such a headache. Even my attorney had never dealt with such unprofessional people. If someone slams into you and they are insured by this company, get an attorney asap!!!!!

  13. donald lee says

    Their adjuster/estimator sent to look at my car gave a bogus estimate of repair. Seems like they rely on the victim accepting the under estimated preliminary estimate and not bringing the car to get it fixed. Check was below 1/3 the actual industry standard for repairs for the damage. They say I must get a shop to repair the damage if they were to pay more/industry standard. I do my own work on my cars. I know if I do it, it will be done right. I provided estimates from other shops for the work but they still say either the bogus estimate access provided or I need it repaired at a shop and they will pay the shop. I talked to a few body shops and they told me some smaller insurance companies would provide a much lower estimate and hope you take the money so they can pay less.

    Can insurance companies just pay on their bogus estimates? Can I do anything about that? Court? In court, I am confident I should win. The estimate is really bad. But I do not want to take it that far if can settle outside of court.

    • Eric Stauffer says

      Hi Donald,

      I would definitely fight them on this one. I have had cases where I received a check for damage and never even had it repaired.

      It sounds to me like the issue is over the estimates, not necessarily the fact that you would be doing the repairs. It is good that you have a couple estimates from independent shops, but have they referred you to an actual auto repair shop to get an estimate? They shouldn’t be relying solely on an adjuster/estimator to get a number, since the likely hood of them being a seasoned car repair professional is unlikely.

      If it were me, I would keep fighting them until I reached a settlement that was reasonable. At which point they should cut a check for that amount. What you do with the money should not really be their concern.

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